2004 Dodge Neon SXT Problems

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#143 Feb 7, 2012
Rodney wrote:
I'm having the same problems as Amanda. My Daughter has a 2004 sxt dodge neon, could the motor mounts cause it to shake and I will get a cam sensor tomorrow (Christmas Eve). Any Ideas
The shaking from misfiring due to faulty CAM senor will tear the motor mount after time. I replaced a sensor last August and it was fine after that. The engine will have a little more back and forth play during acceleration and start up. The mount on mine wasn't torn to the point of being a mandatory replacement part.

Lubbock, TX

#144 Feb 7, 2012
The fuel filter is integral with the fuel pressure regulator on top of the pump. You can access it from outside the tank under the car...You might need a pair of needle nose pliers if you are not good with fuel clips. There is a tab on the back side of the metal canister with the fuel line going to it. Push the tab an turn clockwise....then pull it out. It still costs around $130 so for about 70 more you can just change the whole pump. It is very much bull and I completely agree.

Nashville, TN

#145 Feb 9, 2012
I just got my 04 dodge neon, it's already had a bunch of problems and now my engine light has popped on. The guys at the shop say its the thermostat, saying it'd run me around 100 dollars for labor and replacing it. Is there anything else I can do so I won't have to spend anymore on it?:(
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#146 Feb 12, 2012
MrVivona wrote:
If your check engine light is on, you need to get the code that has been set. That will at least tell you what problem had been detected by your car's computer. To get the code, turn the ignition to on (not all the way to start, but to the point just before start), then off, then on, then off, then on and leave it there and your odometer should display a code, or a series of codes. When it has completed displaying the stored codes, it will display "DONE". Write these codes down and go to http://www.obd-codes.com/search/ and find out what they mean.
Put gas instead of water in it doomas!!

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#147 Mar 4, 2012
My girlfriend had a 2004 Neon SXT which the rims would keep untightening. We could not keep the rims tight, as a result, she was killed becuse she lost her right rear wheel.

Phenix City, AL

#148 Mar 13, 2012
i have a 2004 dodge neon ext as well. My problem is when cruse to a stop or am in traffic my engine will not shift out of first. It also has s check engine light on the fault is an evap leak change the fuel cap. still same fault. can any. suggested some. checks i ccan do myself or any possible faults i need to have check on my transmittion or engine

Warner Robins, GA

#149 Mar 17, 2012
My 2004 Neon SXT is currently equipped with a passtime payment system. We replaced the radiator a few days back. After installation we cranked it up to test drive it. It had a very weak idle and would not stay running if I removed my foot from the gas pedal. It began shaking violently and then cut itself off. The battery is strong and all the lights and internal electrical systems, ie, radio, lights, ect. all work. We changed out the ignition coil pack and it still wouldn't turn over. I'm trying to keep from having to disconnect the battery cables again because of the passtime system. Anyone else have problems like this?
new neon owner

Greensboro, NC

#150 Apr 5, 2012
It's a 2005 and we bought it at 100K miles. We've replaced plugs and wires, and motor mounts (twice!!). It is loud and shakes horribly when idling. Does you have any ideas?
eric wrote:
guys i found the problem: bad motor mounts, spark plugs, and plug wires. heres how i fixed mine (and shaved 2 seconds off my O to 60 time!mopar performance motor mounts ($90)
MSD comp. ignition coil ($125)
OBX 10.3MM comp. plug wires ($50)
bosch platinum +4 plugs ($25)
KN air filter ($39)
Street-pro 3" mandrel-bent polished cold air intake ($50)
align your throttle body to open perfectly parrallel with the EGR port in the intake plenum and align one of the open sides of the plugs to be perfectly lined up with the intake ports... and slam dunk youve got a neon with a 0 to 60 of 7 flat and it will get about 15% better fuel economy (although it will require premium fuel for optimal performance; regular will do under normal driving). It idols and revs a million times smoother and sounds like a BEAST when wide open. oh and no more gurgle/grinding... just torque. lots and lots of VTEC crushing torque.
new neon owne

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#151 Apr 5, 2012
My Neon is a 2005 and we bought it at 100K miles. We've replaced plugs and wires, and motor mounts (twice!!). The engine still runs loud and the car hakes horribly when idling. Any ideas?
broken car

Independence, KY

#152 Apr 13, 2012
If the car is shaken and making noise try an oil treatment.

