dodge ram sucks!!!
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Sebastian, FL

#82 Dec 8, 2011
I know this hurts if you own a Ram. You probably hate yourself for buying it, but it's Ok. You can trade it in and get something better. I bought an 09 dodger ram big horn, 5.7 hemi (push rod converted to overhead cam) engine. I had nothing but problems with this truck. Tie rods, paint falling off in weird places, rear end sagging when I put 200lbs in the back and horrible fuel economy. And all of this was before 15000 miles. Then at 2600 the tranny let go, so I researched this p.o.s. and found out some interesting things. Only 51% of a dodge is made in the usa, thats right, 49% comes from china and mexico. check it for yourself. chevy is 70% usa, ford is 75%, toyota 83%. I'll never own another chrysler product in my life. If they gave me one I would sell it and buy somthing more reliable and more american. Just sayin.
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Cincinnati, OH

#83 Dec 13, 2011
Gregs Landscaping

Madison, NJ

#84 Dec 31, 2011
I own 7 Chevy 1500's, 4 Ford 150's and 5 Dodge Ram 1500's. The dodges are way better vehicles from a reliability and comfort standpoint. As for fuel economy, the Dodges are the best getting roughly 12 miles per gallon (we do a lot of around town driving) against the chevys 11 and the fords 10.5. You idiots don't know what you are talking about with the dodge products.

Toronto, Canada

#85 Feb 29, 2012
I own a 2004 hemi Durango it has so much torque very nice to drive regardless loaded or empty you could keep it around 2000 rpm and it climbs hills effortlessly. I have a chevy silverado v8 it's constantly needs to gear down to maintain speed even if there's a hint of a hill empty. Trucks need torque at lower rpms gm gas vortec v8 engines belong in cars not trucks.

Toronto, Canada

#86 Feb 29, 2012
Gm use to build great trucks what happened?

Since: Feb 12

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#87 Mar 1, 2012
Gm vortec motors of the ls series have no torque require rpm and down shifting to maintain highway speeds with any hint of a hill

Great Neck, NY

#88 Mar 6, 2012
I am glad you like cars but the real question is, are you certain you will go to heaven when you die?

John 3:16-18 (KJV)
16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

17For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

18He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

Trust in Jesus' finished work on the cross to save you from your sins alone and be saved!
Rick eaton

Caldwell, NJ

#89 Apr 2, 2012
Dodge ram, well I'll put it this way, I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER ONE AGAIN!!! The engines on these trucks last 50000 miles until u have to start dumping a lot of money into them. So if ur reading this do yourself a favor and avoid dodge all together. And customer care doesn't exist with them. They suck as much as there vehicles

Westland, MI

#90 Apr 2, 2012
Charger 440 wrote:
Inflated horsepower? Dodge has NEVER inflated it's horsepower figures you stupid morons! if anything thy UNDER rate their horsepower figures!
That is why a 425 horsepower 426 Hemi actually had 500+ HP! and that is why it would stomp and 450 horsepower LS6 Chevy! So saying that Dodge overrated their new HEMI is the most stupid bunch of crap that has ever been spewed out! So why is it that if it has overrated horsepower the new Ram does 0-60 in 5.7-6 seconds but the new Chevy will only manage 0-60 in 6.3, and the Chevy is LIGHTER!! Look to me like Chevy is up to their old overrated tricks!
Dodge had 5 FIVE STARS in frontal PASSENGER AND DRIVER, and 4 stars for rollover. With GOOD Ratings across the board!!!
Chevy had a all good also EXCEPT for LEGROOM which indicated possible injury, but was deemed "acceptable".
AND the new Dodge gets the SAME Gas mileage as the Chevy, and the Cummins gets BETTER fuel mileage! Cummins dumping Dodge? how stupid are you!
And the new Ram's Frame is plenty strong to do what ever it needs to do! It is even PRAISED for it's towing abilities!! AND it only took GM and FORD 20 years to finally catch match a Dodge! they FINALLY did it for the 2011 year!!!! I guess you guys are just jealous of the RAM and it's accomplishments!!!
Face it the New Ram is just as good as the GM and FORD! Getting lots of praise! EVEN the Motor Trend gave the Dodge high marks when compared to a new Ford.
Are you really that stupid or do you have to practice???
Why? What is the matter GM Man? was i kicking your Butt in American cars suck, so you decided to start your own Dodge ram bashing topic??? What is your problem? you are like on a one man Dodge/ Chrysler bashing quest! typical of GM people that are so rabid they cannot accept the truth and want to bash a Dodge in the only way they know how since they know they CANNOT bash a Dodge on the STREET!
What is the Matter? do you get your butt roasted by every Dodge And Chrysler that comes along on the street so you have to come on here and start your own topic to beat them verbally????
Face it! YOU ARE WRONG! THE TESTS PROVE YOU ARE WRONG!!!! so just accept the fact that the new and old Dodge is a great truck with a great interior, and can compare to ANY Chevy or Ford out there!
I usually don't bite into these forums, but, I do have to correct you about the LS6 info. It was actually dynoed in a lab with specialized equipment and running on 5 cylinders and still had room for insurance regs. The final hp rating of 450 was acchieved running on 6 out of 8 cylinders. Just stating facts and I like both Dodge and Chevy. Infact I can even stomach a Ford as long as it is AMERICAN!!!!

