99 exped electrical problem when it r...

Columbus, OH

#65 Mar 11, 2014
I have a 2000 expedition and am having problems with the electrical,it has been leaking water thru the lower part of the windshield and into the electrical componets.It won't start now or engage the starter.It started a few weeks ago and after running for a few minutes it tried to engage the starter over and over along with the dash lights going on and off.It has to be a short in the wiring under the dash on the drivers side.Ford's better Idea isn't so bright when it cam to designing these vehicles and they don't stand behind anything.My son's F-150 is also having an issue with the blend door freezing the driver, even if the heat is on it is air on the drivers side,another of fords bright ideas with no resolve from ford ,They don't care about the problem their vehicles are having.
Rick W

Sidney, OH

#66 Apr 3, 2014
My 16 yr old son just came to me last night and said "Dad, can you look at this? The blower for the heat turns on when I turn it off". We pulled a fuse last night so the battery wouldn't die, but I just got a call from my wife who had to go to the high school to jump-start the damn thing. Yes it's been raining for a while and by reading all of these posts, I'm certain I'll find a leaking windshiels as well.

Very dissapointed in Ford...and I'm a Ford guy! Maybe with the sh_t-storm GM is going through with faulty ignition switches and explaining in front of Congress, maybe Ford will reconsider the recall. It is certainly a serious safety hazard. Thinking of my 16 yr old son driving down the road at night at 55 mph and hearing that his headlights could go out? Come on Ford! Do the right thing.

Mountain View, CA

#67 May 21, 2014
All the same problems with my 2001 Ford Exp EB ed. I have a blown fuse (#15) that controls windshield wipers, power windows, indoor overhead lights, running board lights and radio/temp lighting. The biggest one is the release for the shift out of park is locked without that fuse.
You can put the key in the on position without starting it, pull it out of park into neutral, then start the car (temporary solution).
I'll have to get the window replaced.

Salt Lake City, UT

#68 Aug 5, 2014
my wife's 98 ford explorer will not start after a heavy rain or really wet snow. we have taken it to ford and of course they cannot find anything wrong with it, because it was running when we took it in. i had it towed to another place today after we had a heavy rain last night and it won't start.
waiting to hear what they say about it.
wendy boyer

Hudson, OH

#69 Sep 4, 2014
My 2002 expedition does the same thing. I have tons of problems after it rains as well. Everything from car starting itself...heater staying on after car was shut off and keys taken out. Most likely your fuse box is filled with water. We started having issues after we had our windshield replaced. From what I've been told it has something to do with the people who replace the winshield seal it different from ford. This allows rain to get into fuse box. We replaced fuse box and it helped for about a year or two. Now...we are back to a bunch of problems. Radio cuts in and out. Navigation system or temperature thing hasn't ever came back on since it shut off. Light don't come on inside...just to name a few. Now it acts like it's on its last leg. Have had nothing but problems with this vehicle. Transmission went. Head gaskets. I have way more money than in this car than its worth. This is my 3rd expedition and have always loved them until now. Very dissatisfied!!

United States

#70 Nov 23, 2014
I love my car 2001 expidetion but we are having the same problems. Clicking noise, windshield wipers won't work with lights on. Radio goes on and off. Blinkers work every now and then. Worse after rain. I tired of getting under the hood every time I need to go to work. Help
Ford Sucks

Mineral Point, WI

#71 Dec 16, 2014
2001 lincoln navigator having the same exact problem and recently started tryng to start when its already running if I leave it in park iddling, funny how all these people are having the same exact prob and ford wont do anything !
Jonathan A

Orlando, FL

#72 Dec 22, 2014
Tony wrote:
Ok...Randy...here's the deal:
#1: Your lower windshield is leaking, where you can't see it...and chances are, it is near the lower right corner...dripping onto/into your PCM box (computer). Take your Expe to a glass-shop, and ask them to remove and reinstall your windshield...maybe $100-$125. Explain to them, you believe a water-leak to be hitting your computer. Properly re-installed, it should fix your drip-problem.
#2: Check under your dash, or have a body-shop check...chances are, that a piece of molding under the hood, by the wiper valence, is not installed properly, cracked, missing, or something is wrong. If water drips by it, IN ANY WAY, the ONLY PATH IT CAN GO is onto your PCM...
Ford was a MORON for not Making a water-proof housing for the PCM...AND FOR PLACING IT WHERE THEY DID on these vehicles. There are THOUSANDS of complaints, NHTSA is doing nothing about it, and no one is telling everyone the truth about the problem. It is unfortunate...I wish there were one place everyone would go, so that they could know this 2-part solution. If the water hasn't totally fried your PCM already, this is the permanent fix...
I'm having the same problems as everyone els "mostly" my truck doesn't try to start itself though. I caught the a/c coming on when the ign. was off, ect. I looked for leaks and found none, what I did find was a computer box under the drivers side of the dash was hissing and smoking. It did happen right after it rained though.

