2001 F-150 5.4 misfire on # 6 cylinder

Salina, KS

#22 Dec 12, 2009
i have a 2001 f150 6cyl went to warm up after a snowstorm ck engine light came and started cutting out and jurking what is going on

El Paso, TX

#23 Feb 12, 2010
billsteele wrote:
Suddenly, with no warning, my truck started to idle roughly. This continued at all speeds. I rented a diagnostic tester from Auto-Zone and ran a complete diagnostic test on it. The code p0306 cylinder 6 misfire detected. I tested the injector and the cop. Started to replace the plug and while doing so found the plug well to be completely full of oil. The plug was completly submerged. I thought I might have a leak in the valve cover gasket and went ahead and cleaned out the plug well and reassembled everything. Weny to test drive and it ran well for about 45 seconds then started to misfire again. I pulled the cop again and the plug well was again full of oil.Any idea what it could be and how to repair?
I have a 2003 F150 5.4L FI, and it starting missing under acceleration around 86K miles. Eventually the check engine light came on. OBD said engine 7 misfire. I replaced the coil (which ohm'd out good when I tested it) and the spark plug (gap was 0.61 and should be 0.54). Now the engine is running a little smoother but the check engine light immediately returned. According to OBD, now both Cylinder 7 and 8 are misfiring. I doubt it's just the coil. I'm guessing it's a fuel or ignition system problem. SO I think I'll
1) Replace all spark plugs (they're cheap), and check resistance on all the coils.
2) I noticed when I was putting everything back together that the connections between the fuel rail and the individual cylinder injectors was kind of a sketchy setup. I think it's awfully easy to not get it put back together correctly. It may just be a matter of trying to fit everything together again. From the other comments on this thread, I bet other folks were experiencing a similar reassembly problem.

Denver, CO

#24 Feb 24, 2010
I have 1998 F 150 ford truck with misfire number five and number six cylinders. I see a lot of other peoples had the same problem. Also see a lot of coolant or oil a round these tow sparkplugs. Any idea what's happening or is this one fords better ideas?

New Market, MD

#25 Apr 12, 2010
I have 2001 FORD F150 TRUCK with Cylinder#7 misfire problem. I know why it causes shaky. You can feel when the coil pack is loosing onto the top
of the spark plug. It means you need a new coil pack! That is simple! Good Luck!
Doug Winters

Buffalo, MN

#27 Jun 25, 2010
ChrisH wrote:
I am having misfire problems cylinder #6 yesterday replaced coil and had light reset. ran fine till today same thing started acting up aganin same thing light came on. took coil back got new one and plug replaced it. when mechanic took it out he said there was moisture on coil whats causing this and is this the problem? reset the code drove off 10 min later acting up agin what can i do or whats going on someone polease help i have the 5.4!!!
Windshield washer hose is leaking on them had same problem with 2002 crown vic.
Doug Winters

Buffalo, MN

#28 Jun 25, 2010
Windshield washer hose is leaking on top of coil packs. Had the same problem with an 2002.
reuben charlotte nc

Charlotte, NC

#29 Aug 28, 2010
i have a 2001 ford f150 it has benn spitting and sputtering for awhile.I have changed the fuel filter,all 8 injectors that didnt work my engine light never came on. I took it to this mechanic i knew and the a fuse was missing causing the light to come on so he fixed that problem and it pulled a code showing misfire on number 3 and 5 cylinder. I replaced all the plugs and bought two new coil packs put those on and it didnt fix the problem now the light is back off yes OFF. And no one can figure it out if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
reuben charlotte nc

Charlotte, NC

#30 Aug 28, 2010
does anyone know if there is a recall on these ford trucks or is it just some kind of glitch that they are not admitting to.I have always love fords but it seems everything that changes with time breaks down alot faster and nowhere as easy to work on as the older ones.

Cleveland, OH

#31 Sep 15, 2010
I have a 2006 f150. recently the check engine light came on and a noticable knocking noise appeared. The knock doesn't occur until around 60 mph and as you speed up it gets louder, and as you go slower it decreases. I had the obd tested and it came up with a p0306 error code. being that this code offers a lot of possible problems, I was wondering if anyone had any possible solutions before i go and replace a ton of things.

