99 exped electrical problem when it r...

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#21 Mar 9, 2011
I am having the exact same problem. This morning i pushed the unlock button on the keyring and the car starts... i thought wow honey you installed a keyless remote start?? Come to find out that was not the case... the truck jerks on and off on its own like its try to start itself and leave town... guess i we changing the windsheild too... darn thought i had keyless remote start...

Coral Gables, FL

#22 Apr 13, 2011
I also have electrical problems with my 2002 Expedition. I do not have a leaky windshield, I am sure of that, but my problem started when I had someone install window tints on my windshield. It seems they spilled the water bottle over my dash, as I found the car mats soaked on the driver's side, just below the fuse box and gem. The first thing that happened was the car would not start. The ignition wired had become powered at all times, blocking the aftermarket alarm as it "thought" the car was still being driven and therefore it would not disengage. After 40 mins trying, finally the alarm shut off, and I was able to drive the car. I got home 20 mins later, and upon turning the ignition off and removing the key, I realized the instrument cluster lights would stay on, even without the key. I took the car to a shop the next morning, and although they could not find the issue, they "restarted" the system and worked "fine", they charged me $300 and sent me on my way. I got home that day and realized that now my dash lights would not stay on anymore, but now I did not have interior lights, running board lights, and the radio and trip odometer would not retain their memory, as the trip miles and radio configuration would reset everytime the car was ignited;it was almost like the battery was disconnected everytime I turned the car off. Also the gauges would spike all the way up, all the way down and then settle on their normal positions. I suspected foul play, so I took it to a Ford dealer. In fact they found a missing 50 amp fuse on spot 103 under the hood; the first shop had taken it out to hide the instrument lights issue, but this cause side problems. Ford installed the fuse, everything was back to "normal", charged me a hefty $125 fee and send me home. On the drive home that day the car started giving out a 5 set of 5 low tones every half an hour and the voltage keep going haywire. I got home and upon turning the ignition off I realized that now all of the original issues were gone and new had been added. Now my overhead compass stays on and so does the fan blower, even without a key in the ignition, my pedal moving switch does not respond and half of the lights on the right side of the instrument cluster do not give any signs of life (ABS, Child Restraint, Airbags), hence the 5 sets of 5 tones, which is the code for the Airbag either light or sensor malfunction. Now my awesome Expy is sitting in a lot and I'm stuck having to ride the bus to and from work. On top of that Ford cannot even seem to find the problem, although it seems to me that the GEM CJB combo has fried due to the water accident. If anybody could share any info regarding these issues, please e-mail me at raed1104@live.com and it will be deeply appreciated. Thanks

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#23 Jun 8, 2011
thank you everyone!!! My cousin is my mechanic, great guy knows his stuff and I swear he thought I was crazy! 1999 for expedition. Tried to start itself with engine off and keys in my pocket. Also when running dome lights, 4x4 and windsheld washer fluid lights all flash in unison, radio worked in park or neutral but went out in drive. Took a few times but only happens when it rains. Windshield, really... Never would have even started there! Thanks so much!

Coral Gables, FL

#24 Jun 8, 2011
I got mine fixed already. $1400 and two weeks of sitting in the lot at Ford dealer. Even thought mine wasn't the windshield seal, my problem started when someone installing wisndhield tints spilled a whole bottle of water over the dash. The dealership refused to take my advice as far as pointing out where to begin looking for the issue. Finally they came to a realization that the GEM was in fact fried from the water intrusion and as per the service bulletin, they decided to replace the CJB (Fusebox) as well at my expense. Pretty pricey repair if you ask me. The car is working fine now, but one thing that struck me was that now all of the warning tones and chimes (like seat belt warining) are different, louder, echoey and in a different sequence. All in all, Im glad to have my truck back.

