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#142 Jan 17, 2010
1999 ford tarus dome light stays on for long time when i shut the door. any ideas thanks

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#143 Jan 24, 2010
'99 taurus has same as everyone.... electrical problems, thought our teenager was leaving her radio or or lights on, because we were constantly having to recharge or replace the battery. now her windshield wipers go on by themselves. no problem once her care is on, thank God it doesn't die on her, but gets pretty frutstrating recharging the batter so often.
With this may issues, you would think Ford would come up with a recall. how do we go about this!!!

Montgomery, TX

#144 Feb 25, 2010
have 1999 ft new brake switch and multi function switch and i have third brake light but no other brake lights turn signals work and so does tail lamps?

Clarks Summit, PA

#145 Mar 3, 2010
Rob wrote:
<quoted text>
hey i'm having the same problem right now.. and i'm supposed to go back to work like 10 min ago.. did you ever get it fixed?
Try replacing the Ignition switch. Sometimes they get sticky after a while. I had the same problem and i replaced mine and now my car is fine!!

Johnston, IA

#146 Mar 26, 2010
99 Taurus. Battery light on (new batt), lights and heater fan get brighter and faster, then a clicking noise under the dash and they get dimmer and all the lights go completely out and car chugs and then dies. At that point the windshield wipers come on. New battery and alternator fine. What could this be. Must have something to do with clicking noise under dash.
Big B

Clarks Summit, PA

#147 Apr 7, 2010
Rick wrote:
99 Taurus. Battery light on (new batt), lights and heater fan get brighter and faster, then a clicking noise under the dash and they get dimmer and all the lights go completely out and car chugs and then dies. At that point the windshield wipers come on. New battery and alternator fine. What could this be. Must have something to do with clicking noise under dash.
The clicking under the dash is probably the battery saver relay that is clicking on and off. Try repalcing your ignition switch

Fredericton, Canada

#148 Apr 8, 2010
The driver side wiper blade gets caught on the side moulding of the windshield in rainy windy weather or on highway conditions at higher speeds. Has any one else had this problem or is there a simple fix?

Hillsborough, NC

#149 Apr 13, 2010
I have a 2005 Taurus and for the last 6 months I have had problems with my ABS. The brake warning lights with come on, the the ABS light will start to flash, then my check engine like comes on and my car shuts off. This happens when I apply the brakes, but there is no consistent set of circumstances under which it happens. Sometimes it is cold and rainy, some times it is clear and warm, it makes no difference. I have had it taken to 2 different mechanics and no one finds anything wrong with the car.
Does anybody have any ideas? I'm trying to get this solved.
Glenda Williams

United States

#150 Apr 15, 2010
Try the modules under the hood on drivers side next the to outer wall. They're under a black lid.

Meridian, ID

#151 Apr 23, 2010
We have a dead short causing the battery to discharge in a 99 Taurus--the alternator checked out fine--any suggetions as to the cause? Thanks

Lees Summit, MO

#152 May 4, 2010

Lees Summit, MO

#153 May 4, 2010
HAVE NO POWER STEERING LOL IT IS NIT A BELT OR A PUMP,LOOKES LIKE A ELE PROB.Can someone help,sometimes the blinker will not work can someone help.

Warsaw, IN

#154 May 7, 2010
denise wrote:
My son purchased a 1999 Ford Taurus a few months ago. A few days ago, we noticed that when he runs the air conditioner or seemingly the accessories on the car, his battery runs down. We have taken the alternator to be tested, have run a voltage test on the alternator with the car under load, and have replaced the battery saver relay with no result. Anybody out there got any ideas on this or ever had a problem like this?
there must be something with the 99s cause i have the same damn problem!! mine likes to dim the panel lights when you turn on the head lights.. or like today driving and look to see what time it was and realize there is no display, you cant tell how fast im driving or the rpms the car is running at. shortly after the car completely died and will not hold a charge what so ever... if the stupid car wasnt great on my gas mileage i would say the hell with it... ugh gotta love FORDS!

