98 ford ranger...fuel pump problem????

98 ford ranger...fuel pump problem????

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Topeka, KS

#1 Aug 5, 2008
Okay, I have a 98 ford ranger L4 2.5 liter. Believe it or not this baby has 180,000 miles on it and has always run like a dream...until lately...

When I reach higher speeds, usually around 40 mph, the truck is acting very sluggish. The more I push on the gas, the slower it wants to go, it will barely go up a hill on the highway, and the acceleration is completely non-existent unless going down a hill.

I think it might be the fuel pump...but I have no definate idea...Please help!

PS- where the f*** is the fuel pump on this thing anyway???

Boise, ID

#2 Aug 8, 2008
If it is fuel pump, you should have check engine light on and code reader would read 171 and 174 code.
Anyway, the fuel pump is in the fuel tank. The manual says you need to drop a fuel tank to get to it. I've got a better idea, I just take the truck bed off (get a good torx socket and a breaker bar from autoparts store... it's not a big deal... 4 bolts, get a couple of muscleguy neighbors and it comes right off). Then, the fuel pump is right there. You can drop down the fuel tank to hose it down and stuff, still easier with truck bed out to suckout the rest of fuel and workout rusty straps. Good luck!

Trussville, AL

#3 Aug 8, 2008
Schaste, I had the exact same problem. Mine was worn spark plugs. NOT an easy thing to change on these trucks. I ended up having a mechanic do it.

Taylors, SC

#4 Aug 15, 2008
i have a 89 ranger---165,000. the ruck runs like a top--all of the sudden it will just die out---like there is no power or fuel. the gas tank was replaced last year--but i dont know if thye replaced the fuel pump. gas filter is new--plugs n plug wires n new ignition module. been told fule pump. could it be/ like the above guy?

Taylors, SC

#5 Aug 15, 2008
can u replace just the pump part? i called n i think they said it would cost about 60?

Taylors, SC

#6 Aug 15, 2008
i forgot to add--if u leave it sit for awhile-maybe a few hrs or over nite--it will start right up again--usually after i rock the whole freakin truck.any clues/ fuel pump?

Sanbornville, NH

#7 Aug 16, 2008
I have a 1999 ford ranger, it will not idle unless you give it some gas with the pedal and even then it's very rough running. It will not power up a hill heck not even enough to move much on the flat. I have a fuel pressure gauge, what should it read? Could mine also be a spark plug issue?

Taylors, SC

#8 Aug 17, 2008
its me again.. yepp-some of u answereed my question. thing is--im still broke down along the road---because i have no credit card to use--to access the answere here about that ranger with the stalling out problem. runs great--all of the sudden it dies--looses pwoern wont start again. new gas tank, new--wires,plugs,filter. if--u spray starting fluid in it--it will run till that is used up. if it sits awhile--or over nite-usually it will satrt up. not this time tho. could a oxygen sensor be making this thing satll out --n not start till u use some staring fluid n blow all the junk out? when i do that--n rev--black muck n soot come out then it runs clean? hey--give a guy a break/ just e-mail me straight n lean a hand. a lo vet needs help. [email protected]

Boise, ID

#9 Aug 19, 2008
Joe, in your case it's IAC. It sits on intake manifold bolted with two bolts with wire sticking out of it. OR it could be any vacuum leak in intake manifold. Get youself a vacuum gauge (harbour freight sells 'em cheap) and check for idle vacuum. If it's low, you gotta snoop for leak. If the vacuum is good, then you IAC is toast. Go get the new IAC (any autopart place sell them, they ain't too bad). Changing that thing is easy: just unplug that wire, unscrew two bolts - and off it goes.

Boise, ID

#10 Aug 19, 2008
BTW, fuel gauge should read around 60 psi after key on, and it may drop to upper 40 low 50 with engine on.

