EUROPEAN cars suck!!!
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Jamaica Plain, MA

#62 Nov 2, 2010
vlad wrote:
<quoted text>you are a joke man how can cars suck balls
when they are not alive.also well my american pal
you said that american cars are better than european cars my arse.american cars are terrible they might look nice but the handling of them is poor.also americans use cheap materials when they build cars because the interior is american cars are big,heavy and plus they have big
engines which are useless they don't make alot of
power.european cars have smaller engines with more power than those american hunk of junks.even asian cars are far more superior and better than american cars.americans are truely terrible when it comes to the automotive industry that's why i hardly ever see american cars in europe and asia.because they are poor quality and plus they don't use quality materials.american cars are cheap,ugly and they body of an american looks like
a box.european cars are more advanced than american cars.look at the amount of time europe takes making cars they take pride in what they do.
plus european engineers are more skilled and have
more knowleadge in cars than americans.american cars are shit.european cars rock
Find me a european truck that can handle the beating that i give my dodge ram offroad everyday. European cars handle better? have you ever driven an american car? probably not. oh and as for handling, american cars are setup to be balanced with a driver on the left hand side of the car. i bet any american car you drove had the drivers seat on the right hand side, when talkin about statics, and dynamics, this could throw the whole balance of the car off, as well as changin handling characteristics with the mirroring of the steering pump and steering components about the center of the vehicle. Come out to america, and take a test drive in the new dodge ram 3500, just named motortrend truck of the year, then tell me that european cars have more power.
As for european engineers being more skilled. i am a basic engineering student at Quinsigamond Community college, and im transfering to Worcestor Polytechnic Institute where i will major in automotive engineering, with a minor in mechanical engineering, fall of next year, and im gunna have to say that i am going to strive to be the best that i can be when it comes to revolutionary new ideas, so if your european engineers are so smart, you can tell them that they are about to get some competition. oh and and actually plastics and polymers, are not cheap materials, nor are they low quality materials, im currently doing a project on polymers for my Materials Sciences class on tire compounds and different polymers that they use, and the different characteristics of each, and learning about all of the new revolutionary polmers that are coming out, that have high tensile strength, coupled with low weights, which make them ideal for use in cars, as well as new ways to protect the polymers against UV damage, which can actually break the bonds between the atoms of the polymer, anyways, these materials are very expensive, and are similar to the plastics that americans are using in theyre so called peice of shit cars. thankyou, have a nice day.

Lyon, France

#63 Nov 4, 2010
wow everybody is happy to know that you are the best student of the world,
and we are also happy that you have bought a dodge ram (i don't know the price) and you are a student at the same time, you really impressed me!!!
but you are out of the subject because we are talking about advantages and convenient of us or euro car so understand that we don't really care about your science class.
you can have your idea about comfort and wich style you prefer but don't say your dodge is the best or shit..
and you talk about things you dont know : u.k is the only place in europe where you will see driver on the right.
so the few chrysler and u.s ford we see are driven and built on the left side so don't argue lines and lines on something you just expected.

the chrysler voyager i had or gm man started to give me a good opinion about usa but you and some other stupid just ruined it.
Gm man

Washington, MI

#64 Nov 4, 2010
wow...sorry one person ruined your opinion of the united states. Only thing I dont like is that we dont offer light duty diesels. I have contacted the automakers several times and they say "there is no market for a light duty diesel" and im thinking "well someone has to be first!"

in terms of comfort,(this is all what i think personally about comfort) you need space. Anything smaller than a full size car isnt considered "heavy luxury." secondly, the interior must look nice...wood, leather, chrome, stuff like that. Third, i want a whole bunch of the newest technology features. Of course i want basic good quality, efficiency, ect.. but those 3 are the most important to me....just an opionion if you were curious what the "average american" thinks of luxury.

Woodbine, NJ

#65 Nov 27, 2010
I love cars but as far as I can tell a bad ass mustang GT or a roush 427 will kick Enzo ass just like ford dis with the GT40 at le mans in the 1960s

Grafton, WI

#66 Jun 22, 2011
european cars only suck because they are way over engineered (still very fast and very fancy)... american cars arent much better... asian cars are the longest lasting (and in my opinion the best)... the u.s. and austrailia are both great countries BECAUSE WHERE FREE MUTHAFUCKA!!!... and last but not least......... for all you foreign assholes that hate my country...... KISS MY FAT AMERICAN ASS!!!

New Zealand

#67 Jul 24, 2011
Both american cars and euro trash are shit when compared jap cars that are more fuel economical a million times more reliable (I still have me same Toyota I have had for the past 10 years and it was a 91 when I bought it and I have never given it a service I just don't care bout it and it just keeps running. Where so many of my friend I have seen them buy newish euro and yank cars that are costing them heaps my mates water pump on his merc cost him 1800!

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#68 Sep 30, 2011
When you dig up a toyoker from the fifties then talk.....
Andy Scotland

Glasgow, UK

#69 Oct 2, 2011
American cars maybe crap, but they make great Movies!

