Chevy S10/GMC S15-Sonoma: Problems & ...

Chevy S10/GMC S15-Sonoma: Problems & Solutions

There are 519 comments on the story from Dec 4, 2005, titled Chevy S10/GMC S15-Sonoma: Problems & Solutions. In it, reports that:

I don't know if this will help, but I just did some radiator work on my '01 S-10 with a 4.3. You might have a cracked tank inside the radiator.

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#246 Jul 21, 2007
When I start S10 Cold = OK when I drive till on temp stop and start = OK when I wait 15/20 min. not OK then when it's start dark smoke coming out exhaustpipe and rough idle

San Luis Obispo, CA

#247 Jul 22, 2007
Paul wrote:
Toyota holds back product because of quality issues,yet GM rams product thru no matter if its ready or not (Corvair,Vega,X-cars,TrailBlaz er/Envoy) and uses the customer as its test drivers.
Which way would you like to go?
LOL hes got u beat GM does force shit through and uses us as testers...i however have had no problems with my gmc, i have suped it up i am pushing 300hp and it runs great.. i couldnt be happier with the preformace it hauls ass gl with ur sonomas forget s-10s

San Luis Obispo, CA

#248 Jul 22, 2007
Will wrote:
Hello group. I'm looking at buying a 1997 Sonoma stepside. V-6 auto. 70,000 miles. This deal has fallen into my hands and I'm doing reseach. Can anyone tell me what potential problems to look for in buying this truck used?
Thanks very much for any help.
what up man i have a 2001 sonoma and i am a 17 year old teenager..i have it suped up pretty good runnin at about 300 hp now and i am rough on it i race alot.. and i have had no serious problems yet with it i am very satisfied all the way around just make sure u take care of it and change the oil on time and hopefully all goes well... i would take a look to see what kind of condition the interior is in good luck with everything peace

San Luis Obispo, CA

#249 Jul 22, 2007
joe wrote:
<quoted text>
amazing, you got a toyota with high miles like this? hmm last i checked my 93 blazer has 220k and still goin, and my buddy's 92 s10 has, oh, 365k. oh and another buddy's AWESOME camry just died on him @ 92k, hmm. so bush, just move your sorry ass to japan since you are so intent on giving them all your money for no justifiable reason and eroding our industrial base thereby making a poor dark future for us and our kids. either that or use that gun to shoot yourself.
LOL im going to go ahead and agree with this guy f uck those japan cars its all about america dude

San Luis Obispo, CA

#250 Jul 22, 2007
jay wrote:
i have an 88 s15 2.5 and it's running like poo i can get it started fine when cold but after it warms up it seems to wanna bog and driving is rediculous at half throttle it sputters.and i can't get it started again without standing on the gas had the air filter off but spews gas when tryin to fire it i replaced the tps but didn't seem to work and it idles at like 1500 rpms WHAT COULD IT BE?!?!?!
hey you could have problems with your choke i would check that and it could also be your fuel to gas ratio got thrown off somehow...i would bet on the choke tho thats what it sounds like.. gl to you

San Luis Obispo, CA

#251 Jul 22, 2007
ric wrote:
I have a 1996 4.3 with a cooling problem. It seems that no coolant is running through the engine and the heater core. I just replaced the pump and the thermostat and filled it with the correct ammount of orange anti-freeze. what could the problem be?
[email protected]
first off do not use the orange anti freeze how do u sleep at night knowing its eating away at your engine take that crap out and replace it with the green.. make sure your radiator pipes dont have any kinks in them so that it would block the coolant

San Luis Obispo, CA

#252 Jul 22, 2007
Steve wrote:
My 2001 S-10's fuel gage is as temperamental, as I'm quite sure yours are. But lately it has been going to "empty" while sitting at the stoplight. Anybody else had this happen, any suggestions?
yes my sonomas fuel guage is quite tempermental also any slight slopes change fuel level dramatically thinking i have more gas than i really do then i get pissed off..if i put my car into neutral my guage will go down to empty and stay there for a while witch also sucks but reading all these other peoples problems LOL it could be a hell of a lot worse
Ryan Boyd

Milton, Canada

#253 Jul 23, 2007
Hi, I have a 97 V6 Chev S-10 and it has been idling rough. It vibrates even more once put in drive at a stop. It starts wierd sometimes too. It seems like it 'chokes' when trying to start. I've replaced the fuel filter, distributor cap and rotor, spark plugs and wires as well. Any ideas?

