Unexplained electrical problem with s...

Janesville, WI

#61 Jan 27, 2008
Bob K wrote:
Hi, I have FT 1997 and had the same problem for a few weeks. It can be easily fixed by applying cleaner on the door sensor. Apparantely, the senosr on one of the door is dirty. I hope that will help you. Please let me know, if that does not work. I can ask my mechanic what he had used to clean the sensor on my car door.
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Try Lithium grease that you spray with the red straw that comes with the can, spray it into the latch mechanism on the door. It may take a few times, but I know it works.

United States

#62 Feb 12, 2008
I am not sure if this still applies to this model (which I own), but I was had a car that was going dead even with a new battery. Thank goodness for an honest mechanic. It was not the alternator but an inexpensive voltage regulator.

Waunakee, WI

#63 Feb 15, 2008
A couple of days ago my car would turn over, but just would not start... I took my three times to finally get it started... Then for the next 4 days it started fine, then yesterday it did the same thing? What's with this?

Once it is started it runs fine...but I am worried that I am going to be stranded someday soon! PLEASE HELP!
1999 Ford Taurs

Marble Falls, TX

#64 Feb 27, 2008
If your door ajar light is on at the same time as your overhead interior light, try spraying WD/40 directly into the keyhole and on the actual latch assembly ofyor doors. It is usually the drivers door that is having the issue.
ford owner

Titusville, FL

#65 Feb 29, 2008
Taurus 98`. Headlights out, battery draining and interiorlight allways on.
2 new batteries, 2 new alternators...
anyone have some explosives?? or if not; advises?
Robert In AL

Fayette, AL

#66 Mar 6, 2008
I am having a problem with my head lights on my 1999 Taurus. The passenger Headlight is always very dim even when the light are on bright same thing. I have replaced the bulb, reseated teh cables to it, I cant figure out what the problem is. Maybe some one can help. Also the check engine light is on but I don't know if it is related to this problem.

Harrodsburg, KY

#67 Mar 8, 2008
I am not an expert. But, I have a 96 taurus and a few months ago I could not get it to start. No reason why this happened. It just didn't want to start. I have found however, that if you have an aftermarket keyless entry wired in. It may cause your cars computer to shut down. AKA Crash. When mine messed up it took out the whole car except things wired strait to the battery. This included all things such as A/C and Wipers. Look into your fuses as well. We got mine to start, but only after removing the keyless entry and changing a fuse.

Columbus, OH

#68 Apr 18, 2008
I have a 1997 Ford Taurus that I would like to shove off a cliff! I have some kind of posessed electrical problem that keeps recurring when the weather changes. For a long time my dome light would not shut off. Found answer for that online - sprayed WD40 into door locks to clean - clicked open/cose 10 times (each door) and the problem went away. NOW however - my windows are posessed. Drivers side rear would not go down one day and worked fine the next. Today my driver side window won't go back up. Who knows maybe tomorrow. I have taken it to 3 different shops to try and locate this problem. They all say that they can not find anything wrong w/ it.(Thank heavens they felt bad and didn't charge me for looking into it). I have only mentioned 2 of the weird problems - there are many more... Does anybody have any suggestions or know what the deal is? I'd appreciate it greatly. Thanks :-)

Buffalo, MN

#69 May 2, 2008
I have an '02 Ford Taurus As far as the headlights go, mine only turn off when I lock my car twice (until it honks) with the remote. Also, my battery was drained yesterday. The dome light would go on, and so would the radio. The horn wasn’t working right, and neither was the rear left door lock. I JUST had my car checked out 3 weeks ago, put in a new speed sensor. My rotors were warped too so I got that taken care of. NOW my car's dash lights are all burnt out... except the turn signal lights work. When I scroll the thing that is supposed to illuminate the dash nothing happens, but if I turn it all the way on the dome lights go on.

what the hell...
OH and I was looking at my fuse box, I seem to be missing 20A... Are all Taurus' missing this? or just me??

Oak Harbor, WA

#70 May 2, 2008
I have a 98 Ford Taurus that is possessed -the power locks keep going up and down -very annoying driving down the road and it is constant! THe car never stays locked. Any ideas?

Marietta, GA

#71 May 3, 2008
Have the cam shaft sensor and syncronizer (spelled wrong, I'm sure) checked. This causes many electrical situations. In my car, the radio would cut off when I put the car in reverse, the dome light would not go out, the door ajar light would stay on and too many other weird things. You can get a diagnostic done at advance auto for free.

Port Coquitlam, Canada

#72 May 6, 2008
Adrian Gilbreath wrote:
I have a 99 ford taurus that is having problems with the headlights. The car runs fine, but when shutting the car down the lights will not turn off. The headlights stay on even though the switches to control the lights are in the off posistion. Can anybody helpme figure out what would cause this?
I just had my mechanic disconnect mine. I wasn't willing to fork out wha they were asking for the part.

Birmingham, AL

#73 May 13, 2008
I just replaced the starter on my 1999 Ford Tauraus. After replacing the alternator, also the battery is good. When I started to start the car it would not start. Every thing shut down, the windshield wipers, the lights, the switch will not turn over, only the park lights work, nor will the security key remote will not work. What is the problem?

Reynoldsburg, OH

#74 Jun 2, 2008
on alt no 3 got replaced today car has only 31400 miles on it what gives 2003 taurus

Toronto, Canada

#75 Jun 4, 2008
cant turn the lights off on my ford taurus 1999 wagon. does anyone know where the fusebox is to disconnect them?

United States

#76 Jun 16, 2008
my 2002 ford taurus dom light/power lock/power window and windsheild washer does not work.I tryed to change the gem mod from another car.still the same.don't know what to do?

United States

#77 Jun 16, 2008
2002 taurus dom/power lock//// checked fuses and relays1 don't work

Chicago, IL

#78 Jun 25, 2008
1998 Ford Taurus

When driving with my day time running lights, my high beam (brights) symbol comes on my dashboard automatically. When I put my headlamps on the high beam symbol goes away.

Any ideas other than driving with my lights on all the time?

Palm Bay, FL

#79 Jun 27, 2008
denise wrote:
My son purchased a 1999 Ford Taurus a few months ago. A few days ago, we noticed that when he runs the air conditioner or seemingly the accessories on the car, his battery runs down. We have taken the alternator to be tested, have run a voltage test on the alternator with the car under load, and have replaced the battery saver relay with no result. Anybody out there got any ideas on this or ever had a problem like this?
I was wondering if you could tell me where you found the battery saver relay. I need to replace mine but I am unable to locate it. It is not listed in my manual as a relay in the main fuse box. If your manual lists it would you please provide the position number. Thanks

Lowell, MA

#80 Jul 2, 2008
I have a 99 taurus the horn wont stop beeping and the car won't start, after i disconnected the battery and hit the button on the remote start the horn shuts off and it seems to be ok for a couple of days do i need to replace the battery on the reomte start?

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