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Kelowna, Canada

#1 Apr 26, 2006
Hello there. I just got a Ford Taurus and it has an automatic transmission. The problem with it is when it gets hot, the transmission will just cut out and will not work tell it cools down, and yet there are times it works fine. Could this just be something in the pan where it pulls it up and plugs the filter? if anyone could reply i would really appreciate it. Matt

United States

#2 May 2, 2006
Hey, surprise surprise surprise. I had the same problem with my 2001 Ford Taurus wagon. My local #1 transmission shop couldn't find anything wrong; but it kept refusing to engaage sometimes. I finally couldn't take it anymore and took it to another transmission shop - closer to my house where they were stumped too until I mentioned (dumb dumb dumb) I had purchased an extended warantee with my secondhand car. Well, the transmission had to be replaced and guess what? The second transmission (?) is doing the same thing. What's up with that?
Matt wrote:
Hello there. I just got a Ford Taurus and it has an automatic transmission. The problem with it is when it gets hot, the transmission will just cut out and will not work tell it cools down, and yet there are times it works fine. Could this just be something in the pan where it pulls it up and plugs the filter? if anyone could reply i would really appreciate it. Matt

Edmonton, Canada

#3 Jun 12, 2006
I'd say it's electrical, either a short in the wiring harness or computer maybe.

I know that was happening to my GM, and all it ended up being is the wire harness...(It would run good till about 10-20 minutes in...then go into a sort of limp mode and sometimes not work at all)

Not sure but it's something to look in to.

Suffield, CT

#4 Jul 12, 2006
I am having a similar problem... I have a 2002 Ford Taurus SES 4-door sedan with an 4F50N automatic transmission, 77,000 miles, that recently started having problems up-shifting.

On a cold start, car runs perfectly with no problems shifting. But, if I drive 5-10 miles, then shut car off for a few minutes (like going into a store) and then start driving again, the car has a hard time up-shifting.. in fact sometime does not engage into a gear at all... My wife had to pull over today to get the tranny back into gear...

I had the Ford dealer "change" the fluid at 50K, and I checked the fluid level which is fine.

No tranny diagnostic codes read from the ODB connector, although I just replaced the DPFEGR sensor due to DTC 1400... but I doubt that caused the shifting problems.

I have searched and seen plenty of shift issues online with older Taurus', and they refer to changing VSS, but 2002 doesn't seem to have a VSS.

Any ideas for me to check?

email me directly at [email protected]

United States

#5 Jul 24, 2006
Hey there, I have had the '05 Ford Taurus SE for about a year now. Of course, it has hit its 36,000 mile warrantee expiration, and now the transmission is jacked up. When I put the car in gear it sounds like it is chewing on rocks, but in idle or neutral its fine. Any idea what it could be exactly?

Leduc, Canada

#6 Jul 24, 2006
Did you get your fluid and filter changed yet?

At this time that can and or will get you the answer(not just a flush) an actual drop the pan and change the filter.

The answer that you find may be as simple as that or a more complexed in a possible re-build.

Almost sounds like a clutch plate or a tourque converter problem, but might be just old, broken down fluid!

Most people don't ever take a tranny fluid and filter change as serious as they should which could have saved many a old Dodge Caravan's trannies from going under pre-maturely.

Other probable causes are things like some small type garage or yourself topping up your tranny with the wrong type of tranny fluid formula

But all lead to one thing...get it done and soon or you will not have a tranny left to complain about which can turn a 1200$ re-build into a 2500$ one.

PS> find a reputible tranny shop or garage in your area to do it or you might find head aches there too!... tell them what your tranny is doing or all they will do is just the job you asked, then they will only look for possible chunks or metal shavings in the tranny fluid...

As well many reputable tranny shops will do a free daignostic and explain any of their test results,

please let me know via this sight when you have an answer! I'll look into it if I can.

Leduc, Canada

#7 Jul 24, 2006
Also...try to work with your Ford Dealership on this to eliminate their excuse that you didn't use them to fix the problem.

Ford and other companies have been known to fight the buyer after warrenty but that is what small claims court is for...If you can prove that you didn't abuse this vehicle and took all the right measures to keep it up reasonable the courts have ruled in the past that any car should run trouble free (with no major repairs needed) so long after warrenty.

