2002 Ford Focus radio problem

Upper Marlboro, MD

#21 Nov 4, 2008
Did anyone fix the CD player problem? My is stuck as well. It ejected one CD, but the rest are stuck and it won't play any. As well, everytime I turn the radio on, it makes a jammed kind of noise a few times then comes up with a CD ERROR message. Any suggestions?

Thame, UK

#22 Nov 7, 2008
Hey Arthurismycarsname, my car doesn't have a name... but it does have exactly the same radio problem, which (from another forum) seems to be caused by the 'tuner pack' failing. This is basically the radio part of the unit and does explain why the CD player and amplifier still work. Tuner packs can be replaced, but I've yet to find out where I can get one. Anyone?

As for the engine light going on and off... again, I had the same problem. In my Focus, the speedo would also drop to zero, engine power would drop slightly, the odometer would go off or just show dashes and the radio (when it was working) would get slightly quieter. The answer was to replace the Vehicle Speed Sensor. Not easy as they're pigs to get out. There's a pin holding it in that gets very stiff over time.

However, with a new VSS, everything's back to normal and the reason behind the symptons becomes apparent: No signal from VSS = nothing for speedo to read, engine management assumes the car is not moving - so why do you need all that power?, the radio assumes there's less road noise and dips a little (nice touch - and not normally noticed when everthing's working normally). As for the odometer going off and the engine light coming on... I guess the engine management realises at some point that there's a problem!

Hope that helps somebody. I drove for best part of two years with that problem and Ford could not or would not help.
Western Canadian

Russell, Canada

#23 Nov 23, 2008
Arthurismycarsname wrote:
My 2002 focus radio all of a sudden stopped getting reception. Neither the AM or FM stations get reception. Sometimes first thing in the morning it works for 10 minutes and then goes fuzzy! It is really frustrating because of my long commute to work, the CD player still works, but my CD collection is a little outdated. I can not understand what the problem is I worry that it is electrical. This is not the only problem I have with it, this summer, my engine light went on and off and then one day after driving for 2 hours with my AC on the car would not start again. I was stranded in the middle of nowhere had it towed to a dealership where they tended to it the next day and it worked fine. Now they say it is an intermittant problem that they can not fix until it happens again, because they can not replicate it! All in all I am really disappointed in my car because I bought it new and impeccably maintained it, and now at 100 000km's all this weird stuff is happening to it.
I have the exact same problem with my 2002 focus wagon. i dont think its the security bar because there is some static and the radio continues to display the station frequency. If it were the security feature CD would not work. I am wondering if it is an antenna problem because when I drive in the city the radio seems to pick up a distant signal. Does anyone know where to get info on how to dismantle the antenna?


#24 Jan 10, 2009
I have the same issue with my 02 focus, radio worked for an hour then cut out then came back
sometimes works for 10 minutes or not at all then 3 hours later comes back to life
CD plays fine
unit worked for two years then this started happening about a month agao

Oceanside, CA

#25 Jan 24, 2009
real helpful jackass
wahwhawah wrote:
bunch of whiners

Orange Park, FL

#26 Feb 19, 2009
I've had the same am/fm problem as Arthuris...no am or fm reception. Car is a 2002 Focus wagon.
Is there any answer from Ford?
I see all the complaints and problems, but no one seems to have an answer. This is unusual, because almost always someone seems to be able to figure things out.

Monroe, MI

#27 Feb 26, 2009
ASHLEY wrote:
Did anyone fix the CD player problem? My is stuck as well. It ejected one CD, but the rest are stuck and it won't play any. As well, everytime I turn the radio on, it makes a jammed kind of noise a few times then comes up with a CD ERROR message. Any suggestions?
Did you ever find out how to fix that problem? because mine is doing the same thing. I am thinking it will just be easier to buy a new player but my cd's are in that one still.

Alvord, TX

#28 May 10, 2009
hay man my 6 cd player is jamed...you have any ideas how i can fix it???

