99 Ford Taurus Stalling Out While Dri...
connie cook

Athens, GA

#26 Apr 28, 2012
Hand it ve a ford taurus that will cut off at speeds of 65 mph plus. It will immediatly start up when I put it in park but it is very vexing when you are on the interstate and it just cuts off. What is going on?

Minneapolis, MN

#27 May 5, 2012
I have a 1999 ford taurus, 3.0 v6 and it will stall out occasionally, i let it sit abd it will start, 2 times iwas running erands and shut if off for a few minutes and when i went to star it, it wouldn"t, i let it sit for 20 minutes and it started. this last time, i was going up a steep hill, and it cut out, wouldn't start after 40 minutes, had it towed, soon as it was at the shop it started

Denver, CO

#28 Jul 17, 2012
Hello guys please read this...I also have a ford taurus, mine is a 99' and had the gas smell, the stalling out in stop and go traffic....PLEASE for the bucking in stop and go traffic GET YOUR SUSPENSION CHECKED (struts/shocks) and for the gas the smell CATALYTIC CONVERTER...in some occasions my friends taurus converter was fine but the fuel pump, filter etc was bad....ever since I changed these items I love my taurus over 150,000miles goin' strong!!!!! Good luck ya'll I pray this helps. what really got me was the bucking from gears in traffic and that it could be the suspension I told my mechanic YOUR NUTS, I'm not a gambling person but he said if its not I will pay for everything....drats I lost

United States

#29 Aug 8, 2012
I have a 99 Ford also I keep hearing this ticking sound while I'm driving and it act like it don't want to start sometimes but I need help can someone please tell me what they think my uncle said my motor bout to go out:(

Houston, TX

#30 Jan 4, 2013
Drove my 2001 Taurus wagon 19 mi. to a Texaco, went in, got coffee. When I tried to start the engine, it would start at very low rpm, and then die. I waited 5-10 minutes, and it did the same thing. Waited 15 more min. and car started fine. What gives?

Darby, PA

#31 Apr 12, 2013
My 99 Taurus cuts out while driving also. Mostly on warmer days. Everything was checked several times by different mechanics from differing places; none can find the problem. Water pump, heater core, thermostat, alt, power steering, belt, fuel, tune-up all new parts. Nothing! Sensors were checked, you name the diagnostics, it was checked. Nothing was found.
Ours still doing it. Going in for one more shot before trading it in. Other than this one problem, still runs great.

Lees Summit, MO

#32 May 19, 2013
My son had a 93 Taurus. We drove the car from Kansas City to North Carolina and had the intermittent failure with the 3.0. Twenty to thirty minutes later it ran fine. I tested and tested when we got home. Finally traced the wiring for fuel pump and found an enormous relay under the radiator cover. It had like 26 wires going into it and the plug was so big it required a center bolt to keep it in place. Got a new one from Napa and it fried with first use of AC. Learned my lesson and picked it up from dealer (to the tune of about 240 bucks) and problem solved.

This part functioned normally whenever is wasn't ghastly hot outside but failed in heat and finding it was a pain. I only had a wiring diagram to look at and finally traced the wire to the radiator cover. Well hidden. The part had a weird name which contained both the word regulator and the word modulator. Not kidding.

United States

#33 May 29, 2013
My 00 Ford Taurus went dead going down the hwy and only clicks when you try to start it. does anyone know what I can try to get it started.

Kirkland, WA

#34 Jun 12, 2013
Betty wrote:
My 00 Ford Taurus went dead going down the hwy and only clicks when you try to start it. does anyone know what I can try to get it started.
That sounds like a battery issue, I realize it has been a few weeks since your post, and you probably got it fixed, but your problem sounds like a battery. I personally swear by Interstate brand batteries, always have had luck with them.

Kirkland, WA

#35 Jun 12, 2013
This MAY help a few folks here who are having issues with their Taurus losing power and then difficulty restarting....

I have a 2001 Taurus, 117K miles on it, for the most part the car has been problem free, but over the past few weeks I had noticed the car suddenly losing power when I would drive, and sometimes it would not start up. The first time it did it was in late April of this year, and I figured because I hadn't drive it much and it was on empty that I allowed perhaps to much air to build up, so I didn't do much about it. I have another car I drove mostly and then this past week while driving on the highway the car suddenly lost all power, no warning lights came on, I just felt it shut down so I pulled over. It started up after a few tries though. I had the alternator checked out and it appeared normal.

I was noticing it also appearing to be rather sluggish while driving and then the other day the car simply would not turn over. I have a fairly new battery, and I checked the gas cap to make sure it was securely on. Everything seemed fine but the car would not start.

I then started checking the relays and fuses under the hood. I noticed the relay in spot #30 was for the Fuel Pump Relay. Late last year I had noticed my wipers were not working properly and traced the problem to being the relays (spot #25 and #29) and that fixed that issue. Looking at the Fuel Pump Relay part number, I noticed it was the same exact relay as the new wiper relays I had put in previously. I decided to take the relay from one of them and put in it spot #30 removing the Fuel Pump Relay and the car started with no hesitation. I then replaced it with the original relay and the car would not start, only sputter. I again put in the newer relay and the car started up with no problem.

