1994 Honda Accord EX ... HELP !!!!

1994 Honda Accord EX ... HELP !!!!

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Charleston, SC

#1 Aug 17, 2006
hi everyone,
I bought 1994 honda Accord EX (manual transmission) last weekend. The car has 188665 miles on it but runs quite well. It has new tires, brakes, clutch and radiator. The car was being used in midwest, thus has some rust spots.
Now, I can drive automatic transmission cars very well, but am new to manual transmission. Also, I do not know much about car mechanics and maintenance. Being 12 years old, the car has following problems:
1. some minor rust spots. Any suggestions to take care of them or to avoid having mroe rust on car ?
2. Sometimes, car makes noise that is little louder than normal. It could be due to muffler, according to some. When looked underneath the car, it looks like the muffler's skin is getting peeled off. Forgive my noobie language. Does the muffler need to be replaced ?
3. when accelarating in second gear to shift from 2nd to 3rd gear, it makes a little extra sound that lasts for few seconds before disappearing. Is it because of my novice/faulty driving or there is some possibility of something wrong ?
4. I was suggested by a friend to get an oil change and to get all the fluids topped off atfer I bought the car. Any suggestions which oil to use ? When I take the car to get an oil change, what are the things that I am supposed to get checked ? Also, what are the things I am supposed to keep in mind so that I won't be fooled by the mechanic working on my car?
5. Previous owner does not know whether the timing belt was replaced or not? Any way or finding that out ?
Anything I need to find out or need to know about this car?
Again, please forgive me for any noobie language. Thanks a bunch for any suggestions/advices in advance !!

Clearwater, FL

#2 Dec 13, 2006
Here's some suggestions as I have a 1994 EX manual transmission as well:
1. Rust is like a cancer. No matter what you do with an old car that has started rusting, especially one that stays along the coastline in the southeast of the US, it will continue to rust once it starts. Don't through too much money into it because it will continue to rust.
2.Does the noise come from under the car? If so, I had to replace both the muffler and the exhaust pipe on my car several years ago. The welds in both pipe had corroded through. I alway buy Honda parts instead of going to some cheesy Midas place. The best place to buy Honda parts is www.majestichonda.com . You get about 20%-30% off the price as apposed to paying full frice at the local dealer.
3. I have the same problem. I think it's the CV joints that are going. It's a low rumbling sound that cycles with the wheel speed. Typically only in second gear but sometimes in first and sometimes in third gear. I'm going to try and replace my axel shafts and see if that fixes it. If not, then it's likely a sychro bearing inside the transmission and that's expensive to replace. I wouldn't bother if that's what it is.
4. I don't buy fancy oils. I buy any 5W-30 motor oil and change it frequently (about every 3,000 miles). My car doesn't use any oil so far.

Hope this helps..

Monticello, AR

#3 Jan 23, 2007
what can i do to make my houda run faster

Monticello, AR

#4 Jan 23, 2007
what are the bigest size rimes i can put on a hunda


#5 Jan 27, 2007
i have a problem after giving my car routine maintenanace it still shows maintenanace required what shld or can i do?


#6 Jan 27, 2007
after givin mt car rountine maintenance it still show maintenanc required wat shld i do?

Grand Rapids, MI

#7 Feb 2, 2007
I own a 1994 Honda Accord EX with A/T. I agree with Tom when he talks about the rust issue. My car has very small amounts of rust around the rear fender well but it just started as the car was in Florida for its first few years. Don't change the oil every 3000 miles!!! I know this sounds a little different but hear me out. Honda's are not American cars. They are engineered differently. The owner's manual recommendation is every 7500. Use synthetic oil and change it with a genuine Honda filter @ 7,000 miles. If you do alot of city driving then change it at 6,000. Mobil 1 is a great brand. Get your timing belt changed at the dealer with genuine Honda parts as soon as possible. This service should include a new water pump, balancing belt and seals (valve cover, camshaft seal, etc) this will cost about 600.00 but only has to be done every 90,000 miles. Use some of that cash you have left over from those excessive oil changes. Brakes and or a muffler can be performed at a local shop you trust. You may do well to buy the original Honda parts off the web and then find a quality mechanic that knows Hondas to put them on. My car has 180,000 miles and gets Mobil 1 full synthetic every 7,000 miles. The dealer just did the timing belt and took pictures of my valves (shiny, clean no oil sludge) to show to other customers what happens when they maintain their cars well. Don't buy the 3grand auto industry oil change hype!!!
horn fuse