Not just Ford but many auto companies have fought this and lost.
but you might need to file the complaint before they will take you serious to re-imburse you half the money at least...It's better than nothing

Leduc, Canada

#8 Jul 27, 2006
Mind you Ford in the not so distant past had problems with their Pressure Feedback EGR (DPFE) Sensor, which could play big time with your fuel economy...(just a thought) If your gas milage was better at the time and just went to sH$t, get that sensor checked out...

Leduc, Canada

#9 Jul 27, 2006
sorry, last comment was for the fuel economy forum


#10 Dec 2, 2006
1996 taurus cant shift into 4th gear, od light flashing is it worth changing the filter as well as the fluid
Dave K

Seattle, WA

#11 Dec 9, 2006
We had this exact problem with our '96 Taurus LX. In our case, it was a clip that was in a hard place to get to (according to a non-Ford repair facility). They wanted to charge us about $1,000 to fix as they said they would need to remove the transmission to get at and fix the clip.

We took it to a Ford dealership who was able to fix it for about $200. It has never caused us another problem, and that was about 5 years ago.
Dave K

Seattle, WA

#12 Dec 9, 2006
Sorry, previous post was for the OD light flashing on a Taurus. The Check Engine Light (CEL) is only for emission related failures and generally was toss a code to the CEL.
jessie k

Altoona, AL

#13 Dec 15, 2006
1992 ford taurus the trans slipping when it gets hot.the fluid and filter is new.whats my problem?
Adam M

Nanuet, NY

#14 Jan 7, 2007
1996 ford taurus the o/d usually starts flashing after 45mph. service engine light is on constant. and it does not shift into fourth gear. what could it be?

Plainview, NY

#15 Jan 10, 2007
my taurus will drive in drive until it gets hot, then i have to drop it down to 2nd to get it to drive, but does fine in 2nd. have not done anything to it yet, what could it be? please help, i really dont want to spend $1200.00 to rebuild the transmission.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

#16 Feb 19, 2007

[email protected]

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

#17 Feb 19, 2007
my over drive blink all time.any idea ???

United States

#18 Mar 13, 2007
SPEED SENSOR!!!!!! i bet thats whats worng with all of your cars lemme gues.....ur driving along fine then it shifts from it feels like 1st to third...or ur slowing down but ur idle stays up and it surges......or u slow down and stop but it downshifts hard.....or you step on the gas but it feels like ur in nuetral altho its in drive then it catches hard a couple seconds late..........YEAH THATS THE SPEED SENSOR

Hines, IL

#19 Mar 21, 2007
The Check Engine light on my 2000 Ford Taurus Wagon is ALWAYS ON -- had it looked at in the summer & mechanic said there was nothing wrong with the engine. Then, 2 months ago, the battery went. When I replaced it, the light was off - for a little while. Now it's on all the time (started about 3 weeks ago). I have to take it in for the emissions test and don't want to fail.
I took it in for the test 2 times already since replacing the battery -- but naturally they couldn't do the test because they said the car was "not ready" -- because the BATTERY WAS REPLACED. The computer hadn't had a chance to reboot itself all the way & the emissions guy told me it would need to be driven for about 100 - 200 miles before the car would be ready to test.
Of course, now, when it should be 'ready'-- the light is back on!!

VERY FRUSTRATING. Also -- I find this car to be a huge gas guzzler! It gets really poor gas mileage!
I only drive "surface" -- about 2-10 miles per day. I rarely fill up the tank -- prices are too high -- but it doesn't matter, I'm putting in about 1/2 a tank every 2-3 days. Could THAT have something to do with my engine light going on??
Please reply to [email protected]


Fayetteville, NC

#20 Mar 26, 2007
I have a 2001 Ford Taurus LX and although I love this car, it is crappy. I have had this car for about a year. I have kept up with all the maintenance checkups and everything. Now, my car starts up fine and then a couple of seconds later it shuts off, but when I go to start it back, I have no problem until 2 to 4 minutes later when it cuts off again. No one can find anything wrong. Can someone help me out!!!1

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