Clermont, FL

#25 Jul 7, 2011
I have a 2002 Expedition EB that's having the same problems that everyone else is having just wanted to know is their a cheaper way to out to getting it fix please email ma at jamesstokes02@yahoo.com
john bolenbaugh

Lady Lake, FL

#26 Sep 20, 2011
I have a large You Tube base and I loved my expedition but now with all the problems when it rains I am making a movie to tell the world how ford will not protect its customers safety or investment. I will never by a ford again and its my goal to get 10,000 others at least to switch to another company. Ford if you read this you have let us all down and I live in Michigan and you have lost my business and all my future family business for life unless you fix these problems with a recall. NOW!!!!! johnbolenbaugh@yahoo.com

Meadville, PA

#27 Sep 22, 2011
mbeck36 wrote:
We have been having what was minor electrical issues after it rains. But last night the wierdest one ever happened. We heard our car trying to start by itself. So we unhooked the battery and went to bed. Then in the am we hooked it back up and it is still doing it. The other things it has been doing are wierd, but not major. The radio would cut in and out and the headlight does not work. Sometimes the air would turn on after the car was off. But all these problems seem to go away after everything dries out. This new problem is not. Any help would be great!! Thank you. Also we do not have an owners manual... would anybody that has a 99 Ford Expedition 4.6L be able to send a copy of the fuse layout. I am thinking this might be something we would need to fix this problem! Thanks
e mail is mbeck36@yahoo.com
Get a new windshield! Water is running down on your fuse box.

Edinboro, PA

#28 Sep 29, 2011
Karyn wrote:
<quoted text>
Any luck on figuring this out? Mine does the same thing!
ya same herehow did u fix

Hazleton, PA

#29 Oct 6, 2011
Big Mike wrote:
i have a 99 expedition ok. when i try to crank my truck want nothing happen, no lights no gauge lights. i heard some clicking from the relay. so i change the relay the same thing happen, so i tried my battery the battery was dead, so i bought another battery, and it still doing the same thing, it just like the car is dead,
Hi yes you have to get underneath the truck and on the positive connection to the starter sand the connection and it will be like new I had the same problem. It does it every once in a while or if u want loosen the the nut and tighten it repeatedly all while moving the positive wire from side to side. I have a 98 ford expedition.

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#30 Oct 30, 2011
The problem I'm having with my 2001 Expedition is the back window sensor keeps jumping on and will not go off. It always come on when I am making an left turn & hit an pot hole. Then the doors will began to lock & unlock on its on.
Jerry Bothof

United States

#31 Nov 17, 2011
Tony , I have read all the posts and sounds like the problem im having with my 99 expedition 4x4[. My interior light will come on and off by its self. I have to turn it off with the key less entry but that doesn't even work now. I have bought two batteries and a new alternator during this time, slowed the problem down but didn't fix the problem . I believe its a relay or maybe my PCM box ( computer). I'm puzzled about the PCM because it doesn't always rain for that to happen, unless theirs some water i cant see Where should i start and can you help me ,My email is bothofjr@yahoo.com

Thank you JB
kimberly johnson

Chillicothe, OH

#32 Nov 22, 2011
Tony wrote:
Ok...Randy...here's the deal:
#1: Your lower windshield is leaking, where you can't see it...and chances are, it is near the lower right corner...dripping onto/into your PCM box (computer). Take your Expe to a glass-shop, and ask them to remove and reinstall your windshield...maybe $100-$125. Explain to them, you believe a water-leak to be hitting your computer. Properly re-installed, it should fix your drip-problem.
#2: Check under your dash, or have a body-shop check...chances are, that a piece of molding under the hood, by the wiper valence, is not installed properly, cracked, missing, or something is wrong. If water drips by it, IN ANY WAY, the ONLY PATH IT CAN GO is onto your PCM...
Ford was a MORON for not Making a water-proof housing for the PCM...AND FOR PLACING IT WHERE THEY DID on these vehicles. There are THOUSANDS of complaints, NHTSA is doing nothing about it, and no one is telling everyone the truth about the problem. It is unfortunate...I wish there were one place everyone would go, so that they could know this 2-part solution. If the water hasn't totally fried your PCM already, this is the permanent fix...
I have a 2004 lincoln navigator and it has been one thing after another. First the radio went out, then other small things in the dashboard. Eventually everything went out and I couldn't get it started. Finally took it to 2 dealers (which none of them EVER know whats wrong) and the rain had leaked into the fuse box. Had to replace the fuse box and hope that the water did not mess up the computer. Well, car ran fine after that but after the first rain, battery needed jumped again....Have to see where the water is leaking so I will try the body shop first and see if they can pinpoint the leak. If not, I will just have the windshield repair guy seal my windshield.We shall see!!! FORD sucks!!
kimberly johnson

