Honda CRV Air Conditioner problems

Brentwood, TN

#181 Nov 27, 2007
I have an 03 CRV EX with 28,000 miles.The AC started rattling on Tuesday, prior to Thanksgiving, with the family planning to leave on Wednesday am for our annual family trip. Honda dealer said not to use air because it could sieze and throw the drive belt with lots of costs. Left at Honda and was told late on Tuesday that it would be $1,800 to replace plus state tax for $2,100. Rented car for trip and dealer repaired. Ater reading posts on this site, went to service manager at dealership and explained the frustration with CRV and all these posts. He said, I will help you after calling Honda to see what we both can do. End result was settling for $391 with compressor, clutch, condenser, freon, etc. Archie, the service manager was up front, understanding and did all I expected and invited me to call him personally with any future problem. Thanks to Archie and Darrell Waldrip Honda in Franklin, Tn. for helping a retired couple handle this problem!!

Weaverville, NC

#182 Nov 29, 2007
2004 Honda...I'm on my THIRD a/c unit...maybe this time it will be fixed. The last two units didn't last 3 weeks. It's been in the shop a total of over two months this year.
I won't buy a Honda ever again!

Kennesaw, GA

#183 Dec 3, 2007
The a/c in my 2003 CRV started failing. I could hear a grinding noise, and it stopped cooling. I took it to a Goodyear dealer who said it would be about $3500 to fix. After I picked myself up off the floor, I searched the web and found this website with posts from people with the same problem who had gotten Honda to pay to fix it.

Bottom Line: I took my CRV to the dealer with a copy of some of the posts. Honda paid for the whole thing! The service from the dealer was great, and the best part was that Honda fessed up to the problem.

I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found out about other people with the same problem. Thank you for your posts and this website.

Sebastian, FL

#184 Jan 8, 2008
Call Honda Customer Relations and complain. They paid for half of mine and it was out of warranty.

Ryde, Australia

#185 Jan 15, 2008
I purchased a 2002 honda CRV 3 months ago and the air conditioner/compressor has just blown up. The quote from the mechanic is $4000 AUS as the explosion has also blown a hose ($300) and contaminated another part ($1000). I am irate.
I am in Australia and havent seen any Australian posts but am planning on calling Honda Australia and quoting a lot of the posts here. Given the cars are all made in the same place I should get the same treatment ??? Does anyone have any advice ?


Ryde, Australia

#186 Jan 15, 2008
Julia wrote:
My September 2002 CRVs compressor has seized, quote $2100 Australian from Dealer we bought the car from, who didn't mention it was a common problem. My Honda has about 117,000kms on it - is there any chance of getting Honda to cough up some $$ for repair? It's summer in Queensland, Australia - kinda like Vegas with the steam sauna turned on!
Hi Julia, great to see another aussie. I am in Sydney, did you have any luck with Honda in Australia ? I have the same, a 2002 crv and the air cond has just blown up. Just got a quote for $4000 as it seemed to blow up half the motor in its wake. I am still getting myself up off the floor.
Kim in Florida

Lecanto, FL

#187 Jan 20, 2008
I have a 2003 Honda CRV, purchased new, and have 26,000 miles. My a/c began to make loud rattling sounds so I took it to the dealer & was told the same thing you are all saying! The compressor "blew" and the shards have utterly destroyed the entire system. I was quoted $3100.00 to replace it but the service department said that Honda may help pay for some of it. Sounds like this is big enough of a problem for some legal intervention if they don't pay for ALL if it. This is clearly a design flaw and must be addresses!

Auburn Hills, MI

#189 Feb 9, 2008
I bought a new 2003 CRV, I am now on my 4th air conditioner this last one lasted only 3 months. The first one less than 40,000 miles and only 18 months of ownership. I think it should be investigated for recall but don't now who to talk to. My dealer had the car towed 60 miles and is fixing it without cost due to it being so new.


#190 Feb 13, 2008
Chris wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi Julia, great to see another aussie. I am in Sydney, did you have any luck with Honda in Australia ? I have the same, a 2002 crv and the air cond has just blown up. Just got a quote for $4000 as it seemed to blow up half the motor in its wake. I am still getting myself up off the floor.
Same thing just happened to my 2002 CRV, I rang delear who said they would investigate but I might have to pay, not to happy at this stage. I rang Honda Australia and the out come was that I pay for the labour and they will pay for the parts. My car has only been serviced by a Honda dealership and is out od warrantee.

