'99 Ford Taurus leaking from the fire...

Pico Rivera, CA

#21 Jul 8, 2008
Email me at [email protected] and I will help you get your leak fixed pronto.

Mike from MN wrote:
I've have two 1999 Taurus cars. They both do the same thing when it rains heavily. The passenger floor, front and back become drenched in rain water and the inside of the car gets all steamed up. I assume, due to all of the rain water inside the car, the defrost just can't keep up? I'd sure like to know how the rain is getting inside?

Davison, MI

#22 Jul 15, 2008
William Ford wrote:
FOR EVERYONE with a Taurus or Sable with a water leak or blown A/C heater blower motor. If we act together Ford will be forced to expand an existing recall.
I have a 03 Taurus with the same problem. A water leak which dumped water onto the passenger floor board also caused my AC Blower motor to short out. I could not get Ford to act even though a related recall existed under 03V087000.
However, this CAN get fixed by filing a formal complaint with NHTSA which is exactly what I did. There website is: http://www.nhtsa.gov/
If enough people with the same problem file the complaint, NHTSA will force Ford to comply with their own existing recall or actually extend an EXISTING recall under 03V087000.
Here is what you need to do:
1. Call NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236
2. File your complaint, have your VIN ready and dates of problems (if possible)
3. While filing your complaint reference recall number 03V087000 AND my complaint 10184014. This will show a continuing trend.
4. If your water leak problem also resulted in a shorted out AC blower motor, make sure you mention this as well.
5. Once you have filed, please email me and give me your complaint number. I intend to compile all complaints which will prove the problem is widespread.
When you file your complaint, please email me at [email protected] . I am compiling complaints for one unified effort to force an extended recall on Ford.
I am having the same problem with a leak and a lake on the passenger floor board when it rains or I take it to the car wash. I will definitely send a complaint with NHTSA. I think Ford should fix this too but since it is not a safety issue I don't think they will budge. I agree it is not good customer service. I had a 95 and a 98 Taurus and did not have this problem. I haven't had this car very long and bought it from a dealer and I am sure they knew when they sold it that it had a problem. Let us all unite and use the power of the mouse.
cindy from pa

Warriors Mark, PA

#23 Aug 8, 2008
my 2003 ford taurus has a big time water leak ,on the passengers side when it rains.it should be a recall.its fords defect,not mine.
Demetria from FL

Tallahassee, FL

#24 Oct 9, 2008
I have been experiencing leaks on the passenger floor of my 2003 Taurus when it rains. I have already to replace my blower motor. I have taken to a local mechanic and I have many things repaired and no one seems to be able to identify the problem. I have called Ford Customer Service, and they were no help.

Please help. I can be contacted by email at [email protected]

Mystic, CT

#25 Nov 19, 2008
i have a 2000 ford taurus and i have the same passenger side leak that some of the other participants in this conversation seem to have. when it rains, water collects on the front and/or rear of the passenger side compartment floor (depending on if i am parked on an incline). if i am parked on a decline, the compartment does not fill with water...so i hypothesize that the water is leaking into the bottom "pan" (for lack of a better term) under chassis on the passenger side, and then rising up into the passenger area. as long as i am on a decline, then there must be some "escape" route for the water, preventing the car from filling with water.
from what i see here, it looks like there is a manufacturing weakness here that shows up as the car ages, because i have had the car for 6 years, and for 5 of them this issue never came up.

Columbia, SC

#26 Dec 11, 2008
I have a 2000 Taurus and it leakes when it rains.

It seems worse this Winter than it was last summer.

I also have a 2003 Taurus and it does not leak, yet.

I am going to try and park my car at a Decline as Mars 27 suggests.

Minneapolis, MN

#27 Dec 11, 2008
I have a 2003 Mercury Sable LS which has begun to get substantial amount of water in front passenger compartment floor board only during heavy rains.

I called Ford to see if recall I found on Internet was in effect on my car and they said no because it was made in Chicago. Any idea how I can fix this without spending a fortune?

