The New Freightliner (POS) Cascadia

Fort Worth, TX

#21 Apr 18, 2010
Well I'mmmmm baaaack!***** piece of shit. Well the turbo was covered under warrenty and they had to replace the air to air intake too, that had a leak and caused the turbo to fail. Total down time one damn week just to replace it. They had to ship the parts from tennesse and it took one week just to replace something that takes about a half day. One week later it broke down again! The check engine lights keep coming on and it keeps
stalling! All the gauges are fine and there's no smells or noises. Buyer beware DO NOT BUY OR OPERATE THIS PIECE OF SHIT YOU'LL REGRET IT

Roseville, CA

#22 Apr 25, 2010
Wow, it's sad to see we all have the same issues with Freightliner. I've been an owner operator for 25 years, I have owned all new trucks. The last one I bought, is a LEMON. I have filed suit against Daimler Trucks of North America, LLC. I have fuel issues, primer issues, shut down issues, where truck just dies in traffic because it looses it's prime. I would LOVE to get a Class Action Suit going against them. Please contact me if you are in the same boat. Due to this truck, I am no longer in business. It's time for them to pay! If seriously interested please email me @ [email protected] Good Luck to Everyone.

Dallas, TX

#23 Apr 25, 2010
Waldo wrote:
Don't be deceived about the window sticker. Some of the cabs Mexico uses are built in Cleveland and bare the Made in Cleveland sticker. The actual truck and wiring is done in Mexico. Always look at the plate inside the door, that tells you where the truck was built.
waldou are right about some of it but i will tell you i del those trucks for auto truck carrier all of that truck was made in mexico thay started using us serio numbers to trow off the buyer thinking it was made in the us

Roanoke, VA

#24 May 1, 2010
2010 Crapcadia towed to Roanoke,va freightliner, turbo out parts comming from BRAZIL. been 6 days not here yet. Freightliner plz use FED EX overnight and why we don't have parts in USA

United States

#25 May 7, 2010
Wife and i are company drivers who drive an '09 cascadia for a very large fleet. We drove a badly beatup '07 columbia for a year that was deafening loud 5-7k miles a week. We are both active ham radio operators that use the lower hf bands to talk to relatives and friends in the US and oversees daily. We got 5-6mpg avg. with the columbia and now get 5-7mpg with the cascadia. hardly a difference if you ask me. We drivde the truck hard and give it hell going up hills. The columbia had no problems with any of the radio gear, but the cascadia computers freak-out every time we try to talk on the lower hf bands. turns out, nothing in the truck is grounded properly, not even the cab itself. This means that if YOUR cascadia crossed paths with someone communicating on 80MTRS mobile per say, it could shut your truck down, or like in mine, shut off the abs,jake brake, and various other things as you pased by them. Disconnecting the batteries of the truck is the only thing that will reset it.
We love that our cascadia is quiet, and feels more solid a ride than tha columbia was, but hate its ungrounded plastic radio unfriendly butt. As
far as problems go (not caused by RFI), check engine lights come and go, it wants to regen after driving it hard all night, when you pull in to a fuel island, many things are intermittent, and the most annoying of all of them, is when you shut it off to fuel, the computer sometimes will not let it start again for up to 20-30 minutes and will not tell you why. no error codes or anything, and All fluid levels are good. If i owned this truck, i would hardwire the keyswitch to the starter. theres no legit reason for it not to crank if it will run. thats a safety hazard if you ask me.

Oakland, CA

#26 May 16, 2010
Why to buy a Frieghliner , get a Volvo

Westmoreland, TN

#27 Jun 9, 2010
Barely over licking my wounds from a yearlong experience with an "04 Columbia, here I am find myself at the doorstep of another Freightliner experience(just voluntarily(?) came out of an '08 VOLVO that was right in everyway). A new tractor seems to be the only "perk" that a lot of companies can afford and extend to you these days. Drove the Cascadia twice so far. Where should I start? Mostly electrical issues..driver dome lights have a mind of their own, turn on every time a door is opened, stay on until they decide they want to go out...real fun at night. Check engine light stays on, the panel switches for the utility lights and engine brake are not illuminated at night..doesn't matter, they don't work anyway. Auto shift control is right under steering wheel spoke, can't see the gear select and it does not light up at night. Tractor has two CB anntennae...but no CB mount, coax, or power supply to be found. I'm not willing to say, at least at this point, that this is a sorry excuse for a truck. It does have some good points. Iwill say that it is a sorry excuse for a NEW truck. Turning this piece of equipment loose from the factory in this kind of shape with the respectable "Daimler" sticker seal of approval is a sad state of affairs. They may very well solve the existing problems, but what can one expect down the road. Downtime for a company driver is also a large concern. I hope they get it right before too long...or close the borders to these "cascading" immigrants. Respectfully submitted, "R"


