Ford F-350 Super Duty death wobble
bret blakely

Caddo Mills, TX

#41 Jun 17, 2008
2006 f350 10" fab tech lift its has shaked sense day one. new pitman arm, drop brak, caster bushing,add caster and better then happens again, fab tech says trac bar, ford say nothing wrong. i belive somone is gone get hurt bad and ford will pay big time, 6.0l junk moto and sh_t steer.

Santa Clara, CA

#42 Jun 17, 2008
I have an '05 F350 diesel and have had the death wobble occur to me several times when I'm driving faster than 65Mph and hit a bump. Scares the Sh*t out of you and your passengers.

The deal has a fix for it by changing out the "shimmy shock" and bracket?($365). The truck has done it after about 20K miles.

Ford will not honor this as it is out of warranty.

Last time I buy a ford!
Alan D Bar

United States

#43 Jun 17, 2008
I have 07 f-350 diesel with 37 goodrich and fabtech 8" lift. I have thought that this truck rode really wild from the time i brought it home to right after it was lifted I have owned several 4X4 trucks with lifts and never had anything like this happen .This wobble has happened to me twice. It is was so bad last time i had my daughter with me and i thought we were going to lose it big time all the cars around me on the freeway scattered when the truck finally slowed to about 25 mph it stopped. I am now afraid to drive this and I cant let my wife drive either (she was with me the first time it happened)I have only about 10 thousand miles on it. I paid over 50 Grand for this? I called the suspension place and they say this can happen to fords. wow.
ford tech

Taunton, MA

#44 Jun 19, 2008
its very simple thier is a degree problem in the track bar it should not be any more than 1 degree of a angle make sure you guys correct angle on lifted trucks

Deer Park, NY

#45 Jun 20, 2008
The "wobble" happened to me until I installed a Rough Country dual steering stabilizer kit now it rides perfect!
Nkajlo Vangh

Superior, WI

#46 Jun 23, 2008
I have the same steering shakes and almost uncontrolled front wheels in the last few days. I had 2 new different tire brands put in the rear. The Ford dealer's mechanic said may be the rear tires caused the strong vibration. I did'nt buy it. [email protected]

Kelowna, Canada

#47 Jul 3, 2008

Saint Cloud, MN

#48 Jul 23, 2008
R J J wrote:
On February 6, 2007, my husband's 2005 F-350 suddenly bolted from the right lane of the interstate into the median. He was unable to steer it as it crossed the interstate again, then hit the guard rail and spun. The truck was repaired but apparently the steering problem was not addressed. On April 17th, the truck suddenly bolted again and was extremely difficult to steer at a slow speed. It's been towed for another repair. Is it a widow-maker?
I also had this happen with my 2006 f350 I was towing my 35 ft camper we never crashed but that was the most scared i had ever been. what did the shop say when you took it in? Did it feel like you lost power steering and then it suddenly came back? intrested to hear thanks
Robert Ormord

United States

#49 Aug 4, 2008
Dave benton wrote:
I have a 06'f-350, 4x4. Yes, the death wobble is real, and dangerious. It shakes so violently, I have to pull off the road for it to stop. Ford said it was mt larger tires I put on it, so I put the original tires back, and it still does it. We all need to get together and file a law suit against Ford. Someone is going to get killed in one of these trucks.
I have a 2006 F250 with the death wobble and was wondering if you had any luck with this problem. I am going through it now with mine and am not getting much help. I think that the computer or something with the electrical is to blame. My reason is that the first two times it has happened, I was going down I95 South in Maryland. the truck began with the "DEATH WOBBLE" and I grabbed on for the ride. I put the truck in neutral and turned the ignition off. When all the electrical systems shut down, the shaking subsided and ultimately went away. I started the truck back up and put it back into drive and it was fine. I took the truck to a local Ford dealer to have it checked after the second time. Spoke with the mechanic about it and was told the problem needed to be duplicated for Ford to cover it. Please help with anything [email protected]

