2004 F-150 rear brakes

Devon, Canada

#61 Aug 31, 2010
My 2004 2wd has 77K on it, and front brakes replaced, seems normal wear etc. But the left rear brake seems to seize, but I don't know why.
Latest incident, 2 days ago, it suddenly ( Or already after last - gentle!- stop??) started to vibrate at over 80Km/hr.( I have had this happen way back when I forgot to take of the parking brake).
I then get out and give the left rear wheel a shove. This seems to release the pad? This time I also checked the wheel hub inside the rim. I almost burned my fingers!! The right wheel hub regular! temperature from stopping.
So, it must be the parking brake mechanism??

Washington, DC

#62 Nov 23, 2010
If your rotors are stuck to the hub, spray liberally with PB Blaster (Auto Zone) around the wheel studs. Find something else to do for about ten minutes and they'll normally tap free. This also works good for stuck wheels that haven't been off the truck for some time. A necessary "tool" in any shop, especially if you live in snow country.

Soddy Daisy, TN

#63 Jan 8, 2011
Rhonda wrote:
is there a wed site to help change the rear brakes and drums
Did you get a reply to this question? I need to change the rear pads at 24K miles!!!!!!!!!

Soddy Daisy, TN

#64 Jan 8, 2011
Did you get a reply to this question? I need to change the rear pads at 24K miles!!!!!!!!!

Hayward, CA

#65 Feb 12, 2011
Hey, Im working on a 2001 ford f150 super crew, the brake pedal goes down slowly .you know about the recall that one brake line leaks.

United States

#66 Mar 2, 2011
I own a 2001 F-150, bought new. At 35000 miles, the rear pads were worn down, fronts were worn 50%. Dealer replaced pads on all 4 wheels. Those lasted much longer., fronts 60,000, backs still going at 102000. A couple of years ago, when Mallaly started running Ford, I read a story that he found over 200 vendors for Ford not only not making parts, per contract, but were actually buying Chinese counterfeit parts, and putting them in Ford boxes, for use on the assembly line. One of the counterfeit parts was BRAKE PADS. Instead of being made with Kevlar, comely used today, the pads were made of Oriental Rock Maple- WOOD! No wonder they did not last. After that I started using parts as good as the dealer, but for much less cost-NAPA. I, also found out the parent company-Genuine Parts Company- supplies parts to OEM Dealers! They are the same quality as the dealer, because the dealer parts come from the same source. And they have a longer warrantee. If you don't believe me, go online to Genuine Parts Company (symbol GPC), website www.genpt.com .

United States

#67 Mar 2, 2011
Emergency brakes, F-150, sticking, or seizing. I have experienced this on a 2000 Chevy S-10 pickup, and my current 2001 F-150. The problem is the Left Rear emergency brake cable (the cable from the left rear wheel to the coupler that joins the right wheel cable to the cable coming from the front of the truck). For some reason, this cable gets corroded inside, to a point the cable will seize, and no longer move freely, as the emergency brake is operated, and released. As a result, when you do operated the emergency brake, the cable pulls on the brake, but when you release the brake, the cable will not release, causing the brake to "drag", of "hang up". This is especially true when you have an automatic transmission, and tend to use PARK instead of the emergency brake. This means you rarely use the emergency brake. If you have a rear drum brake this will cause excessive wear on the shoes. If you have rear discs, this will cause excessive wear the 8" drum brakes that are inside of the rear disc rotors.

Boise, ID

#68 Mar 25, 2011
I have no mechanical knowledge but bought a F-150 lariat new. At 68K I had to buy Rotors and pads all the way around (4 sets). After the dealer recommended it when I took it in for the Recall on the brake booster vacum supply hose.(May 2008).
Ford denied that the defect would have any effect on the wear of the rotors...Can anyone confirm this or give me input.

Fremont, CA

#69 May 10, 2011
I have a 2008 F150 Supercrew. Brakes started sounding like they were grinding. Took it into the dealer. Was told that all four pads needed to be replaced as well as three of the rotors. I only have 38,000 miles on the truck. I know I might be a little hard on the brakes, but does this sound right? I don't tow anything but do most of my driving on city streets.

Peoria, AZ

#70 Jun 4, 2011
how does the rear rotors come off on a 03 f150?we have tried everything we have been told.so far no luck

Fairfield, CT

#71 Jul 20, 2011
2005 F150,I always used my emergency brake when I parked until one February day after leaving work. At about 45 mph and rear end started to shake considerably. After stopping and backing into a driveway I checked the rear end. The rims were hot to the touch and the smell of hot brakes filled the air. After that I didn't use my emergency brake and had no problems until one day i inadvertently used the brake while unloading a small utility trailer. On the way home the rear end once again started to shake. The only way to stop it was to put the truck into reverse and back up about 200 ft or more and then start out again. Have not used it since.
Today, two years later, at 34000 miles I had to replace both rear rotors, one rear calipher and all the rear pads. The rotors were rusted and pitted. The calipher was suposedly cracked. I was told by my dealer that it was probably caused by the truck sitting and not being driven enough. This however is not true since I drive it at least 5 to 6 days a week, just not very far.
It seems that if most of people here are having the same problem around the same mileage then ford either has an engineering issue that they're not admiting or the rear brake components are made from poor materials.