#28 Jun 29, 2010
What I seem to be missing here is " there's no imput from freightliner". I would assume that they might be interested in these problems but apparently not enough to respond. I just don't get it, from leaking windsheilds to blown wheel seals and everything in between, no response. I think the response from the buyers may come in the next couple of years and perhaps not in the form that freightliner would like. " ARE YOU LISTENING DAIMLER FREIGHTLINER" you should be.

Kensington, Canada

#29 Jul 22, 2010
I've just been told by a senior freightliner mechanic that the production of rack and pinion sterring is finished. No more rack and pinion sterring, just enough made to cover warranty. Apparently freightliner is trying to come up witha kit to change a truck with R & P over to the old sterring box setup.

Minneapolis, MN

#30 Jul 27, 2010
The company I work for had just received 30 of the new Cascadia's. We have bought Freightliners for some time now. I truly believe that these could be the last Freightliners we purchase for some time. The issues and down time we have had amounts to thousands of dollars lost. We have had to take fuel tanks off to clean them out. Paper in the fuel lines, turbo problems, A/C problems, the list goes on. I understand that when you buy a new truck you are going to be in the shop for some things to get fixed, the problem comes when you go to the shop and the truck is down for 4 - 10 days for minor repairs. It just seems that Freightliner's quality has deteriorated to a point that you can't afford to purchase one of the least expensive trucks on the market. Poor product, combined with poor customer services makes me wonder why buy a Freightliner anymore.

United States

#31 Aug 19, 2010
Lease an 09 cascadia. We now have 460,000 mls on it. It started going through antifreeze at the rate of a gallon a week. Can't find where it was leaking, neither can trans west freightliner in Denver. Had it in there twice in one month for the issue. They put some clamps on the hoses just in cases that's what was needed. They said it's probably leaking into the exhaust but at a what is now a gallon a day, we should be able to find the leak. Right? Nothing on the ground, nothing in the engine, nothing of the pipes, out the stack, or in the oil. Where the heck else could it possibly be going? About to put it in the shop again for time #3. going to put it in a different shop this time. Anyone heard of or run into anything like this on these before? Any info is much appreciated.

Abbotsford, Canada

#32 Aug 22, 2010
wow you guys are having alot of prblems.I have a 2010 cascadia not even one lick of problems mine runs great and I pull maxed out super b every day on the biggest hills you guys have ever seen.

Hermiston, OR

#33 Aug 25, 2010
I bought 4 new Cascadias ,they have bankrupted my company.The are in the shop at least 3 to 4 times a month.Thats a 4 of them.They are going to get them back and we will sue for lost time and try to get our money back.

Summerside, Canada

#34 Aug 31, 2010
Hey Guys and Gal's I feel your pain. I to sucumbed to the hipe around these trucks back in late 2008 and bought a 2009. Just two years later and I spending what I use to spend on my six and seven year old trucks (but at least they were going the next day). Even the salesmen at my branch quite (universal Truck) quit over the poor preformance and the rest of the sales staff are starting to feel the pinch. Very very poor product.

To Lori with the antifreeze problem - I to had the same problem and we found there is a small inlet hose under the turbo that goes into the block and what was happening is it was coming loose under pressure and leaking. Since the engine is so hot in that area the antifreeze would just evaporate. My driver just happen to recognize the sweet smell on day when he stop for a quick break. Two minute fix at detroit which cost about $100 in antifreeze.

I like this engine only good thing about the truck. Freightliner should not have combine the truck and engine computers togeher as this is just take a good engine down with a bad truck. If damiler had any sense they would start reselling their engines to other OEMs.

Mine rattles and squeaks so bad I'm thinking of investing in a high powered stero just to drown out the noise, but that would proably wreck the wiring systems that must have been designed by a child. we to have had dash light and regen issues as well. Can't keep a tire on the right front side (replaced about every 25,000 miles). Hoping to survive the next few month until trade time.

