2002 ranger misfire rough idle

Ringgold, LA

#121 May 30, 2012
pulled plug wires from coil pack one at a time and found # 2 was not firing. only then did check engine light begin to come on. Went to auto zone paid $ 69.00 for a new one miss went away pulled positive battery cable little truck running fine with 202000 miles on it.( built ford tough! built to last!)

Ringgold, LA

#122 May 30, 2012
oh by the way pulled pos. cable to clear check engine light>

Edmond, OK

#123 May 30, 2012
jack wrote:
i have a 2002 ranger 3.o thats idles ruff and at steady leveled out speed but does not get a check engine light. when you give it the gas and accelerate the miss seems to go away or at least not miss as bad. fuel mileage has also decreased it seems. any ideas
Jack Sounds like you have a couple of problems here.

The rough idle could be any number of things. I would try some fuel system cleaner and injector cleaner. Maybe seafoam the engine.

I think I have a clue on the steady speed rough driving. Have you ever replaced your egr flow sensor? If you haven't I am surprised, as I have 168k on my ranger 3.0 Flex and I am on my 4th EGR flow sensor. It takes forever to set a code too because conditions have to be JUST RIGHT for it to set. I have learned how to set the code on my truck when I think the problem has occurred again.

Couple of ideas there for you. Another thing, you might take your vehicle and see if there are any codes stored in the computer.

Rahway, NJ

#124 Aug 26, 2012
I have a ford exploere with 4.0 sohv it is missfiring randomly I changed the wires plugs and coil. when you put a timing light on a wire
the light blinks steady the misses a blink on 2 or more cylinders. anybody know whats up with that

Matthews, NC

#125 Sep 2, 2012
Try the differential pressure feedback sensor.

My 2001 3.0 Ranger had the same issue, misfire and bucking between 1200-2000 Rpm and smooth above.

Replaced it and has been fine for the past 250k miles. It has 313k now.

I have also had to clean the IAC twice since then for very poor idle or sticking at high idle.
kevin wrote:
Reporting back. 2000 Ford Ranger with 3.0 flex fuel. Rough idle, occasional check engine light with #5 misfire. Fuel injector cleaner made temporary improvement once, but not again. So far: new plugs, new wires, new fuel filter, new air filter. Added fuel injector cleaner to several tanks of fuel. Removed fuel injectors, cleaned, new O-rings, when replacing swapped #5 and #6 to see if misfire would move to #6 (it didn't). New upper intake gasket since old one cracked when replacing injectors. Cleaned MAF sensor. Cleaned IAC valve. Cleaned throttle body.
The problem is getting slightly worse. Originally, the light was coming on, but engine seemed to run fine. Engine now shuddering/shaking noticeably at low RPMs when under load (i.e., when around 1500 RPM and trying to accelerate). If Check Engine Light is reset, it will come on during this shuddering. Engine smooths out above 2000 RPMs. If Check Engine Light is reset, it will stay off at the higher RPMs.
Other suggestions?

Matthews, NC

#126 Sep 2, 2012
I should also mention that I did have problems with cylinders 4,5,6 at around 150k miles.

Replaced the coil pack and problem was gone. This is after thinkin it was plugs or wires, replacing them and still having the problem.

However, I'm thinking that cylinder 4's wire caused the coil to go bad perhaps.

I have had this truck since it was new at 14 miles and now at 313k miles. I have had cylinder 4's wires crack right above cylinder 5 and short to the valve cover and EGR tube.... 4 times by 150k miles. Too hot and/or rubbing against the skirt of the EGR tube. Too tight of clearance in my opinion.

After replacing the coil pack, I routed cylinder 4's wire up over top the engine (just zip tied in a few places) and haven't had another cracked wire since.

