2002 Ford Escape

South Hadley, MA

#186 Dec 27, 2007
I have a 2002 ford escape. Intermittently it will start fine then when I put it in reverse and hit the gas it will stall and will not restart. It doesnít seen to do it when I put it in drive though, I donít know if this is related or not. Sometimes if I leave it for a day or it will restart for me other times I need to have it towed. Every time I have it towed to the garage it starts up for them. They thought it was the idle air control valve so that was replaced but it didnít fix the problem. I had it towed to the garage and it has been there for two weeks and they cannot figure it out and it will not stall again for them. Has anyone had this sort of problem??

Conyers, GA

#187 Dec 27, 2007
My 2002 Escape has a rear passenger door that won't open. Has anyone had any luck in finding out what is causing this?

Stafford, VA

#188 Jan 7, 2008
marylink wrote:
Tried to warm up the car this morning and the key slips in perfectly but will NOT turn, not at all. I have tried twisting the wheel back and forth, rocking the car, nothing. It is not dead, the beeping "door open" light goes on, it just won't start because key won't turn. I can't even tow the thing, it won't go into neutral, so today I am trapped at home wondering what the heck. It is a 2002 with 115,000 miles.
not sure if you got the problem solved but just had that problem and it turned out to be the ignition coils were broken.

West Chester, PA

#190 Jan 15, 2008
Rachel Mayes wrote:
I have a 2001 Ford Escape and my drivers side door handle was frozen this morning. I pulled on it and it would open, I crawled inside and opened it just fine. Now I can open it at all from the outside and all of the other doors are fine. I can open that door from the inside but not the outside. Does anyone know how to fix it?
I just ran into the same problem - how did you fix yours?

Alameda, CA

#191 Jan 27, 2008
Once you start the car it jumps to like 4500 5000 rpm and drops fast it keeps doing it and i mean its like really fast and back and forth. With in 10 sec it will do that like 10 times. I checked the TPS, MAF, and the IAC wires and nothin helped. Any ideas, thanks all
Ford owner

Plymouth, MN

#192 Feb 6, 2008
Robert Wilson wrote:
Has anyone had the trouble of hitting the gas and noticing a vibration. Replaced both motor mounts, checked the exhaust to make sure it wasn't loose and it still has a dull vibration. Also noticed that every so often when you turn the wheel to the right or left it may pop a few times. Its like a tierod end is bad. I figured maybe the problem is coupled with the problem I stated. If anyone has had this trouble and knows a fix let me know. Thanks
This may sound odd, but you have checked your air hose? This happened to me with my Escourt and after replacing motor mounts, etc the guy at the quick lube oil change place noticed the crack / leak in my air hose...a little duct tape and the problem was solved until the new part came in.

Seattle, WA

#193 Feb 13, 2008
My 02 Escape produces a pronounced "thump" when accelerating, similar to a transmission changing gears. My concern is that it happens 95% of the time, regardless of speed, road conditions, weather or incline. If I feather the pedal, ever so gently, I can accelerate without the thump, but it doesn't make sense to drive this way. Under normal acceleration, the thump is always there; even when going down hill. Watching the tachometer indicates that the transmission is not shifting gears, and I don't get the thump when the transmission does change gears. Any thoughts what this might be?

Another transmission issue is that there is a "click" sound on the break pedal when the engine is running and the Escape is in park. The click sound does not happen when the Escape is moving or standing in any gear. My dealer told me this is some sort of transmission shifter linkage that may cause the transmission to get stuck in a gear. He also informed me that it would cost around $500 to fix. Has anyone experienced this, had it fail, and found a less expensive repair option? While searching some forums, I've read a few posts about Escapes getting stuck in reverse, and wonder if my linkage problem is related somehow.

BTW, I don't drive this vehicle very much, and it only has 38000 miles on it. Seems like low mileage for transmission problems, and I wonder if this vehicle is going to become a money pit.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Ardmore, OK

#194 Feb 16, 2008
brent wrote:
Deb.. Hve you taken it to the dealer to have the computer reflashed? My 2001 had the same trouble but we caught it early after only the third time.
Brent, what does 'reflashed' mean? I just got a 2001 Escape. The first Ford I've ever owned. Don't know anything about them.

New Baltimore, MI

#195 Feb 18, 2008
I have an 02 Escape with the V6. It just started running with a really high idle. I just replaced the transmission gasket yesterday. Is there something I might have done to cause this?

