Honda CRV Air Conditioner problems

Buchanan Dam, TX

#21 Jun 22, 2007
My 2004 CRV, 37K miles, AC dead today.
I will take it to the dealer tomorrow.


#22 Jun 24, 2007
Same thing happened to me. 2002 CRV 53,000 miles and the air compressor went out. The dealer quoted me $1400.00 . I tried to order a new one from a major auto parts store and they were unable to find one anywhere. I paid them and after a month they emailed me that they do not have access to this part. This is definately a problem with this compressor and I am going to contact Honda to inquire about this and see if they will pay anything on it.

Raleigh, NC

#23 Jun 25, 2007
My 2003 CRV compressor just quit at 79,000 miles and was quoted $1500 to replace compressor, drier, etc.

I called American Honda, filed a complaint, and they reimbursed me for the parts in the amount of $1000. I thought this was fair but did express that it still bothered me to pay $500 for a low quality compressor that shouldn't have been used to begin with.

United States

#24 Jun 26, 2007
Hi everyone-I have a 2002 CRV with 85,000 miles on it, just bought it a year and a half ago with 64,000.
A/C went out about a week ago so I took into my Honda dealer- It cost over $1,500 to fix the entire unit. I had a two year warranty on the car so the warranty covered $920 of the cost. While my car was in the shop getting repaired I started researching Honda CRV A/C on the internet, low and behold I found this website.
I immediately contacted Honda America, they said they weren't sure they could help me but gave me a case number and said someone would call me back within 48 hours and perhaps they could give me some "assistance" with the cost.
I then called the mechanic at my dealer and told him what I had done-long story short-a different mechanic called me back when I was on my way out to pay for my car and pick it up from the shop. The mechanic that called me said they were, "...picking up the entire tab on the A/C unit...[and to]...please call Honda America and let them know situation has been resolved".
So I ended up only paying the $100 on my warranty deductible.
I live in Charleston, SC

Alexandria, VA

#25 Jun 27, 2007
Sarah wrote:
The air conditioner compressor on my 2000 CR-V LX knocks when the a/c is on and the engine at idle. The knocking stops when the car is in gear and moving. My mechanic quotes $450 -$500 to replace it. Anyone else experienced a similar problem? I live inbetween Baltimore and Washington DC.
I have a similar problem with my '98 CRV. I took it to the dealer and was told 'no problem found' and was not charged for the look-see. I know something is not right. I am keeping my documentation so that I have recourse when the compressor actuall goes on me. Maybe Honda will pay for their mistaken diagnosis.
maurice gaudet

New Orleans, LA

#26 Jun 28, 2007
have 2003 crv .four years old. have been through
3 a/c compressors.. car is in the shop again with a/c out again so i will be on my 4th a/c compressor.

honda should be forced into a recall here
Michael in TN

Shelton, CT

#27 Jun 29, 2007
My 03 CRV with 70K.....same issue today. Seems to be an inherent problem to the CRVs in 03 and 04

Santa Fe, NM

#28 Jun 29, 2007
The compresor blew a hole through itself, and contaminated the entire system. 2003 CRV with 45000 miles. Saw the post and called Honda America, got a case number, and then called the dealer to set up a time to get it done. Was charged $500 for everything, but I think Honda should pick up the tab, so called Honda America, and got the run around, "we lost your number" "we will see what we can do..." After 5 phone calls, Honda America says that was the best they can do! BullSh*t!!! The dealer admits the parts are failing in CRV's and civics "all the time", in This months Road and Track in the long term civic test, guess what....Compressor blew up and contaminated the system. Honda Knows and won't do anything about it. I'll give someone (a manger) one more chance, then I am off to consumer affairs, BBB, and anything else I can think of.

Sumter, SC

#29 Jun 30, 2007
04 CRV 50,000mi a/c crapped out today in traffic. Thought the sound was construction jackhammers but it was my a/c. I'll cross my fingers w/my honda dealer/service. If they give me a hard time I will be sure to be persistent about calling Honda America. I'll keep you posted.

Brantford, Canada

#30 Jul 3, 2007
Hi Dennis, any update on this? Sounds like the same thing happened to my CR-V - 2004 model and only about 50K miles, but sounds the same. Did you get any financial help from Honda US or the dealer?
Dennis wrote:
I have a 2003 Honda CR-V with 69K miles on it. Two days ago as my wife and I were driving home, we heard a whistling noise followed by what sounded like gravel hitting under the firewall. Today the chief mechanic at my company says the clutch on the air conditioner is completely gone. I am wondering if it's just the clutch or if the compressor has seized causing the clutch to snap the bolt and fall off.