Minneapolis, MN

#28 Dec 11, 2008
If you prefer e mailing me on the problem my e mail is [email protected]

Grand Rapids, MI

#29 Jan 6, 2009
The leak is from the windshield being installed improperly

Huntsville, AL

#30 Jan 14, 2009
I recently experienced a bad leak, pass side floorboard 03 Taurus. After destructing the inside of the car and the cowling in front of the windshield then using a water hose... it was noticed that the water was running down the drip tray above the cabin air filter and turning a corner to then soak the filter therefore dripping badly into the blower area. The blower has a drip hole thats allowing the water to get into the floorboard.
Travis wrote:
The leak is from the windshield being installed improperly
big ed

Leslie, MI

#31 Jan 16, 2009
Tyler wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah, I would like to see "the fix" myself. I am having the same troubles. How can I access to them?
pull the leaf screen of the passenger side (the plastic under the windshield wipers there is a fresh air vent under it make a cover for it make sure you can still get air under it

Mount Pleasant, SC

#32 Jan 16, 2009
Like big ed says, pull the plastic cowling off the pass side. Two clips under the hood and a few upholstery type (pry loose). Most cabin air filters come with directions ($15 at AutoZone). I put a dab of silicon where the sheet metal is cut away from the cabin air filter to form the air box to re-direct the water down. Seems to work fine. Best thing to do is take the cowling off and run water down the window and you'll see what I mean.

United States

#33 Apr 13, 2009
i got a 99 taurus. I took my car to the shop today because i smelled burnt water. The radiator man said it didn't look like any problems with that. i wasnt over heating and it did come from passinger side. he said he would start with water pump. do you think this could have something to do with heating core?

Carmel Valley, CA

#34 May 20, 2009
I have a 98 taurus that seems to leak on and off from the engine somewhere. I can't quite pinpoint where but I know it linked to coolant though because that is where the fluid is coming from is there any other theories about this problem

San Francisco, CA

#35 Jun 9, 2009
I have the same leaking problem at passenger side of my 2001 Ford Taurus. It's dripping water counted as 17 drips one month ago and now have shower started when I start my car. Shall I bring to Ford dealer to repair? How you solve this problem? How much to fix it? Is it danger if I drive in high way?

Minneapolis, MN

#36 Jun 24, 2009
Mike from MN wrote:
I've have two 1999 Taurus cars. They both do the same thing when it rains heavily. The passenger floor, front and back become drenched in rain water and the inside of the car gets all steamed up. I assume, due to all of the rain water inside the car, the defrost just can't keep up? I'd sure like to know how the rain is getting inside?
I was having this problem as well. My brother (hopefully) fixed it. Basically, if you take the vented plastic pieces off that are between the hood and the windshield, you'll see the cabin air filter. The box it's in is an oblong shape with the wide part near the quarter panel. The one plastic thing is too short, and so it actually drains the water right into the box! If you drill some holes an inch or so over, it will drain over the other side of the cabin air filter. Then re-attach the plastic molding with some gasket material to keep less water from flowing down into that area in the first place.

That's what my brother did, and so far, so good...before that I had an inch of standing water in the passenger side (front and rear)! You can guess that it's what's doing it if you pull up the rubber-backed carpet and see all the baffling material with a big water stain coming from where the cabin air filter empties out (it'll be a big triangular stain).

Note that you need to pull UP the floormat as well. It's rubber-backed and underneath it is all the baffling material to keep the cabin noise down...so the water that floods it gets trapped between the top of the baffling and the bottom of the rubber. It'll stay wet literally forever if you don't do this, because it's sealed in there.

Austin, TX

#37 Jul 26, 2009
I have the thing happening with a 2007 taurus. I think it is from the a/c. The leak starts after i turn on the a/c then i can see water leaking inside the floorboard on the passenger side.What i think is the oblong tube does not have a slant it needs to let the condensation drain outside the firewall. What i think i might do, is make a hole under the plastic by the blower and attach a hose to it and send it out the firewall that way, what do you think?

Saint Louis, MO

#38 Oct 13, 2009
I have a 2007 Taurus, while driving in a rain storm on Labor Day weekend 2009 I noticed water on the floor board of the front passenger side. I dried it out and didn't give it much thought until last week when it rained for two days. The passenger side had a lot of water. It is not from the radiator. I removed the cowling, pulled and replaced the cabin air filter (it was not wet), I conducted a water test of the fender well drains and found them to be working (both sides) fine. I spoke to Ford on two occasions 1. SM 1 said it was a windshield leak, 2. SM 2 said it was probably the wheel well drain being plugged. I called a reputable windshield company and they said it was very doubtful that it was a windshield problem especially if i didn't see water running down the inside of the windshield. I examined the fresh air intake and all looked good. Is there any one out there that can help me figure out what the problem is. The car has never been wrecked. and has 107,000 miles on it.

United States

#39 Oct 22, 2009
i have a 2002 taurus and on the firewall there is a hose that's been just spraying antifreeze what is that hose called, everywhere i've gone they said it's an expensive fix

United States

#40 Feb 10, 2010
there is a small baffle on top of the fresh air filter.....sometimes people remove part of this baffle because it is difficult to install.....patience.....need to make sure the extra flap is on the baffle above the fresh air filter or you will get water in your car.

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