focus zx3 stalls

Winchester, TN

#21 Oct 31, 2007
2001 Ford Focus zx3... the car is sputtering and acting as if it doesn't get enough fuel, and I slowly loose all power and have to coast to a stop. Replaced the fuel filter...worked great for a day, and started again. I hit the fuel reset button, and it worked perfect again. Trying to find out what to do, so I don't get stranded anymore. Dealer can't help, because no engine lights/etc. come on, so the car won't remember what happened in the memory bank.

Elk Grove, CA

#22 Apr 16, 2009
Intake air control valve.$96.00 at autozone.Replaced and the problem stopped.Hope this can help everyone.
Bill in Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ

#23 May 1, 2009
This happens if your gas falls below 1/2 in hot weather. There is a service bulletin out for the 2000 models. I thought the problem was corrected. If you fill-up the tank in hot weather the car SHOULD run fine. Check the service bulletins at your dealership for this specific issue.

Mcdonough, GA

#24 May 21, 2009
kevino wrote:
I have a 01 focus,awhile back it started running rough and then stalled every once in awhile.I replaced the fuel filter and everything seemed to be fine.I was drving home today(30mi)in 100 degree heat.All was good until I stoped by the store.When I came out and started it,it kept stalling.Now it is evening time and it starts and runs fine.This has happened before but dosent last.

United States

#25 Oct 23, 2009
My wife has a 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 that has over 100,000 thousand miles and it started to stall. She will drive it and when she stops the vehicle, it will stall, but will start immediately. This problem has been happening more often. Can some one help.
Jeff in NJ

Sicklerville, NJ

#26 Jun 8, 2010
I have a 2001 Focus ZX3 - 5sp that tends to stall when the AC is on. But it may not stall during the "initial" use period. Without warning, it will stall once the vehicle is turned off and then restarted. My service shop checked the computer codes for a problem and nothing came up.

Yesterday, it was driven for about 30mins with the AC on (outside temperature around 80+ degrees). The vehicle ran fine with the RPMs normal when stopped.

The Vehicle was turned off for about 90 mins. When attempting to restart it would stall.

To get started I needed to keep foot on gas pedal (to maintain a high enough RPM to prevent the stall). If I did not keep the RPMs up, vehicle would stall.

While driving and stopping, I needed to keep my foot on the gas pedal to maintain the RPMs. This can be challenging with a 5-spd.

The vehicle was then parked for over four hours. It then started without problem and ran normally. During this period I did not have the AC on.

I see that this may be a common problem with the Focus. Funny that the Ford dealer does not seem know about it.

How can this problem be resolved? Have there been any "silent" recalls on the vehicle for this problem?
DJ of MO

East Hartford, CT

#27 Jun 21, 2010
Check you coolant level.

Pittsburgh, PA

#28 Aug 21, 2010
found your problem yet? if not try this just repaired one today,doing same thing.small orange and black wire on negative battery post.used by computer to ground cooling much resistence from corrotion. shuts computer down when cooling fans kick on.

Pittsburgh, PA

#29 Aug 21, 2010
Candace wrote:
<quoted text>
I too have a 2002 Focus and this has happened to me on 4 seperate occassions - once in 2005, once in 2006 and then again in May of 2007 and then yesterday. All were in days of high heat. I am desperately trying to figure out what is wrong as I don't want to get trapped with my 4 years old in the car. I spoke to a mechanic in May and he told me that unless the car was malfunctioning at that moment, he couldn't help me. The car gives no indication (no lights on dash) that anything is wrong. It simply begins to lose power, studders when given gas and then stalls. Once this occurs the car will not run until it cools. Once cool, the car runs fine. Did either of yu find an answer to this yet?
found your problem yet? if not try this just repaired one today,doing same thing.small orange and black wire on negative battery
post.used by computer to ground cooling much resistence from corrotion. shuts computer down when cooling fans kick on.

