2004 Dodge Neon SXT Problems

Philadelphia, PA

#41 May 18, 2010
I have a 2004 Sxt Dodge Neon It has 90,000 Miles on it and now it is making a wineing sound coming from the rear and it doesn't seem to be shifting into gear properly it feels like it is in second gear all the time. I need somr comments on what it might be.

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#42 May 23, 2010
I have a 2004 dodge neon that keeps over heating. I have replaced the thermostat only to notice that the fans aren't coming on. Could this mean that the engine coolant sensor has gone bad?

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#43 Jun 7, 2010
My 04 Neon is not getting out of 3rd shift. When i take off it starts out good then shifts to 2nd and 3rd but wont get out of that it stays and the RPM reaches 4 which i know is not good. Some people I spoke with say it could be the transmission filter. Has this happened to anyone? if so, can you help me out?


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#44 Jun 20, 2010
Sheri wrote:
OMG. I have piston slap(around 10 seconds everytime i start it), and now also car is missing at high speed , stuttering at stop lights, and once in awhile barely starts. We have babied this car. My back brakes have been loudly squeling for a year again. We have replaced pads and drums??????. What the hell??? There is no check engine light on and wow our warrenty ran out also. Please give us info to what this is. We have replaced sparks twice. Cant afford this
I am having the same type problem.. shaking sputtering can't shift over 2200 RPM's ...
anyone figure out what the problem is????

Laconia, NH

#45 Jul 8, 2010
the cam angle sensor and the crank shaft sensor both went out on mine, replaced them and the car runs fine again. it does have a slight vibration at highway speeds though, not related to the tire balance. Thinking it might be faulty spendals or maybe out of balance break rotors.

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#46 Jul 17, 2010
I just bought a 2004 SXT Neon for my daughter. We had a heavy rain a few days ago and water came in the front passenger side (under the Glove Box). I checked all the seals around the doors, windows and hood (they were all in good shape) I also checked for any rusted out spots ... in general the body of the car is in great shape. Any ideas where the leak may be coming from?

Columbia, SC

#47 Jul 21, 2010
Lights work, horn work but when u turn the ignition nothing happens.

San Antonio, TX

#48 Jul 30, 2010
Mandi wrote:
I have a 2004 neon sxt and have had the same problem as everyone here. I had the cam sensor replaced and that took care of the not going about 2000 rpms and the shaking. My car does vibrate. I don't think that will ever go away. But My engine light keeps coming on and goes away. I have had everything done: transmission fluid, new spark plugs and wires, engine coolant...EVERYTHING. When I take it to Autozone it is always the same codes of maybe my gas cap. Got a new one and I don't think it's it. I dunno what to do anymore. I can't keep spending money to fix a car and the problem never gets solved.
Mandi, my 2004 neon was vibrating too I changed the motor mounts which helped a great deal but now I need to replace the Cam Sensor. Lets see what that does

Pensacola, FL

#49 Aug 3, 2010
My '05 Dodge Neon SXT has been making grinding noises as I accelerate, turn corners and go through extremely shallow dips. I seriously have no idea what it could possible be. My check engine light isn't on and I do need a transmission flush/change.

United States

#50 Aug 10, 2010
HELP! ive got an 03 sxt that pops the 30 amp big starter fuse in the junction box under hood, every time i turn the key on? i lose the lights on the dash at the same time. i jumped the starter relay with a saftey pin and the starter cranks? seems like a ignition switch ? anyone run into this problem?

East Syracuse, NY

#51 Aug 11, 2010
i have a major transmission leak from between the firewall, and the transmission. just wondering if there is a common seal, or maybe an axle seal that normally goes bad.

Laconia, NH

#52 Aug 12, 2010
Amanda wrote:
I have a 2004 Dodge Neon SXT. We bought it used in March of 2006 and it currently has around 37,000 miles on it. I mainly drive it in the city and it has not been on any long trips since we bought it. Within the last month, it has occasionally had problems starting up and when it does not start up immediately, it takes about 5 seconds for it to finally start, the check engine light turns on and then it will not go above 2200 RPMs. Once it gets up to around 2200 RPMs, it will not shift, but will start to shake and stutter, but once I let my foot off the gas and it shifts, it drives fine again. On the days when it starts right up, it will not have any problems driving, but the check engine light will remain on and once I drive it for too long, it starts to have problems over 2200 RPMs. If anyone can give any thoughts as to what this might be, it would be extremely appreciated.
Hi Amanda,

We had the same problem with our 2005. We replaced the crank angle and camshaft position sensors (they're about 20 bucks each). One is on the top drivers side, the other is on the front of the block just below the starter and is pretty hard to get to. If you're mechanically inclined or know someone who is, it's worth tackling it rather than pay the labor to have it done. Hope this helps.

