No heat, blowers work, feels like it'...

No heat, blowers work, feels like it's stuck with the air conditioning on.

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Palo Alto, CA

#1 Aug 28, 2007
Just recently (last 2 days) the wife was complaining there was no heat in the car, that it was blowing cold air. This afternoon I tried switching it from heat (temp dial all the way to the red) to air conditioning and there was no difference in the air temp. HELP!





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Palo Alto, CA

#2 Aug 28, 2007
Forgot to add it's a 98 SE.

United States

#3 Oct 25, 2007
We have a 99 Taurus and we've had the same problem. With ours, it was the heater core. We tried to have it fixed once when we had an extended warranty but it wasn't done properly, so we'll have to do it again ourselves. I'm hoping we won't have to replace it all over again.

It's an affordable part, but the problem is that the labor may be expensive if you can't do it yourself.

Morris, AL

#4 Oct 25, 2007
Have a 04 Taurus and am having same problem as Pat. Have found a reference to a door motor buried in dash.............expensive. Also a fuse I have to check too.

Saint Louis, MO

#5 Oct 27, 2007
Check topic (99 taurus heat cool quickly after fan turns on.) The fix is took off heater hoses got 4ft 3/4 heater hose fitted it to the top port on heater core used one of the squeeze clamps to keep it from pouring out around the hose poured in the black bottle of draino slow process i could tell it had a block only a little poured it in at a time did this twice rinsed with hot water then took the spray nozzle on the end of the garden hose put it into the 3/4 hose used a screw clamp to tighten down the 3/4 hose to the spray nozzle then turned on the water full blast & wow it took a minute but blew a wad of rust out till it ran clear the hooked up the bottom heater hose and let it flush the heater hoses alot of rust came out no cleaner you buy at any autopart store helped your method is the best method i have ever seen & it work's I HAVE HOT ASS HEAT NOW THANKS to this person & again thanks SO MUCH FOR PASSING THIS ON ANY ONE ON THIS SITE IF ITS NOT LEAKING POWER FLUSH THE HEATER CORE IN DETAIL NO NEED TO CUT THE HEATER HOSES TAKE THEM LOOSE FROM THE CORE & flush it till its clear 45 min tops saved me mega dollars i recomend every late spring early summer flush the entire cooling system & the heater core old saying 1 ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure tahnk you so much..........





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United States

#6 Nov 25, 2007
01 chevy malibu same problem

Big Timber, MT

#7 Feb 11, 2008
We have a 2002 ford taurus. The heater used to work on high only. The other levels didn't work at all. Two weeks ago the heater completely quit working. Could any one help!!!


#8 Mar 18, 2008

The same thing just happened to us. It worked on high for a while and now it just blows air. We also drive a 2002 taurus
Bob B

Milwaukee, WI

#9 Apr 18, 2008
I also had this problem and it turned out to be a stuck arm on the temp control unit which is under the dash near the floor. there are 3 bolts on a semi-triangular cover which is about 3" long on each side. Take the cover off to access the arm. Then just give it a gentle push up and down and it should start to move. Since it could be stuck either open or closed you should have the temp set in the middle until it moves. I then gave it a quick shot of wd40 to lube it and replaced the cover.

United States

#10 Nov 13, 2008
We had the same problem as the above we change everything. Then we check the water pumb that was the problem. Now we have heat. The car never showed any signs that was the problem.

Midland, VA

#11 Dec 12, 2008
carol wrote:
We have a 2002 ford taurus. The heater used to work on high only. The other levels didn't work at all. Two weeks ago the heater completely quit working. Could any one help!!!
This is caused by a small chip screwed in to the bottom of the blower motor that goes bad
... about 20 bucks for the part.. takes about 2 min to replace

Cherry Hill, NJ

#12 Jan 13, 2009
The people who say their heat only worked on high and no other setting, I can almost gaurentee it is your mixing door behind the dash. Its basically a flap that moves to mix cold and warm air to give you temperature control. Hard to get at and an expensive fix. If your broke and in the middle of winter pull out the glove box and look for it behind your dash and just prop it open on the heat side with a pencil or something similar till you can get a chance to have someone look at it.

Brentwood, NY

#13 Feb 22, 2009
Flushed Core only.Brown at first then flowed freely and clean Then drained radiator of old antifreeze, refiled w/ water, ran for 10 mins and re-drained. Dirty brown again but then flowed clear. Filled radiator with flush treatment and water and drove car highway and local for about 6 hours over a few days. Engine temp stayed in good zone whole time. Drained, refilled with 50/50 antifreeze/water mix, But still no freakin' heat. What next? Are there 2 separate thermostats, 1 for engine, 1 regulating flow through core?(I've not changed any thermostat yet.) Also I see that the hose from RADIATOR on its way to the core forks off at one point into 2 separate directions. 1 goes directly to the core the other seems to go back into the engine. What's that all about? Is this a safety setup of some kind? Thanks All. Car runs at normal temp. All liquids captured.

Lowell, MA

#14 Oct 30, 2009
I have a 2002 taurus and i have no heat i have replaced the thermostate and heat selector switch and my heater core is good

United States

#15 Nov 16, 2009
We have a 1996 bmw 328I and the heat just stopped working we think it is the draft free ventilation switch how do you take off the dash plate to get to it

Houston, TX

#16 Nov 24, 2009
I have a 2002 Grand Marquis LSE. I live in hot Houston weather so my A/C is mostly always on COLD. The other day on our first cold day I turned the unit to HOT. Once the car was warm enough for me, I turned the unit down more towards COLD. IT WILL NOT GO DOWN. It is stuck blowing HOT air only. The unit will change fine from say MAX AC to NORM AC fine, and to DEF or FLOOR. It is blowing ONLY hot air on any setting including VENT. Any ideas?

Surrey, Canada

#17 Nov 27, 2009
getting very poor heat, so replaced thermostat, didn't work so replaced again, still no decent heat, but when you are parked and rev the motor hear comes through, this makes absolutely no sense, any ideas. this is a 2002 taurus also.

United States

#18 Oct 10, 2010
smercly wrote:
Also I see that the hose from RADIATOR on its way to the core forks off at one point into 2 separate directions. 1 goes directly to the core the other seems to go back into the engine. What's that all about? Is this a safety setup of some kind?
That is a safety bypass. Ford installed it in case the heater core got blocked. that way the coolant can still flow. My 2000 taurus se has the same no heat issue. it's been diagnosed as a bad heater core. since the car has the bypass on it, something tells me ford knew about the problem and didn't bother doing anything about it.

United States

#19 Oct 19, 2010
2002 Ford Taurus. heat doesn't work. blower doesn't work. Replace blower resistor 3 times. It's a joke. Ford should fix those cars.

Kansas City, KS

#20 Nov 16, 2010
There is a heater blend motor that is directly behind the dash panel, center, bottom, by the floor. It has four 5/16" screws, and a 6-pin wire connection in the center. It takes about 5 minutes to change it out and the part is $42, give or take a few dollars for taxes. As far as blower issues, Ford has had many problems with their HVAC blower burning out. I would look into aftermarket products since Motorcraft parts are not improving thier "issues"

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