Mountain View, CA

#70 Oct 8, 2011
I know from experience what junk some euro cars can be: 1981 VW Rabbit, 1986 VW GTI, 1993 VW Jetta, 2002 VW Passat, and a 2003 BMW 330. Electrical and fuel problems a plenty, automatic transmission problems on my BMW cost me over $3,000 in repairs, not too mention how the interior degraded in a few short years, etc. BMW's and Volkswagens are a joke! I learned a costly lesson owning those lemons. My goodness you talk about overrated vehicles! Sure they drive nicely when they're running, feel tight and solid too. But what does it matter when your bank account is bled dry trying to keep those abominable "precious" german machines road worthy? For me it's Japanese and American vehicles. And by the way, I love America! And I'm german on both my parents sides (who cares though)!
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United States

#71 Oct 27, 2011
All countries produce a fair share of good cars and shitty cars. American cars are built with less quality but are far more reliable than any european robot-mobile. And to say american cars arent fun is judt retarded. Drive a vette for 10 mins and if you dont smile once you have no soul. And european cars are built with quality but designed by a bunch of engineers who are always getting ahead of themselves. Do not build a car smarter than you are....all the beautiful details are lost when you car doesnt start because the laser in your key wasnt transponding properly....the quality of materials ie leather and metal are top notch. Its honestly rare to see a european car with heavy body rust. And japanese cars are the most reliable cars on the road. Disagree if you want but every statistic says otherwise. If you dont like spending money on car repair buy japanese. but why do they all look the same? Im usually good and diffentiating between different cars but jap cars all look the same to me. Talk about vanilla. But vanilla never let anyone down. And to these british people who talk so much shit about how good euro cars are...guess what? Not one of the good ones came from your country!! Land rovers and jaguars and astons are the biggest pieces of crap to come from that side of the ocean. in fact I dont think you can even count british cars as euro cars....thats not fair to euro cars
hahahaha you suck

Lexington, MA

#72 Dec 12, 2011
ferrari modena wrote:
"A CTS would slaughter a Ferrari enzo" AHAHAHAAHAHAHAA yeah right how old are you twelve? For starters they aren't even in the same price range (like they ever would be) 2) Ferrari's were born from the track and each and every one gets track tested to see if it matches up with their standards. 3) I would LOVE to see you at a track with your CTS while one of my friends drives up in an enzo and KILLS you 20 times over. If you think Oldsmobile is a good car then you shouldn't even be allowed to say anything. You are so very blind to everything, if European car's have no comparison to American "quality" cars THEY should be the ones dragging their asses to their gov. asking for a bailout because of their bad buissness deals. Go back to your mom's basement and cry you dip shit.
Yah you say that till you see how ferrari stole technology from the caddy cts to IMPROVE there cars. See that means caddilac was better to begin with so you should go suck on you little goat balls and cry to yo mama cuz you got smoked buttface!!!!!!


#73 Dec 22, 2011
I say, colonial chaps, do be a sport, and stop murdering our language. Pip pip!
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#74 May 15, 2012
Well, I believe that American cars are built more for practicality. You often get what you pay for. A Ferrari and other such cars are built with bare luxuries to maximize performance. Most US cars may not be as luxurious as a BMW but like I said, you get what you pay for. You're still getting a better value than buying a Fiat. People can complain about America but if you were plopped any place else you would appreciate your standard of living. The US has exceptional safety in their automobiles and I believe that and comfort are key. What's truly amazing is how we can build a car like the mustang boss for 20k under a BMW 3 and only miss it's track time in less than 1/10 of a sec.
screw eurotrash

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#75 May 22, 2012
there have been 1000's of european car manufacturers that have failed over the years and just a few American companies that have. And what about trucks and vans chevy, gmc, ford, and dodge are the only ones that are capable for real work that I know of. And if italian cars are so great how come the only ones you can buy here are those golf cart sized fiats?
europe suck

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#76 May 23, 2012
europe sucks period
europe suck

Cincinnati, OH

#77 May 23, 2012
Europe SUCK$

San Diego, CA

#78 Jun 15, 2012
Your stupid. European cars are WAYYYY worse than American cars. They catch on fire!!(not to mention British Cars). American cars are awesome compared to European cars. And if you think that American cars are ugly, you should see the Korean cars. So clearly, you have no taste in cars.
Youre all wrong

Christchurch, New Zealand

#79 Jul 7, 2012
C'mon guys stop bitching.
The european fans hate american cars and if someone tried telling them they should like american cars they'd think they were stupid, the same goes for the american guys about their cars.
Neither of you are going to convince the other that your preferred cars are better so just stop trying!

North York, Canada

#80 Dec 4, 2012
you wrong wrote:
"Your an arse alright,.....enough said.."
Is this the only thing you could come up with? I bet it is because you know we are right
We're okay, don't worry :)
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#81 Jun 15, 2013
Henry ford invented the automobile in the 1890's .... europeans and asians ripped off a great american invention and basterdized it beyond belief ... european cars are the ugliest , slowest , most unreliable cars on the planet next to asian cars.... the dodge viper or chevrolet would destroy all european and asian cars.... the chrysler hemi has been the most advanced engine on the planet since the 1950"s and still is to this day.... btw the aussies know how to make horsepower too....europeans need to stop stealing american inventions and invent something of your own......

P.S even your girls are super ugly....

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