After reading in hear now, I'm thinking that I better check my timing chain. I've never had a front crack seal leak or any other reason to pull the timing cover. I would bet at 313k my tensioner is almost if not already maxed out.
Casey wrote:
Try the differential pressure feedback sensor.
My 2001 3.0 Ranger had the same issue, misfire and bucking between 1200-2000 Rpm and smooth above.
Replaced it and has been fine for the past 250k miles. It has 313k now.
I have also had to clean the IAC twice since then for very poor idle or sticking at high idle.
<quoted text>

Imperial Beach, CA

#127 Sep 8, 2012
my 2002 ranger "coughs" between 3000-4000 rpm with the od on or off.replaced plugs,wires,mass air flow sensor,fuel filter,fuel pump its a 3.0 v6 with 118k no check engine light either driving me and the mechanic nuts.also "coughs" in park and i try to rev it more then 3000 rpms. ANY IDEAS ?

Imperial Beach, CA

#128 Sep 9, 2012
i also changed the coil pack and the electrical part up by the throttle body and i still get the rough running at about 3500 rpm.

Ford City, PA

#129 Sep 19, 2012
I have a 2002 Ranger and changed the coil pack and all the plugs and wires, run great for a couple of weeks and now the check engine light came on and run scan and it reads misfire cylinder 2 again. What do I need to do any suggestions?

Inglewood, CA

#130 Sep 19, 2012
Well it sounds like the same PROBLEM I had,which i had to pay 1200 BUCKS!! to remedy,(VALVE JOB) i hope you don't the same PROBLEM,GOOD LUCK!!
Crawlorado guy

Denver, CO

#131 Sep 20, 2012
craig wrote:
how can you tell if you have a bent or bad valve. my 97 4.0 ranger runs rough at idle and really jerky grabbing gears. i changed all plugs, wires, fuel filter, cleaned MAF sensor, and used injector cleaner regularly. so many different things to choose from (have a p0171 code).
Change intake gaskets and fuel pump that will get rid of the codes.

Anaheim, CA

#132 Sep 22, 2012
grr wrote:
rough idle and misfire on#5. have replaced plugs,plug wires,#5 fuel injector and coil pack. still have the problem. What's next?
Hey Grr..
did you ever figure out the problem with your ranger missfire issue? lm having the same problem.. please let me know thanks

Winter Garden, FL

#133 Oct 2, 2012
im having a similar problem also. check engine light ON code P0305 Cylinder 5 misfire. could it be the coil pack? if so, should i change it with wires and plugs also?

Leesville, SC

#134 Oct 21, 2012
o-gosh....the nightmare....guessing game begins.....misfiring on one of the cylinders.....02 Mazda B3000..........when its fixed...if i can ever figure it out after wasting $$$$$$....selling....only buying a Toyota

Tifton, GA

#135 Nov 8, 2012
i have a 2.0 1988 for ranger #3 cylinder will not fire change plugs and wires

Chambersburg, PA

#136 Dec 3, 2012
Loosen the exhaust at the manifolds. Pull the pipes away from the manifolds. Run the truck up the road a couple miles. If its runs good replace the entire exhaust . The pre cats seem to clog at about 120000.

United States

#137 Dec 13, 2012
best bet is do what i did burn it to the ground and either buy a different brand of truck or go to the real truck a f150 or bigger the rangers are unsafe problem catching money eating pains in the rear
miss ranger

Chicago, IL

#138 Dec 13, 2012
My ranger has a random miss fire from one cylinder to a another.

Boston, MA

#139 Jan 18, 2013
I have a 2000 ford ranger xlt 3.0 v6 4x4 flex fuel. And im running a missfire cyl. 3. I changed cylinder 3 fuel injector; coil pack; plugs; wires; fuel filter; cleaned rails; i tried as much as i could and cant figure it out. The check engine light randomly came off can anyonr help me with this problem. It idles rough but drivings fine. Let me know what you can tell me please thanks

Inglewood, CA

#140 Jan 18, 2013
Well keith sounds like you have the same PROBLEM i had!!(CHECK YOUR EXHAUST VALVE)on that#3 CYLYNDER OK,GOOD LUCK.

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