The New Freightliner (POS) Cascadia

Philadelphia, PA

#122 May 1, 2013
DIA wrote:
Have 2013 Cascadia, only complaint so far is engine brake and cruise control doesn't cancell out by touching clutch pedal.Is that the way they are or is something not set corectly?
Thats set on the computer programming, it can be changed

Philadelphia, PA

#123 May 1, 2013
My company truck was a 2013 built in NC and I put 50000 miles on that truck and the only problem I had was the cruise didn't always engage. I now have a 2010 built in NC with 400,000 miles so far so good... Stay away from Mexico built anything!!

Philadelphia, PA

#124 May 1, 2013
Worried 2011 Cascadia wrote:
<quoted text>
We purchased a 2011 Cascadia New of the lot. Shortly after the engine would power down and couldn't get the RPM up enough to shift past 3rd. Took it in to be checked and the code came up "Unknown", reset computer and all was well for about a month then the same thing took place. This has happend several times over the past year and a half getting the same diagnostic everytime. Mechanic suggested keep running it till it quits altogether. Well that happened last night, it was a heafty tow bill to get the truck to service plus rental of another unit to get our contract filled. Enroute the motor quit, computer indicated "No Power". after sitting for 20 minutes the truck started, computer indicated "No Transmission" then the motor shut down again. This morning the diagnostic indicated "No Power", every power connection and fuse is in top shape. Truck now starts but can't find the problem. Worried to take out on trip, too expensive to break down. We run 11,464 KM per month guarentee. Any suggestions or experience with this happening to any other unit?
Bad ECM or maybe Bad Wire Harness, really sounds like your ECM is going hay wire
Kirt Singh

United States

#125 May 10, 2013
I have 2009 cascadia truck have engine Brake prob whare is the sancer I wanna change the sancer

Brampton, Canada

#126 May 16, 2013
Probably a crack in the egr cooler and coolant is leaking into the egr tube exhaust being vaporized and being reburnt and no trace left by the time it gets past the exhaust again. Get the egr cooler changed and leak will disappear..or egr valve is stuck open and causing excessive heat in the egr cooler to boil off your coolant as it meets with 1200 degrees exhaust temps
Lots of egr issues on new motors hopefully you solve it before it eats your turbo,head gasket,exhaust manifold or warps and cracks the head or block....the egr cooler the egr valves and the egr airflow sensor need to be constantly checked and cleaned or replaced because of coking deposits on them....lotsa fun eh!!!
lori wrote:
Lease an 09 cascadia. We now have 460,000 mls on it. It started going through antifreeze at the rate of a gallon a week. Can't find where it was leaking, neither can trans west freightliner in Denver. Had it in there twice in one month for the issue. They put some clamps on the hoses just in cases that's what was needed. They said it's probably leaking into the exhaust but at a what is now a gallon a day, we should be able to find the leak. Right? Nothing on the ground, nothing in the engine, nothing of the pipes, out the stack, or in the oil. Where the heck else could it possibly be going? About to put it in the shop again for time #3. going to put it in a different shop this time. Anyone heard of or run into anything like this on these before? Any info is much appreciated.

Melrose Park, IL

#127 May 23, 2013
N4WSQ wrote:
Wife and i are company drivers who drive an '09 cascadia for a very large fleet. We drove a badly beatup '07 columbia for a year that was deafening loud 5-7k miles a week. We are both active ham radio operators that use the lower hf bands to talk to relatives and friends in the US and oversees daily. We got 5-6mpg avg. with the columbia and now get 5-7mpg with the cascadia. hardly a difference if you ask me. We drivde the truck hard and give it hell going up hills. The columbia had no problems with any of the radio gear, but the cascadia computers freak-out every time we try to talk on the lower hf bands. turns out, nothing in the truck is grounded properly, not even the cab itself. This means that if YOUR cascadia crossed paths with someone communicating on 80MTRS mobile per say, it could shut your truck down, or like in mine, shut off the abs,jake brake, and various other things as you pased by them. Disconnecting the batteries of the truck is the only thing that will reset it.
We love that our cascadia is quiet, and feels more solid a ride than tha columbia was, but hate its ungrounded plastic radio unfriendly butt. As
far as problems go (not caused by RFI), check engine lights come and go, it wants to regen after driving it hard all night, when you pull in to a fuel island, many things are intermittent, and the most annoying of all of them, is when you shut it off to fuel, the computer sometimes will not let it start again for up to 20-30 minutes and will not tell you why. no error codes or anything, and All fluid levels are good. If i owned this truck, i would hardwire the keyswitch to the starter. theres no legit reason for it not to crank if it will run. thats a safety hazard if you ask me.
well I'm glad I finally have an answer to why my Jake and cruise keep not working with no rhyme or reason. now do I need to disconnect the batteries our can I just use the switch next to the driver door

Mesquite, NV

#128 May 25, 2013
rs trucking

Cerritos, CA

#129 Jun 8, 2013
DIA wrote:
Have 2013 Cascadia, only complaint so far is engine brake and cruise control doesn't cancell out by touching clutch pedal.Is that the way they are or is something not set corectly?
i own the same truck by pressing the brake pedal will cut off cruise control or pressing buton on stearing wheel says cansel

Riverside, CA

#130 Jun 10, 2013
I have 09 cascadia broke down on me it needs new engine I can't do it I given it back to the bank I lost 50 grand for the down payment, thanks a lot.

