ford explorer keypad code location

Brandon, MS

#162 Aug 29, 2008
i have a 2003 explore xlt and i would like to locate my code someone pleeease help

Oceanside, CA

#163 Sep 7, 2008
I have a 2005 ford explorer Eddie Bauer v6,,, i bought the suv from a dealer that i thought was smart,lmao,,,but anyhow i need the key code factory one or something ,,,i was reading the other comments of how to find it ,,and yeah i have no idea what part on the truck to take apart,,im young and yeah you get the point lol, not sure what part in the rear to take apart to get the code! THE DEALER WILL NOT HELP ME OUT! AND IM PAYING 30,000 FOR THE DARN THING! PLZ HELP! EMAIL ME AT [email protected]..

Oceanside, CA

#164 Sep 7, 2008
sorry didn't mean to let a comment ,,,,not sure how to post a question!

Worcester, MA

#165 Sep 9, 2008
I just bought an 05 Ford Explorer. The wallet card is no longer in the glove box. The book says the key code for the keyless entry is on the computer module. Does anyone know where the computer module is? Or do they know of anywhere else on the vehicle I might find the access code?

Hartsdale, NY

#166 Sep 18, 2008

Manteca, CA

#167 Oct 1, 2008
Does anyone know how to change your password? I have a 2001 ford explorer sport.

United States

#168 Oct 6, 2008
Peter Mickus wrote:
I have a 2004 Ford Explorer Edie Bauer edition and I found my security code. The computer module was behind the lower plastic panel on the passenger side rear panel right below the seat belt height adjuster. No tools were needed and it took me a little bit more than 5 minutes.
What does the code look like, i took the panel off and i don't know where to look!

Houston, TX

#169 Oct 8, 2008
Hey can you email me the code or tell what it is. BC i have the same car as you but dont know that code thanks. [email protected]
werelight wrote:
i have a 2002 explorer xlt and the door continually click and a funny thing, when i press the factory code in the door pad , locks unlock but the alarm goes off when i open the door, also the remote wont program.

New York, NY

#170 Oct 12, 2008
I locked myself out of my 2004 ford ex xlt how do i get back in? i dont know my code to get inside what do i do?


#171 Oct 21, 2008
Whoever posted the Wikipedia link is a genius. After following all of the hundreds of locations of the posters, I only found it because of Wikipedia. Maybe others were trying to give the location but it wasn't clear enough. If you go to the site, there is instructions on programming a new code, etc.

Keyless Entry Keypad FAQ Ford Explorer

The keypad can be operated with the factory set 5-digit entry code

You can use the keyless entry keypad to

Lock or unlock the doors without using a key.
Open the liftgate window.
Activate or deactivate the autolock feature.

Where the code can be found

This code is located on the owner's wallet card in the glove box
Is available from your authorized dealer via scan code
Is marked on the computer module

Computer Module location

1995 thru 2001 is located in the jack storage compartment in the rear of your Explorer. First remove the panel to the jack storage compartment. Towards the front of this area you should see a metal box this is your auto-lock module(way up front next to your rear left passenger seat). On the back side of this is your 5 digit code factory preset code. It is hard to get to. To see it you will have to loosen, pull, use a flashlight or a mirror but it can be done.

2002 thru 2007 is in the right panel behind the middle row window. It is below the seat belt mechanism. You have to pull out the top plastic panel off, then loosen the lower panel to be able to see the face of the computer module. The code is on a sticker on the face of the module.

anglie wrote:
i have a 2003 explore xlt and i would like to locate my code someone pleeease help
tk - fl

Saint Petersburg, FL

#172 Oct 23, 2008
hey guys if i have the code how do you reset it
MacGyver Girl

Carrollton, GA

#173 Nov 5, 2008
I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Limited V8 with 3rd row seat. Thanks to this forum I found my factory 5 digit door code. I get called MacGyver a lot by my friends but in this instance I must be a dunce because it took me waaayyy longer than 10 minutes (try an hour) to get the code. But I did think of a few more tips that could help others.

Here's how and where I found mine along with my tips:
1.Lay the back and middle row seats down.
2.Go to the passenger side back seat in the middle row.
3.You are going to be working with the rear passenger seat seatbelt for the middle row.
4.Pull the whole plastic cover for the seat belt off. It's like two pieces but they are clipped together. Tip #1-if you own trim hooks (looks like small screwdrivers but they have hooks on the end instead of your normal flat or phillips head) NOW would be the time to break them babies out! I never would have gotten my trim back on.
5.Once removed, look into the next lower plastic trim piece and you will see a black box.
6.Pull that plastic trim piece out as much as you can without breaking anything. You will not be able to take this piece completely off.
7. Tip #2-Get a dental mirror along with a flashlight or even better a head lamp and use it to read the numbers off the box. My 5 digit number was NOT big or bold and it was not the only number on the box but it was easy enough to guess which one it was.
8.Lock all the doors (make sure you don't lock your keys in your car) and then go to the drivers door and try the code before putting everything back together.
9.If it works, then put the trim back on using the trim hooks if you've got them.

Like I said for me it took about an hour for the whole trim was being really stubborn about going back on but I saved myself about $75 from what the dealership told me.

Thanks for everyone for their help!

Bronx, NY

#174 Nov 7, 2008
you can press on the computer module slightly and also pull out on the wall of the plastic compartment. this should give you enough of a line of visibility to see it with the aid of a flashlight.
mike wrote:
i found the 5 digit code for the keyless entry
in the jack department located on the drivers rear
quarter panel.
the computer module is a square box located 3feet away from the jack.
the code is hard to see, i twisted the bracket just enough to make out the 5 digit code.
you will need a flashlite to see it.
if you have a small mirror that might be helpfull also, if you can read numbers backwards.
hope this helps.

Bronx, NY

#175 Nov 7, 2008
in addition to pressing lightly on the computer box to move it in, also pull out on the plastic wall of the compartment. It is pretty flexible. Using a flashlight, you will be able to see the five-digit code
Robert Ellender

United States

#176 Nov 28, 2008
Tone chicago IL wrote:
Hey where can i find the code for a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT..dealership didn't have it and don't want to get charged by Ford dealer...
[email protected]
" Man you saved me a trip to the dealer, Really appreciate all the help"
Robert Ellender

United States

#177 Nov 28, 2008
Really appreciate the help, you saved my a trip to the dealership!!!! Thanks again

Nashville, TN

#178 Nov 30, 2008
jason PA wrote:
where do i find the keyless entry code for a 2003 ford explorer ??? please email me !!! [email protected]

United States

#180 Dec 13, 2008
Michael Morgan wrote:
Does anyone know where the key pad code for a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 2DR is located?
Mike, I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 2Dr/4WD. I went to the dealer and they said to look in the compartment that houses the jack. When I took the cover off of the jack compartment, sure enough the computer module is located in that compartment. It was hard to read but it is on a sticker on the computer module. Hope this helps.

Clarendon Hills, IL

#181 Dec 15, 2008
I have a 99 Ford Expedition I just bought. can anyone tell me where i can find the key code for this? somebody said it may be located on the back of the fuse drawer
[email protected] m

Ashland, KY

#182 Dec 17, 2008
I just bought at 2001 Ford Explorer Sport (not sport trac) 2 door. I checked the jack compartment and the computer module is not located in there. I also popped the defroster cover on the dash and did not see any code or module. I have been scouring the internet trying to find the information but cannot find a thing. Does anyone know where to find the code on this model??? It seems like this model is different than the others. Thank you for your help in advance!

[email protected]

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