2002 Ford Focus problem

Jamestown, RI

#241 Aug 27, 2008
frustrated with my focus wrote:
Can anyone help me out with this? The gear shift on my automatic 2000 Ford Focus keeps getting stuck in park. The car will turn on, but the gear shift won't move out of park. Then all of a sudden, after restarting the car over and over again, the gear shift will suddenly move easily, as if nothing were wrong. It isn't getting stuck in any other gears, just park. At first it would only happen occassionally, but it's become more and more frequent. Yesterday, it took me a half an hour to get the gear shift to move.
I have the same problem what have you found out since you posted your frustration?

Pompano Beach, FL

#242 Sep 17, 2008
i have a 02 ford focus ZX5 and im ready to get rid of it like yesterday...let me explain...my focus has 76,000 miles on it...it has a problem where it will spitter spatter, not acclerate when prompted, stall, jerk lose accleration at speed and a whole slew of other such happenings. I have brought it to my mechanic a few times now.. first the spark plug sytem was replaced...this worked for a few months. next time the mechanic thought it was the fuel sytem...well after hours of testing the entire system...nothing was found...except the battery was dead...so as of right now... problem still not fixed and im ready to get rid of it..and the engine light came on today...
your car

Framingham, MA

#243 Sep 20, 2008
Eric Johnson wrote:
Hi. I have a strange issue with my Radio. I can get AM stations but not FM. All I get on FM is soft static, but AM is not an issue. Every few weeks I might get FM stations, but not much. This seems really bizzare to me. Any ideas?
Antenna disconnected
your car

Framingham, MA

#244 Sep 20, 2008
Steve Cleveland OH wrote:
I have a 2002 Ford Focus and am experiencing a loud humming noise from the rear of the car. It gets louder as I accelerate. I thought it was the tires. The 2 front tires are only a year old. The left rear tire looked worn more than the rest, so I put 2 new tires on the back, but there is still a humming noise. All of this noise started shortly after the Ford dealer replaced the front springs on a recall. The front right spring was broken. Are there bearings in the back that could possibly making this noise? What else could it possibly be? I would appreciate any advice.
Replace the bearings
your car

Framingham, MA

#245 Sep 20, 2008
Jon wrote:
I have a 2002 Ford Focus Station Wagon and the right turning signal is blinking too fast and making a quicker clicking noise than the left side. Also it doesn't work at the rear only the front !! I have checked the fuses and bulbs and none seem blown. Can anyone help me please Thanks in advance Jon
Replace the rear bulb
your car

Framingham, MA

#246 Sep 20, 2008
Rene wrote:
I am looking at buying a 2001 used focus for my son to drive. After reading all the bad things I'm a little hesitant. The air bags have been deployed,(the seller said she hit a curb going 45 miles and hour, but I read a blog where a couple were driving down the road and their air bags deployed for no reason). the key doesn't work very well in the ignition. You have to keep jamming it in to get it to start,(I've read a lot of people have that problem), needs a right front strut, or some kind of work,(my son and husband took it to a tire store (a reliable one in our area to see what was wrong), Also, my friend had a 2001 Focus, and two times while driving on thehighway her car just shut off. She ended up in a cornfield. Now these all scare me, considering it is a kid driving the car. The owner is only asking 700 dollars, and we figured we'd get the front fixed, but is this car going to be worth it? Any help would be appreciated.
UH NOPE! dont buy it

Salisbury, MA

#247 Sep 22, 2008
I live around Andover MA, where are the cornfields? We dont have any in a 45 mile radius.
Roger V

Pentress, WV

#248 Sep 23, 2008
The fact that your lights and other electrical equipment come on doesn't necessarily mean that the battery power is good. Get a wire brush or battery terminal cleaning tool from an auto parts store: clean both terminals, charge the battery with a battery charger and see if that helps. It has worked for me.
Jon Simmonds

West New York, NJ

#249 Sep 30, 2008
yesterdat went into my car and saw that there was a puddle of water on the passenger side and also back passanger side too i was wonderingh what i could do and what is it from

Parkhill, Canada

#250 Oct 4, 2008
valve cover gasket doesn't seal - it is new. possible the cover is warped?