Carbondale, IL

#73 Feb 2, 2015
I have a 98 exped. having same problems .. I found out that the drain ports for the sun roof were plugged. clean them with air hose.. it totaled my gem mod and my fuse block both

Cottonwood, CA

#74 Feb 17, 2015
I've had so many problems with my '99 Expedition Eddie Bauer. It's simply poorly built. The dealership should be fixing the problems for free and apologizing for selling me a $30,000 hunk of garbage.
Instead they behave like criminals and charge a fortune just to examine a car, and an even greater fortune to fix anything.
How long to they thing they can keep this racket up? If they rob their customers and treat them like dirt they'll never buy another Ford product, and they'll tell everyone they know to stay away from Ford. That's certainly true for me. As soon as I rid myself of this Expedition, I'll never even consider buying another Ford product and I'll warn everyone I know.

United States

#75 Mar 8, 2015
Big Mike wrote:
i have a 99 expedition ok. when i try to crank my truck want nothing happen, no lights no gauge lights. i heard some clicking from the relay. so i change the relay the same thing happen, so i tried my battery the battery was dead, so i bought another battery, and it still doing the same thing, it just like the car is dead,
sounds to me its the starter sylooiad

United States

#76 Mar 16, 2015
Replace Your windshield. The jam module is located under the floor mat In The upper right corner. The Windshield from ford should have been recalled but we're not. Trust me...do it....you won't have any trouble again. They thought I was.nuts.when I asked them to knock out what looked like a perfectlyrics good window.....however he took a.blow dryer to the side.of the window and my hair blew....just enough to get that jam module wet everytime. Your car will act nuts unail you do that. 250 dollar fix at most.

Hockessin, DE

#78 Apr 28, 2015
A Duran wrote:
Well it is ashame that the 1999 Ford Expedition is a lemon. I am the only owner and have had so many problems, electrical, oil leaks. For some reason since day one the inside light will stay on and flicker when driving. Any help on this?? Anyone having problems when you change the back tires does it start feeling like something is grinding under the truck. Not sure what got loose?? I also toke my truck to the dealership nine days after I bought it for the electrical problem and they will deny their is anything wrong. Not to mention the rear door locks they dont open i'm scared if there is a fire my kids will not be able to get out!! Lemon!!!!
I have been having the same problem. When it rained interior lights will stay on for a.couple of hours after the truck has been shut off. Exterior lights as well.

United States

#79 Apr 29, 2015
I had the same issue on my 2000 expedition. You.need a new.windshield. The JAM module.is uneed the floor mat on the drivers side....any condensation will cause your car to act up.every time it rains....not start or just strange things happen....like the radio would.com e on or wipers would start or locks going up and down. I bought so many batteries for my car. Trust me please....buy a new windshield.

Winter Garden, FL

#80 Jun 11, 2015
Karyn wrote:
<quoted text>
Any luck on figuring this out? Mine does the same thing!
Hi I was coming here for help but I may have more insight to the problem then I thought I have a 97 f150 when it rains it will cut off on me all day long I will start it back up and 5 or 10 minutes later it shuts off again. what I think that the problem is the front glass leaks and when it does it is leaking down on to the fuse panel causing all sorts of issues from not staying running to fire hazard and don't even get me started on the back window leaking do get me wrong I love all 3 of my f150's 97,98 and 01 but ford could have paid a little more attention to details.

Lynnwood, WA

#82 Aug 9, 2015
mine was leaking water from the sunroof drains. the water goes down the A pillar and straight into the GEM. test it by pouring some water at the front edge of your sunroof then looking to see if it came out behind the front wheel which it is designed to do. if not, the water is leaking inside the vehicle.

Framingham, MA

#83 Aug 11, 2015
2000 expedition. Replaced window and it fixed the electrical problem. I needed a window but if you can get someone to reseat the window that will fix it...Window guy said don't use silicone as it causes rust...Really? So I won't in the future

Lititz, PA

#85 Sep 4, 2015
Randy wrote:
I have a 1998 Expedition and I too am having problems after it rains or we have any kind of change in climate. First, I left it out in the rain for a day and when I went out to start it, I could not get in to the vehicle. The keyless entry wouldn't open any of the doors and the key would not open anything either. Finally got in to the vehicle only to find out that the battery was completely dead. I charged the battery and it started fine. The air-bag light stayed on after this, but after about a month, it finally went out. It has been about 6 months since the first episode and now, it is happening again, only worse this time. I called a Ford dealership and he told me that it was the relay was stickink in the automatic door locks and that was draining the battery. I left all the doors unlocked and went out this morning to start it and surprise, it was dead again. I charged it up again, had the battery and the alternator tested and they were both good. Now, my speedometer doesn't work. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Could it be something with the recall on the cruise-control? Please help!
I had a problem with my speedometer and odometer not working, and the transmission seemed to be shifting with pressure. I replaced the vehicle speed sensor and I'm good to go. I'm not sure that problem is related to the other electrical issues.
Jim Allred

Dayton, OH

#87 Dec 14, 2015
Well got the window wipers to work but now I can't get the door locks to stop going up and down like crazy!! All my gauges stopped working and the air bag light keeps blinking !! And ideas??
gene fisher

Oak Harbor, WA

#88 Dec 14, 2015
Have 1997 Ford expo Recentlu after rain and not driven. Windshield wipers quit working, rdio out, doors want lock.Went on internet. found many peopke having identical problems, windshield teaking on drivers side onto fuse box causing many dissimilar electrical problems. Only fis I know of. Rwokace fuse modules and windshield. Just defective product in many ways.

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