2002 ranger misfire rough idle

Mebane, NC

#61 Dec 12, 2010
I replaced the idle air controler today $35.00 and problem solved!!! Faster/stronger starts too.

Branchland, WV

#62 Jan 7, 2011
I have a 2002 Ford Ranger that is misfiring on a number 6 cylinder, ive took it to two different macancies & it sill is misfiring & i have replaced injector,plugs & plug wires,cool pack & its still doing it but you can run it maybe 10 miles then it starts missing and then it starts running good then it goes back to missing. If you have any advice it would be greatly appercated.

Boise, ID

#63 Jan 7, 2011
Check the fuel pressure with gauge. Should be 55psi+.
There could be leaking intake manifold gasket (check the spark plug to see if it's got coolant, and/or open radiator when engine cold, start engine and look for bubbles... though, you may not see any of these and still have a coolant leak).

And it could be crack in the cylinder head right between the valves.
Ranger 2000

United States

#64 Feb 15, 2011
videoman wrote:
I have a 2000 ford ranger 4.0 4x4 with the same type of problem. I had a missfire code on cylinder 3. I replaced plugs and wires, and it seemed to run fine for a while. I had no problems at all during the winter, but once it started getting warmer the problem came back and read a risfire on the number 4 cylinder this time. It has been a problem ever since. I am taking it to a good mechanic that I know that does not accept defeat. If he comes up with a solution, I will pass it on.
What sovled this problem?

Harvey, ND

#65 Mar 19, 2011
2000 ranger w. 3.0 same problem idles rough misfire runs decent on the road changed plugs, wires, cap, sensores, checked vacume lines, had injectors checked, has 60 lbs of fuel pressure. When I turn the plugs out after ideling wet with fuel as though getting to much fuel at idle any advice have spent a grand already with no change in symptoms

Boise, ID

#66 Mar 22, 2011
If you key on and off, and fuel pressure doesn't drop, then I doubt it is fuel leak to cylinders. Most likely, coolant. Either intake manifold gasket is leaking coolant, or the head cracked between the valves. Try to run engine with radiator open (open when cold and idle) and see if any bubbles. Sometimes bubbles in the coolant indicate blown gasket/cracked heads. Or the white smoke in exhaust. Or you may have none and only when you open engine top you see the problem.
It's expensive labor unless you do it yourself like me. Thus, either you go into it, or cut your losses. Gaskets themself would run you couple hundred, and cylinder heads are another couple hundred. It would take you good long weekend to do it, once you have all parts in place. Labor alone would top a 1000.

United States

#67 Mar 29, 2011
how can you tell if you have a bent or bad valve. my 97 4.0 ranger runs rough at idle and really jerky grabbing gears. i changed all plugs, wires, fuel filter, cleaned MAF sensor, and used injector cleaner regularly. so many different things to choose from (have a p0171 code).

Saint Louis, MO

#68 Jun 11, 2011
i have a 2002 ranger edge v6 2 wheel drive that has all the problems,here's a list;fatal electrical fault in the transmission a.k.a. flashing o/d lite,crazy shifting,wipers coming on for no reason,door ajar tone and light staying on while driving,radio stops working,electric windows and locks don't always work,now the 3rd cylinder is not firing this truck has been a nightmare since the43000 mile mark and i now have 128000 miles on it i don't know how i've made it this far in this car!!!!!!!

Aripeka, FL

#69 Jun 18, 2011

Aripeka, FL

#70 Jun 18, 2011
I have a 2002 Ranger 2.3 liter 5 speed..my truck is idling rough and has a cylinder 1 misfire. i changed plugs. coil pack. wires. still same problem. there is a plug in between cylinder 2 and 3 that just broke off and i have no clue what plug that is or what its used for? any ideas on what it is or a solution to my problem?

Port Alberni, Canada

#71 Jul 6, 2011
this is like a bad nightmare guys..i got a 1997 4.0L ranger its an automatic that stalls idles super rough and such, ive replaced all 02 sensors EGR sensor ,throttle position senser ,mass air flow sensor ,fuel pump, fuel filter , spark plugs and wires, after 3 snap on scans at different shop's buuddy of mine used his 300$ scanner cylinder 4,5,6 are missfiring, its running to lean in banks 1&2 then 2 other codes i dont no they are P1506&P1000
Any body that can help would be greatly appreciatted

Titusville, FL

#72 Jul 15, 2011
I have an 2002 ranger as well. My truck,120m, just changed oil,plugs,wire, coil, filters..But it gets up to 49-55 mph and she vibrates and feels like she is loosing power when I hold it at that speed? I can't figure it out. Any ideas. Timing belt or Tranny? I am clueless.

