2001 Expedition - Blower fan continue...
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Corinth, MS

#21 Dec 30, 2012
1999 exped wrote:
Well I can say yesterday it all started with my 1999 Expedition EB (radio only worked in Park and N), blower not turning off, beeping 5 beeps, clicking, flashing wiper fluid/4x4). Last night I disconnected the battery and this morning I reconnnected it and it all started again. The blower immediately turned on and the relay clicking began. I disconnected and reconnected. The blower was off and the relay was not clicking. Drove to the store, and everything was working like it should. Got back to the expedition and the fan was on. It is less possessed today than last night, but still possessed.
My son has 2001 expedition and does the same thing. I am convinced it is caused by water leaking from the windshield and causing something to short out.

Honolulu, HI

#22 Feb 6, 2013
I think mines is the worse problem...I have a 2000 ford (EB) expedition...these are my problems...my heater does not turn off only when car is off, my break lights don't work, my blinkers don't work, when I open my door after removing the keys the beeping sound does not stop, my ac does not work I can't even move the switch to control it, radio work when it wants to, wipers on a rainy day will go only one speed which is the slow speed, my car someone will die so I have to jump it our I have to put another battery in my car then when it does start with the engine running my husband would take it out and put or battery in so basicly we have am extra battery in our car...help!! Asap
big cat

Oneonta, NY

#23 Feb 27, 2013
My EXPO 2000 4.6 xlt.I refuse to let this thing quit.started with the 4x4 flashing with washer fluid flashing .blower motor not shutting off.wipers did not work.iam a mechanic a very good one at that.instead of ignoring my truck and go with the attitude see what happens .I searched it out .windsheild replacement a yr ago .so I figured water in the fuse panel was leaking in from windsheild .I have a simple small qt inch drive kit .and these three things rvt black silicone.wire dry.dilectic grease .pulled lower dash cluster and kick panel .undid fuse panel pulled down disconnected two 10mm wire harness and three in side of fuse panel.removed fuse .removed what the call the gem mod.which controls all those things you are having problems with.I used a blow dryer and dried out all the water.and there was water.dilectic grease all plugs after dry.remove gem module with torx bit driver.clean dry.dilectic grease and silicon around edge.and reassymble.tape all wires again make sure plug side is dry .dilectic will not hurt so load on it displaced air and water.last step get glass coverage.and smash the bitch.get a pro to insatll new one tell them yours leaked as welll as the smash that you need it sealed well.sincerly Ford lover.

Seattle, WA

#24 Mar 14, 2013
mora auto repair wrote:
on all ford expeditions the fuce box under dash i heve replaced alot and fix problem
Yeah, the fuse box/GEM (Generic Electrical Module, attached to the back of fuse box) both do all kinds of weird stuff when they get wet. Or, sometimes, without even getting wet. Get the windshield replaced/resealed, replace the fuse box & GEM (you will have to get the GEM programmed by the dealer, by the way), and possibly replace the rear wiper motor, and you should (SHOULD, not WILL) be good to go. At least you will most likely take care of most of your issues by doing this. Long story short, the rear wiper motor, if the park switch inside the motor assembly fails, will tell the GEM that it's still wiping instead of parked on the tailgate, which will keep the GEM on. The GEM wants the wiper in "park" position before it will shut down. Those are the common problems. It's tough to diagnose these issues, but sometimes you have to go with an educated guess. Good luck, all.

Oh, and I am a mechanic, by the way. I do this for a living.

United States

#25 Jun 28, 2013
I have read all of your posts im not an ase certified mechanic an never ran into this problem until 2 days ago on my 2000 ford f250 super duty yes it is the winshield leaking an possibly ur door seal. The water runs down the inside of ur a frame and drips onto the GEM module ( general electronics module) its bolted to the back side of ur fuse box to the left under your steering wheel. Got my winshield fixed and replaced the module an problem fixed hope this helps everyone if you have more questions about it email me kraig85@gmail.com put winshield leak in subject line have a good day

Pensacola, FL

#26 Oct 22, 2013
I just started having this issue. Sometimes the truck doesn't crank back up right away, there is a few steps I have to take for this to happen, again, noone has stated or posted how they repaired it. as of now, I noticed my wipers did not work today, and it reained yesterday....pleaase help

Fairfield, CA

#27 Nov 20, 2013
I have a 2008 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4. The Blower Fan will not shut off. If I turn the thermostat off the blower then goes on high. The blower shifts around - to the vent, then floor, then defrost. This continues to change at random. Please help diagnosis the problem as I cannot afford to take it in to a shop/Ford.

