Complaints about Ford Freestar

Pulaski, TN

#287 Feb 13, 2010
I have a 2006 Freestar. Every winter since I've owned the van, the drivers side sliding door has to be taken to the dealer to fix the plastic track that holds all of the wiring in place under the door. My rear hatch also leaks. Now the van is out of warranty and Ford politely explained to me that this wasnt their problem anymore. The dealer actually told my wife on the second visit to have the door fixed "cant you just use the other door"!! I WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER FORD.

Indianola, MS

#288 Feb 25, 2010
Ron wrote:
If you are experienceing any problems with your Ford Freestar, I would like to here about them. We purchase a new Freestar in 2005 and it spends more time in the shop than out. The cab is so noisy that it is hard to have a conversation. Very poor fuel mileage. This is just a sample of our complaints. I would like to hear more.
Ron CA.
I bought an 05 freestar, I've always been a diehard Ford fan but am quickly changing. The cab is noisy, seats fell apart fairly quick. I think it was around 20000 miles the cv shafts started going out, at 24000 I had to replace the rear brake pads and calibers. Then recently not 65000 miles and the transmission went out at 2 in the morning. I suggest getting rid of this venicle asap.

Indianola, MS

#289 Feb 25, 2010
I bought an 05 freestar, I've always been a diehard Ford fan but am quickly changing. The cab is noisy, seats fell apart fairly quick. I think it was around 20000 miles the cv shafts started going out, at 24000 I had to replace the rear brake pads and calibers. Then recently not 65000 miles and the transmission went out at 2 in the morning. I suggest getting rid of this venicle asap.

Rochester, NY

#290 Feb 28, 2010
I have a 2006 Ford Freestar SE. It is making a clicking sound when backing up and turn the wheel had it looked at said was cv joing on driver side. Has anyone else had similar problem

Jackson, TN

#291 Mar 8, 2010
I too have a leak in the rear hull compartment. Does anyone have a fix for this? My van is in the shop for the second time due to the leak. Any help that I can give the mechanic to fix this problem?

Fredericton, Canada

#292 Mar 22, 2010
I own a 2004 Ford Freestar and the back hatch won't open,it is a keyless entry,anybody know how I can get it open without wrecking the back hatch?

Fredericton, Canada

#293 Mar 22, 2010
Hatch back won't open and it is a keyless entry,anybody have the same problem and how can I fix it...

Toronto, Canada

#294 Apr 6, 2010
I have a 2004 ford freestar se... i had a problem at 90,000 with the drivers rear side caliper geting seized. ive currently have to change the front brakes and bought new pads and rotors (aftermarket) when tryin to put it all together seem like the caliper wont fit something is out both pads and roters are after market but cant figure it out???

Eau Claire, WI

#295 Apr 8, 2010
Have 04 Freestar, problems all the time, 48,000 mi.First mo blew tire, 6 mo blew another tire, 1 yr blew another tire, fords said it was bad luck, I went out and bought 4 new tires, have had them over 6 months and no problems. Brakes have squeeled and rubbed ever since I got it, fords says no problems. Passenger door won't close tight, brake lamps keep going out, and for 2 years now dummy lights keep coming on even though there is no mechanical problems, just another one 2 days ago. I too owe more than it is worth and what is up with all this bad stuff with Freestar. Is there anything we can do about it since fords keeps saying they don't see any problems?
Wayne B

Kanata, Canada

#296 Apr 10, 2010
Bob wrote:
I have also experienced a water leak in the rear hatch area of a 2005 ford Freestar. I think I have located area where water is coming into the vechicle is jack storage area near the rear taillight housing. There appears to be a spot on the frame which is heavily coated with expansion foam (perhaps covering up a design flaw?)Any info. regarding "lemon laws" and how to proceed would be appreciated.(THERE MUST A CANADIAN EQUIVALENT)
I have a similar 2005 Ford Freestar with a water leak in the rear hatch area. I tried locating it by removing the inner plastic covering and running water on the outside window/sliding door area. I have not been able to find where the leak exists.
I have a squeeling noise in the left front brake area which has been there for some time. Brakes were checked but no visible problem.
My two rear hatch shocks have given out and must be replaced.
Also my back-up distance sensor is not working. It was fixed once under warranty and went again after warranty was over.
This is truly a piece of junk!
No more Fords for me.
tom greco