Tucker, GA

#131 Jun 11, 2013
You know, I've seen so many of these ugly POS catastrophes on the road and I can't help but laugh! No visors, no side stacks, no external air cleaners, ugly ass curved everything... What a complete waste of space. The only Freightliner ever worth anything was the Classic XL Mid-Roof.

Now, I'm unfortunately in one of these pieces of trash, and am already miserable! Yes, the sleeper is nice a roomy, the whole truck is. But I hate aerodynamics on a rig, dumbest idea I've ever heard of. The engine is far to quiet, the DEF and DPF systems need to be disinvented, I can't keep it idling at night so I can be comfortable (damn idle shutoff that I can't seem to override), and I haven't even moved it yet. The Check Engine light won't shut off either. I say we sue FL for everything they have, and make sure that part of the suite is, shutting down all Mexican production.
fast freight ltd-can

Thorold, Canada

#132 Jun 27, 2013
bought 2013 cascadia,runs ok on flat road, come to hill and it can not go over 20 miles per hour,got new injectors,sendors turbo, alot of wasted time .9 months later still has- no power, freightliner thinks its ok
got 120000 km still runs like shit

Providence, RI

#133 Jul 29, 2013
I own 2009 Cascadia w/DD15. So far the only problem I had , was with oil plug.
After reading all of these comments I consider my self very lucky....So far anyway..

United States

#134 Aug 7, 2013
On the engine side everything on it comes from Germany. They think Americans are stupid, Thats Why I left Detroit Diesel because the unión and daimler together cant run shit right. Series60 ran for Years, it was time for a new model but Why do business in the States then have problems with all of the crap they send here. That one sided unión sucks, don't care What knowone days when gm designed the series60 they made one hell of a engine! Daimler would of been better off retooling that engine.
fedup with daimler

Westland, MI

#135 Aug 19, 2013
Im tired of freightliner. Every since daimler took over the quality of these trucks has gone down hill faster than a fat dude that tripped. I drive for a company that only drives freightliners and all there trucks from the time daimler's sorry ass took over are junk just like their cars. Over priced crap!
Louis N

United States

#136 Sep 14, 2013
How do you hook up a cb radion on a Cascadia?

Rogers, MN

#137 Oct 16, 2013
2012 Cascadia, DEF full, gauge reads empty, no start. Any suggestions?

Philadelphia, PA

#138 Oct 19, 2013
09 cascadia can't list all problems replaced 2 cams13000 miles ago now spun cam journals motor complete garbage Cummings est. Of $28000 to fix it

Draper, UT

#140 Jan 21, 2014
James wrote:
The new Cascadia is a real lemon and most people have major problems with it. Mexi-liner or not, it's screwing up many owner/operators's lives and Freightliner should be ashamed. One of them has taken the time to put up a website about all the problems he's had with his truck. Kudos to him for the effort, I just wish I could do the same. You can check it out at:
This web site doesn't work was looking for more information about my 2010 Cascadia. What else I can expect to go wrong after $24,000 in 3 months not counting downtime and hotels. Freightliner and Detroit have made it very clear that they don't care about small businesses and that it is my job to just pay the bill even when they haven't fixed anything. They have the worst Customer Service I have ever seen.

Fort Worth, TX

#141 Feb 13, 2014
I have had my truck in the shop for the regeneration problem, they said they fixed it it has been 4000 miles and I have the same codes. I am 300 miles from home and I don't want to get stuck here due to being a family event tomorrow.this is a 2010 and it is a piece of crap with four hundred sixty thousand miles on it. Don't like Riesling you ruined Freightliner and so did the EPA, by requiringthis new admissions crap is crap. The truck doesn't do any better on miles per gallon and it spends more time in the shop that it has been on the road since it has been purchased

Easley, SC

#142 Feb 15, 2014
My company converted to all new fleet of 2013 Cascadia. They are not bad trucks. We are set at 65 mph and rpm at 15 max. We have several in our fleet that reach 7 mpg every quarter, but this is hauling lighter freight and mainly
running in the flat lands. Most avg. 6 mpg. We also have electric apu units that run heater and ac. We rarely idle. Can't really complain a lot. Comfortable ride quiet cab. Just my thoughts.

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