2000 Ford Focus *Thermal Fuse For Hea...

Regina, Canada

#122 Nov 13, 2007
Does anyone know the temperature value of the thermal fuse on the board? There should be a number on the side of it and you can just buy a new one and replace it for a few dollars instead of the whole board. Thanks

London, UK

#123 Nov 15, 2007
I have a 2001 1.8l Focus. The heater blower stopped working on positions 1-3 and the air con would not work. I traced this to a blown fuse on the resistor panel.
To replace the panel remove the glove box by undoing the three fixing screws on the lower hinge leaf. Unlatch the glove box and pull it out, you may need to squeeze the sides inwards to override the stops.
Remove the piece of trim under the glove box in the passenger's footwell- three screws.
Now you will see a large plastic cylinder that houses the motor and to it right, set well back on the bulkhead is a small plastic panel with a connector on it, this is the resistor panel.
In front of you on the bottom of the cylinder there is a fixing screw, remove this and then you can remove the plastic ductwork mounted below the cylinder.
Disconnect the plug from the resistor panel and undo the one fixing screw below the connector. Pull out the old resistor panel and fit the new one -easier said than done. Check that the blower motor now works and reassemble.
Best of luck

Cambridge, MD

#124 Dec 7, 2007
Sister has a 2000 Ford Focus that i am using, the blower for the heating and air doesn't work, nothing and she doesn't have that many miles on the car.

Pompano Beach, FL

#125 Dec 13, 2007
Hello. I have a Ford Focus SE ZETEC 16V 2000 73k Miles.

I also have a problem with my blower.But my problem is completely opposite:
My fan works only in position 1 and 2 (in AC mode, I never used the heater, Live in South FL).

So, do you think this is the thermal fuse? Or is it rather the switch?

Also. A general question. Do you always have to press again the air recycle button after the car has been turned off and turned on again? Just curious.


PS. I agree with most of you that the Focus has a lot of problems. I had problems with the Temperature sensor, housing that leaked coolant... and also other electrical problems. I also have minor oil leaks. I have changed the gaskets, but after a while, it still leaks. Never Ford again for me. Though my Ford escort 1995 never had one problem in 13 years! The new Ford aren't as dependable as they used to be.

Neillsville, WI

#126 Dec 14, 2007
The Ford FOCUS had alot of problems in the model 2000,2001 years hence all the recalls. They are much bettter car now.ive talked to people that have owned both and agree the 02_- now are improved,There were just glitches needed and a lot of recalls.

Kent, OH

#127 Dec 14, 2007
i see everyone has the same problems with this focus, my heater worked on two settings before now i get nothing blowing out but i can feel it's hot when on defrost by the front window and when i turn the heater onthe green ac light comes on but no heat blowing out, when it's turned on the car gets louder and sounds like it wants to stall, the other day while driving i turned right and stalled in the middle of the street, the car sounds so loud now, the antifreeze level was low but when u turn the car on it goes all the way up to high and it smells like antifreeze after driving and i think the water pump is messed up too, no engine light on yet though and i think the belt is squeaking too, any suggestions on any of these problems would be helpful, i also been looking for these parts everyone's talking about the thermal fuse, resistor the only thing i can find at the parts stores is the blower motor at a ford place for 99 where do i get the other stuff oh and i seen the heater switch at murrays, thanks in advance

Kent, OH

#128 Dec 14, 2007
ford is found on road dead, when my focus was brand new i was stalling at red lights and speedometer used to jump up and down, battery cables always corroded trunk didn't shut all the time or back door opened while backing out, and when i first got it i told them the tranny was messed up or something and they said it was fine but we would be driving and it stalled, that car is crazy i think the 2000's are all lemons we should get a new one...lol i wish. everytime they fixed carpet coming up and seat handles coming off it would come back up again i will never get a ford again. why does it say i live in olive branch? when i live in ohio oh well
angela perez

Warner Robins, GA

#129 Dec 17, 2007
my car heater just stopped blowing on a cold morning when i was on the way to take my kids to school and it has continued to be a problem for a year and no mechanic has figured out what the problem is..

Hamilton, Canada

#130 Dec 19, 2007
Yes more heater problems, like the rest of you with my 2000 Zxcrap fo-sucks. May heater was not working at all so I replaced the 30 amp fuse and the 30 dollar part behind the glove box. Now the recirulating air button does not even light up. Still have no heat no nothing I guess it is time to rip the whole thing apart. Does the relay in the power distribution box for the A/c fan the secondary fan have anything to do with this system?

