The New Freightliner (POS) Cascadia

Manchester, MI

#42 Dec 2, 2010
What did it end up being?

Kentville, Canada

#43 Dec 2, 2010
Have your ride height checked, if its too hight suspension will be too stiff? mine rides 5000% better than my old Classic, and so far no major probs, good mileage, always at least 3/4 mpg above the best my classic would do and a hight of 9.3!! my classic would need to be towed to get that

United States

#44 Dec 4, 2010
I just started driving an 09 cascadia with the dd15. No issues so far but my friends 08 century was a pos. Three sets of injectors, one overhead and another to fix the first,(original not done properly), new dpf, now everything is fine and mileage is up to around 7 mpg . A good shop is a must. Try springfield mo fl if you can.
poed in nebraska

North Platte, NE

#45 Dec 7, 2010
have a 08 cascadia 130,000 miles what a piece of junk went thru 4 set of steer tires windshield leaks,sams is bad and been replaced, bearing replaced in steering column today what a joke should have just bent over and let em ram i"m disgusted

Saint Cloud, MN

#46 Dec 13, 2010
17 dealerships, problem after another, now a rolling death trap and I run international,where is frieghtliners engineering team headquartered at?
thius seems like a scam plot backed by the foriegn elitist to bring the us to a halt within the transportation industry, similar to other trades, it is really sad to say that i would never buy a frightliner, and remember what my dad taught me about peterbilts being about the best and western stars leading, Cascadia are an over prised pos, under tested electrically misengineered computerized night mare that is diffently the deadliest vehicle on the highway, thx frieghtliner

United States

#47 Feb 7, 2011
Waldo wrote:
No one makes a class 8 truck that is entirely assembled in the US made of parts made in the US. Its a global market and manufacturing of off-shore parts is just the norm now. As much as I would like to see us both have our wish come true and bring jobs back to the States, Cost of manufacturing labor and stingent EPA pollution control on factories make it improbable.

I have been in the retail side of the Freightliner/DTNA group for 15 years and and have watched market demand for cheap parts and profit margins slide out of control. Now The new technology for DEF/Urea EPA 2010 units on the road make life difficult for the small guy. Increased cost on the initial purchase, increased maintenance and glitches with hammering out flaws in the new technology.
Brian Wade

Edmonton, Canada

#48 Feb 8, 2011
richard connolly wrote:
My son has purchased a 08 cascadia, has had it for 3 wks. has been towed in 3 times lost his trip and cost to stay in hotel while they try fix it, found all ten tires bad. He is about to run it off a cliff and doesnt know what to do. He should be coming in a couple of days. do you have any advice. tks
Dude,I too have just got into a brand new 2011 Freightliner,that has the stacks underneath the truck,I believe they are called "Grass Burners".I just had the passenger window,explode on me the other night,due to the condensation caused by the stack underneath the truck,it was cold were I live and with condenstion forming on the window,made for an instant exploding window,also check engine light and amber light on all the time,fog lights are just white light,a bit of a joke really,and pretty gutluss truck,MY only saving grace is it is a company truck I drive here in Alberta canada.

Gering, NE

#49 Mar 25, 2011
Bought a 2009 cascadia DD-15 with 440000 miles on it . Drove aprox 10000 miles , number 4 rod bearing failed , damaged crank and block , repair estimate from dealer is 30000.00 Anyone else heard of these DD-15 having major bottom end failures ?

San Diego, CA

#50 May 12, 2011
I have a cascadia with a DD15 and i am going to perform a maintenance on it soon...want to change to filters..but with the new engine ..i cannot buy filters of my choice...because it wouldn't fit...and don't know if the warranty works if I use any other type of filter...anyone has advice?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#51 May 23, 2011
I have a 2011 Cascadia DD15 with 4100 miles i have noticed that when i park and set the idle @800 RPM within a short period of time the idle will increase to 1100 and seem to be doing a regeneration though no indicators on the dash show this happening the issue is this increased idle continues for hours the truck spitters and spatters every few minutes until i just shut it down myself anyone else had this issue
BIG G8354

Mooresville, NC

#52 May 26, 2011
bgann69 wrote:
<quoted text>
My Cascadia came from North Carolina.What an absolute pile of junk this truck is.You shouldn't be so proud that you built this piece of crap.
Must have been built on first shift
BIG G8354

Mooresville, NC

#53 May 26, 2011
Truck must have been built on first shift...Second shift will be back soon.....Then you will see a huge improvment......

Foresthill, CA

#54 Jun 17, 2011
i have a 2008 clssic xl with a 455/490 seaies60 with all the same probloms as all you have . i file suit aganis freghtliner corp,for two years i have been waiting for my court day june 14 2011, it was pushed back two more months .if anybody would like to talk to me about my probloms or yours my email is [email protected],we can help each other, steve S$S TRUCKING

United States

#55 Jun 27, 2011
Can anyone with knowledge of this truck help me. I was sent one to replace my truck that i haul pp mix with, it left me on the side of the road 5 times, in a 45 miles distance. Can you please tell me what steps i need to take. Thanks because the mechanic at my shop told me to READ the few papers he gave me...Some help!
Floyd in Nashville

United States

#56 Jul 8, 2011
chris wrote:
i build the cascadia in the cleveland plant in nc we have a big issue with mexico built trucks.Our clevelnad built truck are all dyno tested for performance and mpg so make sure if u order a cascadia it is built in the cleveland nc plant and not made in mexico.We here at clevleand belive in building quality and realiability in ouor product.
What a crock. I just moved out of an 09 CRAPcadia that was built in the cleveland plant. Since I moved into it in October of last year, we have had 3 wiring harnesses installed, 14 sensor replacements, DPF filter replaced, DOC unit replaced, EGR replaced twice and 2 alternators installed. I have not made a single quarterly mileage bonus since moving into that truck because it had to be put in the shop every month, sometimes twice. Last month,(June) it spent 16 days in the shop for the same fault codes over and over again. My co-driver and I are each over $6K behind for the year to date on income because of this NC UNION CRAP!!! Our company just got a fleet of '11 model year cascadias that were Hecho in Mexico and have not had a single problem out of any of them. Amazing how when there is no UNION BS involved, that a truck can be properly assembled!!!!!!!!!!