Chauncey, GA

#196 Feb 19, 2008
I'm having the same problem as you with my 2003 Ford Escape. When I drive on dirt roads or go over small bumps, my car makes a clunking noise. Do you have any advice? I'm trying to get an idea before I head to a mechanic.
larry daniels

United States

#197 Feb 20, 2008
my 2002 escape make a clunking when i run over bump or hit small pot holes the sound coming from the front end. i am self-made mechanic and very good one too. but can not locate where the noise is coming from. i have the escape for a most 3 years it been a very good. i have got 30 mpg on the when i keep the speed 65 mph on road but must faster it used much more fuel. i have problem whit the rear door lock and it work when it want to work. so i got mad and took the the rear door panel off and saw the little than work the lock need to replace it but have not yet. so i lock and unlock the with my hand by reaching on the rear seat. i love the ford escape xlt good suv.

United States

#198 Feb 21, 2008
Everytime I open my doors the car alarm goes off. Also, my remote entry does not work, I changed the battery. Can it be reset.

Little Rock, AR

#199 Feb 21, 2008
I recently brought my 2002 escape (115K) into the dealer for the ABS recall - just to get it checked. I also authorized some routine mechanical repairs (lower control arm, tie rod, injectors cleaned and oil change).

When I got in the vehicle to leave the dealership (after they said it was ready) the ABS light and the brake light was on. They kept the vehicle overnight.

The next morning, they told me that the battery had failed. Interestingly, I had just done a diagnostic check on the battery 2 weeks prior (everything fine) and dealer checked it the prior day (everything fine). I authorized the replacement of the battery.

Later that day, they called and said the vehicle was ready, but the after market remote starter wasn't working properly. When I arrived to pick up the vehicle, they informed me that the it would not SHUT OFF! Even with the remote start completely disconnected and the key out of the ignition! The car would continue to run for 20 seconds to 10 minutes. During this time the check engine light was on as well as the OD OFF light. It seems that I corrected the "won't shut off" issue using the following steps:
1. Turned the ignition key off 3 times quickly (to reset the computer). It worked, but I could get it to fail again.
2. Disconnected the battery and touched the positive and negative cables together to drain residual voltage. Seemed to solve the problem. Confirmed that the remote start had nothing to do with the issue - it was an easy thing for them to blame.

I am still getting the check engine light and occasionally the OD OFF light comes on and the OD kicks out. I'm getting the following codes:
- PO453 EVAP Emission CTRL
- PO460 Fuel LVL Sensor Circuit
- P1451 EVAP Control, System Vent

My question - what on earth did the dealership do that could have created the above problems? I've never experienced any of these issues before my fateful visit. They've been no help. Where do I go from here?
Do not waste your money

United States

#200 Feb 25, 2008
Haley wrote:
I think that escapes are the worlds cutest cars!
im turning 16 in april and im begging my parents for a light blue one!
I'm a fan for Mercury and ford, however, Escape is the most problematic vehicle I ever had: the worst of all with the alternator, it is hard to remove it and because is located in a very low place, is easy to be spalshed an damaged.

United States

#201 Mar 5, 2008
Chandra wrote:
My 2002 Escape has a rear passenger door that won't open. Has anyone had any luck in finding out what is causing this?
My 2002 escape is at the dealership now because the driverside door is stuck. They said they have to break the door to fix the problem and that Ford has switched to a new design apparently because this is a common problem. They quoted me $400 so far and that is without labor and without a new door panel that i will have to have once they break mine

United States

#202 Mar 10, 2008
2002 Ford Escape XLT 3.0 Clunking and clattering noise in front end over bumps at 25-40 mph. Not the ball joints. Mechanic wonders about struts. This car has 80,000 miles and never driven off-road. I think struts is farfetched idea. My son suggested the sway bar and having bushings replaced. Doesn't seem to be a safety issue-just very ANNOYING. Has anyone had any issue like this? Please let me know. Thanks.


#203 Mar 24, 2008
Have a 2002 Escape and the oil capacity is 5.5 quarts with filter. I change my oil every 3000 miles and every time I notice that the oil level is not totally topped to max. It is about 1/8" above the lower level. I'm concerned that I am not putting in enough oil. I do not want to put too much. I only add 5.5 quarts as recommended. Any thoughts?

Kaneohe, HI

#204 Mar 28, 2008
kyle devenyns wrote:
<quoted text>
had the same problem i replaced the fuse and it works fine now
Hey kyle

Vandalia, OH

#205 Mar 31, 2008
I've had my Escape since 9/01, and have an occasional problems with the engine briefly "cutting out" during driving on the interstate. Also, during the cold weather the idle speed will be over 3,000 rpms if Iwait a few days the idle speed will stablize as if nothing happened. The latest is the low idle at start up and the engine runs as if its missing. This is very furstrating as I take my car to the dealer regularly and they can't come up with a solution because by then the check engine light is off and event log shows no problems. I plan on getting to the dealer soon asap so they can look at the check engine history.
Jane Staten Island


#206 Apr 12, 2008
Hi I have a 2002 ford Escape that after it rains she runs very sluggish and the check engine light comes on. Help

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