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#247 Jun 2, 2009
I own a 2004 Ford Freestar that gave me problems I had the brakes replaced at 50,000 kms. Now at 155,000 kms it is stalling on me.and difficult to restart. The fuel filter and camshaft sensor were replaced. The problem still exists. I just had it checked out this morning and was told there was nothing wrong with it. Even though I barely made to the dealership.

San Antonio, TX

#248 Jun 8, 2009
I have a 2006 freestar sel. It is a horrible vehicle. I refer to it as my "deathtrap" I found out today that ford is going to STOP making these vehicles due to problems. Also, just found a consumer site that they rated it 52 out of 100!! Mine has had so many problems. Alot of electrical problems, from the dash controls to the radio and dvd player. I have had trouble with the sliding doors. I have had the fuel pump replaced. I still have electrical problems. I know have a power steering leak...oh and by the way...even though it says power steering fluid...that's not what it takes!!! Make sure you get the right fluid!! I have had to have the brakes replaced already and they are already bad again. To start the vehicle, I have to turn off everything. But, I saved the best for last...while I was driving in rush hour traffice the other just shut off..died...I was able to steer it off the road and coast to a stop as I had NO brakes!! started right back up like nothing was wrong! If you are reading this trying to decide on buying...please don't buy this vehicle...if you just bought it and are having problems...take it back!!!! I wish I would have!! My next stop is the bank parking lot to leave family's life is more important than my credit rating!!
Tj masse


#249 Jun 15, 2009
wendy Bonner Spgs Ks wrote:
Van is back and they had to replace the pcm for the third time now. Now they said they hope they have it fixed we just have to wait and see. So far so good!
So the lawyer said to wait again to see if this time it will do it again. Imagine that! Good Luck to all.
My big piece of shit is doing the same thing.
i called ford and they will not replace my pcm because water damage doesn't fall under the warranty what a bunch of garbage this company is

United States

#250 Jun 20, 2009
I own a 2005 freestar 4.2 engine. I have had rotors, brakes and pad replaced, Transmission replaced ( torques Converter) 46,000 miles , front wheel bearing replaced. I was just informed that I need the left tie rod replaced? I have 77,000 miles on it, which many are highway miles.
I also had problems with my control trac. The first Ford I have ever owned and to say the least
very disappointed. Is Ford aware of all these problems with its Freestar. Has anyone heard of any recalls. It seems alot of us Freestar owners are having the same problems?

Delaware, OH

#251 Jul 1, 2009
I own a 2006 freestar the brakes make all kind of rubbing noise, been in the shop 20 times or more they told that's a ford noise.

Boxborough, MA

#252 Jul 10, 2009
I have a 2005 Freestar and it started making this loud whistling noise when I drive the car. Only when my foot is on the gas. The Ford Dealership can't find the problem. Anyone out there have any idea what it could be.

Boxborough, MA

#253 Jul 10, 2009
Dan D wrote:
We have had this recurring high pitched noise from the front left tire area that starts at about 15mph and keeps going no matter how fast we drive. have taken it to a very trustworthy mechanic who insists the noise is not brakes or axle related. Only until recently has the noise begun to alternate in pitch, or octive. Not willing to invest in any more money in a Ford Mechanic just to say he cant find the problem.
Was wondering if anyone has suggestions?
I don't have any suggestions, but my 2005 freestar is doing the same noise and I don't know if it is coming from the front tire or not, it sounds that way. It is also different pitched noises also. I have had two friend mechanics and ford mechanic look and charge me for breaks and nothing and they found nothing. I just posted a quick comment, then found yours. It is more similiar to what my car is doing. Did you find the problem yet.
Peter Spingfield Ma

Wallingford, CT

#254 Jul 14, 2009
I have a 2004 freestar. I have had it towed three times.Ford says it is from water leak leaking down the cowl by the wipers down on to a computer which cuases the vehicle to stall or not run. Each time they work on on it I have had to pay $100.00 to $300.00 for each repair. With the replacement of each computor It seem to fry another sensor. I have talked with ford and they seem to think its my problem. Has anyone else had the TSB techical service bulleton done on their vehicle?
I have sold Fords for over 25 years and I can see why the automakers are in the shape they are in. Unlike Toyota who stood behind thier product Ford seem to think they can afford to move on to to new ones by saying have you driven a new ford lately. Will I have and if you think you are buying something new and better buyer beware.

Wareham, MA

#255 Jul 16, 2009
My 2004 Ford Freestar is at the dealers for the second time replacing the PCM because water is getting in!!! UGH Thank goodness I bought the extended warranty. I am wondering if this continues do I as the "consumer" have an recourse???