Ithaca, NY

#191 Feb 14, 2008
My 2002 CRV (with about 68K miles) which I bought used about 30K miles ago, has a crack in the side of the compressor. I took it to my local Honda dealer (Honda of Ithaca) this morning, and the repair estimate was about $1,300. The service manager volunteered to contact Honda to see if they were aware of a/c problems and might be willing to pick up part of the costs. About an hour later, he called and said Honda would be willing to pay for 1/2 of the parts, so now I'm "only" out $635. Considering the mileage and the fact that I didn't buy the car from the dealer (I bought it from a local used car place that picked it up at an auction but had it inspected by the dealer; no extended warranty), I'm very pleased with Honda and especially the dealer. I hope I don't experience more a/c problems. Love the CRV.

Springfield, MO

#192 Feb 18, 2008
Update on my Honda air conditioner-I called Honda and they talked to the dealer about it. After a week of back and forth on the phone they gave me a free 60,000 mile service. Whoopeee! I bought Hondas over the years so I wouldn't have to deal with this type of quality headache. It's my last Honda. I'm going to try my luck with a Ford Escape.
Ron - Southwest MO wrote:
My 2003 CRV A/C shelled out this morning at 49,000 miles. Happened exactly as everyone a rock hitting underneath the car, but part of the clutch that flew off became lodged in between the pulley and condensor coil hose makine a metallic screaming noise. Dealer can't get me in until Wednesday, but I did pry the clutch plate out from between the pulley and hose so it doesn't scream. So far we've had the drive selector lock up, door locks fail, door windows fail, air bag seat switch fail, and now the air conditioner shelled out. This is my fourth Honda, bought this one new, and the only one we've had trouble with. If it wasn't for having a good dealer I'd be driving something else. We'll see how they handle this A/C problem.
roberto Miami fl

United States

#193 Feb 18, 2008
where is localited the solid state blower power transistor?

United States

#194 Feb 18, 2008
CRV 2004 AC blower motor mute but run ok if tested out side. Under hood fuse box cap is identified the blower relay with a fan blade figure. This relay feed the blower motor (+blue-white wire) when ign swicht is ON. The blue-black wire getting out of BM dont get feed back in the Solid State Blower Power Transistor. Haynes book elec diag show SSBPT getting ground with a black wire suppost to carrie 40amp as do fuse #12 feeding the blower relay. I guess the SSBPT loss its ground. I dont know where is located the SSBPT neither I can see an strong black wire to conect to ground.

Miami, FL

#195 Mar 13, 2008
I have a 2003 Honda and when it had only 21,500 miles in 2007 the whole compressor unit went. It was over the warranty of 3 years and I didn't buy an extended warranty thinking that Honda had a superior product so I had to pay $1700 out of pocket. My mechanic said that the type of compressor they are putting in is not the best quality and that it could go again. Honda needs to own up to this. I don't think I'll buy another Honda again.

Los Angeles, CA

#196 Mar 24, 2008
My wife and I own a 2003 CRV with a little over 97,000 miles on it. Last month our air conditioner went out with a bang bang and the smell of smoke and then only warm air. We took our CRV into the nearest dealer and we were told that we needed a new air compressor, or maybe more but they didn’t have time too look into then. When I got home I decided to Google Honda air conditioning recalls, and found this site. We took the advice from this site, called Honda of America told our story got a case number and took the car into our into our local Honda dealer (Simi Valley) for further diagnoses. They told us that our whole air conditioning system needed to be replaced ( new compressor, condenser, clutch, coil, and hoses) at the cost of $3000.(There goes our vacation.) We then told the service manger that we had spoken to Honda of America and we had a case number. He said no problem he had just dealt with the same thing last week and offered to contact Honda of America for us. He called us back the next day and said that Honda would cover 80% of the cost, which left us with $600. I was happy to be only paying $300 since this was our first Honda and we are not “loyal Honda” owners. But this experience may change that.