Hempstead, TX

#11 Dec 2, 2008
My 1998 Ford Ranger was running fine, until I got custom work done to it. “Air bags, suspension”. The Ranger will crank but it is not getting any gas. The fuel pump and cylinders are not working. If I give the pump direct power it works. All fuses have been checked. The Ranger will start with starter fluid for a couple of seconds then die. It has no alarm. The gas tank was never dropped. So it has to be something that controls the gas pump and cylinders.

Boise, ID

#12 Dec 3, 2008
Alan, check the fuel pump shutoff inertia switch. It's right at the passenger side where the legs go to the right. Just pull that plastic trim thing right off, it ain't screwd. The switch is that black thing with button on top behing the carpet end. The airbag control unit is right next to it, and I can see that whoever did airbag job could mess it up.

United States

#13 Dec 4, 2008
It was a relay. Thanks Any way. Some one stole it =/.

Evansville, IN

#14 Feb 1, 2009
I have a 1998 Ranger one thing everyone seems to overlook is fuel pressure. Throw a pressure gauge on the fuel rail if its around 32-36 psi your good if its up around 62+ psi your have a bad fuel pressure Dampener. If the pressure is good at idle then drops on acceleration then its the fuel pump or clogged fuel filter. There is also the possibility of a plug exhaust system.

Vancouver, Canada

#15 Mar 22, 2009
How to relieve fuel pressure to change filter?

Vancouver, Canada

#16 Mar 22, 2009
Dang! Haha! On a 07 Ranger!! 3 litre

United States

#17 Mar 22, 2009
I have a couple questions regarding my 1999 Ranger Splash 4.0 V6 with 85k original miles.

First: For a couple months now it's been having some pretty bad engine sputter when driving and idling. I was told that it can be as simple as putting new plugs in even though my motorcraft plugs are only 18 months old. Or it could be a head gasket problem. The sputtering feels like all of a sudden there's no gas going to the engine for a moment and then it goes away, but does this consistently whenever I drive my truck.

Second: How the heck do I remove my fuel filter? I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. I hear that there's a "special" tool for the job, but wasn't sure if it was necessary or not.

And finally: Is changing my fuel pump as big and expensive of a job as it sounds? I've heard a lot of stuff. From pulling your bed off to get to your tank to just dropping your tank to get at it.


Mountain Top, PA

#18 Mar 25, 2009
I have a 1999 ford ranger that has been sitting for 2 or 3 years. I finly desided to get it running theother day . i put a battery and new plugs in it and it wont start it sounds like it wants to turn over but its not getting any fuel. I talked to a ford mechanic and he said it's probly the fuel pump gummed up he told me to add gas and let it sit for awile and it should loosen up. will this work or is thear a way to clean the fuel pump without removing it from the tank??

Meridian, ID

#19 Mar 30, 2009
To tell for shure if it is fuel pump, measure fuel pressure on the fuel rail (shraeder valve below intake manifold, similar to tire valve). Loan the pressure gauge for free from autozone. Should be 55 psi+.

For me, it's easier to lift the truck bed off to get access to fuel pump. You just unbolt 4 bolts and fuel filler neck and disconnect wire harness. You need at least 2 helpers with good backs (I use my neibors for beer). I'll say one more time, if you replace fuel pump - get OEM bosch (can find cheap on internet). Aftermarkets are all junk (our pump is high pressure one with built in pressure regulator).

To change the fuel filter you indeed need a special tool. Fortunately, it's a cheap one, around 5 bucks in any part store. Use the same tool to disconnect fuel lines at the pump too.

There is no way to clean fuel pump. It's got small (1mm) rubber ball with tiny spring as pressure regulator. Once it's stuck - it's stuck for good. Not a very good design, however, allows Ford to skimp on return fuel line. No wonder they are in trouble, cheap bastards.

Hardin, IL

#20 Apr 1, 2009
i bought the tool from auto zone it wont realease the metal line on the fuel pump 99 ford ranger

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