Chillicothe, OH

#33 Nov 22, 2011
I have a 2004 lincoln navigator and it has been one thing after another. First the radio went out, then other small things in the dashboard. Eventually everything went out and I couldn't get it started. Finally took it to 2 dealers (which none of them EVER know whats wrong) and the rain had leaked into the fuse box. Had to replace the fuse box and hope that the water did not mess up the computer. Well, car ran fine after that but after the first rain, battery needed jumped again....Have to see where the water is leaking so I will try the body shop first and see if they can pinpoint the leak. If not, I will just have the windshield repair guy seal my windshield.We shall see!!! FORD sucks!!

Bórquez, Mexico

#34 Nov 30, 2011
Yes thank you that makes sense when I recall, it has rained or we have washed the car. I did replace the window but probably wasnt installed properly. I noticed water getting i have all of the above problems radio on without key door locks not working the battery dying,engine stops running on the highway alt starter and fuel pump burning out because of shorts and airconditioner, the 2/4 wheel drive the windows the gages the airbag light,fuses,ect. so if i get the windshield properly installed what do i need to do with the compu (pcm) when it dries out will it be ok or do i have to have the ket with the chip reprogrammed again?Mec has had the car for 2 1/2weeks.

Bórquez, Mexico

#35 Nov 30, 2011
key with the reprogrammed again?

Tonawanda, NY

#36 Dec 4, 2011
After it rains for an hour or two on my 92 Expedition XLT I have the same problems until it dries up. The windows don't work, interior lights don't work, and the wipers stop working. I hear a clicking noise up around the fuse box. One minute everything might be fine and the next it all stops working again. This ALWAYS happens after a good rain, and again I have no problems after a day or so of drying weather. I've check wires, switches, relays, fuses, can't find anything defective, nor can I find water that leaked in. Think I'm going to get my windshield removed and re-installed like some of you have also tried. Wish me luck!

Columbus, OH

#37 Feb 7, 2012
2001 EDDIE BAUER Expedition...battery drain with clicking noise coming from dash. When charged car starts right up but turn it off immediate dead.Why is there not a recall on this??.How are you all fixing this??.we had the GEM module replaced a year and 1/2 ago. I"m now wondering about this windshield thing too.
Millie L

Merritt Island, FL

#38 Jun 26, 2012
I have a 2001 Ford Expedition and I also notice electrical problems, the radio turns on, even if car is off. The car did turn on by its self...and drained the battery. I tried to explaining it to my husband but he looked at me like I was crazy. There must be something that we can do to hold Ford accountable for their product, maybe a class action suit,some thoughts.

Since: Oct 12

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#39 Oct 4, 2012
I also have a 2000 expedition that only acts up when it rains. I recently just bought another battery and alternator after the rain had kept my car acting as if it was running all night. I have had the lights go on and off, car start without keys, horn going off, locks going up and down, windows and air not working all panel lights on with all gauges showing measurements with the car off. The side runnersnstay lit upand the 4x4 kicks on when im trying to drive it. Today was the worst after a rain in missouri and thirty minutes in walmart as my expedition was dead and i took a cab home! After 6 hours of drying out it started and we got it home. I have been told that it always needs another battery and alternator. Then a gem module. I have put one transmission and two engines (first was a re-po). This vehicle is a lemon and shame on ford for not standing behind their product for customer safety. I think legal matters should take place on behalf of all owners of ford vehicles with his issue which should have clearly been recalled. I will try the windshield advice. Thank you.

Gulfport, MS

#41 Oct 14, 2012
Sealing the windshield will cure the problem. The GEM module behind the dash on the drivers side is getting wet and causes all sorts of electrical gremlins.

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