2000 Ford Focus *Thermal Fuse For Hea...

Dorchester, UK

#242 May 27, 2012
i fixed my blower motor yesterday because it would not work on 1 to 4,only to find the fuse under the hood had blown,i replaced the fuse,and it did work but as soon as i put my switch on 4,around 5seconds after the fuse blow again...why is this happening

Vandalia, OH

#243 Jun 28, 2012
My 2000 ford focus blower will only work on #4,so i changed the resister with new one, but still have same problem. Does anyone have any other solutions. Could it be the blower or a fan switch. Please Help!
Tim Tanner

Charlotte, NC

#244 Jun 28, 2012
Hey Andrew, I have been haveing the same issues with my daughters 2000 Ford Focus. At first the a/c fan only worked in speeds 1,2,& 3, so I replaces the blower, the thermal resistor and the switch. But now the fan only works in speed 4 but the a/c wont come on in 4 and only comes on is speeds 1,2&3 but the blower fan doest work. Please tell me you found the problem and tell me how you fixed it? Email me at [email protected] Or if anyone knows the fix, please email me? I am a disabled class III Heart Patient trying to live on Medicare and SS-Disability. I can not afford to have it fixed. So I have to do it myself. Please help me???
Andrew C wrote:
<quoted text>
I replaced the resistor pack and added a new air filter, neither of which worked. However, I misread the original post which referred to the POLLEN filter (cabin filter) rather than the engine filter. The pollen filter is located under the plastic shroud between the windshield and the hood. Here's a photo:
Details for removing it can be found here:
But I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to take the shroud off. I've unlatched the three latches (under the hood), popped both bullet clips (marked with circles) and done a fair amount of bending and tugging but the darn thing won't come off. I can get it loose enough to peek under it and see that there are leaves inside the intake as well as a dirty filter, but there isn't enough room to access them.
Also, you'll notice that the passenger side's shroud itself has no holes, just circular indentations resembling the holes on the driver's side. Is this right? Isn't this blocking the vent's intake?
Anne Anson

Richland, MI

#245 Jun 29, 2012
My husband became obsessed with the blower not working properly.. He took out the glove compartment.. changed out the fuse..or thermal resistor.. or whatever is causing the thing not to work.. I now have a working blower.. and the added luxury of air conditioned in a cool way.. It is a lot easier.. as before It was the airconditioner was working , but the fan was not.. and the air only worked in one position.. but not whilst the fan was running.. I would run the air and then the fan, to use whatever coolness had collected... but my hubby wasn't impressed.. so he fixed it in about a half hour..

Apparently you have to know what to look for and then have the ingredients on hand.. and go for it.

It sounds so easy..BUT... without that intervention..I'd still be doing it that other (not so successful) way.

Royal Oak, MI

#246 Jul 7, 2012
i had same problem .. i ended up replacing both the blower motor and resistor.. all has been great since..(after going thru 3 rsistors)
Dave Davidson wrote:
Like a lot of other people on here, I have a Focus 2001 model and have been having the issue where the blower will only work on '4', the A/C won't come on, and shorts out at '4'.
I bought and replaced the Heater Blower Resistor as recommended here, worked perfectly....for about 2 days. Got into the car at the weekend and the problem is back. Re-seated the Resistor part and it still will not work. Seems one of the fuses within the part keeps blowing perhaps?
I would be eternally greatful if someone could let me know what keeps causing this to short out, and if I can fix it. It's annoying the hell out of me.

Zion, IL

#247 Oct 7, 2012
My 2002 ford focus heater stop working. it won't run on 1-2-3-4-.

Zion, IL

#248 Oct 7, 2012
my 2002 heater stopped working. it won't turn on period.

Salem, OR

#249 Oct 12, 2012
trixie_ Harrisburg_ Pa wrote:
My 2002 Ford Focus heater blower will run for about 3 minutes and then slowly die out. Turn off for a few minutes and back on and the same thing happens. Could this be the thermal resistor and if so, where is it located.
Where are the answers to these questions?