Halifax, Canada

#35 Sep 8, 2010
Im just in the process of purchasing a 2010 Cascadia from Universal, dd13, 535hp, 1850 torque, im second gussing myself now after reading this, any recent info on your truck?? Everyone i talk to loves theirs?? mechanics in the shop at Universal and Nova all swear the DD15 is the best engine yet??
slow poke

United States

#36 Sep 10, 2010
Gregg wrote:
I drive a 2010 Cascadia Midroof XT w/DD15. Has a terrible squealing like a belt. FL says nothing they can do about it. Problem is, it's a Mexico FL and FL WON'T fix it!! BTW, my company has 2500 of these POS's! Mexi-liners may be cheaper, but we got what we paid for.
I had the same problem with my 09 cascadia if you haven't fixed it take it to Detroit Diesel. They put a new belt assembly on

Portland, OR

#37 Sep 20, 2010
I'm sure the Germans at Daimler are oh so concerned to hear these negative reviews about their American designed trucks that you guys are bashing. Yes they are built in Mexico (or USA) but that point is mute. They are state of the art and the product is still very much designed and tested in the USA. If the problems you describe are so wide spread than go ahead and file your little lawsuit; We'll see who wins.

Newnan, GA

#39 Oct 9, 2010
Wildcat Trucking LLC wrote:
I am a frustrated owner of the new so called fuel saving cascadia. I am averaging 3.5 mpg, truck has been towed 3 times, in the shop 9 times. All because of 'Regen problems' and EGR problems. This is in my opinion the biggest false advertisement Freightliner has ever produced. They obviously did not do enough R/D on this product, and they launched to the consumer so the consumer can pay for their R/D. The truck is the worst truck (mechanically) that I have ever owned.
I have been dealing with Ray Strother, Midwest Freightliner Rep. and he is the biggest liar on the planet. He has said that Freightliner would help with my downtime, and also for the disgusting fuel mileage we are getting. He offered $500.00!!?? Then they send us a Detroit Engineer who is supposed to be a fuel specialist, granted he knows what he is doing, but I doubt he knows how to fix the problems. This truck regens constantly, and never stops until you stop the truck. I was originally told by the selling dealer Omaha Truck Center, Omaha,Ne. that the truck should regen once every 2 weeks. BULL!! Freightliner comes back after I have all the problems and says that it regens every 200-300 miles!!!!!! The problem with this is that when the regen kicks in your MPG drops dramatically, and does not recover for several hours.
So, basically i am telling all who'll listen especially those in charge of buying trucks for big companies....If you want to keep your job do not buy these trucks, because when your companies experience the downtime, and lost fuel economy you will be the scapegoat. Freightliner is doing nothing to help, and has no answers as to how to fix this problem. They keep promising that they are working on it, but I am fed up with thier lies and deciet. I am filing a lawsuit against Freightliner and looking to go Class Action with it. If you are a owner experiencing problems with the Cascadia I want to hear from you. [email protected]
I work for Southern Cal at the moment we have more regen problems than anything else! I have been with this company many years and NEVER seen so many trucks sitting waiting to be fixed due to regen problem!
We use a local motel by the yard and sitting in the motel talking to other drivers many who talk of quitting because they seem to have to fix the damn regen more than run the roads!!! LOL at this moment I am trying to get my truck to regen and it won't I was just told to turn it off for about 45 mins let the computer reset it self and try again! what a joke these trucks are!

Saint Petersburg, FL

#40 Oct 12, 2010
We have 05 buisness class with cats .We have a fueling problem that all they can do is throw parts at it. So far its up to $2900 and she still won't move. Injectors ,modules,dash board guage cluster etc. Idle fine just has no balls 35 mph is the most we can get.Anyone with clues to what the real problem is other than it being the biggest piece of crap?

New Egypt, NJ

#41 Oct 14, 2010
I have a 2009 with the DD15 455 hp. Where to start. Mileage sucks. I did better with the series60 in my previous truck.

My biggest complaint is the ride. It rides like a sports car. You feel every imperfection in the road and if you drive the PA Turnpike like I do almost daily the ride is unbelievably bad. All of the thousands of tar covered inverted speed bumps feel like you have solid rubber tires.

Yet on decent roads it rides nice (go figure)

The suspension is way to stiff causing the windshield to leak which caused electrical problems. In the shop 5 times to stop the leak, Burned out 3 starters, new fuse block and computer due to water damage.

2 sets of shocks and still no better.

Does anyone have any idea's how to smooth the ride?

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