Mckeesport, PA

#297 Apr 14, 2010
Christine wrote:
We have a 2005 Ford Freestar Limited - to begin the transmission went out at 24,000 miles. There is an annoying whistling noise coming from the front end - like the wind is catching in a tube or something because it will change pitch as you're driving. The thermometer reads 187 degrees all the time, and I am having my back brakes changed tomorrow - and we are still under 36,000 miles. This is by far the worst vehicle we have ever owned. Our only reasoning for getting a new car is because we wanted something reliable since we have small children.
the noise you here is the front wheel bearing are bad
tom greco

Mckeesport, PA

#298 Apr 14, 2010
my 2005 ford freestar front wheel bearings are bad . the transmission went around 65000 miles .i have the extended warranty that paid for the trans. know i am waiting to here about the bearings
Waldron from Va

United States

#299 Apr 21, 2010
Corey - Victoria BC wrote:
Hi there, just curious whats wrong with your bearings? My '04 Freestar SEL has a loud noise from the front end, almost a grinding sound that gets louder with speed and when slower sounds like a woop woop woop sound. Dealership said its the tires. I put my winter tires on just as a test and sound was still there. Anyone have any ideas?? Thanks!!
<quoted text>
We have a 2004 Freestar and had to have the bearings replaced in the front right when it only had 38,000 miles. Of course it was out of warranty. The bad part was we took it into the dealership several times and they kept saying they couldn't find anything wrong. I finally found the answer myself on line.

Mound, MN

#300 Apr 21, 2010
My parents own a 2004 Ford Freestar SEL, purchase price was over $31K. Shortly after purchase, my mother complained about the door panels vibrating when listening to music, she's 65 so it's not blasting, dealer could not solve the problem and decided to just stuff the panels with foam, nice fix people. :( The power sliding doors randomly decide not to open or require a lot of force before the motor engages. Dealer tried to fix by adjusting the door, didn't fix. I've noticed scrapes on the rear quarter from the inside door panel brushing against the outside paint. Front brakes make a squealing noise some times at any speed and only goes away when brakes are applied, then goes away for a few months only to come back. Fresh brakes and rotors installed, problem persists. Horrible pulley noise when making turns, again this is sporadic. After 62K miles, out of nowhere the transmission had some kind of rod shatter costing $1500 to repair. This is an old lady's daily driver, not abused, no towing, with low miles and well maintained. The license plate surround on the hatch now has 3 (waiting for #4 to appear any day now) cracks in the plastic where it mounts to the hatch door, this started probably a year after purchase. I have seen MANY other Freestars with the same cracks on this part. It just shows that Quality is NOT job #1 at Ford anymore. My parents say they are buying Toyota or Honda from now on.
c ubinger

Pittsburgh, PA

#301 Apr 27, 2010
our 2004 freestar went in to repair a rust spot behind the driver side rear door, which I was told rusted from the inside, due to the use of a foam sealant, which is used for noise control, but traps moisture inside. When they fixed that rust, with the wheels off, they noticed the wheel well panel had rusted through on both sides of the springs on both sides of the van. Completely unsafe and you can see inside. In the process of contacting the ford rep to see if they will do anything to help fix what is obviously a design flaw....lemon law sounds like the right channel if it doesn't get resolved with Ford.
Dora V from VA

Newport News, VA

#302 May 3, 2010
I have a 2006 Ford Freestar van.It keeps stalling on me while driving. It will turn back on after an hour.I have had it in 2 different shops and no one can find the problem.Nothing shows in the diagnostics. The last time it stalled on me,once it started it wouldn't reverse. I called the ford dealership and they would not discuss anything with me.They said I had to bring it in for a diagnostic even though I told them I've had 2 done & it doesn't show anything
Steve in Atlanta

Marietta, GA

#303 May 5, 2010
The same thing happens to me when the battery dies - kids mess with the light switch. Also, I have to open and close the passenger door to turn off the radio, because the driver side door opening and closing doesn't do it.

Mirror will adjust up, down and right but not left. Just today, I can't get the ignition key to turn, so I am looking for remedies online.

Overall, I knew that as heavy as it was, I didn't expect Chevy Metro mileage. I get mid 17's around town, but my wife gets 14. She has two speeds, stop and vroom.

Madison, WI

#304 May 13, 2010
We bought a 06 Freestar Sel last year, and have had no problems, as a mechanic I was a bit worried all mini vans have more issues in my opinion than other cars so this van I thought would be higher maint then our other cars and truck, all fords, but at 93k it still works well, and besides a set of frt pads at 85k all is great and my wife loves the van.

Homer Glen, IL

#305 May 19, 2010

Steinbach, Canada

#306 May 23, 2010
we bought a 2005 freestar van...everyone is correct its a LEMON in general!! we have water in the trunk this time it was 1 inch so we will see what the dealership has to say on tuesday...any suggestions??

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