Waukegan, IL

#256 Jul 20, 2009
I have a 2005 Freestar. In the past two months we have had it in for new transmission $2,500,
Squeeling coming from the front but stops when braking three trips to figure out it was wheel bearings $600, new blower motor for rear air $450.
Now I took it on today it starting shaking from front end and the emission light is on.
06 freestar

Lloydminster, Canada

#257 Aug 8, 2009
Rodney M wrote:
We've had our '04 SEL for a couple of months now and I've not been pleased so far. It's city gas mileage was less than I'd hoped for (14mpg around town). The rear brakes were making a noise when the parking brake had been applied for more than a few hours (e.g., overnight). Scoring of the rear rotor resulted. Thankfully this was corrected by a TSB from Ford. Now we are having intermittent problems with brake light failures. The right brake light stops working even though the bulbs appear OK. The first time this occured, I took the brake light assembly apart to inspect the bulbs. They looked OK so I put the assembly back together and it began working normally. It's gone out a second time now and the previous fix (haha) doesn't solve the problem.
you might want to look at the rear electronic control mod

Hedrick, IA

#258 Aug 13, 2009
I own a 2006 freestar that has the same rubbing noise in the left front that started a few months ago and has 56,000 miles on it . The dealer has replaced wheel bearing, cv joint, half axle shaft and still makes the noise. Now they tell me the noise is normal for this van.

Hedrick, IA

#259 Aug 13, 2009
Kelly wrote:
I also had my transmission go out at 55,000 miles 2005 Windstar and high pitch noise from front.
Of course they cannot hear the noise when a mechanic gets in the car.
But I had to take the van back in at 72,000 the rear blower heat and air NOT WORKING blowing nothing. So when he came and picked me up and I drove the guy back to the shop he finally heard it. I'm still waiting to see what they fine. But like I have read its when your on a straight road, when you turn the steering wheel even slightly it stops and when you brake the noise also stops.
i had wheels bearings replaced and it stopped the high pitch noise
glenni g

Boone, NC

#260 Aug 21, 2009
what about losing power with acceleration? anyone see that yet?

Lake Worth, FL

#261 Aug 24, 2009
I bought an 2004 Freestart new, and it was fine until two months ago. Then I have gone thru the traditional, transmission not engaging forward or reverse, etc. After two PCM and several trips to the Ford Dealer, it is now working very well. Here is what was finally done, in case it may help other owners. The dealer put a cover over the PCM to protect it from water. I suspect that the two channels that run to the front on the roof could be a good source of water, so I have sealed and dam the two depresions with a sealing, if you do this, make sure that you clean the dirt under the rubber seal. I am glad to report that after these fixes I was on a heavy downpour in Georgia for over 45 minutes and no problems. The dealer commented that the first two PCM, when wet, were giving a signal equivalent to the car traveling 15 miles forward, so no first gear and no reverse gear would engage. Keep those fingers crossed.

Lake Worth, FL

#262 Aug 24, 2009
chloeezmum wrote:
My 2004 Ford Freestar is at the dealers for the second time replacing the PCM because water is getting in!!! UGH Thank goodness I bought the extended warranty. I am wondering if this continues do I as the "consumer" have an recourse???
Check my posting about number 261, Herb

Charlotte, NC

#263 Aug 31, 2009
I have a 2004 Ford Freestar the the EGR relay went out on and it cost $250 to replace that. Then at the end of June my transmission just quit working while driving down a busy interstate. This is a common problem with the Torque Converter and it cost $3000 to replace the transmission. Look on for the forum on this problem. We have all filed a complaint with the NHTSA. If anyone on this forum has had the same problem please file a complaint so that we can get this lemon on a recall list. We have the attention of the NHTSA and they have started a Preliminary Evaluation of the problem. Check out their website as well.

Euclid, OH

#264 Sep 11, 2009
My 2005 Freestar just was diagnosed with a "terminal" problem with the air compressor. With 60,000 miles on it, I am looking at upwards of $1000.00 to replace it.Estimate of $850 with the option of an extra $150 if .....Otherwise I have been happy with all of my Ford product vans - 3 villagers and 1 other Freestar. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem...
John Wingham ON

Clifford, Canada

#265 Sep 14, 2009
We have had a great experience with our van. 2004 Freestar -bought new, now 241 Km. A few electrical glitches but everything else has been perfect. Our previous vans were Chrysler - constant transmission problems. We are now looking at another 04 with 100km. In our view it has been one of the best vehicles we have owned

Omaha, NE

#266 Sep 16, 2009
Jacob wrote:
I have a 04 Freestar SEL which was bought brand new. Early on and on several occasions since I have felt and heard a strange noise in the front end. It seems to be most frequent and noticeable when slowing down and turning, such as exiting a highway. It almost sounds like somehing is bouncing loose in the suspension. I brought it to Ford and they could not find anything. It was in last week for unrelated work (bad thermostat at 20,000 mi) again and I asked the rep to take it for a drive. He said he did but din't fell anything driving as I described. I'm getting aggravated. Anybody else experience the noise/sensation?? Thanks in advance.
our van makes that noise also and we have had our right front axle replaced twice. I just heard that our engine maybe mounted wrong, causing wear and tear on our axle

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