Tucson, AZ

#155 May 11, 2010
I also have a 1999 Ford Taurus 6 cylinder 3.0 standard. I have replaced so many things but am still getting the engine light on and when I put it in gear it sometimes just dies. Had a diagnostics from dealer and they said battery was fine, I replaced thermostat/housing, radiator hoses, spark plugs and wiring and coil, radiator overflow tank, air filter and new hose, water pump tensioner bar kit and serpentine belt. I was thinking I might have a problem with my alternator because engine light and overheat light come on, but only when I'm idling. Can a bad fuel pump or filter make these lights come on? Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. My Dad died and that's how I came to have it. I've been doing maintenance work on it but still having issues. I did a radiator flush 2 days ago but still overheating. But at least I know that the new parts are working so far.

Birmingham, AL

#156 May 21, 2010
Adrian Gilbreath wrote:
I have a 99 ford taurus that is having to be problems with the headlights. The car runs fine, but when shutting the car down the lights will not turn off. The headlights stay on even though the switches to control the lights are in the off posistion. Can anybody helpme figure out what would cause this?
lighting control module needs to be checked.

Omaha, NE

#157 Jun 4, 2010
Don wrote:
I have a 1999 Ford Taurus, when I drive the car the battery light goes on, at idle it is off and charging. I replaced the battery, checked the belt for tightness and checked with a volt meter to make sure it was discharging at higher revs and it is. Anyone have any idea on what is happening.
I am having the exact same problem; this just started yesterday. I replaced the alternator two years ago when it was having some of the same problems (losing power when accelerating above about 1500 rpm, battery light on (draining battery) when above about 1500 rpm, etc.) On a full charge the battery will last about 50 miles/ 1 hour going about 60 mph and 2000 rpms. Did you ever get an answer to this problem?

Additionally, I have had problems with my wipers running occasionally when I have them turned off (just once or twice and then stopping for anywhere from a few minutes to a month, but always working correctly when I actually have the wipers turned on). Also, the last couple summers when the temperature is above 85 or so the engine will overheat (or at least that is what the gauge on the dash says) and stay at high temperature until I either stop for awhile or keep it in cruise at a steady speed and rpm for awhile to cool it down. The cooling fans in front of the engine turn on at about halfway up the temperature range, although maybe they turn off if the temperature gets too high? I am not sure if these problems are related to the alternator/battery problem or not...

Blue Springs, MO

#158 Jun 17, 2010
Laci SD wrote:
My car has been doing the same. Back in December my car just stopped running as I was driving down the hwy. I was told by the ford dealership that my car needed a new alternator, I had them change the alternator and It continues to lose power and the battery light turns on when I speed up to pass someone. My door ajar light now stays on for a week at times and no matter how much we close all the doors the light stays on. Some where there is some problems in the electrical.
<quoted text>
...I had this on my 02 taurus. Went through 2 batteries in a week. Open all the doors and spray wd40 into each of the door latches. Then open and close each door several times.

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#159 Jun 29, 2010
i have a 1999 taurus thats running hot. I have changed the thermostat,sensor sending unit,fluids and finally the radiator fans are running fine but when you set at a red light it gets hot. please any ideas

Natural Bridge, VA

#160 Jul 18, 2010
Sheri wrote:
<quoted text>
I WAS THINKING THIS CAR WAS POSSESSED!- ALSO THE SAME PROBLEM; for everyones info we had our daylight running lights flashing (like a strobe light) for awhile and the new problem is that our headlights won't shut off! A few weeks ago we had our wipers turning on and off intermittently when we hadn't touched them (it's not doing this now). Have also had the door ajar light on when no doors are open and of course the interior light then stays on. HELP! Someone must have an answer....
I have a 98 Ford Taurus SE and My interior lights were staying on and not shutting off at all until someone told me to get some PB Blast or WD 40 and spray in the drivers door and passengers door sensors where they meet the lock on the car. You spray in there and there are sensors in there and once u do that its fixed. I was major surprised but no issues at all since i did it.

Ft Mitchell, KY

#161 Jul 28, 2010
1998 F Taurus headlights stay on after shutting off car

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