2004 Dodge Neon SXT Problems

Morristown, TN

#61 Sep 9, 2010
I have a 2004 Dodge Neon. I've had to replace instrument cluster, fuel pump, spark plugs and one motor mount, and air got into the a/c so it had to be vaccumned out and refilled with refrigerant.
Other than a questionable true mileage which couldn't be determined via investigation I've not had any major issues since these replacements. the car needs some TLC right now (brakes, struts, tires) that I cannot afford but hoping that I can soon.Luckily I purchased extended warranty when buying the vehicle used so the big expenses of cluster and fuel pump, I only paid $50. I just paid off the car loan so i'm sure it will now start falling apart.
I have some shaking/rough idle when stopping but dealership mechanic said nothing was wrong.
I read in manual today about a PCV valve and make-up air filter needing to be replaced, what the heck are these?
Eric L

Inman, SC

#63 Sep 19, 2010
Ryan wrote:
My '05 Dodge Neon SXT has been making grinding noises as I accelerate, turn corners and go through extremely shallow dips. I seriously have no idea what it could possible be. My check engine light isn't on and I do need a transmission flush/change.
My 2004 Neon (2.0L SOHC 5 speed manual) does the same exact thing... but only when the rpm's are under 2000. I've noticed the noise more in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears. The car is also very buzzy while making the noise. It honestly sounds like the engine is lugging but 1800 rpm under light acceleration shouldn't be lugging. Anyone have any ideas for us?

Overton, NV

#64 Sep 26, 2010
Bridget wrote:
I have replaced the cam shaft sensor on my 2004 Dodge Neon twice. At 58,000 miles I had to have the engine replace due to a "piston slap", that's what they called it. I have also had to replace the fuel pump, and as of today, it'll make twice that I have replace the fuel pump. These cars seem to be crappy, but unfortunately I can't afford car payments. Oh did I mention, I am the only owner of this car and it has been very well taken car of.
Sorry to hear about your series of unfortunate events.. my car just reached 68.000 miles today and i've never experienced any problems with my engine besides a/c because the mechanic over flowed my freon to blow my compressor thinking i'd pay him to fix it... maybe you've just had some bad luck with your car, because i fell in love with mine! mine really only shakes also when i'm running lower rpm's. but as soon as i hit 2,000 rpm's, my car kicks it and the only thing i feel is the g force!

all of these solutions sound like they're worth a shot. i play to replace my spark plugs and wires, and replace my cam sensor. i don't think im having any problems with these, but it might fix that slight vibration and the slight metal sliding sounds when my engine is accelerating. i am just very OCD and over cautious too..

Overton, NV

#65 Sep 26, 2010
Eric L wrote:
<quoted text>
My 2004 Neon (2.0L SOHC 5 speed manual) does the same exact thing... but only when the rpm's are under 2000. I've noticed the noise more in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears. The car is also very buzzy while making the noise. It honestly sounds like the engine is lugging but 1800 rpm under light acceleration shouldn't be lugging. Anyone have any ideas for us?
i'm having that EXACT same problem! funny how that works, huh? well our cars are just about 6 years old, generally just barely enough time to have the cars payed off, i guess we can kinda expect it to start falling apart according to everyone else.. its not too loud though, right? i only notice mine when my music is off and if i listen carefully.. i plan to replace my clutch, spark plugs and spark plug wires, and my cam sensor. if and when i get all of that done, i'll be sure to let you know if it fixes the sound. if not, i just hope it will last me long enough to afford an engine swap with an srt-4 :]

Fenton, MI

#66 Sep 29, 2010
I have owned a 2004 Neon SXT since new and only once did it have stalling problems such as this. That very week, about three years ago or so it was recalled to reprogram the computer. I brought it in, had it reprogrammed, and it has run fine since (90,000 miles now). Perhaps your used one was never reprogrammed.

Manitowoc, WI

#67 Oct 24, 2010
Posey wrote:
Lights work, horn work but when u turn the ignition nothing happens.
It could be the starter. I had to replace mine and now it works fine.

Glenmoore, PA

#68 Oct 24, 2010
I replaced the Cam shaft sensor and had a tuneup done on my 2004 dodge neon after no problem in 6 years and 100,000 miles I think the car has done pretty good considering that Now I think it's time for a new car Oh! bye the way that fixed my problem

Pittsburg, KS

#69 Nov 5, 2010
I have a 04 neon and I cannot unlock the doors. it did this in the summer too. I bought a new battery and it worked till now. I can't even use the manuel lock with the key.Anybody have this problem and how do you fix it.