Shamokin, PA

#91 May 14, 2012
What REALLY insults me are the stupid ram truck
commercials.... Does Chrysler think we are all one
tooth,inbred hillbilies who do nothing but trash
our vehicles by driving them through heeping
piles of mud!!!!! or maybe this is the type of driver they think will only buy their trucks.

Crown Point, IN

#92 May 24, 2012
Thats funny i use to be a chevy guy until they turned into garbage. My 02 s10 4x4 16mpg highway burned a qt every 1k at 40k mi. 02 suburban that never pulled or beat tranny out at 70k backing out of drive way. 60 k power steering pump at 80 k i could barely drive it wobbled so bad in front end. So far i had two new 97 rams i beat in mud pits one was lifted not 1 issue an 01 ram diesel i pulled a camper with great mpg 1 set of brakes 110k. I now have a 99beater has issues but 190k burns no oil gets me where i need to go. Had a 06 mega cab 1 u joint at 60k. I have a 04 quad cab 2wd 50k gets 18+mpg with hemi needs a power steering cooler. Point is never had probs with dodge chevy hasnt made a good truck since mid 80s actually looking at 79 shortbox 4x4 now.

Dallas, TX

#93 Jun 3, 2012
GM MAN wrote:
This is to all of you Dodge Ram enthusiasts or owners....why? Why would you buy a car, thats worse than Chevy or Ford. Weaker Frame, Weaker Engine, only a 5 SPEED TRANNY, COIL SPRINGS, sucky interior, no reliability, worse safety than Ford or Chevy
Im sorry but how? What do you see in the Ram thats so special? Even the 3500 or 2500s are not good compared to the comparable Ford and Chevy trucks. Why? How?
funny after reading the quotes of the goverment motors man its the same gm people talking and saying nothing the only reason goverment motors is still around is tax payers money !! they never payed off there loans they filed chapter 13 or something to clear there debt i work in a body shop an i can tell you that chevy trucks are the worst as far as repair an parts cant even get a oem fender that fits there all junk the box there parts come in fit better then there parts!!! there frnt bumpers suck poorest desine ever junk goverment motors has never brought any thing new to the auto or truck market if they try it fails they only take from others an make it sound new genaral motors now goverment motors sam junk i will say they are getting a little better dont know if he is still there name is luts howord he came from chrylser hummumumum!! now as for trucks watch youtube dodge ford shetty frame test by gm hum they didnt do the dodge why they did the ford dont think the dodge frame was weaker but there own test showed it was a lot stronger cheby an gm people are all the same they bought there junk there not happy an the only way they can feel good with there selves is to talk bad about others they live in there own world a unhappy one at that!! if you gm man would like to take your truck off road for a challange with a dodge i will have a tow strap to pull you so you can fallow you have no ground clerance you will be pushing mud an sink like a rock a good truck =dodge or ford put some thought in there trucks cheby tryed to copy an once again failed in all the things that make a truck a truck with that enjoy your gm but keep your cell phone with you at all times while driveing

Saint Marys, PA

#94 Jul 7, 2012
Gm man wrote:
Number one reason to buy a Chevy HD truck.
Ford = diesel engine made in mexico
half their trucks are assembled in Mexico
Dodge= American engine (cummins), Mexico assembly.
Chevy = American engine, transmission, and assembly. Buy a crew cab and you are guaranteed an American truck!
Frickin GM is a union run, government owned turd. I will never support them or their crappy trucks. Come on, a Japanese aluminum diesel in a Chevy is "American made"???.... Not. That duramax is a POS.

Ford didn't take any bailout money, so I'm more willing to buy one, but that POS navistar diesel is well, a POS. Why do you think they keep changing the engine and displacement all the time?

I have a 2004 Dodge ram QC 2500 diesel 4x4. I love that Cummins engine, it gets 22-23 MPG, but it's just all the other pieces of metal and plastic bolted to it that sucks. When it was new, it rode nice, it drove nice, but that didn't last long. It's now at 8 years old and 145,000 miles of easy driving (I've babies this thing), not pulling a lot of heavy loads, it's a total turd bucket. All kinds of niggly problems along the way...I recently put $8,000 into rebuilding the entire front end (ball joints, tie rod ends, new springs, control arms, track bar steering box, steering box brace, tires and brakes) and it still handles like a sloppy turd and rides even worse. It looks good, and that Cummins is an awesome engine, but I hate driving it. Whining, thunking, banging POS. Now I have electrical problems (the blower motor works intermittently, so sometimes I have air, and some times not). Replaced the resistor pack, blower motor and control board...still not working. All kinds of warning lights come on at random times and that beeping drives me nuts. The dealership can't find anything wrong. The transmission is about shot, I'm on my 4th set of u-joints, 3rd set of brake calipers and 2nd set of rotors. Can't replace the wheel bearings because the entire hub has to be replaced at $350 each. Dodge stopped using Dana axles in 2003 and went to these POS AAM axles. For a "heavy duty" truck, it sure didn't last. One of these days I'll wake up and stop putting more and more money into this turd and get rid of it. I love my trucks, so convenient, but I want something that rides and drives nice and doesn't beat me to death getting there. I think I'm going back to a car and if I need to haul anything, I'll just rent a truck as needed. The 3/4 ton diesel trucks now are too fricking expensive anyway...$55,000+ for a decently equipped one??? Screw that. If they'd actually last beyond 125,000 miles without major issues, maybe, but alas, they don't. What a shame.
everyonequityour whining