Vancouver, WA

#28 Feb 19, 2014
Yes it sounds crazy but your front window is leaking water on your junction box, which is causing havoc with your electrical...so soon as you reseal that front window your blower motor will turn off your stereo will work your 44 will not flash

Pensacola, FL

#29 Mar 17, 2014
Replace your windshield reason being that water is leaking through onto your electrical port which is causing you a pain in the butt. It only does this crap when its raining this is the solution you may say no but i say yes. replace it and find out for yourself.

Phoenix, AZ

#30 Apr 25, 2014
Did you ever figure out what the issue was. My 2000 EX started doing something similar. Ac fan only blows when in the off position.
tiggermomma wrote:
I have a 2008 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4. The Blower Fan will not shut off. If I turn the thermostat off the blower then goes on high. The blower shifts around - to the vent, then floor, then defrost. This continues to change at random. Please help diagnosis the problem as I cannot afford to take it in to a shop/Ford.

San Antonio, TX

#31 May 22, 2014
SLK wrote:
My 2001 EB Expedition is possessed! When I get into my vehicle the battery is often dead, requiring a jump start. It will run fine until I turn it off, then the heater blower comes on full blast. Turning the car off and on again doesn't stop the problem, so I have to constantly disconnect my battery cable. Took it to the shop and they told me it was the ignition switch...it wasn't. Took it to the dealership and they told me it was the battery...it wasn't. Then they assured me that replacing the alternator would surely do the trick...it didn't! I've spent nearly $2000 trying to fix this problem and nothing works. I'm angry now because I see how many other people have the same or similar problem, yet you take it to the dealership and they look at you like your crazy when you explain what's going on with your vehicle. Why don't they know what to fix if so many people are having this problem?
I have the same problem email me plz need help. rubengonzalesiii

Port Orchard, WA

#32 Dec 2, 2014
In my 2000 expedition had the same problem it rained a lot and I believe that water got into the electrical system through the windshield the fan was running lights were coming on and off the radio started acting crazy the locks wouldn't work I just disconnected the battery I think I'm just gonna get rid of it.

United States

#33 Dec 29, 2014
Is anybody haveing a problem. With there ABS system

Taylors, SC

#34 Feb 27, 2015
I turned off my Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition 2000 and the heat blows full blast while the car is off so it ends up making my battery dead by the time I need to use the car again... What is this?
Phyllis D

Loganville, GA

#35 Jul 27, 2015
My 2001 EB Expedition had the same issue with the blower fan when its wet outside. I havent looked for signs of leaks yet. However the battery does run down frequently for no reason and i suspect this is why. In addition when we replaced the battery it blew something with the AC. I know the AC works fine. Cant find the blown fuse or relay. It is just very frustrating in the middle of the summer in the south. Any ideas how to locate what blew when the battery was changed.
Phyllis D

Loganville, GA

#36 Jul 27, 2015
Ruben wrote:
<quoted text> I have the same problem email me plz need help. rubengonzalesiii
Have you had any issues with the AC once the battery goes dead or if you replace the battery?

Vero Beach, FL

#37 Sep 3, 2016
My blower motor on.my 04 Lincoln ls just turns on by itself an kills my battery! I would stick key in the ignition an turn ignition to cut the blower motor off it goes off then minutes to an hour it will cut back on an kill the battery.I give it a jump an it starts up fine. Does anybody know what the problem could be?
Phyllis D

Covington, GA

#38 Dec 10, 2016
Phyllis D wrote:
<quoted text>
Have you had any issues with the AC once the battery goes dead or if you replace the battery?
Still same issue, but also when it rains the blower motor comes on by itself and runs the battery down. Now it wont start at all after having the battery disconnected for a couple of days so that the battery doesnt drain. New battery, has gas but wont start.

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