Ford Explorer O/D Light, Slipping Tra...

Boynton Beach, FL

#123 Nov 20, 2011
Same problem. 2000 explorer with less than 50k miles!!!! Help!

Santa Clara, CA

#124 Nov 21, 2011
Same problem driving from San Diego to Bay Area 2002 Limited Explorer at 130K, check trans light and o/d flashing with 4 hours left to drive. Slowed down and took my time, made it. I can tell it's slipping and it sounds like to me after reading this site, Ford transmissions are going to go out before other cars. Too bad, I really like my Explorer too. Going Chevy like my dad and grandpa, they always told me to stay away from Ford

Shirley, NY

#125 Dec 4, 2011
Hi - Started with O/D off flashing, then barely accelerating between 20-30 rpm, check transmission warning and service engine soon light. I have a 2005 Ford Explorer with 66,000 miles. I am so scared to drive the car. My husband is still driving locally because its our only way around. We have an appointment with Ford Service in the morning but I am no longer under warranty. At this point I am expecting the WORST (like 3000.00 transmission rebuild) but I AM HOPING for the solenoid replacement which I think is less money. Either way, my mortgage will have to wait and Christmas will be ruined. My biggest fear is that the "repair" wont work. I cannot drive a car that may die in the middle of the road. I still owe money on the car and my credit sucks from other financial hardships so i may be completely screwed. I cannot believe this. I know there are worse things in life but right now I feel terrible and scared and a victim of a bad transmission that should not have this problem at 66,000 miles! I will let you know what the Ford Dealership says. Until then we will continue to drive locally. When the car is off and turned on again, the OD light does not flash right away.

Norcross, GA

#126 Dec 5, 2011
2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer, OD light started flashing, then I found something leaking close to front passenger side wheel, not sure what it is. Check Transmission message is showing up too and If I shift to Reverse the car kicks like a horse. I haven't drive it again, I'm worried something worst will happen. I've seen twice the posts from this forum in another one about car complaints so this is definitely a recurring problem for Explorer owners. I'll see If a mechanic friend can help me find out the root cause of the problem. I will mention to him the solenoid pack, torque converter, the fluid levels, etc. to see if any of these makes sense. I'll share what I found afterwards.

Rowlett, TX

#127 Dec 5, 2011
Ana, my advice to you is simple. Pay your mortgage! You don't need to worry that the car is going to die, we have driven our 2002 Explorer for several years in the same condition as yours. It's an annoyance but you should NOT panic. Oh and check out Dave Ramsey's website for some great tips on getting your finances in shape. ;-)

Carlos - you like the rest of us - one of thousands affected by this issue. If you find a solution that costs less than 4 figures, let everyone know. Right now, my shop is working on finding out why water might be seeping into the transmission and if that is the root cause of the problem.

Rowlett, TX

#128 Dec 5, 2011
My garage has just reported back to me that there is a Ford bulletin on water intrusion from the wiring harness, and that is what is causes light to flash. To replace the harness we are looking about 360.00.

Tampa, FL

#129 Dec 5, 2011
Hi - my estimate from Ford is 4078.00. Diagnostics showed code P0732 per pin point test check transmission pressure possible broken transmission band REC reman trans????????? any thoughts?

Boston, MA

#130 Dec 5, 2011
2003 Mountaineer is slamming into gear between drive and reverse. The valve body and solenoid block were replaced. It made no differece except now the O/D light is flashing. It has a hard shift down at low speeds but no slipping or trouble changing. Anyone got any ideas ? dont want to throw more money at it.

Rowlett, TX

#131 Dec 6, 2011
Ana - don't do it! Get an independent view, at least, but get someone (not a Ford stealership) to check the bulletins. Your symptoms sound exactly like ours and we've been driving this 2002 for at least 4 years.
Brian Johnson

Saint Paul, MN

#132 Dec 7, 2011
I bought a 02 Explorer last year with 87xxx miles i now have 103xxx and 3 days ago it start acting all kinds of weird.Blinking O-D light slipping tranny to the point that it wont move even had a day when it would not even start fixed that replaced the alternator seemed to help took it to my buddies shop and of it ran great for them $150 bucks and 2 hours later back to its old self and a crazy loud nose coming from the truck was told drop the transmission pan check fluid was also told check the solenoids in tranny....Help anyone

Frisco, TX

#133 Dec 7, 2011
Same problem..2003 explorer.. Blinking OD light.. Slips from start to second gear then fine.. Now service engine soon on also?