Kent, OH

#131 Dec 20, 2007
well we changed the blower resistor and still no heat, where was the thermal fuse at? i'm guessing it's gonna be the blower motor which is a 99 dollar part it just couldn't be the resistor could it since it was only 15.37 and easy to fix and i checked my pollen filter which there was no filter inside that black plastic crate and not nothing else either. any more suggestions would be nice thanks

Benton, IL

#132 Jan 20, 2008
My Ford Focus Heat blower not working at all?

United States

#133 Jan 22, 2008
I have a Ford Focus 2000 SE; had all of the recalls done and my car has 104K miles on it. I have had the following problems: fan works in all but #4, cold air coming out of heater (put antifreeze in the car to the fill line and now I have heat) HOWEVER, yes I did notice a leak under my car which was definitely antifreeze. The other problem I had was a stalling problem where some type of entire assembly (cannot recall the name) was replaced. I don't know if I want to keep the car or buy a new one but to be honest, I am surprised I have not had more problems at this many miles!!! It's been relatively good to me.


#134 Jan 22, 2008
My heater stoped working this afternoon, I went a bought a blower resistor and installed it tonight. My heater now works but only on "1" not on any of the other levels. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Sawbridgeworth, UK

#135 Jan 30, 2008
I have a ford focus tdci 2002. the car starts fine, but shortly after driving the glow plug light comes on and the engine stalls or the car jerks. tried a diagnostic but thry could not find a problem any suggestions. thanks.

Montréal, Canada

#136 Feb 12, 2008
In nov. 2007 the blower fan in my 2001 focus quit so I had a new resistor installed. This winter, twice now, it has quit again after having fuses replaced twice already! not sure what to do. fan works on 4 only but i'm waiting for that to stop too.
Mark Nolan

Brockville, Canada

#137 Feb 21, 2008
Edwin wrote:
Are there any other 'focus' owners experiencing this problem. If so, how did you deal with it??
My cars' heater stopped working suddenly after a very cold day in the north of ontario. i read in a forum that the thermal fuse might have corroded after experiencing either condensation or some form of moisture leaking in from a vent. I cant find this thermal fuse, i read that it may be attached right on the blower, of which i also cant access - or i would have to remove my radio/cassette player and by doing so - i would also need to reprogram it to work after removing it.. its all so complicated, i would appreciate some help with this matter. BTW, i already checked the other fuses, of which were all fine. i dont want to have to spend extra $$ in replacing the blower, blower motor, switches, if it isnt necessary - my ford dealer provided me with an estimate of C$230 to replace, the blower and for the labor. So unfair, if replacing the thermal fuse could work just as efficiently. HELP ME PLZ!!
hi, just heard your problem i have the same thing please help...what happened to yours.. [email protected]
mark nolan

Brockville, Canada

#138 Feb 21, 2008
I have a 2004 ford focus the blower for the heater has just stopped working..please help


#139 Feb 21, 2008
goof llink to know how to get to the cabin air filter

Joan DAndrea

Seattle, WA

#140 Feb 22, 2008
[Yes. My heater stopped working under almost identical conditions, minus the squirrels that is. I had been geting some water into the car during rain and couldn't find the source...no real problem I thought...then after a cold spell when the car was not moved for a while the heater would no longer come on. I am selling the car and figure the dealership can fix it easily. I think this is a quick fix for them and shouldn't effect the trade in value. PS. Are focus vehicles moving well in the sales area? I am getting about $3500 for a 2000 LX 5 speed with 54,000. Sure doesn't seem like much, but it is such a hassle to sell a car.
Focus fusebox legend

San Antonio, TX

#141 Mar 1, 2008
I'm lost in the dark when it comes to vehicles so can someone here tell me how I can receive a legend for the fusebox panel. Yesterday my keys were stolen and I had to have new keys made by a locksmith. Well my cigarette lighters fuse was blown so he removed a fuse he claimed I would not need to use the lighter for the programer. Well low and behold my console panel lights are out and my air is not blowing cool air now. I removed the door to the fusebox panel but there are several missing so I don't know what to replace. Please help. 2003 ford focus

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