"O/D off" light blinking on dash? pl...

Los Gatos, CA

#141 Apr 10, 2011
1995 ford ranger xlt 2wd a/t. 3.0 v6 W-0/d and light flashes always , and Engine light has been on for about 100,ooo miles.. no one can find any problems! also the Engine light did go off once-while making a turn @ same time the horn sounded till wheel was straight -engine light came back and still on! [email protected] Any solutions anybody found to these problems? Thax..

Ridgeland, SC

#142 Apr 10, 2011
shanks ford wrote:
I have a 95 explorer and the O/D off light keeps blinking on the dash and the vehicle starts shifting weird. I unplug the battery and it goes away and it starts shifting good again. happened 3 times now without me even toughing the O/D button. I was told there was a sensor in the tranny that was probly bad and I should replace it. What is this sensor? anyone know? Thanks in advance...

Framingham, MA

#143 Apr 13, 2011
I have a '99 Explorer that has this OD light blinking issue. It started just about a year ago. I discovered that if I turned the truck off, it resets the computer, thus the light went away. I did this periodically for the last 11 months. Sometimes it would happen about a month apart, then it became a bi-weekly thing. I did notice that I had to accelerate slowly into OD and never had an issue. It was when the rpm's and acceleration were high and continuous that the light started blinking. It was my work around to having the issue...until this past weekend. The light started coming on no matter what and I could not avoid it. It simply will not engage the OD gear. I do also have a sticking gas pedal issue and think that it started around the same time, although I did not connect the two issues. I took my truck to Ford after the first time and they immeditely wanted to consider a tranny replacement, which I felt was not totally necessary based on some of the comments on the issues via boards like this. After leaving my truck at Ford for 2 days and no one getting to it because the transmission mechanic left at 5pm each day (even though service department is open until midnight), I told them I needed my truck back. But now since the light is pretty much on continuously now, I need to address the issue. I love my Explorer and am willing to pay some to keep it on the road. It all comes down to getting a dianostic done and going from there. I'm making an appointment for tomorrow and I'll keep the board posted on the outcome. I guess it could be many things based on the comments left here and I think that this should be considered a factory recall based on the number of issues I've seen posted here. It's clear there is a problem with the product.

Framingham, MA

#144 Apr 19, 2011
well after 5 days at the Ford dealer, I was told that my torque converter was toast and that a complete tranny replacement was recommended. When asked what that damage would be, the dealer told me $3800 like it was chump change. I told him no thank you and went to pick my truck up last night. I figure that the truck is worth maybe a $1500 at best (not so much anymore with a bad tranny)so there is no need to throw almost $4k into a 12 year old truck with no guarantees that something else won't go wrong next week. I'll put that money into new wheels and just drive my explorer until it kicks the bucket. I think I prefer to donate it anyway as we have received more tax benefits for two previously donated cars than we have been offered for trade-ins. Good luck out there folks.

Anchorage, AK

#145 Apr 24, 2011
have 97 expedition o\d light flashes doesnt drive in drivve but all other gears great any suggestions ty

Anchorage, AK

#146 Apr 24, 2011
o\d light flashes wont drive in drive but all other gears great 97 expedition any suggestions ty

Billings, MT

#147 Apr 25, 2011
I have a 99 ford explore limited. the O/D light is flashing and my reverse isn't working at full power i cazn go into reverse but its not as powerful as before i have a filling its the tranny.

Phoenix, AZ

#148 Apr 27, 2011
got a 2001 ford explorer sport and that 4 wheel piece of crap has been giving me hell. have had the o/d light flashing for a long time and im sure its a tranny problem since it started doing it the day after i flushed out all the atf,put new filter, and refilled it. what it does is when either i accelerate suddenly or brake suddenly the light starts flashing then thats when all hell breaks loose. when im stopped at a light and start to accelerate, at exactly 25mph second shift kicks in hard then its fine after that until i hit the breaks again because when i do again at exactly 25mph it downshifts with a bang on the tranny. it all resets with i turn off the car but if i keep driving without turning off the car, my stereo turns on and off, all the lights on the dashboard start flashing and the worst is when the mph needle starts to rapidly move from 0 to 100 MPH WITHOUT STOPPING, IT JUST GOES 0 TO 10, 0 TO 20, 0 TO 30!!! and so forth until i stop and shut down the engine. im just trying to avoid doing huge repairs if i dont need it..... and suggestion or advice coming from someone with knowledge or experience

Fort Smith, AR

#149 May 1, 2011
Parts to repair DIY wrote:
<quoted text>You can fix this yourself with a kit on Craigs List.
this link appears to be dead!
jacob mathew

Long Island City, NY

#150 May 6, 2011
today I found in my car O/D off light flashing in dash .I donot know why it flashing .Can any one can give a suggestion why it happening. Thanks

United States

#151 May 14, 2011
My 2000 mazdz is having the o/d light flashing and check engine light on. Reverse is rough.. any suggestions?

United States

#152 May 24, 2011
I have a 2000 kia spectra and my o/d light is flashing on and off plus the check engine light is on. Can anyone help???? Plz

Cranesville, PA

#153 May 30, 2011
I have a 2000 Windstar LX. Over 125,000 mi and my o/d light flashes right after starting it. I sit and wait until it stops before putting it into drive. Can anyone tell me an inexpensive way of fixing it?

Cranesville, PA

#154 May 30, 2011
I live in Erie, Pennsylvania - not Little Rock, AR

Saint Petersburg, FL

#155 Jun 22, 2011
i have a 95 crown victoria and the light just started coming on last night and now it feels as though its shifting while im driving down the road. god i hope it doesnt mean a new transmission
i have a 2000 kia spectra

Grand Prairie, TX

#156 Jun 22, 2011
my engine light and od light came on and my car gets stuck in gear what do i do

Barnsley, UK

#157 Jun 28, 2011
i bought a ford mondeo 2 litre a mounth ago now it revs up to 6000 revs before it will change into 3rd gear and the od light is flashing does anyone know what is wrong thanks alot
John G

Pawtucket, RI

#159 Jul 9, 2011
Like everyone else. I also had this issue of the flashing O/D light on my 98 Ford Explorer. At first, it started and went away for a while. Then a few weeks later, It happened again and when it did this time, it seemed like it did it once a week. Now I'm at the point, where it does it every other day. Now today. It did it twice in one day. So, it seems like everyday it keeps happening more on more. I check out some of the comments and will look into the suggested problems. Hoping the least of it, like the sensor.

United States

#160 Jul 10, 2011
La luz d od enpeso a ensenderse no se si es un sensor o la trasmision la trasmision trabaja bien quien puede decirme q es lo mejor pAra repararla

United States

#161 Jul 10, 2011
Where is the sensor plug for the tranny on a 95 explorer. Hear that could be the problem for a blinking o/d light if it has corrosion?????

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