5.4 3V Spark Plugs
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Pittsburgh, PA

#62 Sep 11, 2010
These spark plugs are crazy. Ford dealers do not even want to change them and there labor price was estimated from $265.00 to $1100.00 plus the plugs. I ended up paying 800.00 dollars to have plugs changed.


#63 Sep 24, 2010
You know it seems there is alot of name calling.
Some of these so called "idots" are not to blame.
I am a professional ASE tech and this mess is FORDs fault. The spark plugs are way over tight from the factory. Also you never put a steel threaded plug in a aluminum hole without never seize.But as with all brands Ford tries to save a penny by not using never seize

Shreveport, LA

#64 Sep 24, 2010
Some of the 5.4 3V plugs are different I have a late model 03 Expedition with the 5.4 3V.I read up on comments and called 2 dealer ships.The first asked for Vin.# then told me it was one of the problem motors and like every one else the cost was going to be $350 to $1000 but they had never broke one.The second one I called said basically the same thing and he added that they could extract broken plug for $350.He also said the previous dealer ship was full of it and that one plug on average was broke on every motor.With all that said. I first went and had my motor cleaned with fuel/valve cleaning system from "Time it Lube".IT ran about $60. When dealer ship wanted $125.Then I ran super unleaded gas and added injection and motor cleaner through about 5 tanks of gas.Ran it hard to blow out as much carbon build up as possible. Then said a prayer and started the removal proses.That is loosen plug about 1/16 of turn then spray with a good weeping oil like Blaster PB.Then let soak for around 10 mins .All plugs were removed with some problem but every time the plug squalled I would turn back in 1/16 and spray more fluid never more than a spoon full worth at a time.While always blowing out to keep oil and trash out of hole."watch out for eyes"If you don't have a compressor you can use a can of compressed air from parts house.I had to be real careful on back cylinders because I ended up with 2 ext.and 2 swivels to even be able to reach the plugs. This is where you must make sure that you keep leading spark plug socket and 6" extension in straight line with counter bore of spark plug pocket!The spark plug socket I used was magnetic and not one of those rubber ones that can put unnecessary stress on ceramic.So I believe if you Have the patients to spend 4 or 5 hours on replacing plugs it can be done.Also Orally auto parts has plug extraction tool if one should brake on you and its free to use with a refundable deposit.Also these are not the first vehicles That was hard to replace plugs on.Like my 70 MACH 1 with a 351 C.Or some of those 429 CJ. where not a simple job either just to name a few. Remember that Dealer mechanics get payed by the job not the hour.SO you might have a little more patients than some one else.Most dealers also will charge $350 a plug for removal if you chose to have them remove any broke plugs.If it does happen to you.

Winnipeg, Canada

#65 Oct 12, 2010
can we honestly believe wat this guy is even sayin? like i dont really like pikin internet fights but i mean ome clearly a case of another wikepedia genius i mean come on

"I would use words to the effect of "Safe, Safety, Hazarrd, Fire,"

"try more like rough runnin broken defective expensive "

i know oh well u got a bone to pick with ford, fuck that i bleed blue these motors as well as the 5.4 triton r damn good half-to full million milers, if they r serviced n respected beyond a trucks norm, i drive a 2000 350 7.3l love it 6.0l good motor if maintained n defects fixed at begining of ownership.

as for racin n chippin, i mean fuck bud r u like some guy workin for ford warranty using wikepedia to understand wat u fightin over

Winnipeg, Canada

#66 Oct 12, 2010
oh sorry wait if that idea were true u wouldnt try claimin

"I would use words to the effect of "Safe, Safety, Hazarrd, Fire,"

bc uld know aswell as everyone it aint happenin till ford looses enough lawsuits against the publicif thatll even do anythin.

n so ya 5.4 have a problem w the plugs poor design flaw yes, appears to be a pc design w the porcelein n electrode the 3rd n 4th pc the metal sleeves appear to be pressed together while hot to weld together, it is said to be that the lower ground sleeve becomes seized in the head bc of carbon build-up, best preventative maint is to back the plugs out n reinstall or better yet install new either ngk or motorcraft platinum plug maybe a champion, no bosch. n no im no professional n yes my spellin sucks, but bud this is the real world now, n if u can change ur own plugs on a 5.4 well beware can be a bag of worms, no pro but u work on enough trucks n deal w another shop who does w proper comp programs to aid u

was doin plugs on a really worn 07 250 all 8 r seperating the lower sleeve sunk in the cyl. on 2 so far lookin like pull the cab this weekend or next sounds lots easier than pullin motor which apparently u need to do to pull heads on even the 5.4 normally atleast half come out no prob, but this ones an old alberta oil rig truck 245 000 kms on it so it has been the biggest resto on a super duty yet, lookin damn good will let u guys know how head removal goes if i remember this site

Shreveport, LA

#67 Oct 15, 2010
Sorry if some how what i tried to share with others about plug removal being possible and in expensive.IF you have the time and patience of course.

United States

#68 Oct 21, 2010

How hard can people actually make something.
I have changed Plugs on my 2007 4.6 Ford.
Also on a 2005 5.4 Engine, Never had any problems with either.