United States

#8 Feb 9, 2007
My 94' Honda Accord horn no longer works, and I was wanting to know what size fuse does it use?
anton uk

Oxford, UK

#9 Feb 13, 2007
Hi i have a 1994 accord coupe 2.0i ls. i want to get a 4 branch manifold but i need help. all manifolds i have seen are for ex dx lx se models whats the difference? and what will fit mine as mine is a uk car? someone please help me
AK Sterling VA

United States

#10 Mar 8, 2007
I recently bought a 1994 Honda EX Accord and it didn't come with an Owner's Manual. Anyone know where I can get one cheap. I called Honda Corp and they outsource to a company called Helm and they wanted $24.00 plus $6 bucks for S/H for a total of $30, which I thought was way too steep.

Natick, MA

#11 Mar 12, 2007
How hard is it to remove the front rotars on a 1994 honda accord? What all has to be done on a break job?
scott South Carolina

Anderson, SC

#12 Mar 17, 2007
I have a 1994 accord ex M/T the speedometer has about stopped but the RPM is still working great?
Is it the VSS? If so where is it located?
Thanks, Scott

Ellenwood, GA

#13 Apr 10, 2007
I have the same problem with my 97 Honda Accord SE. MY horn sounds weak at times like there's an air bubble caught in it. And sometimes it is loud as hell. I'm thinking about just getting a 2003 TSX or Accord horn to put on it to solve the problem from the Junkyard. But yeah... Just keep up regular maintenance and It should last you a good while. The 94-97 accord is by far the easiest car to work on. I've changed the alternator, starter, and the spark plugs on mine and I'm only 18. It runs just fine.

United States

#14 Apr 27, 2007
scott South Carolina wrote:
I have a 1994 accord ex M/T the speedometer has about stopped but the RPM is still working great?
Is it the VSS? If so where is it located?
Thanks, Scott
My 95 Accrod got the same problem. Did you find the answer to your question? I wanna know the location of the VSS.


#15 Aug 21, 2007
My 1994 Honda Accord is having severe brake problems. I have changed the brakes, the calipers, the master cylinder, and even the brake booster. After bleeding the brakes, they are hard when the car is turned off. As soon as I turn on the car, the breaks go to the floor! Anyone else experience this?

Cleveland, OH

#16 Sep 20, 2007
to "price"

yeah i have the same problem, you have air in your brake lines.... did you unattach the brake lines when you changed the brakes... and all the fluid came out?

if so you have air in the lines... to get it out there are bleed screws on the caliper... not attached to the line... what you want to do is if someone could keep pumping the break while you are someone else unscrewed the cylinder piston... you'll release the air... if that doesnt work you might have air in your abs system.. which i have no idea how to get out.


#17 Sep 22, 2007
im planning to buy a honda accord ex,what are my chances to be happy.its a 1994 model


#18 Sep 22, 2007
can i have information when to chance the timing belt

Brick, NJ

#19 Oct 18, 2007
deraa wrote:
after givin mt car rountine maintenance it still show maintenanc required wat shld i do?
you have to reset it.. in the speedometer there should be a little button and just stick your key in it and it will reset
Jorgen Loretto Ontario

Markham, Canada

#20 Oct 25, 2007
The brakes on my 2000 Accord SE failed completely, no indication on the dash, had to use handbrake to stop. Pedal only partially restored after adding fluid. Dealer service said all the lines had rutted out and needed replacement, at a cost of $2000! This does not seem normal,(the car has performed flawlesly till now) for a Honda with only 126900 on the odometer? Any one heard of a recall for this problem?

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