'03 Taurus Shuts off and Starts Itsel...

'03 Taurus Shuts off and Starts Itself while driving

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Murfreesboro, TN

#1 Dec 9, 2007

Just recently, I have been having some problems with my '03 Ford Taurus (120,000 miles). I have had no work done to it recently by a mechanic and I have done nothing to it myself. My problem first happened when I was driving about 50-55mph when all of the sudden, all of the lights on the dashboard (like ABS, oil, brake light, low gas etc) lighted up like a Christmas tree and then I lost all power to the engine. I hit the gas pedal several times with no response but in about 5-8 seconds later, the car started up by itself with an abrupt and violent jerk forward. It was almost as if I turned the key in the ignition to the off position and then quickly back on ..

This has happened three times already. Once, while I was sitting at a red light, I noticed a whole lot of weird stuff going on. The headlights were dimming in and out, the light on the radio (that green light that lights up the controls) was also dimming in and out, and the odometer needle was jumping up and down between 0mph and 5mph. Suddenly, the car
shut off with all the dashboard lights lighting up again and then quickly shut off. The car started up again with no problem whatsoever and I was able to get to my destination no problem.

I brought the car to my mechanic and he couldn't find a problem and even couldn't recreate the problem after driving it for a while. I really need help because I'm a student commuting to college on a busy interstate (85). This is a really frustrating problem.
Please, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Jeffery Trader

Pittsburgh, PA

#2 Dec 9, 2007
Sounds like a gound issue. Try checking the battery terminals for corrision or see if they are loose. Thats about the only simple thing I can think of other then the PCM loosing power or starting to short.
Kyle Geisler

Freeport, IL

#3 Jan 12, 2008
Hey man I'm haveing the same problem, all the dealerships are telling me they dont know what it is because my check engine never comes on. Let me know if you find anything out i will do the same for you. My email is [email protected]
Joan Sharp

Davis, WV

#4 Jun 22, 2009
The same thing has happen to my 2002 Ford Taurus last summer. My engine light came on and the panel light showing that my doors are open. This past winter while I was driving (in the dark) my headlights (on automatic) just went off. Had to quickly turn them on manual. The doors lock and unlock while I am driving. Sometimes the dome light will not go off and the alarm goes off just sitting there. I have had it look at twice and put on the machine but they cannot find out what is wrong with it. Anyone out there know??

Falmouth, MI

#5 Feb 23, 2010
Did you ever get a solution to this problem. I am now experiencing the very same issue on my 2002. Mine has the Duratech and I wonder if others have the same issue.

Florissant, MO

#6 Apr 21, 2010
I'm having the same problem with my 2007 Taurus SEL. I have about 63,000 miles on it and it started doing this about a month ago. I have taking it to 3 different mechanics and no one seems to know what it is. I have a long commute between home and school and pray that it doesn't happen on the highway.
Has anyone had luck with getting this issue resolved?
Christian rodriguez

United States

#7 May 22, 2010
It probably needs a complete tune up, or your ignition switch needs to be replaced.

Buckhannon, WV

#8 Jul 29, 2010
Well, my mechanic unhooked the alarm system and now I don't have any problems with it. You may want to try that. I quit using the automatic lights over 2 years ago....they would go off in the middle of the night while driving. Keep that in mind.

Clovis, CA

#9 Sep 27, 2011
same exact problem, changed the fuel filter and went good for a couple of days and then back to the same delima,, whats wrong with it??????????

Clovis, CA

#10 Sep 27, 2011
its an 03 with only 58k miles by the way
Harold_Miller_S_ F_Mayor

San Francisco, CA

#11 Nov 3, 2011
I have a 1997 Taurus and when the power steering goes out the radio goes off, just the sound even the tape player won't work, HELP [email protected] Write-in Harold miller 4 San Francisco Mayor to help out the OCCUPY- S.F. and Oakland
Rockstarmarketin g

San Diego, CA

#12 May 29, 2012
I have a 2002 that had this issue. When driving on freeway would shut off and violently start itself. I took to my mechanic and he changed the fuel filter. The radio would make a noise like it was shorting out this was due to car about to shut off. The issue is the crankshaft sensor. This sends a signal to the ECM computer that car is off and it shut off. The computer then realizes its on and runs again. The censor will act up once in a while only before it completely goes dead causing car mot to start When replacing this you must replace the cam shaft censor as well. Cost about 300$ for part and labor. As far as the speedometer jumping up and down these cars are known to have the sppedometer censor that goes bad. If you are at a stop an it jumps up and down not worth fixing. It's like 400$. Best of luck

Los Angeles, CA

#13 Jun 2, 2012

Cypress, TX

#14 Jun 15, 2012
My car does the same thing I have already spent over a 1000.00 I am a single mother and I am concerned for the safety of my children as well as my financial future. If I have to keep spending money on a car that no one seems to know what the problem is. Please help!! Car shuts off then comes back on going down highway. Surges and revs at stop lights.

Mobile, AL

#15 Jul 22, 2012
dude ,it is your switch on top of the transmission . it costs $32.00
or it is out of adjustment.
put it in park and move it all the way back,after loosening the screws.
them tighten the screws back down.
emmmmdot at gmail

Geneva, IN

#16 May 25, 2013
My 2003 ford zaurus is doing the same thing. changed the spark plugs. it seemed to help a bit.

Rustburg, VA

#17 Aug 13, 2013
I have a 2002 taurus that is shutting off going down the road and starting back up on its own. Yesterday i turned on the key and it did not do anything, just like the battery was dead. While i was looking under the hood, the radio came on and i started the car right up. any help. email [email protected]

Clinton, IA

#18 Oct 30, 2015
elioutt wrote:
dude ,it is your switch on top of the transmission . it costs $32.00
or it is out of adjustment.
put it in park and move it all the way back,after loosening the screws.
them tighten the screws back down.
So how do I do that,???

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