many sprinter problems

Sarona, WI

#42 Apr 27, 2011
Check in your manual for the "stuck in park" problem. Mine won't shift in the winter and I need to carry a pencil around to release the shifter. Seems stupid.

Bolivar, MO

#43 May 4, 2011
I have a 2005 2500 sprinter having transmission shift problems. Will not shift out of 1st gear electric solenoid b i think any ideas?

Taunton, UK

#44 Jun 5, 2011
the heater on my 1998 sprinter is stuck on which is
good in winter but not this time of year i just cant get it to blow cold air
Pierre le plombier

Gatineau, Canada

#45 Jun 7, 2011

United States

#46 Jun 27, 2011
We replaced our transmission on our 05 sprinter @110,000 miles. We are now having problem with the transmission getting stuck in 2nd. We now have 190,000 miles. Which mean we have only gotten 80,000 miles out of the new $4800.000 transmission ...Does anyone know the warrantee on a new replaced transmission on a Sprinter...Also we only have the dealer authorized machanic work on our vehicle...they should be able to tell us right???

Wigan, UK

#47 Jul 5, 2011
hi my merc sprinter 312 2.9 cc t reg seems to not reg when you put your foot down it seems to die and idle at low regs then comes back in but blows a cloud of black smoke out
what could the problem be

Center Line, MI

#48 Jul 10, 2011
I have a 2002 sprinter that was sitting for a little while. I filled it with diesel, went 300 miles and than it stopped in the middle of the road, engine shut down. Had it towed to my house, once there, started it and moved it with no problem, tried it again and it just starts and shutsoff right away like it did on the road.
I didn't see any fuel coming out of the hose going into the fuel filter so I changed the fuel pump and the filter, tried to start it and it will not-before doing this the thing started right up but shutoff right away everytime. Can anyone help me, I do not know what to do!
billy blue balls

Pelion, SC

#49 Jul 11, 2011
sprinters are decent vans,a little fragile for the average american driver,but most of the issues are people working on them (this includes dealership mechanics)i love working on them they (2002-2006) are very simple vehicles,if you open up the fuel system you must bleed it or it will never start,if you change the trans elec connector and now it does not shift then you effed up the pins come on people simple crap,if you dont know than dont touch,try and find a good sprinter tech and ill buy your headache all day long......
patrick kennedy


#50 Jul 15, 2011
Just wondering if any one els has had a prob withe 515 sprinters blowing engins.
billy blue balls

Lexington, SC

#51 Jul 15, 2011
allen wright wrote:
my 2003 sprinter is hard to start,turns over for long time, when it starts its all good and performs well. any suggestions.
sounds like fuel pressure bleed off,check for fuel leaks if none found you will need a scan tool to read fuel pressure and set point pressure,ive found fuel rail pressure solenoid teflon o rings go bad causing fuel pressure drop almost immeditley after shut off and takes quite a while to build pressure upon start up and will run fine thereafter,its mounted in the rear of the fuel rail and can be a bitch to replace,i use sewing thread to hold the bolts on the solenoid and just leave it there,makes the job a 100 times easier,
Former Sprinter Manager

Houston, TX

#52 Aug 31, 2011
Pierre le plombier wrote:
It's most likely the WSP module, referred to as the SKREEM on the Dodge side. They fail a lot. The other possibility is the PCM, though it's WSPs about 5 times more often. Not an at-home fix, nor can you just order am off the shelf part. It's ordered per VIN and has to go through a dealer.

Machen, UK

#53 Sep 6, 2011
can anybody help,started my sprinter 311 di 2005 model this morning ,started to go to work then the van started to miss a bit just about got it home i left it running opened the bonnet and it just cut out ,now i cant get any diesel to the filter or pump

Saint James City, FL

#54 Sep 12, 2011
How do you remove the front door panel on a 2005 sprinter
the roonman

Myrtle Beach, SC

#55 Sep 25, 2011
bought a sprinter 4 years ago drove about 15000 miles 283000 showing ran great one injector had some blow by pulled into shop pulled injector replaced seal truck has not run sence replaced ecm nope, fuel pump nope ,been to 3 different deisal shops dont have a clue been told trickie to get primed up after removing fuel rail and reinstalling can anyone help thanks in advance [email protected]

Singapore, Singapore

#57 Oct 7, 2011
vann branch wrote:
my sprinter transmission stuck in park while sitting in my garage?????any ideas????
try replacing the brake pedal switch
Mobile Pet Groomer

Mission, KS

#58 Oct 21, 2011
I had a 2006 Sprinter that was a total piece of crap. Since 2006, I have spent over $25,000 in repairs on this vehicle. At just over 50,000 miles (and out of warranty), I learned that the wiring harness had been wicking fluid into the transmission computer, resulting in the need for a new transmission. I couldn't afford it, since this piece of crap had already drained me of any reserve cash, so I had to shut down my business. Now I'm looking for a job.
Sanjay Simeroo

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

#59 Nov 17, 2011
i have a sprinter 413cdi & sometimes it would swing & shudder like the starter is stuck on start position,was told it was the starter ,had it replace & the problem is still there ..any body experienced the same problem

Woodburn, OR

#60 Nov 17, 2011
Sanjay Simeroo wrote:
i have a sprinter 413cdi & sometimes it would swing & shudder like the starter is stuck on start position,was told it was the starter ,had it replace & the problem is still there ..any body experienced the same problem
One possibility is the solenoid if it was not replaced with new starter

Bristol, UK

#61 Nov 19, 2011
i have 2007 sprinter driving on moterway about 80 mpg with no previous problems all of a sudden conecting rod broke and came out of the side wall of the block oil in the engine was full it did not seaz all i heard was a noise like ,when some thing hit against the fan 10 seconds later tak tak tak
and conecting dor broke sins then trying to understand engines don only 120000 miles orignal and what could go wrong and why all of a sudden conecting rod broke any idea i am loosing my sleep over this thanks

Capitol Heights, MD

#62 Dec 21, 2011
ihave 2011 sprinter 2500 cargo van tomany problem gerk problem,break makes alot,breaks same time week, repalace grv value,breake pad, flush breakesystem,front light bulbs change,this is suck so many proble

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