United States

#31 Jul 4, 2007
just had a/c compressor go out and was told no recall and just worn out ITS A 2003!!! what a joke if anyone is getting anywhere with this problem, keep us posted

Sumter, SC

#32 Jul 4, 2007
Update... Dealer was wishy-washy "you're past warranty..." so I called Honda America like others on this blog. They gave me a case number and told me to take it to the dealership. Customer Service did indicate a rise in complaints about this problem with CRVs. Dealer says compressor is shot.(no kidding) and they contacted Honda. Later that day the Honda rep called me and said any financial assistance will be provided after an inquiry into my vehicles service record (???) What ever that means! Dealer did not do any work or charge me for the diagnosis (yet). Honda America says they will call me Thursday or Friday with their answer.
John from La Grange IL

Elburn, IL

#33 Jul 5, 2007
I own an '04 CR-V with 56k miles and just had my AC looked at by a long time friend who owns a Car-X shop and he told
me that I had the he same problem that was mentioned in this " " forum. I thought that I had a rare problem with my AC system going out because in my past experiences wth Honda I had never experienced a problem such as this. My family and extended family mostly own Hondas (no CR-V's though) and none of them has had this problem either I had some level of comfort at least reading this forum and seeing that I am not alone. From the level of similar complaints just from this forum, I am surprised that Honda has not issued a recall for this CR-V AC problem as of yet. I too have contacted Honda U.S.A. and a rep instructed me to take my truck to a Honda dealer and that a claims manager would be contacted after the problem was diagnosed. I am bringing my truck in today to the dealership that I purchased it from. If Honda will not cover the entire repair and hopefully for the amount fro the initial AC test at Car-X, I will birng up this forum as evidence that a chronic AC problem is prevalent with Honda CR-V AC systems. I will be adamant about my request for full repair coverage.
I will update my experience with this later.

Sumter, SC

#34 Jul 5, 2007
Another update: Honda just informed the dealship that they will cover the entire cost of the job minus the $115 diagnosis. I'll take that any day. Thank you Honda. Now make right and help out the rest of these poor CRV owners!
Sally_Indianapol is

Plainfield, IN

#35 Jul 5, 2007
I purchased my 2004 CR-V in 2006. Did buy the extended warranty. Last week my compressor seized up and no more A/C. Mileage was 50,800. Thankfully my extended warranty was in place and today I picked up my CR-V at no cost including the rental car that I had to have for 3 days. I see that this seems to be a problem and I will report it to Honda. As for choosing another car -- NEVER! I love my CR-V. This is the second one and I don't ever want anything else!

Collierville, TN

#36 Jul 6, 2007
My 2003 Honda CRV has the same problem. It has 55K miles on it. The AC stopped working suddenly 2 months after I bought it from a used car dealer in atlanta. I took it to a repair shop and they said it is beyond there capability to fix it, so it should be taken to a Honda dealer. The dealer told me that the whole system needs to be replaced since it is falling apart. I haven't got a quote on how much it will cost me yet.
Is Honda aware of this problem yet?

Warden, WA

#37 Jul 7, 2007
Same issue here. 2003 CR-V... Vacationing in Vegas in the 116 degree heat. Air-conditioning compressor blew up. Vehicle past warrantee, but Honda picked up the $3000 tab. Dealer called around on his own looking for a rep to okay the repair cost. Hmmmmm.. Unfortunately, freon machine supposedly broke so we had to take a rental car home and are return next week after the repairs are complete. After rental car costs and extended food and lodging in Vegas during the 7-7-07 motel room sell out, this vacation turned out pretty costly. It would have been so much easier to have Honda replace the compressor before we left home instead of replacing the entire air conditioning system after it blew up, leaving us stranded out of town. Why hasnít there been a recall??
John in Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH

#38 Jul 8, 2007
Lew , I just bought a 2003 used CR-V EX with 30k on it. No problem but after reading this web site I guess it is just a matter of time before i do have this very expensive problem. I live in Anderson. What dealer did you use for the repairs?? I have had and still do have Hondas. I now have three. A 1991 Civic that goes and goes - AC and all - with minimum problems and 35 MPG; a 1999 Accord that so far is trouble free and now the CR-V. I bought the CR-V based on my prior experience and confidence in Honda. Now I am worried that it is misplaced trust.
I have a 2004 Honda CRV Air Conditioning Compressor problem.(60,000 miles on Car ) Upon taking the car back to the dealer they found the Compressor had locked up. The Dealer contacted Honda of America and my compressor was replaced no charge same day. The service advisor commented that they were seeing a high number of compressors locking up. You might want to have your Dealer check to see if
Honda will take care of your compressor problems also.[/Lew , I just bought a 2003 used CR-V EX with 30k on it. No problem but after reading this web site I guess it is just a matter of time before i do have this very expensive problem. I live in Anderson. What dealer did you use for the repairs?? I have had and still do have Hondas. I now have three. A 1991 Civic that goes and goes - AC and all - with minimum problems and 35 MPG; a 1999 Accord that so far is trouble free and now the CR-V. I bought the CR-V based on my prior experience and confidence in Honda. Now I am worried that it is misplaced trust.

Riverview, FL

#39 Jul 9, 2007
I have a 2004 CRV that I bought in May of 04, the a/c just went out. Dealer said it would be $3500.00 to fix. Will no honor warranty even though it only has 37K miles and the warranty just ended a month ago.
wilson omaha ne

San Francisco, CA

#40 Jul 9, 2007
i have 2002 crv 56k miles. driving back from MN 7-08-07, thought a rock jumped up under my car.... lost the air in 98 temps.. thankfully NO ONE behind me as that metal could have caused damage. huge SAFETY issue!!!! taking to dealer in a.m. Sure appreciate all comments regarding the air. sounds like honda america should and will be my next call.

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