Winnipeg, Canada

#95 Jul 11, 2012
Charger 440 wrote:
<quoted text>
How do you know what a Dodge Ram gets i REAL WORLD driving? have you bought one and drove it?
How about real world number for a Chevy? A Ford? HUH?? you are just another bozo singling out Dodge to bad mouth!
Here is the Toyota tundra story! RECALLS FOR SORRY FRAMES!!!
Oh and here is a video of Ford Making fun of a Toyota Tundra's frame! how WEAK the frame is! =EWjTbiYo3x0XX
So it doesn't matter what kind of gas mileage you get if your frame is rusting away and breaking! Toyotas are bad for rusting out frames! i WORKED on the Sorry things, and i saw how bad the frames were!
toyotas never die, ram was picked third for most unreliable vehicles, and dodge/chrysler was picked for first.

every vehicle has faults, some worse than others, pick whats right for you, get it, drive it and shutup. and all rams before the new model looked good on the outside, had terrible fuel economy, were unreliable unless babied (except cummins), and an awful, plain interior. lots of power though.


#96 Aug 11, 2012
I got a 2010 dodge 3500 biggest piece of shit I've ever owned. The 2006 3500 with the 5.9 cummins was 10 times the truck this one is and would eat this 6.7 all day pulling fuel mileage all of it. if u do alot of off road work like myself and always loaded i would not buy this truck it just doesn't stand up rattles and speaker like the old 1980 dodge tranny, clutches, and front ends don't stand up and that's not to mention how there chrome bumpers rust out within 6 months. I word JUNK
elroy jetson

Allentown, PA

#97 Aug 14, 2012
these clowns are talking out their ass rent a dodge for a week and you will never ever look at another chrysler again .dodge trucks are trash
GMC man
#98 Aug 17, 2012
GM MAN wrote:
This is to all of you Dodge Ram enthusiasts or owners....why? Why would you buy a car, thats worse than Chevy or Ford. Weaker Frame, Weaker Engine, only a 5 SPEED TRANNY, COIL SPRINGS, sucky interior, no reliability, worse safety than Ford or Chevy
Im sorry but how? What do you see in the Ram thats so special? Even the 3500 or 2500s are not good compared to the comparable Ford and Chevy trucks. Why? How?
I may be a GMC man,..but your a f*ck*ng Idiot.
Ford Man

North Bay, Canada

#99 Aug 27, 2012
Ram is a brittle truck cheap to buy expensive to operate

Englewood, CO

#100 Oct 13, 2012
GMC man wrote:
<quoted text>
I may be a GMC man,..but your a f*ck*ng Idiot.
GMC man, I think not knowing the difference between your and you're makes you the idiot. All American cars suck, Dodge just sucks worse. Merica!
I try

Sidney, MT

#101 Oct 15, 2012
In my books, Chevy is first (duh) dodge is second, and ford is dead last. I like Chevy because of their dependibility and I think we can all agree that the newer the vehicle ( no matter what make), the more plastic (yes I know it's fiberglass) it's made of and the more problems you have with all this new shit. Dodge is second because of their duribility. I own a 1999 dodge ram 1500 with the 5.9 360 and it has 147700 miles on it. I love it. The engine is powerful, and it has great torque. I got it with 140000 miles on it and the only problems have been electrical, as with almost all dodge vehicles, not mechanical. My gpa owns a fencing company that works in the oil feild and has 5 dodge pickups, all deisel ranging from 1999-2007 and 140000 miles to 260000, they all run like new and they get the living shit beaten out of them on a daily basis. And once again, out of all the pickups 1 out of 10 problems that show up are routine mechanical problems (durable, as I've said) and all the others are electrical. Finally my opinion on Ford is that I respect their look, I'll admit that other interior and the exterior are amazing. The problem I have is the volley of different problems that arise when they are driven. Yes they have a smooth ride, but that's why the frame twists over uneven surfaces and the back end sags a half a foot when a load is applied ( well your not being specific to the model) oh boo hoo! You don't need to be specific when they all do it. It might not be a half a foot, but its more compared to other vehicles. If I were to only drive in town and such, I would (if I had to) get a ford because they are (in my opinion) good family/city , not fun -cough- car, and they do get good gas mileage. I'm not trying to make a point, just give insight to my knowledge and limited experience with these different vehicles. It's not easy, but its not hard to find out what good and what's bad by keeping an open mind on what vehicles a do, making connections on what highs come with lows (such as a smooth ride, and super soft springs wich lead to sag), and take in to account what people tell you while comparing them to what you know and filtering out the bullshit. I've been able to do all these things and tell you what I think, and I'm only 15.

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