Porter, TX

#134 Dec 8, 2011
i have a 1997 ford explorer and my o/d light is blinking and it wont go past 2nd gear..........this is so damn frustrating!!!!!!!!!will never buy a ford again!!!!!!!!!!

Kansas City, MO

#135 Dec 9, 2011
Hello I am a 23 yr old female and know some but very little about cars/ trucks. however i own a 2003 ford explorer eddie edition 4x4. I have had a check engine light on forever since i bought it pretty much 2yrs ago. i noticed earlier this week my truck was shifting kinda late to 3erd gear or whatever to go to 60+ mph i figured it would be fine tho untill i could have a family member look at it. NO! Today coming home on the hwy I heared a loud pop I had no idea what it was still dont but i had to stop at a light b4 I could check it. Well I pushed in to go right at light off the hwy and nothing but my rpms went. My truck wouldnt move in D,1,2,3. I put it in 1 and reved the engine enough to get off the hwy and get a tow. But only thing I know that does that is transmission and I will be very ticked at ford if a car with under 150,000 miles has to get a new tranny. BUT they dont make it easy to check fluid on these you need a kit!! MY DAD HAS ALWAYS BEEN A DIE HARD FORD FAN BUT I SAY THEY ARE CHEAP AND A HASSEL TO DEAL WITH. Hada 99 saturn I got from anauto auction still drivin strong!!!

Bastrop, TX

#136 Dec 11, 2011
I have all the same problems with my 2002 Explorer, has 188,000 miles on it now. It started several weeks ago with the check engine light coming on then would disappear. I was driving it and it felt like the transmission slipped twice coming back home a few blocks away the temp gauge shot to hot. Checked it out, the thermostat housing was cracked replaced that. Drove it and the rpm's race at about 27 mph let off the gas and it would shift. Then the O/D light and check engine light started blinking. It's only been a few days with the tranny acting up but it has gotten worse now it takes about 5 times of the RPM's racing/ letting off the gas before it will shift. I have only driven it a couple of times since it started. Have been reading many forums on possible solutions. Several seem like possibilities if you want try this one it actually sounded the most simplest and logical

Houston, TX

#137 Dec 13, 2011
I have a 2005 Ford Explorer and its right at the 110,000 mark. It seems like as soon as I reached the 100,000 miles my truck has been undependable and has gone down hill from there. This morning my O/D Off light has appeared along with a Check Transmission light! Ford really does SUCK!
Eliana B

Chicago, IL

#138 Dec 13, 2011
Have a '02 Explorer LMT all the with the problems mentioned above. Going to have to start taking the bus because I'm scare of driving the car in the winter.

Dallas, TX

#139 Dec 16, 2011
I have a 04 ford explorer eddie Bauer v6 , today my o/d flashed a few times and check transmission message came on! Can somebody help me and tell me if I should be worry about this problem? After turning the truck off, I turned it back on and everything seems to be normal, but after seeing all these comments all over the web I don't know what to think!! HELP HELP

Virginia Beach, VA

#140 Dec 16, 2011
I have a 2005 ford exployer my o/d light came on and my information gage says check transmision.It does not drive diffrent it does not make any noise it drives like it was before what does that mean

Tempe, AZ

#141 Dec 19, 2011
i have a 98 eddie bauier.The o/d light started flashing and my car started to sound like its winding and the tranny is hestitating on shifting from 35-45 always ran great and never hear any sounds until last few weeks.Any one have any ideas what to do...Ford should recall and fix it..
Skinny Hanlon

Sacramento, CA

#142 Dec 26, 2011
My '02 Eddie Bauer 6 cyl. just started with the transmission symptoms...180K miles. I'm going to try the solenoid replacement suggestion first.
I like the truck, great size, mileage and style. We've only spent money on regular maintenance throughout the life of the vehicle. Thanks for your insight and suggestions.

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