2002 Ford Escape brake problem

2002 Ford Escape brake problem

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Aurora, CO

#1 Feb 16, 2007
I started have a strange problem with my escape. When it get really cold and I don't warm the truck up the brakes fail. What I mean by fail is that I get into the truck start it up and just start driving. Then sometimes when I try to stop the brake pedal won't even move. Itís like its stuck and the truck will not stop. And then all of a sudden it will engage and the pedal will move and the truck will stop. I almost hit a bus the other day. I took it to a shop and they did an inspection of the brakes and said they see nothing wrong. They said call ford and ask if they have ever heard of this. So I did and no they haven't. Any ideas?

Woodridge, IL

#2 Nov 15, 2007
My 03 Escape did this once last winter. I didn't warm it up and just pulled out of driveway and brake pedal did not move at end of block when braking. After that, it worked fine all day! Ford mechanics don't have a clue, they only make things worst! I've owned nothing but Fords for 25 years and this will be my last Ford because of their poor service even under warranty. I reaaly feel that this is a brake booster problem, good luck!

Indianapolis, IN

#3 Dec 11, 2007
You are an idiot if you think the brake booster can malfunction to the point your brake pedal will not move at all. Sounds suspicious that it only happens on cold days when you don't allow the car to fully warm up. Because, I've never heard of anybody warming up the brakes, usually just the engine. I am an aircraft mechanic and do all of my maintenence myself, because I only trust me. I'd have to actually drive the vehicle to make an accurate assesment, but with the info you gave it sounds like you should let the vehicle warm up before taking off.

United States

#4 Apr 17, 2008
My partner and I had a severe problem with a 2002 Ford Escape. She was driving and the brakes locked up causing her to hit another vehicle. The damage that was done to the other vehicle was minimal but the Escape is totaled. She said when the truck pulled hard to the right and when she applied the brakes, they wouldn't engage. We know there was no recall on the vehicle, as we checked with the VIN number through Ford Motor Company.

Pelion, SC

#5 May 13, 2008
Cody You are an Idiot! How can you rule out a possible frozen brake booster? Did you even consider possible water/moisture migration in the booster? How about a stuck vacume check valve?

Kingston, Canada

#6 Aug 31, 2008
Everyone thinks there a mechanic and that they know everything, and ford mechanic know fuck all, first off, there can be many things that cause this but important info is left out "history of the vehicle" for all you guys know the temperature outside could be -40 and parked in a wind tunnel with contaminated brake fluid with high mositure content from a top up at a side show garage, thats the biggest problem people point the finger and assume, the only thing for sure is your both idiots!

Pincher Creek, Canada

#7 Dec 27, 2008
I drive a 2004 Ford Escape. I was given no warning, I was driving home and when I applied the brakes, the pedal went to the floor. I haven't taken it in yet. I noticed a leak near the front left tire. What could be the problem?


#8 Dec 28, 2008
it sounds like a brake fitting loose or possibly a line breakage, anyone hate you?

Piscataway, NJ

#9 Jan 20, 2009
I agree with Jon, Cody, you are an idiot. What is probably happening is there is water either in the vacuum line between the intake and the booster or the booster itself. When the car is cold the water freezes solid and blocks the vacuum assist from the manifold to the brakes. The result is a brake pedal that doesn't feel like its doing anything when you press on it. In reality you are dealing with manual brakes when your vacuum booster isn't working and they do actually still work. You just have to press about 20 times harder!

This is a common problem, I see a lot of posts on the internet about it, and my 2004 is doing it right now, and it is very clearly a problem with vacuum assist. In all likelyhood you need a new brake booster.

Saskatoon, Canada

#10 Jan 25, 2009
Good post. I'm having the same problem with my 2002 Escape when the temp dips below -30C. I'll talk to a mechanic and have him look at the brake booster / vacuum assist. Any updates on your problem? Have you got it fixed?