Salem, OR

#250 Oct 12, 2012
Salem, OR
1 min ago
trixie_ Harrisburg_ Pa wrote:
My 2002 Ford Focus heater blower will run for about 3 minutes and then slowly die out. Turn off for a few minutes and back on and the same thing happens. Could this be the thermal resistor and if so, where is it located. Trixie, no it would not be the speed control thermal fuses. Mine are fine, but I have the seame problem with the fan slowing after a short duration.
Where are the answers to these questions?Please email me. Ben [email protected]

Hillsborough, NJ

#251 Dec 12, 2012
2008 Focus heater issue's. Warm air not real hot only coming out. I checked the vent door motors and both are working. I flused the heater core once and it help some. The core is not leaking so what's the problem?

If you can help:
[email protected]

Surrey, Canada

#252 Jan 3, 2013
ford focus problem wrote:
a friend of mine as a frod focus the heater stop working about 4 mouths ago. ive look under the bonnet and found that the 30amp fuse had blown so i replace it for him but when we tryed the heater it keeps on blowing so we replace the resistor but still no go just keeps blowing the fuse has any1 eles had or got this problem or fix this problem and beable to help me with this
i have the identical problem ,the heater fan is dead andthe fuses and relay keep blowing as i replace them, let me know when if u solve this problem before me and i will do same for u if and when i solve it. i have aq guy i will talk to tomorrow. thanks
Patty Trausch

Toledo, OH

#253 Feb 3, 2013
I have a 2002 Ford Focus and the blower stopped working. As I see on here.. the blower motor seems to go bad. What is the amp for the blower motor fuse...I will start there....then I guess replace the blower motor if that doesn't work?

Elizabethtown, KY

#254 Feb 11, 2013
Edwin wrote:
Are there any other 'focus' owners experiencing this problem. If so, how did you deal with it??
My cars' heater stopped working suddenly after a very cold day in the north of ontario. i read in a forum that the thermal fuse might have corroded after experiencing either condensation or some form of moisture leaking in from a vent. I cant find this thermal fuse, i read that it may be attached right on the blower, of which i also cant access - or i would have to remove my radio/cassette player and by doing so - i would also need to reprogram it to work after removing it.. its all so complicated, i would appreciate some help with this matter. BTW, i already checked the other fuses, of which were all fine. i dont want to have to spend extra $$ in replacing the blower, blower motor, switches, if it isnt necessary - my ford dealer provided me with an estimate of C$230 to replace, the blower and for the labor. So unfair, if replacing the thermal fuse could work just as efficiently. HELP ME PLZ!!
. I know this post is old but maybe this can still be helpful to others. There is no problem with the thermal fuse..!! It's a fail safe system that blows out when it's overheated..!! That's its job.!! When it cools it will start to work again.. The problem is either the blower motor resister or the speed control switch.. I just replaced both and my heater works now.. All speeds..the blower motor resistor is behind the glove box held on by one screw next to the heater blower... I replaced mine and still nothing.. So then I replaced the fan speed control switch.. You have to pull your radio out.. Pull your dials out . Fan speed ext.. Unscrew the four bolts behind the radio. That whole center piece will then pull out. Unplug the fan speed wire.. Turn the module half turn and pull it out.. Very easy.. I took it to auto zone and got a new one for $20 .. All fan speeds work and I have heat...

Winnipeg, Canada

#255 Mar 22, 2013
my ford focus 2000 heater fan speed not working on 1 1234

Winnipeg, Canada

#256 Mar 22, 2013
my fan speed control heater not working what can i do to fix it on 2000 ford focus

Northampton, UK

#257 Apr 29, 2013
i have a ford foucs 2000 and the blower heater fuse keeps melting any time a change it an radio stoped wkking any advise wats rong wit it

Murrieta, CA

#258 Sep 7, 2013
i just replece the blower motor resistor on my 2000 focus and still only works on 3 any body knows why?

Colchester, UK

#259 Oct 8, 2013
It is easy to check the continuity with a circuit tester on the thermal resistor before you buy a new one,if the blower is not working at all first check the fan fuse in the engine compartment if that is ok it is usually the heater switch itself this is a well known fault.There plenty of ford Focuses in the scrap yards where you can get a switch for about 4 pound

Bristol, UK

#260 Nov 18, 2013
can anyone tell me what temperature the blower resister gets too,because my new 1 seems to be overheating or at least glowing red dont think this is rite ?

Chippewa Falls, WI

#261 Dec 7, 2013
Did you ever figure out what was wrong? Mine is doing this now where it blows for a few seconds of heat and then the fan dies slowly. After a few more minutes I can restart the heat for another promising 8 seconds of heat.


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