Ever added RTV to the gasket to take up the gaps?

Caledonia, Canada

#251 Oct 7, 2008
hey guys, I have owned a 2002 Ford Focus SE Automatic for awhile now. Just wanted to comment on some of the things I have been reading here. First thing is that I am also experiencing the problem of the key not properly turning the ignition. It still works but only if I push it all the way in, then pull all the way out, then push it in while holding the key up in the hole (lol). The thing that has happened recently was an intermittent but strong vibration. I just found out today the engine mount is totally worn out and I need a new one. Another problem that happens maybe once every 3 months is for some reason the car just will not start (it turns over but wont start). Somehow the battery gets drained overnight only sometimes!? The remedy to that problem is just using a trickle charger for about 10-20 mins which allows it to start. Another problem I am having is the AC/Heater vents smelling musty/moldy. This is the only thing I havent found a solution for. My workaround is to spray a crap load of febreeze down each vent every week or so. Let me know if you guys have more problems etc. Maybe I can help out - I have alot of experience in this car.

Cherry Hill, NJ

#252 Oct 18, 2008
I have a 2002 focus, sometimes when it is cold or damp outside it will not start. It takes me almost 15 minutes to get it to start. The radio and lights turn on but the car doesn't turn over at all. I have changed my relay, checked the starter, clutch switch, everything, i took it to the dealership and they replaced my ignition and it still does it. I have had it will this car what a piece of junk. I have taken it to so many mechanics and they don't know either. I see alot of people have the same problem, has anyone found a solution??

Houston, TX

#253 Oct 27, 2008
how do you tell when alternator stop working
Sick of the Focus

Tallahassee, FL

#254 Oct 30, 2008
When I place the car in park the key will not come out. I play with the gear until it releases the key. What is going on?

Parkhill, Canada

#255 Oct 30, 2008
I solved my stupid starting problem. I wiggled a small red battery cable on teh positive battery post and found that was it. Funny how crappy tire could not find that with there mechanics! We poured in acid paste and solder and everything back to normal!

Now all I need is to find out if plastic valve covers ever warp and leak - I tried a new gasket but still leaks... added RTV to it and a little less but still leaking, anyone had a warped cover before?

Harmony, PA

#256 Nov 2, 2008
2002 Ford Focus wrote:
Anyone have any idea how to change the rear turn signal on these cars?
My Haynes manual wasn't to helpful.
I removed the screw but couldn't figure out how to remove that pannel.
Anyone that can give me some guidance would be greatly appreciated.
There are three large plastic nuts on the inside of the lens assembly. Remove those and the lens assembly pulls away from the body. Replace your failed bulb, put the lens assembly back in and test.
jonathan Sims

Lebanon, PA

#257 Nov 8, 2008
i have a 2002 ford focus zx5 i love it the past month or so i have been getting water in the passnager side and if it rains a lot it goes into the passanger side rear can anyone help me i will take it to ford just want to now wht to ask for to be done

Franklin Park, IL

#258 Nov 18, 2008
jonathan Sims wrote:
i have a 2002 ford focus zx5 i love it the past month or so i have been getting water in the passnager side and if it rains a lot it goes into the passanger side rear can anyone help me i will take it to ford just want to now wht to ask for to be done
I had that, too, a few years ago when I first bought my 02 Focus (used). It was a water leak, and I had to take it to a body shop (not just a regular mechanic). It's often difficult to find exactly where the leak is. I'd go to a Carstar or local body shop to talk about the problem before asking the dealer. Good luck.
jay in g-vegas

Greenville, NC

#259 Nov 22, 2008
what causes not ready codes on the 2003 focus trying to get inspection done cant because it wont pass

Kirkland, WA

#260 Dec 31, 2008
my 2002 ford focus has a hard time turning over when it is cold but will start right up when it is warm. Any thoughts?

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