San Antonio, TX

#70 Nov 15, 2010
I have the same problems, i replaced the battery, the alternator, and now today it is in the shop for only God knows what. My problem is that when i am driving the car it loses RPM, it cant keep it over 1000. Does anyone else have this problem?
Jennifer R

Donna, TX

#71 Nov 17, 2010
I have an '03 Dodge Neon SXT and lately while pressing the gas, there is this loud noise coming from the right front side of the car and this vibration happens while i have the foot on the gas pedal. It only happens when i press the gas. and just today the noise is louder and i feel, like it struggles now to accelerate. Any ideas what it could be?

United States

#72 Nov 20, 2010
ihav same problem as everyone else with engine light an bogging an no power like fuel problem does anyone have a solution besides gettin rid of it it only has 40000 miles soon as warranty went out it started actin up plus eats alot of fuel

United States

#73 Dec 1, 2010
i have the same problem whit my 2004 dodge neon sxt.some time my car don't run more than 2000 rpm and engine is came on too.i changed sparkplugs wires and transmassion oil but still same problem.any body help me out b/c i am stressed out from that car.

Houston, TX

#74 Dec 1, 2010
guys i found the problem: bad motor mounts, spark plugs, and plug wires. heres how i fixed mine (and shaved 2 seconds off my O to 60 time!mopar performance motor mounts ($90)
MSD comp. ignition coil ($125)
OBX 10.3MM comp. plug wires ($50)
bosch platinum +4 plugs ($25)
KN air filter ($39)
Street-pro 3" mandrel-bent polished cold air intake ($50)
align your throttle body to open perfectly parrallel with the EGR port in the intake plenum and align one of the open sides of the plugs to be perfectly lined up with the intake ports... and slam dunk youve got a neon with a 0 to 60 of 7 flat and it will get about 15% better fuel economy (although it will require premium fuel for optimal performance; regular will do under normal driving). It idols and revs a million times smoother and sounds like a BEAST when wide open. oh and no more gurgle/grinding... just torque. lots and lots of VTEC crushing torque.

Union, NJ

#75 Dec 2, 2010
dianne wrote:
hi i am having trouble with my dodge neon it continously vibrates i have taken it in and i am told there is nothing wrong with it but then why is it vibrating it didnt when i first purchased the car.
dianne I had the same exact problem...and the truth is its a motormount that is on the center of the engine on the passenger side.It rattles like crazy and feels like the gears are grinding or like ur car is about to just fall apart. The piece itself is not expensive but it took me a bit of trouble to remove the old one and install the new one. So take it back again and mention this and im sure from the description i give u theyll find this hidden annoying motor mount right away

Union, NJ

#76 Dec 2, 2010
Amanda wrote:
I have a 2004 Dodge Neon SXT. We bought it used in March of 2006 and it currently has around 37,000 miles on it. I mainly drive it in the city and it has not been on any long trips since we bought it. Within the last month, it has occasionally had problems starting up and when it does not start up immediately, it takes about 5 seconds for it to finally start, the check engine light turns on and then it will not go above 2200 RPMs. Once it gets up to around 2200 RPMs, it will not shift, but will start to shake and stutter, but once I let my foot off the gas and it shifts, it drives fine again. On the days when it starts right up, it will not have any problems driving, but the check engine light will remain on and once I drive it for too long, it starts to have problems over 2200 RPMs. If anyone can give any thoughts as to what this might be, it would be extremely appreciated.
Its this temperature sensor that goes next to the camshaft....its not expensive but with all....take it to autozone and get the code checked and theyll give you the right part to fix. had same problem though....good luck

Talking Rock, GA

#77 Dec 13, 2010
I have 2004 dodge neon sxt and the engine light is on and the oil light keeps coming on i recently had the transmission coolant replaced and now people are telling me that it could be the transmission but took it to auto store and the system said it was the transmission solenoid it will drive but i can't go pass 30miles and the rmp goes all the way up to 4 when i go between 40 to 50 mph. any suggestion????

Mckinney, TX

#78 Dec 17, 2010
no prende y le cambie la computadora q puedo hacer dicen que es la alrma que esta activada del carro la que trae

Palo Alto, CA

#79 Dec 18, 2010
I have a 2004 Dodge Neon with 145K miles on it. My problem is that with my income, I should be driving a 2004 Dodge Neon with 145k miles on it.
dan warrren

Jackson, TN

#80 Jan 8, 2011
i have a 04 neon and when you turn left or press the break it goes dead can neone help me out... please

Jackson, TN

#81 Jan 8, 2011
my 04 neon goes dead when you press the break can neone help..... PLEASE

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