I concluded that the car stalling out and not restarting was due to a faulty Fuel Pump Relay in spot #30. I then went to Ford and for $15 after tax, purchased a brand new relay for the Fuel Pump and the car has been working fine.

While I can't say this will solve all the problems listed here, what I learned is rather than taking a car into a shop and potentially paying hundreds of dollars, do some detective work on your own and start with the relays/fuses. With the 01 Taurus, it appears there are five relays that are the same under part #F57B-14B192-AA. Since I have three of the five fail within a year's time, chances are the other two will be soon, with those two being in spots #31 (PCM Power Relay) and #33 (A/C Clutch Relay). I am unsure what either do but generally when you have three out of five of the same relays going out, chances are the rest will follow.

So for those of you that have had similiar issues with their car stalling out and having trouble restarting, look into possibly replacing the above fuse for the Fuel Pump and that could solve your issue and save you money. Don't go the cheap route and buy uses relays on eBay, or even those that are listed as new on there, buy a genuine part from your local Ford dealer, they cost about $13.75 before tax.

Twin Falls, ID

#36 Jun 25, 2013
Bill wrote:
Have a 1992 Taurus Wagon and same engine cut out while driving happened. Took it to my mechanic and could find nothing wrong with any system, no error codes, no check engine light.
Last night happened again on the way home. Sat for about 20 minutes and it started right up with no unusual anything. I have noticed that this seems to be happening only on fairly warm days around 85 to 90 degrees and humid.
test alternator bad diode,...

Twin Falls, ID

#37 Jun 25, 2013
test alternator bad diode will cause this. good luck.

Kalamazoo, MI

#38 Jul 12, 2013
My 2002 Taurus wagon won't start sometimes. It wasn't getting fuel to the rail so we replaced fuel pump, filter, n relay. Worked for 2 days n they replaced fuel module. 2 days again n fuel safety shut off switch. 2 days again n tried new black fuse box. 2 days again n actual code of fuel rail pressure sensor. Stuck at orielys n guys messed with it n noticed a zip tie on the crankshaft position sensor so thats the next step. It started after he tapped it. Anyone think this is actual it? So afraid its not n will keep throwing $$ away. Any advice appreciated!

United States

#39 Aug 7, 2013
Friend has 95 ford Taurus we were at a stop light idling for a while and the car just died. Tried to start it up again and nothing. Ended up pushing the car to a parking lot, waited like a few minutes and started up again...
Thinking its an electrical problem or possibly the coils got to hot and had to just stop working.. Maybe needs a tune up?

Graham, TX

#40 Aug 27, 2013
You notice we all have the same issue, yet no one has an answer? I have 96 ford taurus doing the exact same thing.
John FL

Jacksonville, FL

#41 Sep 11, 2013
Checklist for this issue...

1. Change the fuel filter if it's old.
2. Change the relay in position 30 on the fuse box.(comment above about swapping the wiper relay is a great idea.)
3. Check the fuel pump fuse. Remove and clean contacts.
4. Remove the fuel cap and try to run. Vent maybe clogged causing a vacuum.
5. Check the "inertia switch" found in the trunk. There is a reset located on the switch
6. Check fuel pump pressure. If it's low, change the fuel pump.
7. All else fails, change the fuel pump in the tank. Fuel tank must be removed.
John FL

Jacksonville, FL

#42 Sep 12, 2013
Part 2 Checklist

1. Throttle position sensor
2. Crankshaft position sensor
3. Alternator diode
John FL

Jacksonville, FL

#43 Sep 12, 2013
Forgot one more on Part II

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Paris, Canada

#44 Oct 1, 2013
Mike wrote:
Dude...that was almost 3 years ago.
Maybe it was 3 years ago but now others can see a possible cause if they have similar problems

Melbourne, FL

#46 Nov 1, 2013
My engine has cut out at various times and for various reasons, had the computer replaced but don't think it changed anything. Have had success at times with the other things but you'll have to check off the list to narrow down which is yours. There is often a problem with a tiny little elbow pcv hose, BUT, there is another one at the back of the engine a tiny bit smaller attached to the vacuum lines with two little holes at the bottom of it that has more often been the one I needed. The intake sensor is another, the choke sensor, and misfire problems. Sometimes replacing coil pack fix, sometimes just needed a clean spark plug. I'm at about 200K miles and am sure will need to replace more but still runs and sounds good. Got more out of the water pump on this one (other cars about 60K replaced, this one about 190K needed, would watch the pulley for shake and not wait that long). Radiator replaced-make sure if radiator changed that transmission lines get hooked back up right, a mechanic messed mine up and we were lucky to catch it. Another mechanic flipped a caliper wrong and hosed my brake pad then charged me to fix his mistake the next business day, it will squeal loud if this happens so you'll know. Power windows on all my cars were hated job but learn to do it yourself or you will probably get ripped off. Also watch the timing chain cover for leaks as car ages. Good luck to you all, I hope to have a new one someday.

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