Winnipeg, Canada

#32 Sep 22, 2010
Just had my 2001 F 150 in the shop today with the 4.6L engine and it was the same scenario as mentioned above with shuddering and misfiring of a cylinder.Had a new spark plug and coil replaced on #5 <front drivers side cylinder>. They warned me not to drive very long when this happens, as raw fuel will get to your catalytic convertors and fry them. A cost of about $2500 for two is not a nice repair bill with the coil overs and plugs ..argh! Cost me $76 for the coil over(C.O.P) and a plug and the scan, for the error code. With labour and taxs $210.00. There was also a pool of oil on the coil boot and around the plug and the mecahnic stated I'd would need a new valve gasket as that was where the oil was coming from and most likely would cause the same misfire and coil over plug to short again. I had just changed the oil myself in the truck a day before and assume the 20w/50 oil being so thin may have seaped thru?? I'm now going to check and replace all plugs myself and see if there are others with oil that needs to be aspirated out. I watched the mechanic and it was a was a pain to just get to the plug as the fuel rail has to be lifted and partially disassembled and you need a few extensions and a rubber booted spark plug wrench/socket to get the sucker out of there. Good luck to all with teh same scenario and don't drive very long after teh "Service Engine Soon/Engine Warning " light lights up!!

Toronto, Canada

#33 Dec 25, 2010
So i have a 2001 f150 5.4 triton, i just got it and love it but it just started to "chug" "choke" "misfire" whatever you want to call it, anywhere from 75 - 100 kms an hour. It runs perfect when I am in town, but as soon as i get on the highway it begins doing this. It idles fines. Sometimes when I put the pedal down at high speeds nothing happens, other times the rpms will hesitate and then jump 2500. I wonder if it has something to do with the throttle, or if it would be the injectors?


#34 Dec 29, 2010
We have had the same problem with our f150 5.4 2001 with coils and typically when it rains. I have replaced all the coils and spark plugs $1300 because plusg broke off. It ran fine for a few months now it is back again.
Ive heard that the best answer is to buy MSD coils from Summitt racing. They spark better and hold out moisture. It's a pain

Niles, IL

#35 Jan 7, 2011
I have the same problem with cylider 6 and I changed all the plugs but it still does it. The check engine light always comes on so I always just turn it back off with my programmer. I just want to know what to do to fix it.

Dundalk, MD

#36 Jan 30, 2011
jim wrote:
I have the same problem with cylider 6 and I changed all the plugs but it still does it. The check engine light always comes on so I always just turn it back off with my programmer. I just want to know what to do to fix it.
you also have to change the coil

Benton, KY

#37 Feb 7, 2011
baygirl wrote:
<quoted text>
you also have to change the coil
yes i finally relaced all the coils and that seemed to fix my problem.

Columbia, TN

#38 Feb 10, 2011
replacing the coils is as easy as changing the air filter, just work your way front to back then replace everything back to front, I CAN change all eight plugs and coils in about two anda half hours
all it cost me is the price of the plugs and/or coil,coils
Brian h

Hahnville, LA

#39 Apr 2, 2011
Where is the #6 coil pack on ford f150 v8 triton 5.4

Winnipeg, Canada

#40 Apr 4, 2011
Brian h wrote:
Where is the #6 coil pack on ford f150 v8 triton 5.4
looking at engine, second Coil over plug back, from the front drivers/right side!

United States

#41 Apr 10, 2011
I have a 99 f150 with a 5.4 triton. Cylinder 4 misfire, replace the plug an coil pack a few months ago an now its actin up again, replaced fuel injector but no change. PLZ help!!!!! This is my only truck an I need it to get to work! Check engine light is on an it flashes when I put motor in a strain (go up hill or speed up) any ideas???

Rockland, MA

#42 Apr 12, 2011
having issues with my 2000 f150..skipping and running like crap(misfiring on a cillinder) service engine lite on...sometimes ..when i find the cheapest way to fix and a real solution i'll post again..i got 137k miles...always ran like a top. evreyone is posting coils and coil boots and replace them all?? i don't think so..i'll get a real fix.

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