Dallas, TX

#29 May 13, 2009
My 2002 focus does exactly the same thing. It plays for about 10 minutes then both am and fm goes into static. The cd changer broke a year ago. I guess it is time for a new radio.
the man

Mableton, GA

#30 May 22, 2009
Guy wrote:
Need some help on how to remove the radio. I have taken a wire and inserted it in the small holes , but it seems as though it only goes in a short ways and stops I can't go any further..
Any help will be appreciated...
you need a special tool. you can buyit at walmart it s only like 5. you only will have a hard time with anithyng else.
the man

Mableton, GA

#31 May 22, 2009
my factory radio wont come on. does it have a code or something that shold work?
the man

Mableton, GA

#32 May 22, 2009
Max wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey BEST BUY sells a package with two U shaped tools that you insert on each side of the radio and makes it easy to pull it out. I purchased them for my 2002 ZX3 for when I install a new radio and to put the factory one back in when i resell. I think it cost me about 10 bucks but once you buy them it will take you less than a minute to pull out the radio.
***at walmart you will pay 5$ or less for that U toll
2002 FORD disappointment


#33 Jul 2, 2009
2002 Ford Focus LX 4 Cyl 2.0L the FM/AM/cassette Radio worked the from purchase date in August 2002 until August 2006, which was 1 year, after the 3 year warranty date. Then the radio >did NOT Play ONLY Seeks< is all it did, The dealership charged $60.00 for a diagnostic test. Then they said it needed a NEW antenna, which costs $180.00. After putting the antenna on. The dealership near Akron, Oh said they needed to get a used radio FM/AM/CD part from Detroit, Michigan, which would take 3 days. However, we live in Cleveland and could not wait that long for the part to come from Detroit. Because the rental car expenses added up and Ford does not pay for car rentals. It is Very sad that radios break down so quickly when manufactured by Ford Motor Company.
Axle ratio 3.61
Radio AM/FM stereo, seek-scan
Peter W

San Diego, CA

#34 Jul 3, 2009
mike wrote:
I have EXACTLY the same problem w/ Ford Focus 4600 CD player model radio:
... my Radio. I can get AM stations but not FM. All I get on FM is soft static, but AM is not an issue....
occurence started on a day of 100% humidity - wiggling the anti-theft protection panel causes FM audio to cut in and out - no problem with AM
contacts are clean and not corroded - but I want pinout specs to determine problem contact
I have same problem here in San Diego, CA when humidity started this month (July). FM runs only for a few minutes when I turn on, then the stereo symbol starts to flicker as the stations lose reception. AM is OK. I think the FM tuner is sensitive to the humidity? The amp portion is OK. Any hints out there?

San Diego, CA

#35 Jul 17, 2009
I have the same problem with the radio on my 2002 Focus. Sudden loss of FM reception, followed eventually by loss of AM reception. CD player always works, clock always works. Volume dial is beginning to malfuntion too. A/C also not functioning.

Santa Clarita, CA

#36 Jul 30, 2009
i have a 2006 ford focus with a single CD player.. AM/FM stereo works fine but the sensor in my CD player wont recognize that I'm loading a CD. If i push eject however it will eject. this just started about 2 months ago.

also.. the little cigarette lighter thing hasnt ever worked..any help?

Sudbury, Canada

#37 Aug 10, 2009
2002_Ford_radio wrote:
I also have a 2002 ford focus and a year ago the radio stopped getting a signal, but everything else worked and then after a few months it all worked again. However, just recently it stopped working again. Has any one been able to fix this problem?
I haven't checked on this yet, but someone told me, that if the plugs in the Focus are not from the dealer, the radio might not work good and other weird things can happen. I felt like laughing at him...He doesn't work for Ford anymore and had no reason for fabricating it. He says that himself, he had never seen this before on other cars...

Cape Town, South Africa

#38 Aug 11, 2009
My radio is making strange sounds, its as if the radio doesn't switch off and after awhile it searches and you here these scratching sounds coming through the speakers like wires touching each other

Dalton, UK

#39 Aug 11, 2009
Gunna try and give some answers to the problems
1. the ciggarte lighter fuse may have gone the fuse box is behind the glove compartment swap the 50 amp fuse if the filament has gone.

2. If the antena wont work turn on the radio to the strongest radio frequency then hold the antena in your hand with your feet on the ground if the radio miraculously works (because your body becomes the antena) then change your antena.

3. Been trying to work out the radio not playing issue as i have it in my 2002 focus but given up. pulled it out and put a new radio in and it was fine. i think the best thing to do is buy a new radio for the car sorry !.

Cape Town, South Africa

#40 Aug 11, 2009
My radio is switched off its like in the middle of the night or day in the parking lot, when you suddenly hear these popping sounds from the speakers, its not a continous noise it will scratch then stop for ten minutes then suddenly start popping again, or it will be quiet for days and then suddenly it will make this thundering noise like whole night through. While the radio is on its seems to be fin, its only when the radio is suppose to be switch off that you will hear these thundering scratching sounds.

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