Miami, FL

#153 Apr 19, 2012
Tony wrote:
I just bought a 2004 SXT Neon for my daughter. We had a heavy rain a few days ago and water came in the front passenger side (under the Glove Box). I checked all the seals around the doors, windows and hood (they were all in good shape) I also checked for any rusted out spots ... in general the body of the car is in great shape. Any ideas where the leak may be coming from?
I have a 2005 SXT, and mine has done it ever since I bought the car. I am original owner of my car. It took it to 3 different Dodge dealerships and they could not find the resoning for it. My whole passenger side will flood. Hurrican season is the worst.

United States

#154 Apr 23, 2012
So i got a 2004 dodge neon sxt 2.0, it won't turn on just got a new battery, fuel pump and ignition. What could it be????????

Wake Forest, NC

#155 Apr 30, 2012
new neon owner wrote:
It's a 2005 and we bought it at 100K miles. We've replaced plugs and wires, and motor mounts (twice!!). It is loud and shakes horribly when idling. Does you have any ideas?
<quoted text>
There are four mounts did you get them all?
3 on the passenger side 1 on driver side
royce moore San Diego ca

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#156 May 9, 2012
there a lot of posting about a strange shuttering while driveing. my 2004 sxt had this problem. I have a simple and cheep solution that might help some of you. put you frunt tires on blocks wih the e break on and in nurtual. between the engine and the transmition there is a small bracket. remove this with 19mm, then there is a then peace of mettal a half circel inspection plate to the starter gear. there are 4 18mm bolts take each one off one at a time put lock tight on them using a screw driver to hold it stedy. wedge the swredriver in the grear to bind it, get these as tight as you can. turn the grear one tooth at a time tell you see the next bolt repeat this prosess there are 4 bolts then put back the inspection plate and bracket. it is common for these to become lose, they hold the slip plate and the starter gear together if they are loose the car will have a horible vibration. and almost seem to be miss firing how this helps you.
if this does not fix the problem it is most likey you cam position sensor.

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#157 May 18, 2012
Mary wrote:
<quoted text>
I am having the same type problem.. shaking sputtering can't shift over 2200 RPM's ...
anyone figure out what the problem is????
My 2005 neon was shaking and sputtering and it was because of the bad engine mount on right side. Not the strut mount the engine mount. It was 65 dollars at Part store 27 on Amazon and had it the next day.

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#158 May 18, 2012
I have this exact model and im having problems with the lights in my dashboard flashing. This only happens when my head lights are on and only sometimes. Other than that the car is fine. Does anyone know what i can do to fix this?

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#159 May 30, 2012
mike11393 wrote:
I have this exact model and im having problems with the lights in my dashboard flashing. This only happens when my head lights are on and only sometimes. Other than that the car is fine. Does anyone know what i can do to fix this?
the only time I had problems with my dash lights was when my battery was bad.

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#161 Jun 6, 2012
dianne wrote:
hi i am having trouble with my dodge neon it continously vibrates i have taken it in and i am told there is nothing wrong with it but then why is it vibrating it didnt when i first purchased the car.
You may have a bent wheel from potholes Or just need a wheel balance.A coil pack lifetime warranty is $65 Plus wires & plugs.Takes 30 minutes to do.I know this is an old post but if you still have it these may be the causes.Mine had a hesitation & i did the tune up & it runs like a 6 cylinder,90 miles an hour smooth as a caddy & great on acceleration & even better mileage

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#162 Jun 18, 2012
Help! I am having the same problem with my 2004 Dodge Neon. The timing went in 2007-fixed. This year the heads needed replacing-fixed. Cam sensor code keeps appearing, replaced twice. Car runs smooth , sounds great, but twenty minutes down the road its starts hestitating -like its got a bad fuel problem. Any ideas as to what it is? A qualified mechanic has it and I also have had the timing looked at by 3 diffrent people and all is in sync.

Union, NJ

#163 Jun 19, 2012
I have a 2005 neon, I had no problems out of it still now.I changed all sparks plug & a turn up
.I was drving on the e way it gave out on me. What could be the problem??????

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