Staten Island, NY

#72 Sep 27, 2011
Mgolin wrote:
Have same problem on 02 F150 with rear ebrake not fully releaseing. I stopped using E brake for 2 years no problem. Bought a boat, and used the ebrake and now have problem again. Cable is free but e pads do not retract.

Unfortunatly If you have rear disc brakes. the emergency brakes are located inside the rear rotors. They get detroyed by rust and everything sticks. you should replace brake hardware and shoes before the brake just falls apart.

Montague, Canada

#73 Oct 4, 2011
I have a 2003 supercrew 4x4 and am changinging the brakes yet again. it will be 5 years this dec I have owned the truck and this is the 4th brake job! I did however get 2 years out of these ones. I went right to Ford and bought their stuff for the front and rear Im going to see if it lasts any longer than the ones from NAPA. Also the daytime running lights went out the replacement ceramic resister is about $95.00 if you can find one with the right ohms you can cut the plug off solder it to the wire direct and tape it all closed or find another way to water proof it.

Middlesex, NJ

#74 Oct 25, 2011
Just replaced rear brakes on my 2005 f-150 what a nightmare! The rotor was stuck due to rust and a lip of rust that wAs hitting the parking brake. The parking brake itself had rust built up on the pad the springs were seized and that is why i dont use the parking brake, but either way it is possible to take off because i did it. Take the caliper off (2-10mm bolts) and pry that off of the rotor (i had rust built up so i really pried...make sure you are prying the caliper and not the caliper mounting bracket) then treat it like a front rotor...there are no springs to play with no backing off of parking brake just beat the thing with a hand sledge hammer...you will do damage to the rotor but i ended up turning to a puller kit just to get it off and destroyed the rotor...i couldnt find any other way after about 2 hours and i refused to put a torch to it goodluck to all and it is the last ford im buying (between a blown rear spark plugs going bad injectors going bad the windows falling off tracks and 8 catalytic converters)
Wise Up

Sewickley, PA

#75 Nov 18, 2011
jim wrote:
Bottom line...ford sucks. too much affirmative action hiring.
Well that's completely racist. you don't know if that's the problem. My brother in law is the senior designer at Ford and designed all the trucks made since the mid 90's. He's white, and very smart.

Frankfort, IL

#76 Jan 15, 2012
What was fords great idea with the one piece front hub,bearing and rotor? dealer wants $300 each! not including pads,calipers and labor, looking at $1000.00 for front brakes SORRY FORD !!Not from my pocket.
Did the project myself,all I needed was a 300ft.lb torque wrench and basic hand tools...
torque wrench $100.00
rotor,hub assembly $151.00ea.(motorcraft)
pads $35.00 set ( motorcraft)
calipers $100.00 both (motorcraft)
I believe the total cost for rotors and hub assembly, calipers and pads FRONT and REAR was under $500.00

West Haven, CT

#77 Jan 27, 2012
Barry wrote:
So I also am having brake problems at 60,000 just on driver side rear. Replaced pads, took test drive and brakes started smoking. Got online and now believe it is parking brake. I do not see any answers on how to adjust this though, or even what causes this problem. Anyone have any answers??
You need to clean the factory oil from the rotors before installing

Saint Paul, MN

#78 Feb 5, 2012
I have a 04 Ford F150 .... After driving on highway a bit the truck starts to make a bad vibration when you drive after stopping, like you are running over rumble strips. Brakes all around are hot to touch, it appears the are holding up. This only happens after several miles on the highway. And mostly while making turns
Fred of Frankforrt

Frankfort, KY

#79 Jun 13, 2012
The rear Emergency brake on an F150 is a drum behind the rotor. This e-brake does not wear out the pad. I drive very conservatively for mileage. I slow down so I do not have to stop at a red light, it changes at the last second. So I am on my brakes a long time without a lot of stopping force. This is hard on the rear pads and causes wear. I am replacing mine at 45,000 mi. I talked to some engineering friends that work at Bendix, that is what I was told.

Philadelphia, PA

#80 Nov 8, 2012
WAG wrote:
2004 F150 Supercrew....love the ride, hate the brakes. Issues from 30,000k replaced front pads and rotors, rear emergency brake shoes had the lining spontaneously let go, never used them, Front brake calipers have both had the pistons seize and actually break, they are made of bakelite. Service manager at the dealership where it has been regularly serviced says he has never seen that before. Anyone else???
I also had to replace a front caliper that had a broken piston. Mechanic at the shop (not a dealership) also said he had never seen that before.

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