Mainz, Germany

#11 Mar 3, 2009
I'm having the same problem. THis morning I waited about 5 min. to defrost the windows but when I pulled in reverse the brake pedal wouldn't go down and I just kept on going. I have a 2009 Ford Escape and it would seem that this problem would've been fixed by now. Has anyone had the mechanic look at it yet concerning the vacuum theory? I have an appt. tomorrow. Hopefully I'll know something soon.

United States

#12 Mar 7, 2009
I have replaced the pass side caliper and both front rotors and pads due to a sticking brake. It was driven for about a week and the same side has stuck again! Any ideas? It is a 2002 escape 4x4 with ABS. Could this be an ABS problem? Maybe something causing it to keep pressure on the line?
Please reply to my email if possible.. [email protected] with escape brakes as subject, Thanks for any and all help.

London, Canada

#13 Mar 26, 2009
About 2 weeks ago my brakes started shuddering, like the abs is kicking in (I'm in Toronto but there is no ice). This happens about 30% of the time and seems to be associated with a clicking noise in the dashboard which goes on even when the brakes are not applied. Also, the brake warning light is on really low - you can only see it in the dark. The brake fluid seems to be splashing out the top of the reservoir a little bit(the sides of the reservoir have fluid on them and the level is down a bit, maybe because of the abs shudder?). Any thoughts?

Tallahassee, FL

#14 Apr 15, 2009
Has anyone out there had to replace a catalitic converter on their '02 Escape? A mechanic I went to said there are 3 on this vehicle, one at base of each exhaust manifold and a third after that. Evidently the 3rd one on my vehicle is leaking which is causing the oxygen sensor in that converter read high % oxygen and making the computer to cause the sytem to run way rich. Mechanic said job is to difficult (said you have to pull the engine?) and expensive to fix and that I should just sell the car "as is". I can't do that. Has any one had to make this repair that can give me an idea of what I'm facing?

Garden City, KS

#15 Apr 30, 2009
Just went thru the brake thing on 2002 Escape; said line busted; but now my daughter was driving it; stopped at a stop sign; sounded like a standard shift; then wouldn't engage. It's a 4 wheel drive automatic. Any advice. It has 133,000 miles; but I would expect more out of a vehicle then brakes going out and than 2 months later; stranded in an intersection.........Is it a transmission and any idea cost?

Baltimore, MD

#16 May 14, 2009
I have the same problem with my escape as Jack, only I have not noticed the light dimly lit. I had the indicator fully lit before I had the brake recall taken care of by the dealer. The light has since not been lit but now I'm having your problem. Any luck determining the cause or fix?
Jack to Matt

London, Canada

#17 May 15, 2009
I still have the ABS problem - On dry pavement, especially around 50 Km/hr (31 MPH) the ABS clicks in. My mechanic replaced the rear brake pads etc and the master cylinder (which I told him was not the problem) but it is as bad as ever. I am considering taking it to the dealer which I usually avoid. Will post if i find a solution.
Jack to Matt

London, Canada

#18 May 15, 2009
And whatever they did to try to solve the ABS problem solved the dimly lit brake light. Unfortunately I don't know what was done
Problem Fixed

Baltimore, MD

#19 Jul 2, 2009
Jack to Matt wrote:
And whatever they did to try to solve the ABS problem solved the dimly lit brake light. Unfortunately I don't know what was done
The dealer found the ABS sensor was bad in the front axle. Unfortunately you cant replace the sensor alone. They replaced the axle and the problem is now gone. Problem now is I am missing $800. Good luck.
Lone Eagle

Culpeper, VA

#20 Aug 16, 2009
I have a 2002 Ford Escape 2WD V6. EAch time when first moving from parked, the ABS system kicks in and modulates the brakes. This happens once or twice, then the ABS light comes on, the ABS quits modulating the brakes and the car brakes normally. It is as if the ABS system thinks it needs to operate and does so for a couple of cycles, then gives up, lights the light and (I assume) turns off the ABS and works without it. Any ideas what this could be and how to troubleshoot the system?

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