Bullhead City, AZ

#197 Mar 29, 2008
I bought a Honda CRV in June 2003. In July the air conditioner imploded. It did this every July. I have replaced 4 air conditioners. So I bought an extended warranty. Of course the air conditioner this time lasted 19 months and my car is out of warranty. I told the service guy if this keeps happening I either have to get a new car or move to a cloder climate. Well It is about time to make good on that little joke. And I won't buy another Honda
Scott Houston TX

Humble, TX

#198 Mar 31, 2008
We have a 2002 Honda CRV, AC compressor locked up and put a hole in the side of the compressor case! Replaced with a so called upgrade, operated about 6 months and locked up again. On AC compressor number two. We looked at reviews of the CRV before purchase and did not notice any AC problems. There is a design issue and Honda needs to work on some kind of retro fit!

Fenton, MO

#199 Mar 31, 2008
Our 2003 CRV A/C blew out at 87,000 mi. Estimated replacement is $2,900. It doesn't seem that Am Honda has taken ownership of the problem, which means it's mine unless anyone has a suggestion. Help?...
Shannon wrote:
Took my 2004 Honda CRV to a Firestone service center to check out the AC. They said the compressor is blown, something about the clutch melting to the magnet, needs new dryer, etc. about $1500 worth of damage.
I called Honda,(800) 999-1009, and spoke with a rep that said there is no recall or extended warranty. She did open a "case" for me and gave me the number. I have to take it to a dealer and call back with the diagnosis and dealer info. I set up an appointment for tomorrow.
I will try to keep you updated, hopefully it pays off. I am looking at minivans and this will determine if I go with Honda or someone else.
<quoted text>

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#200 Apr 9, 2008
I bought my 2002 CR-V new. It now has 81,000 miles, and the compressor blew up this weekend, and sheered the .... off the ..., etc. I took it to the dealer yesterday. I told the service fellow that I had just paid $675 moments before for my husbands Dodge repair. He sympathized,said not to worry, he'd call me in the morning. He called with "bad news". He also called it "Black Death". They quoted me a cost of $3200. After I picked my jaw up off of my desk, I said I couldn't have it done, and I'd pick it up my car this afternoon. He called me later, saying he called Honda America on my behalf and told them my story, and they were willing to give me a "one time deal of a 50/50 split of the cost." Yippee!!(sarcasm is hard to convey in typing). How could I justify putting even $1500 into a 6 year old car. I do love my CR-V. I am a loyal Honda customer. This is my 5th one in 24 years. I put just short of 300,000 on my '92 Accord, in 10 years. They have always come through with recalls for every major repair I have had on each of those previous cars. I never had to ask. I even got one recall notice, and reimbursed after I had already sold my totaled '90 Accord to a scrap yard. Well, it's too late to make a long story short, but I am definately going to call Honda America tomorrow, and work toward 100% coverage. I wonder if they can put the new design in, instead of the same old defective compressor.
JST wrote:
Had the same problem.yada, yada. First I called the service dept. at my dealer, talked to Cody, the service manager, wonderful guy! told him my problem. He was very familiar with it(called it the "Black Death"). He suggest I bring the car in for diagnosis and that he personally contact the Honda regional rep.Took it in the next morning. Within ten minutes he had checked out the car,diagnosed the problem ( complete corruption of ac needing new compressor, condenser, clutch, coil, and hoses), called the rep. and got back to me saying Honda would pay 100% of the cost. I left it in the shop and had it back blowing icy air by mid-afternoon. I would suggest you take this tack before contacting Honda Amer. Hopefully your service Man. is as good as mine at San Marcos(TX) Honda
San Marcos, Texas

Ten Mile, TN

#201 Apr 10, 2008
After shopping for my next vehicle suited to my purposes for over 2 years. I decided on the versatile CR-V. I really think I'd like the vehicle!

I recently found a 2004 EX for an affordable price and milage is around 64000. It's at a local reputable used car lot, in business for 30 years.

I am supposed to pick it up tomorrow - what am I thinking? The AC does work, I tried it (but not for very long) during the test drive. It's still kind of cold here.

Do you think I should get it, and then Monday morning march right over to the dealer and have them run the VIN number and see if it's on record for a recent AC repair? And then, they should inspect the car. According to CARFAX Report, there have been some dealer-service work performed on this vehicle, but you can't tell from the report the type of work done, whether just a service interval or whatever...

Having bought many parts for other Honda vehicles from my local friendly dealer's parts dept. I am on a first-name basis with the personnel, and am a familiar face. I just don't have service done - I do it all myself because I have the skills and time.

If I DO buy it, I'm printing-out this entire list of responses and bringing it along.

I can always just buy something else! Maybe I should - I'm in no hurry. But I really want the CRV.

Detroit, MI

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