Chesapeake, VA

#50 Aug 28, 2008
DEATH WOBBLE! I had this on my 06 f350 4x4. The dealer changed a couple of parts at the tune of $600.00 and it did nothing. I requested that the steering dampener be replaced. It Fixed the problem along with a alignment. Also there is a factory shop note that indicated that the alignment should be adjusted by 5 degrees or something of the sort. I had the guy from Firestone show it to me. The have access to this info. Good Luck


#51 Sep 2, 2008
I have a 2006 f350 the death woble is bump steer I did not have the problem until I installed a pro comp levleing kit and not until I haD 30,000 miles on the suspension mod . I have 35" toyo mud terrains and they are getting worn down and thats when I had the problem happen and only at speeds of 35mph to 60 mph but never above this speed . I have changed the steering stablizer and it has helped but not solved the problem . As far as this problem on a stock truck has any of these pepole ever driven a 3/4 ton or up vechile before the suv and big truck fab came in . It is normal for any medium duty vechile to have the steering wheel bounce back on bumps but not continue to shake until you stop . I have found that when you feel the wobble start apply yht brakes slightly while keeping throttle the wobble will go away .
Andrew CO

Fountain, CO

#52 Sep 3, 2008
2005 SD Power Stroke with a 6" Fabtech my truck does the same thing and it's some scary shit when your taking a corner and it starts wobbling. I just filed a complaint with the NHTSA. I guess we'll see what happens. hopfully all you guys have too, so we can get this problem resolved before we have to buy another brand of truck.

Rocky Mountain House, Canada

#53 Sep 7, 2008
My 06 used to dart across the highway and I didn't know why, but after looking at it closely I found both u-joints on the front drive shafts closest to the wheels haddent seen grease for a long time [bought used]. Greased up everthing and run it in lock for a while and now it runs good
Phil Denver CO

Denver, CO

#54 Sep 11, 2008
I have a F350 crew cab 4X4 that I notice when driving on concrete roads starts shaking then stops on pave roads. A couple time though I have experienced significant violet shaking after hitting a bump in the road that continues and makes it very hard to steer. Love to know why. No obvious loose parts. And replaced the shocks to no improvement.

Laguna Niguel, CA

#55 Sep 18, 2008
I had a 2006 Super Duty F250 that was purchased with a 6" Rize Indusries lift. I had the same death wobble to the point of having to go from 65 mph to zero while on the freeway. The first time I took it in Ford said it was an alignment issue. The truck had less that 5000 miles on it and had not been off road. After about 4 times at the dealer the independant shop that did the lift for Ford replaced the lift with a different lift. The same problem continued to happen. I finally sold this truck because I was afraid for the lives of myself and my family. I assume I lost about $20,000 because I sold the truck so soon after driving it off the lot. I have seen a Ford Memo addressing the Steering Osilation. I would love to be involved in some type of class action.

Fairview, NC

#56 Sep 23, 2008
i have an f450 that starts death wabble at around 45 mph. ford dealer said that not having correct air pressure could cause the problem. the problem is ford and they just don't want to fix it!

San Antonio, TX

#57 Sep 25, 2008
Have a 07 F350 with this "DEATH WOBBLE"
I just went through Georgia with a 33' travel trailer when it occured.Someone is going to get killed soon.I will never buy a Ford again. So much for trying to buy American!

Laguna Niguel, CA

#58 Sep 26, 2008
How lame is it to have a huge SUPER DUTY TRUCK and the best ford can say is the tires are not inflated correctly. I have never had Chevy, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, MBZ, Acura or any other car have this kind of trouble.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#59 Sep 28, 2008
Had the exact same problem. violent shaking and loss of control in my F350. took it to two different Ford dealers and they said there was nothing wrong. said you need alignment & rotate tires..still shakes!!!

Osceola, MO

#60 Oct 9, 2008
my 2004 is geting so bad nothing works new shocks tires brake rotors calipers alighnments i owe a little money on this truck i'am thinking i'll give it back with the economy and all. before some one gets killed. unless theres a good idea or go back on ford? maybe we should all contact our attorney generals since it's election year maybe we can get noticed let me know at [email protected]

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