Ignition coils - 2005 Escape
julian b duron

United States

#21 Aug 18, 2011
I'll add mine to the mix. My 2005 Ford Escape 3.0 V6 102,000 miles had 100,000 maintenance 2 months ago now after having engine problems Central Ford in South Gate tells me the #4 coil spark plug wire is bad.
Fathers Nightmare

Waltham, MA

#22 Aug 19, 2011
I had the engine light go on. I have a CarMD scanner which I highly recommend. A repair shop will charge you $99 to scan wheich is the price of the scanner. When I scanned it read misfire in cylinder 4. So I replaced the spark plug. Very easy to do if you have a phillips head screwdriver, spark plug socket, extention and wrench. Took care of the problem. The igition coil connects by suction to the plug and connects to the wire. Again very easy to replace. From Amazon coil is $68 with free shipping and its a Motorcraft. Number 4 5 and 6 are located near the radiator. If cylinder 1 2 or 3 misfire that when you need to go to a repair shop unless you are very mechanical inclined.

Surrey, Canada

#23 Dec 2, 2011
2005 Escape Ltd, 60k miles, has run like a top...until this week. 2 coils and plugs. After reading others with same issues I've decided to sell before the rest go.

Such a shame...is a great little SUV.

If anyone from Ford is reading, turning a blind eye to this type of obvious design problem may give your service departments revenue in the short-term, but it does not build trust for repeat business.

Jacksonville, FL

#24 Dec 5, 2011
Jack wrote:
I heard that to get to the back three on the V6 you have to pull the intake manifold off the engine. Seems like a screwed up design. Either the components should be designed for 100K miles or more or the layout should allo for much easier access. This is a great cash flow machine for the dealership repair shops! What an F'd up design!
This is true, but it's a bit deceiving as the intake is two parts and you only have to pull the top half which I did yesterday inside an hour, so it's not that bad to do. You also have to drop the passenger front axle to change the alternator! What is up with that? I took this apart due to not being able to get the RPM above 2k. Prior to putting a fuel supplement in the tank when I tried to raise the RPM it would stall. Using a spark tester, I determined my coils are fine, but I need to retest number 5 and I can do that with the intake back on. Turns out none of my 6 injectors OHM out in spec. Everyone is low, so while I have the top half of the intake off, I will replace those and expect that will solve this problem. I am shocked that all six are shot at the same time, but the repair manual says there should be between 13.1 - 14.5 OHM's when tested with a multimeter. I had none above 12.9 and number one was the lowest at 11.9.

Others have talked about cat's clogging and some have replaced theirs three times now, but I have not tested mine and fact is if I have to it will simply get a test pipe and be done with it.

It seems most people are not happy with their escape after the first 80k miles. What a shame for Ford to allow this to continue. If there is a major problem with stability, then they should fix it.

We are not in a position to replace ours, but so far with the repair manual and sites like this, I have been able to do the work myself saving the THOUSANDS others have paid. I feel for those who are not able to do the work themselves. If people were close, I would be willing to help, but like normal mechanics I would have to charge for my time.:-( It's not a pretty situation...


Salem, IN

#25 Jan 26, 2012
the 05 escapes did not have the right spark plugs in them from the factory they need to have a resistor spark plug, this is damaging the coils then the PCM coil driver circuits.

Fair Oaks, CA

#26 Feb 13, 2012
My 2005 escape has the same issues this sucks. I think all of us should get together and sue Ford.

Sherbrooke, Canada

#27 Mar 1, 2012
hey, i have the same problem, right now... 3 cylind. misfire, mechanical told me, have to change 6 coils and ecm, but, ecm beginning to be rare here, i need my car faster, i dont know what to do. ....
No more Ford

Raleigh, NC

#28 May 1, 2012
Within the past 3 months I have replaced:
The entire A/C system
spark plugs
and one coil #2 misfire........

$2,000 later!!!!!!!!!!
never again

Syracuse, NY

#29 Nov 2, 2012
My 2004 escape only has 50000 miles on it..I already replaced the alternator( it died on the highway in the fast lane) now the engine light came on and it was running rough, coils and spark plugs have to be replaced this will be $750 . I always thought buying American cars was the way to go...never again, my next one is going to be a Honda or Toyota .

Derry, NH

#30 Nov 10, 2012
got my mechanics discount on new computer for $750. #4 coil bad replaced. brought to dealership to flash the computer , still runs rough,, theyre changing other 5 coils at this moment. 2005 escape is a piece of crap.dont buy ford

Wyocena, WI

#31 Nov 28, 2012
2005 Ford Escape. 77000 miles. Started running rough about 200 miles from home. Luckly we got it to a Ford dealer before it died completly. 3 bad coils and the ECM. Estimated cost to reapair was $2733. After seeing what a problem this is we bought a new vehical. To bad because up until this point the Escape had been trouble free and my wife really loved this car. Won't buy another one.

