Unexplained electrical problem with s...

Collierville, TN

#222 Feb 23, 2012
I have a 1999 taurus and the ABS light goes on and off...the door ajar goes on and off whenever. Now, it wont start. I took the battery and had it tested. 100% and good no bad cells. When I put it back in the car started. I shut the hood turned it off and it wouldnt start again. I again unhooked the battery but this time it did not work. When I came back out the brake lights were on. I honestly dont know what to do...but I dont want to get ripped off...Any help Please!!!

Memphis, TN

#224 Mar 1, 2012
tammi wrote:
<quoted text>did you ever figure out the prob.my moms csr is doing the same things
I have not taken it to the shop yet. I do occasionally have to take the cables off and put them back on to get it to start. I used WD-40 on all the door latches and the light went off. I am hoping that it is just the battery cables as it does not appear to lose charge or have a hard time starting.....I hate wondering though.

Pacific, WA

#225 Mar 9, 2012
I finally solved all my Taurus problems: I used the $850 I was going to have to put into fixing it & traded it in for a Toyota Camry. I'm done messing with this.

Bangor, ME

#226 Mar 10, 2012
Back to the question this thread was originally for. I have the same issue of the battery no wanting to keep a charge. I do not have any of the other issues that repeatedly keep coming up. I have done and/or checked the few replies to the original question. Hoping to get some answers to that issue. Thanx

Paterson, NJ

#227 Mar 23, 2012
I am also having problems with my 1999 Taurus. the car bucks from time to time and then the wipers go on by themselves-also the engine light goes on and the "empty gas tank" light goes on for a moment ( I never get low on gas). Very strange. I can only assume it is some sort of electrical problem. I made it to my mechanic--he is a good, honest guy--I will report back here. I hope he can fix the car as I still need it for my son.

Paterson, NJ

#228 Mar 23, 2012
I just got the bad news about my 1999 Taurus. The car needs a new alternator. Labor costs will be high as the alternator on this car is hard to replace --it is a bad spot. The car also needs a new engine mount. I had two replaced about 8 months ago. There are 3 on this car. This explains the thumping noise I also heard. Total bill will be about $810.00 If I could replace this car, I would, but I need it for at least two more years.

good luck if you have an older Taurus.
tom reed

United States

#229 Apr 26, 2012
i have a 1997 taurus, it has a 10 volt draw on the battery when everything is turned off!!!! when i take out the battery saver and vaps fuse it goes away. i have replaced the relay still nothing
has changed. the battery will be dead over night. where is this battery saver module or component this fuse runs. i have looked in a chiltons and it has nothing in it about this. WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP ON THIS. I HAVE MANY HOURS IN THIS PROBLEM THANK YOU!!!!!
joe the miner

Star, ID

#230 Jun 3, 2012
I have a 1999 ford Taurus with the DOHC 3L V6 in it. The car kept stalling & the windshield wipers would come on. I would jump start it & it would run for another 5-10 minutes before dying again. I checked the alternator (with car running it should be over 14 volts (it was 11 volts). I changed out the alternator & put in a new battery; however the battery light would still occasionally come on. This went on for awhile. Well I found the problem, when I installed the new alternator (yes it is a royal pain in the *ss on this car), i thought I had properly installed the wiring harness plug into the alternator, well i didn't. I tore the car apart again & fiddled with it until it finally clicked into place (there's a clip on the back side of the plug. Reading a lot of posts about random battery lights, well this is what caused my problem.
chyze MT

Wolf Point, MT

#231 Jun 17, 2012
Brian wrote:
<quoted text> I also have a 99 Taurus with a similar problem. All of my dash lights flash off and on, my wipers turn on-by themselves even though the wipers are clearly turned off, my clock always resets to 12:00 when this happens. the accelerator pedal surges. It's as if the battery cable is being removed as I'm driving down the road. I then have problems getting it to start from time to time. This car has suddenly became very unreliable, which is the opposite of what it has been for the last 175,000 mi. I have taken the car in twice and to no avail- it never acts up for the mechanic. I too am being told that my battery and alternator are charing as they should. I just had this happen to me again today. anyone else with the same problem? This problem first began about 1 year ago and now happens at least once a month if not more.
did u find out wat caused ur wipers to come on automatically????????? just my wipers do that other that that my 99 FT runs like a champ

Newbury Park, CA

#232 Jul 30, 2012
I have owned a 1998 Taurus for 7 years. I owned it for a couple of months before the interior lights started staying on. I took the fuses out of the lights and let the ones under the dash burn out. Same thing with the door locks. The light on the dash stays on most of the time. Every now and then when I take my foot off the brake, the light goes out and the door locks. Now the daylights are staying on and I don't know how to get them to shut off. My neighbors are going to go nuts on that one! Help!

Brent Waller

United States

#233 Aug 13, 2012
There is a known issue with ford taurus it cause weird eletcrical issues related to the door locks, power steering, radio, engine fan. and its as simple as the neutral saftey switch, after 97 its called the transmission speed sensor. its a 30 dollar part. it would seem with the thousands of folks who have had this problem, that ford would adress it. it is located under the brake booster, there is a linkage that comes through the firewall to it, i thought our car was possesed till i started googling others problems that were exactly like mine, the seatbelt would tighten up on ur waist and let go while driving, the transmission would slip and not go when warm, once stopped it would go again for a mile then slip again. it does none of this when the engine is cool.

La Mesa, CA

#234 Aug 31, 2012
Buy a Chevy

Milbridge, ME

#235 Aug 31, 2012
Dgarr3 wrote:
Buy a Chevy
I had a Chevy, that's why I bought the ford for my daughter

Skowhegan, ME

#236 Sep 7, 2012
I replaced a window motor on the right front. The motor will go up but will not reverse. All of the other windows are functioning properly.

Could someone give me an idea to pursue? Thanks.
Betty May

Princeton Junction, NJ

#237 Sep 19, 2012
The headlights on my 1995 Ford Taurus won't work. Only the parking lights.
Betty May

Princeton Junction, NJ

#238 Sep 19, 2012
The headlights on my 1995 Ford Taurus won't go on. I only have parking lights. What's the problem?

Grand Junction, CO

#239 Nov 7, 2012
I recently bought a 1998 Ford Taurus let it sit for 2 days come out to start it and no power at all I replaced the battery it was completely dead then a few days later it happened again I checked all the fuses one was blown so I replaced it then in the engine compartment by the battery I started pulling fuses and relays in there checking them found the problem there was 2 relays that were burned on the bottom I put in new relays and the car has ran ever sense no dead battery anymore so I would suggest check all the relays in this car if its dead like mine was the fix was 25 $ for 2 relays

Highland Falls, NY

#240 Nov 18, 2012
Pull the energy saver relay I had the same problem with my 99 ford taurus and battery is fine now!! I went thru 3 batteries already and the battery saver relay was the problem!!
very annoyed woman

Clarks Hill, SC

#241 Dec 16, 2012
just the other day i jumped someone off in the hospital parking lot. well after that i went to pick my child up from school and i noticed the door ajar light would not go off but my doors were closed. then the locked started going crazy and that night i noticed my over head light keeps coming on for awhile and going off over and over ALL day ALL night.now that i took the fuse out so my battery want go dead my bright light symbol is on and my doors want lock. but when i turn my bright lights on my bright light symbol goes off. and my air bag symbol is now flashing. i have NO idea where to start looking for a short at.if you know how to fix ANY of these PLEASE someone HELP!!!!
very annoyed woman

Clarks Hill, SC

#242 Dec 16, 2012
^^^^^^ i have a 2000 ford taurus

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