Blairmore, Canada

#57 Jul 15, 2011
09 cascadia c/w 550 dd15. they match well, both junk. too many problems to list but a few include leaky windows, inaccurate fuel gauge, wheel seals, alignment problems, rack and pinion problems, turbo, regen, cams, starter replaced in first year, cooling problems, belt tensioner, many sensors, fuel pump,egr,ecm to name but a few. in the shop as i type this for a bunch of engine problems that every shop tells me im imagining, mostly turbo related. new turbo cpl weeks a go, new cam last week. and lets not forget the wax like substance in the coolant filter. detriot says its laminate from 3rd party filters but engine has never seen anything but detroit filters. should be interesting when i pick it up. if i see a bill you can all expect a big story in the news because im gonna blow the roof off the place. sick of the crap i paid hard earned money for. close to going under with all the downtime. thanks to freightliner and detroit diesel for putting absolute junk on the market. will never buy either product ever again. 3rd generation trucker, 28 yrs otr. have been fl and detroit supporter entire time but no more

United States

#58 Jul 24, 2011
My wife and I have been trucking for 11 years and I am like Earl Pitts; Iím Pitts Off. Thereís a lot of talk about fuel mileage and safety. The truth is there are not many people that are really concerned about either. Fuel mileage is a joke. We have a 09 Cascadia with 600,000 miles that we bought new on Feb 09. It has 342 rear ends. I told the salesman that is not a pulling gear. He said that was the way to go with the Detroit DD15. I finally gave up and bought the truck. It has averaged 5.8 and I have always been disgusted with the way it pulls. We run Dallas to Southern California twice a week. Where anyone get the idea that you need to run an engine at 1300-1400 RPMs I donít have a clue. Detroit and Freightliner says it is for fuel economy. These RPMs are at the top end of the torque band. There are two reasons an engine develops a torque band, that is where it burns the most fuel the most efficiently and thus it creates the most heat, neither being good. You buy a truck to pull a load grossing 80,000 lbs. 342 gears are not good in an empty vehicle much less a loaded one. The smaller the number the higher the gear, the larger the number the lower the gear. In a road truck it has to perform in high gear. That is where you are over 95% of the time. 342 gears will not cut it, performance and fuel mileage suffer, but that is not what they try to make you believe when you buy one. With the price of trucks up about $25,000-$30,000 in the last 7-8 years, fuel over 3.75/gal, tires up Ĺ again and the mileage pay the same as it has been for 20-30 years go figure what kind of living we are making. Fuel mileage and trucks are about the same as it was when Detroit came out with the Series 60 engine. The only thatís that have gone up is prices for everything it takes to keep a truck working. I tru7ley believe if you would put 373 or 391 rear ends in our truck we would gain about Ĺ mpg. You just figure what that would save us in fuel. Just think if all trucks were geared right how much fuel would be saved with less pollution. We are being white washed. It is same on safety. For some reason some drivers think if they shift gears it makes them a perfect driver. It is part of it but just a small part. I think the auto-shift is a great idea and safety factor but because so many drivers think if they canít shift they are not really truck drivers. What kind of mentality is that?
Pitts Off In Dallas

Davisburg, MI

#59 Jul 25, 2011
had my 2012 cascadia for 2 months now check engine light stays on door doesnt close for shit was told by dealer its cause they seal so well really then why does the mother f$$ker leak! just had the starter and all 4 batterys replaced when you drop a loaded trailer and try to move the back tires just spin and the traction control light goes crazy and to top it all off the front bumper fell the f@!k off today (screws fell out) this truck has 37,000 miles on it my company bought these things cause they said the international pro star is junk, really international builds a hell of a truck my school had 9400's with over a million miles on em that didnt have half the problems this peice of shit has right now i think i would have better luck pullin 53's with a 4cyl chevy s10 with a 5th wheel

Blue Springs, MO

#60 Aug 28, 2011
i have you guys beat on here my truck is a brand new 2012 cascadia haven't had a chance to drive it yet because it has a wiring problem been in the shop four days now.

Calgary, Canada

#61 Sep 9, 2011
Disgruntled wrote:
Im currently going thru CRE's training program and my trainers truck broke down last night. Its a 2010 w/ a DD15. The turbo blew, egr valve, when the turbo goes in these things it lets coolant into the oil and vice versa. Pretty much the entire aftertreatment system is shot. Estimated at 1-2 weeks downtime. Ya, Im gonna go with a Peterbuilt or an International.
I have worked on Freightliners, Peterbuilts and International and eperienced problems withall of them. 2009 Internation had a problem with turbos and regentand 2006/07 airdryer and compressors. Peterbult with air switch for the brakes and electical. So it tells you that no matter what you get you will end up with problems.

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