United States

#254 Jul 25, 2007
98 Chevy S-10 2.2L Crankshaft sensor broke off inside cavity in effort to replace. How to remove?
Ryan Boyd

Milton, Canada

#255 Jul 26, 2007
In addition to a rough idle and wierd starting my 1997 S10 'diesels' when I turn it off. It makes funny sounds right after I turn the truck off and goes away in a second or two....could this be my catalytic converter?
Lawrie Mantwell


#256 Aug 5, 2007
I used to think Chevy was the truck to buy, In fact we did, had fords also, but after this 2500 Duramax Diesel, we have currently replaced the injectors three times and we are only at 87,000 miles. The last set only lasted 5600 miles! So that is four sets of injectors since the truck was manufactured, each at a cost of $4-6000 (covered under extended warranty now, but that all ends at 100,000 miles!) The truck has been extremely well cared for, bought it brand new for the longevity diesels are well known for, and now, I am afraid to take it to the end of the block and all GM can say is "we will give you $3000.00 off the purchase price of a new one! Not a problem we are only $36,000.00 into this vehicle, and I cannot even get a trade in amount enough to pay off the current loan, so who would you say, Ford or Chevy?????

the old hobo

Flushing, MI

#257 Aug 6, 2007

Gainesville, FL

#258 Aug 8, 2007
Hey Guys!

I have a '01 Sonoma, 2.2L 4cyl with a 120k miles.
I just bought it, and wondeing what kind of oil is the best with this milege.
I need to change the valve cover gasket, so i wanna change the oil too.


Gainesville, FL

#259 Aug 8, 2007
What kind of oil i should use with my '01 sonoma? 2.2L with 120k miles.
Ryan Boyd

Milton, Canada

#260 Aug 8, 2007
Teebo wrote:
What kind of oil i should use with my '01 sonoma? 2.2L with 120k miles.
Best bet would be synthetic. Your motor is well broken in so synthetic would be ideal. It gets the heat to your motor faster therefore better for cold starts. Not sure what grade you need...I know my V6 is 5W-30

San Antonio, TX

#261 Aug 8, 2007

I have to fix it, and change the oil, cause this leak is bothering me.

Thanks again.

Los Angeles, CA

#262 Aug 14, 2007
I have a 2003 chevy s-10. The problem I am having is this: driving at constant freeway speed; going down a grade; fan comes on and engine RPM drop to <900. No problems with performance, can stops after 10-30 seconds and rpm go back to normal. Mechanic can't find any problem.

Mount Pleasant, PA

#263 Aug 18, 2007
I have a 1994 s10 with the 2.2 and 5 speed. The enging is on borrowed time. Question, does the replacement engine need to be from a vehicle with a manual trans? Can I use a newer 2.2, like a 2000 or 2001? Are cavalier engines the same? If so what year cavaliers were they in??? Thanks so much

Atlanta, GA

#264 Aug 27, 2007
95 sonoma 2.2l plugs 1 and 4 appears burnt and not firing. engine idles rough and weak accelleration
could this be a ignition coil problem
john b

Aylesford, Canada

#265 Aug 27, 2007
jon wrote:
My ABS light came on, my brake light came on, lost my speedometer and it woulndn't shift out to third gear. This is on a gmc sonoma 2001 year model any ideas?
Yes, had that one on my 2000 S15, theres a (i think it's called) a speed control module in the transmission. It's a quick inexpensive repair Less than $100.00

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