Bethesda, MD

#32 Jan 14, 2013
2004 Escape -# 4 ignition coil went. 1 month later # 5 went. intake manifold gasket, air gasket, vacuum harness and two fuel pumps - all in one year, same year the warranty ended.
99 Ford ranger - engine block cracked at 60,000 miles in 2004. No more Fords for me.
Gonzos 2002 XLT

Paisley, FL

#33 Jan 16, 2013
My first one went bad at 92,300 miles. It was the #5 cylinder. Bought the coil/spark plug and replaced it myself. Took me a very long 10 minutes to do this...of course, this one was located on the front. But if you need to take out the manifold to do the rear ones, it's really not a hard thing to do and it takes about 30 minutes for the total job. Amazon and Ebay sell sets of 6 DG-500 OEM style coils for under $100. Guaranteed for life,(or as long as the company is in business). Many have purchased and installed these with good results after many miles. So, these are not Motorcraft that start at about $120 a piece and yes, they may not last $100,000 miles. But if I get 40,000 to 60,000 miles out of them, I'll be a happy camper. The car will be long gone before this happens.
You might as well change them all and install new plugs at the same time. Paying a "stealer" almost $2,000 to do this job is a joke and what I consider, highway robbery. Do a search on www.youtube.com on how to do this. It's a lot easier than you think. Anyone with basic mechanical skills can tackle this job. No need to sell the car because of a busted ignition coil...unless you want to!
Gonzos 2002 XLT

Paisley, FL

#34 Jan 16, 2013
Another point: Ford Escapes with the V6 engines have been having these ignition coil problems since they started making the Escape. Why can't they get this issue resolved? Think about it, at an average repair cost of $350 per coil to do do this at a dealer, I guess they have decided that this is not a Ford problem, but a Ford revenue generator. Too bad for Ford customers...we get screwed again!
Brad Zephyrhills FL

Crystal Springs, FL

#35 Jan 25, 2013
I took my 2005 Escape in for service after te ABS light came on and off several times. I was told it needed a sensor replaced in the front passenger wheel. I got about 5 miles from the dealership before it happened again, but this time the ABS light stayed on. Back to the dealership again, where at first they were going to replace a bad sensor, and then it was there were other codes showing after they tried to make the fix. Now I am told, all the coils need to be replaced, including the spark plugs and the ESU. I had already replaced bad coils, 5 of them at 70,000. The engine was running great prior to the sensor change, so now I am wondering what they did to short out the whole system with a new repair estimate to me of $3,000 to get it running again. This is just insane.
Jennifer wrote:
My car wouldn't start this morning, and when it did, the CEL came on. Went to the mechanic this afternoon and found out that one of my ignition coils was cracked and 4 others have hairline fractures. And, the cracked ignition coil had shorted my ECM. Anyone else have this problem with their Escape? I was told by my mechanic that these should last at least to 100,000 miles.

Chicago, IL

#36 Jan 31, 2013
My engine light went on Monday morning after super heavy cold Chicago rain on Sunday. My 05 escape xlt was running like it was flooded, idling hard and feeling like it was going to die. it's at the mechanic shop now, and i have a bad ignition coil, 3 leaks in a vacuum hose and replacing all my spark plugs. I have about 66,000 miles on it.They are also going to check to see if the catalytic converter was affected, but he thinks it may be okay.After reading all of these post, I feel camaraderie, and like this is just round 1 =(
John - Toronto Canada

London, Canada

#37 Feb 5, 2013
The more I read on various sites, the more frustrated I get that the Escape ignition coil and related ECM failure is such a wide spread problem. My /05 is in the shop now with 3 damaged coils and a fried ECM. $2250 worth of work. Have got nowhere with the local Ford dealership, in fact if i go through them, it's 2800. Unbelievable.

Tempe, AZ

#38 May 17, 2013
Im in the process of changing the whole Electrical Ignition Harness; this is attach to each engine coils. I've replaced all spark plugs, engine coils; and it wont idle on its on. Gotta press the GAS pedal for the vehicle to stay running. once your foot is off the pedal, it shuts down. My next move is to replace the whole Harness. If this don't work, then i out of luck.. anyone know
Mere W

United States

#39 Oct 2, 2013
My second Escape (my first Escape was great - I upgraded) bought 2005 brand new and has been great; at 123,000miles I too have experienced the stopped in the middle of the road, four wheeler sound. The dealership can repair for $1100....sound familiar?
Yes, it is a flaw and a terrible one that FORD should have caught and taken care of before we all stated having issues.
I trust the dealership that is working on my car, and will probably buy another one at some point, just not now.

United States

#40 Feb 17, 2015
Class action law suit is what should happen. I got the same problem. Spent $1600 and still the same problem. If you've had this problem and want your money back, please reply to this tread. As soon as I have 1000 people in this tread I can convince my attorney friend to start the law suit with no money upfront.

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