Inglewood, CA

#73 Jul 27, 2011
I have a simular problem with my 2005 ford ranger as the guy with the 2002 ford ranger.This seems to be a problem with everyone I talk to who has a ford ranger, why does'nt ''FORD''do something about this? Is it because it would COST FORD to much to RECALL all of these VEHICLES? My Check Engine Light stays ON!!,and I live in CALIFORNIA where we have to get our ''VEHICLES SMOGGED EVERY 2YRS,I can't get it SMOGGED with the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON!!I PERSONALLY THINK FORD SHOULD STEP-UP!! TO THE PLATE, AND ADMIT THERE ARE DEFECTS WITH CERTAIN ENGINES!!

Council, ID

#74 Aug 1, 2011
2000 Ford Ranger with 3.0 flex fuel. Rough idle, occasional check engine light with #5 misfire. New plugs and wires didn't help. Added fuel injector cleaner, and I immediately noticed a little more power, a little smoother engine, and check engine light stopped coming on. A couple of weeks later, check engine light coming on again with #5 misfire, and this time injector cleaner doesn't help. I'm assuming it's a failing injector, so I will try replacing it next.

United States

#75 Aug 11, 2011
Kevin, seems like out problems are similar or the same...
At first, misfire was intermittent and injector cleaner solved problem for a couple thousand mi.
Now idle through hwy speeds it misfires, always #5

I have done: plugs, wires, cleaned MAF & TPS sensors, checked vacuum lines, new fuel filter and air filter, new injector on 5, compression check, REBUILT HEADS, new gaskets from heads up., bought an old honda.......

Have not done: fuel pressure check, o2 sensors?, read somewhere maybe I should re-tighten intake bolts?

Also, keep fouling plug in 5... Is this bad oil ring on piston?

United States

#76 Aug 11, 2011
Oh yeah,

2000 mazda b3000. 72,000mi
Started bad behavior around 65,000

Warrenton, MO

#77 Aug 18, 2011
I have a 99 ranger xlt 3.0 flex. It is running rough and acts like bad timing. I checked codes and it was PO352 so I checked the coil pack with an ohm meter and everything was fine but the plug to the coil pack has a bad pin so I replaced it and the code has not come back on yet. However I believe it takes 40 out of 80 test cycles for the light to come back on. I changed the wires and the plugs. I also reseated the plug on the ecu. I cleared the code and checked the fuel flow with a gauge and it was at 50 lbs at 55 mph. I had changed the alternator recently as well. I went from a 90amp to a 135amp, I may run 2 batteries. first Help with this, rough running and shakes when accelerating.

Council, ID

#78 Aug 23, 2011
Reporting back. 2000 Ford Ranger with 3.0 flex fuel. Rough idle, occasional check engine light with #5 misfire. Fuel injector cleaner made temporary improvement once, but not again. So far: new plugs, new wires, new fuel filter, new air filter. Added fuel injector cleaner to several tanks of fuel. Removed fuel injectors, cleaned, new O-rings, when replacing swapped #5 and #6 to see if misfire would move to #6 (it didn't). New upper intake gasket since old one cracked when replacing injectors. Cleaned MAF sensor. Cleaned IAC valve. Cleaned throttle body.

The problem is getting slightly worse. Originally, the light was coming on, but engine seemed to run fine. Engine now shuddering/shaking noticeably at low RPMs when under load (i.e., when around 1500 RPM and trying to accelerate). If Check Engine Light is reset, it will come on during this shuddering. Engine smooths out above 2000 RPMs. If Check Engine Light is reset, it will stay off at the higher RPMs.

Other suggestions?

Dayton, NV

#79 Aug 25, 2011
i have a 02 ford ranger. v6 3.0, the truck stumbles and hesitates in idol. it also stumbles when i am in a high gear at a low rpm. The problem seems to lessen when the ambient temp is high or the truck is warmed up. i took the truck to get a code reading and im getting a p0303 code. which states a misfire in the #3 cylinder. ive replaced the #3 injector. and the #3 spark plug. after i changed the injector the problem didnt change. after i changed the spark plug the problem seemed fixed. however it was warm when i changed the plug. two days later the problem came back and the code light came back on. befor i go replacing any and everything that could have to do with it i would like some advice on this issue.

Dayton, NV

#80 Aug 25, 2011
im dealing with the same prob kevin

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