As far as Ford making a bad cylinder head, uh no they didn't , they work great.

When replacing the new plugs, always use some Anti Sieze greese and they wont be a problem.

Also my Truck had 103,000 miles on it when I did this.

Yhere was no spraying them with Lube, nothing they came right out , same as all cars I have ever done.

So I suppose some are making this way more diffucult than it is.

Shreveport, LA

#69 Oct 21, 2010
I am glade that you have had no problem but there has been a lot of talk about the plugs.It seems to be mostly from carbon build up.Most ford motor mechanics do say to use lube on removal and using a never seize is a great idea. Don't really now why they did not use it at factory.I would like to add that Orally's has a extraction tool for removal of broke plugs that is free to rent.those who have broken plugs in head might try using that before pulling motor

Amelia Court House, VA

#70 Oct 26, 2010
Frank you are an idiot. These trucks don't break because people mod them they break because they are designed incredibly responsibly.
no name

Sulphur, OK

#71 Nov 8, 2010
the best way to take the plug out is to take them when engine is warm the alumiun head expans. I take then all the time that way with no problem. There is a tool for around 100bucks works great.
John Ford guy

Belchertown, MA

#72 Nov 28, 2010
Just had the same problem. 3 of the last 4 I was removing today broke. Only 55k miles on my 2006 F150 5.4 Triton. I was replacing the stock plugs with E3 3.70 plugs.
Thank god for my local Carquest store in Spfld MA. They had a puller kit just for this engine. They ran it right over and it only added about 1 hour to the job.
Sorry everybody had such a bad time with theirs.
Hope all have a good safe holiday.

Antioch, TN

#73 Jan 18, 2011
Frank wrote:
Don't mess with things you don't understand. Let a professional do the work. The professional has the training and tools to do the job correctly and without having any problems like you are having. They use a special wrench to remove the plugs called a spark plug wrench... Do not use the wrench to take the plug out but only to loosen the plugs a couple of turns. Then before moving any further spray some type of penetrating oil on the plug and base soaking the base well. Let the plugs stand for about an hour... go have a beer or a sandwich then comeback. Without using a tool try removing the plugs with your hand and it should come loose. When using a plug wrench it always has to be in the straight up and down position only. Aslo sounds like your plug may have been defective in the first place. Sounds as if the plugs got way too hot and warped while in the head and mushroomed. Also are you trying to remove the plugs when the are warm? If so let them cool overnight and try again when they are cold. Good Luck
may you are the dummy or dum a--, when Ford has to make a tool just to remove a spark plug I think ford should replace the plugs at no charge, I have a 07 5.4 L and the plugs break off trying to get them out ford wanted 5hrs at 90 $$ an hour to change plugs so ffff ford on making a dum plug

United States

#74 Feb 17, 2011
with all due respect to you all, ford has had this going on for about 8 years now , i kinda think they would of done some thing by now... i have a 2007 f 150 and its the same thing dealer charging $80.00 per plug they broke. im just sayin ,

Burlington, IA

#75 Mar 11, 2011
Had a 04 scab f150 with the 3 valve triton. Loved the truck. Road amazing and handled well. But it was a money pit. Only had 70000 miles, changed plugs due to what I was hearing. Garage broke 4. They are a crappy 2 piece design. Started in 04 with that crap. Lucky my step brother ownes the garage so he didn't ream me. Then later the injectors started going. Then the cam phasers then it started to knock when started, normal ford said. Traded it for a grand cherokee limited v8. has more power better gas mileage and no knocking even though it is 5 years older. Do miss the way it drove. But even a jeep is more reliable. If u want one buy a 4.6. Yes they dont have the power but the 5.4 3 valve is junk. By the way I also have a 2001 superduty with the old 5.4. 230,000 miles does not rattle, knock and runs great. Smoother and way quieter and worked alot harder then the other truck. Other than 1 spark plug blowing out has had 0 problems and still gets 35000 miles a year put on it for work.

Burlington, IA

#76 Mar 11, 2011
If u want to solve plug problem buy champion they have a one piece plug. I personally dont like champion but they did solve problem they wont break and they do work. But they were like 16 bucks a piece

United States

#77 Apr 27, 2011
Frank u shouldnt give advice when ur obviously a shade-tree at best. Or just a griefer. Check TSBs and Rotunda now makes a tool. If this problem pisses you off try dealing with a VVT problem on these epic piles of 5.4 Ford shit. Buy a Chevrolet!!

United States

#78 Apr 27, 2011
@ David
The 4.6 is almost as bad has the same plug and cam phaser problems on most engines.
luis fwenandez

Columbus, IN

#79 Apr 28, 2011
pasa el tiempo y los ingenieros en lugar de que hagan cosas mejores empeoran no habia visto algo tan estupido como cambiar unas bujias y que se rompieran con solo ver la bujia pense esta bujia se va a pegar y si eso paso estudien mas pendejos ingenieros de ford.....

Summerville, SC

#80 Jun 9, 2011
ford needs a better idea

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