Chillicothe, OH

#30 Sep 3, 2010
Robb wrote:
Have not had the stalling problem reoccur yet, but still haven't tested it to my satisfaction. Here is some more info. I put some hot air on the IAC that I took out and energized the coil with a 12V battery. As it got hotter the movement of the valve plunger became more sluggish. Someone suggested carbon build-up can cause resistance to the plunger movement. Before you replace your IAC you might try some carbon cleaner down the throttle body. The IAC is not directly in line with air flow so I don't know how effective the cleaner will be.
Hey Robb, I have a 2000 ford focus and I just started to have this stalling problem with I was coming home 55 miles from my house and I got a third way home and my engine light came on and then my car started to stall and then with in a minute or two the motor shut off (this was in 100 degree weather) I would let it sit for about 15- 20 minutes and then start it up and go about 3-5 miles and then would do the same thing. I had to drive my car home like this all the way back. I had taken too a shop and they had replaced the Fuel filter and they said it was really bad, I had picked it up the next day and drove it home just fine, and then few hours later I went to town and ran fine, but then when I got out of the store and was 4 miles away from my house the engine light came on and then stalled again so I had to do the same thing again sit 15-20minutes and go, I took it back too the same shop again today and they had tested it and driven it and they said they had tried to do everything they could too get it to act up and it wouldn't I went and picked it up and less then a mile from my house the engine light came on again but nothing didn't happen. I was also told too that if you don't keep a certain amount of fuel in your gas tank in hot weather it can cause your fuel pump to get hot and it would shut itself down as well. This maybe something to look into also and try to keep a full tank of gas and see how it would run for your car. I am going to fuel my car up tomorrow and take it on a little road trip and hope it stays running if not I will be in the same shoes that I was in the other day. I will keep you posted on how well it had done.
Bill in Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ

#31 Sep 4, 2010
Bingo Jamie,

If you keep your tank above 1/2 in hot weather you will be fine. There is a service bulletin on this. I also have a 2000, now with 110K Arizona miles.

Pownal, Canada

#32 Sep 12, 2010
I drive an 2003 zx5 and had the same problems.Changed out the coil,plug wires,plugs and fuel pump.My biggest problem is miss firing on grades.Have to shift down to stop the bucking.

Corpus Christi, TX

#33 Sep 21, 2010
I recently bought a 2005 ford focus and ive been having nothing but problems with it. When i first bought i asked the salesman for a carfax and he never got me one. on my second year i was already having problems with it.

Villa Rica, GA

#34 Jan 31, 2011
I have a 2001 focus Zx3.When i start up the car it fires right up,But after if fires up,It stalls out.I can keep it running with my foot on the throttle,But it boggs down a lot.I replaced the mass air flow,and that was not the problem.Any suggestions,i think it might be the pcv valve or the idle control.

Troutville, VA

#35 Mar 19, 2011
my wife's car has same symptoms you describe. Did you ever find a resolution to the problem?
Bill H wrote:
My 2002 Ford Focus ZTW wagon has the problem of running fine for a 1hr drive and when you turn the car off and try to restart it it stalls out on a warm day. If I keep my foot on the gas I can keep the car running and if I use my left foot to apply the brake while keeping my right foot lightly on the gas I can drive the car. But this problem corrects it's self usually in a half hour or if I let the car sit for while. I have had this problem happen to me around 5 times now. Is there any way to test the air intake temp sensor and see if this is the problem? Thanks for your help.
<quoted text>

Austin, TX

#36 Jun 3, 2011
I solved this problem by replacing the crankshaft position sensor. The sensor had gone bad and would stop working when it got too hot. I have a 2002 ford focus wagon which wouldn't start when hot but worked perfect when cold. Drives solid now even in 100 degree weather. It was hard to reach, but it is held in with one bolt and is only ~$20.

Norwich, OH

#37 Sep 1, 2011
Try changing out the crank sensor and see if that fixed your problem. Should be relativly easy. These sensors control the fuel system in your car and if it gets to hot it will completely shut down your fuel pressure.

Marietta, GA

#38 Sep 18, 2011
Just started having a bunch of issue with my 2003 focus. Had to replace the spark plug wires and coil pack yesterday and now its acting up again! Its not hot outside but after I drive the car for a short bit, it slowly shuts off after I put it in park and then an engine light comes on. Any ideas??

United States

#39 Jan 3, 2012
Robert wrote:
My wife has a 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 that has over 100,000 thousand miles and it started to stall. She will drive it and when she stops the7 vehicle, it will stall, but will start immediately. This problem has been happening more often. Can some one help.
Omg!!! This is happening to me. I have a 2003 focus. My mechanic cannot find anything wrong. No codes no nothing shows up. Did u figure it out?

Cincinnati, OH

#40 Mar 19, 2012
My 2001 ZX3 has just started having this problem, all the same symptoms. Runs fine about 20 mins highway, then starts to sputter pretty bad in 5th and 4th gear and I have to pull the car over and shut it down or it will stall out while driving. I need help!

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