ford 200 f150 stsrt problems

Austin, TX

#205 Oct 6, 2010
I have a 2000 F-150 that when I start the engine it reset the radio clock to 1200. Does't happen all the time just when it has been sitting a long time, like overnight.

Parker, AZ

#206 Nov 21, 2010
been having problems with my 2000 f-150 5.4
starting.. no error codes!!
1st i thought it was fuel pump, then i thought it might be alarm not disenguaging the anti start..
sometimes it would start, sometimes not... problem kept getting worse.. NOW it won't start at all .. im back to thinking fuel pump...
TOWING it to the shop tomorrow....

United States

#207 Dec 2, 2010
art wrote:
I have a 2000 ford f150 with 4.6 v8.I haven driven around all day making multiple stops ( turning off the engine) then restarting, one time I make a stop, then it won't start, but turns over, had it towed on a flatbed to my mechanic, when they took it off the truck it started, this has happened 3 times.Now it sits in my driveway and won't start again. My mechanic is not sure if it's the fuel pump which is a $1,000 job or the anti-theft module, which he say's is not cheap either, I don't know what to do.
Any Help.
I have a 2001 Ford F150 v6 super cab. Here lately mine has been doing the same thing. It turns over but won't start. Got the battery, alternator, and starter checked and they were fine. Then it drove great for like a week or so. Then yesterday it wouldn't start when I tried to leave work. I kept trying off and on for like 15-20 minutes then it cranked up. Weird. Did you ever find out if yours was the fuel pump? I am frustrated.
al m

Oxford, MI

#208 Dec 4, 2010
I had a problem that sounds like what you have.they replaced the fuel pump ,the problem came was in at least a dozen time,turns out there was a bad chip in computer and was giving wrong codes every time it was in for repair.

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#209 Dec 10, 2010
It sounds like just about everyone is having the same problems as me...

I have a 2001 F-150 5.4 V8 I bought it a little over a year ago and have had 3 issues with it not starting!

The first time the truck didnt do anything! Silence! We called a tow and then we tried hitting the FUEL RESET BUTTON and the truck started right up!

Second time: truck was running fine all day then i was waiting in the truck while in drive, foot just on the brakes, and the truck shook, the shut off and wouldnt start up again! Got a tow as soon as we got it of the truck tried it and it started right up!

Third time: I had not driven it in a few days decided to take it to the stores and on our second stop it wouldnt start again of coarse not until the tow truck guy got there in which he turned the key back and forth a few times and he said it started.

Since then i got the stuck to start but then i had not driven it in maybe 2 weeks went to start it and it did nothing but the interior lights flashed 5 times! Replaced the battery and it would try to start but not turn over to actually get the truck running...

Which of the many options you've posted do you thing i should try first? Or do you think it might be something different?

Any advice i can get will definitely help! I just want my truck back =(

United States

#210 Dec 28, 2010
travis wrote:
can anyone tell me about a coil pack problem i am having
easy fix, go to auto store and have them check codes, find out which cylinder is missfireing, unplug that coil, take the one 7mm screw out, pull the old coil out and replace it, plug it back in and start it and your done in two minutes

Kathleen, GA

#211 Jan 21, 2011
It was my key. The chip in the was apparently bad
steve at cayo costa park

United States

#212 Jan 27, 2011
2000--f150--4.6---no start--new fuel pump--filter-
crank sensor--will start briefly with starting fluid----seems like no signal to injectors. I am on an island---with limited tools---need some help.
what signals the injectors?--computer?

Wooster, OH

#213 Feb 28, 2011
92 ford f150,4.9, feul pressure good, filter not plugged, has spark, and when you turn key on feul pump won't shut off,in either tank. Any ideas.


#214 Mar 1, 2011
Rick - Vancouver BC wrote:
1993 ford f150 5 litre
My water pump keeps leaking. I have changed the pump twice but the gaskets keep failing and the leak starts up again.
Any ideas on what I can try.
scrap it buy a GMC

Houston, TX

#215 Mar 6, 2011
I replaced the idle air control the shutoff switch and fuel relay switch.It ran good for a two day.The I turn the ing key to the acces to play the radio and it kickoff the shutoff switch. I reset the switch it start once got home now it will not start.
DAVE 2006 F-150

United States

#216 Mar 28, 2011
Truck didn't start this morning. 1st time ever. then tonight it started. When I hit the accelerotor it sounded like it was flooding, and stalled this happened three times and now it wont start again.
Craig Z

Sarasota, FL

#217 Apr 4, 2011
Could be the Crankshaft Sensor for the 2000 f150 or fuel pump over heating.
ricky t

Long Branch, NJ

#218 Apr 24, 2011
parked my f150 and it would not start senoloid check good and click power to starter then next day it started with no problem, what coun\ld it be

Cincinnati, OH

#219 May 2, 2011
"my 03 f150 wouldn't start turned the key only a click, I move the shift lever down to drive and back to park, now the truck starts up. WHY?"

Lombard, IL

#220 May 2, 2011
I have a 98 F150 4.6 engine.. Truck wont start. The starter engages but the motor will not turn over.. Battery is good had starter checked and motor will turn by had, all cables to the starter appear in good shape. Need help please

Indio, CA

#221 May 5, 2011
Hi everybody, i have a 2004 f150 crew cab that just started to give me that unreliable feeling. it runs great when its running, but lately it seems to not want to start from time to time! I turn the ignition key and all typical gauges light up w/noises, BUT-truck doesnt turn over. I have noticed that the odometer will read "check gauges" and i do notice the little wrench light on my left side of dash gauges. I have tried putting it in nuetral and cleaned battery conections but nothing has resolved the prob. When i am tempted to tow to mechanic, it suddenly starts as if nothing ever happened?!?!?! I have read prior posts but it doesnt seem like there is a common resolve? Help if you can-thanku!!!!

United States

#222 Jun 4, 2011
I have an 06 f150 if it sits lik over night and after work ill go and start it and it acts like its not going to start or get fuel to it at all. Fuel throttle and fuel pump has been changed just a day ago. Tonight it died on me for the thrid time. Ford won't do anything becaused it won't throw a code. I haven't had my fuel filter chang that I know of since I've bought it. Could this be the problem? Please let me know

Oklahoma City, OK

#223 Jun 23, 2011
200 f150 v6 with 95000 miles on it. tried starting truck tonight , it turns over just fine but wont start. could it be the fuel pump?how much does the average mechanic charge to replace a fuel pump? parts and labor?

United States

#224 Jul 5, 2011
Matt wrote:
It appears Ford has a reputation of not starting. I am having a similar problem and after reading everyone post I may look into a new solenoid. My problem is this. This just started happening to my 200 F-150 5.4 liter. After I shut my engine off and go to restart it, it wont start. The battery is less than a year old. I have power to everything in the truck except the radio. Two times I got it to start after pressing the volume knob quite a few times. One time I got it to start after banging on the dash board above the radio. Does anyone have any ideas?
Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your truck and how to fix it? I have a 2001 F-150 5.4 liter that is exhibiting the same behavior. Seems to me to be a heat issue. When the truck gets hot either though driving or sitting in the hot sun it will not crank but let it cool off an it starts up just fine.

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