Laconia, NH

#53 Aug 13, 2010
Tony wrote:
I just bought a 2004 SXT Neon for my daughter. We had a heavy rain a few days ago and water came in the front passenger side (under the Glove Box). I checked all the seals around the doors, windows and hood (they were all in good shape) I also checked for any rusted out spots ... in general the body of the car is in great shape. Any ideas where the leak may be coming from?
Does it have a sun roof? Most sun roof assemblies have a hose that leads down from the sun roof tray, down the A pillar (on one or both sides of the windshield) and out of the car under the fender. These can become clogged with leaves or debris and need to be flushed out or otherwise cleaned. When they back up, they can leak water into the car in lots of different places. I'd look there first.

Chicago, IL

#54 Aug 28, 2010
mike wrote:
i have a major transmission leak from between the firewall, and the transmission. just wondering if there is a common seal, or maybe an axle seal that normally goes bad.
My whole transmission is wet and the car was smoking and it almost smells like trans fluid. I ha e the same error code for cam shaft sensors as well and this is. 03 sxt. Smells real Nast now and smoking user the starter not sure what's going on. I'm about to give up put way too much money in this car

Chicago, IL

#55 Aug 28, 2010
What fix did you guys do for when you turn the key it doesn't start until about5 secs later? Ignition switch?

Olmsted Falls, OH

#56 Sep 2, 2010
If you replaced the cam sensor and your getting that same code it is a timming issue.9 out of 10 it is the timming belt they only have a life of about 60.000 miles

Las Vegas, NV

#57 Sep 3, 2010
I have had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM as everyone here! This is a MAJOR problem with The Dodge Neon. I have a 2004 Dodge Neon SXT.

Around 55,000 miles it started doing this! I tried to crank it up and had to hit the accelerator (gas pedal) over and over until it finally cranked up. Usually, if I have to CRANK IT like this, even when it finally "catches" it will not go above 2,500 RPMs. When driving however, the car begins to stutter/shake/jerk. This is actually called "engine knocking"

So, I've been to Autozone for the FREE diagnostic and it ALWAYS comes back with "faulty gas cap". But I know for a fact that there's nothing wrong with the gas cap. It turns out this is a problem with the fuel pump AND filter. Unfortunately a mechanic can charge around $1,000 to fix this. A new fuel pump can run you $250+

Some TRICKS I've learned to HELP the situation is (#1) When you FINALLY get it cranked up, turn the car off and crank it really fast again (in parking mode) and make sure it goes PAST 2500 RPMs. If it does, then you SHOULD be able to drive it for a while without it jerking.(#2) Buy Fuel Injector cleaner ($1-$7) and pour it in every time you fuel up (get gas). This doesn't CURE the prob but it DOES help. I got lucky and bought a BUNCH of fuel injector bottles at the 99cent store.

Replacing the cam sensor is an option but it seems the MAIN prob is the fuel pump/filter. Unfortunatley, in ANY Dodge Neon made after 2000, the FILTER cannot be cleaned SEPERATELY because it is PART of the fuel pump! You have to replace the ENTIRE fuel pump. Hope this helps

Las Vegas, NV

#58 Sep 3, 2010
I ALSO want to point out to people here that even BEFORE I had the fuel injector/pump prob I just mentioned. I had 3 motor mounts break on me, which was a bit of change$ to fix. I literally had a mechanic tell me that Dodge Neons come with very WEAK motor mounts. I believe there are 3 motor mounts (Right, left, center). Although I had a mechanic tell me there are 6 motor mounts which is WEIRD (maybe he was lying who knows). Anyway, the CENTER motor mount is the most vital. Motor mounts basically keep the motor and surrounding metal in place. So, if their is anything wrong with the motor mounts it will cause the car to shake fiercely from time to time.

Note that should replace ALL broken motor mounts at once (assuming there is more than one broke, as in Neons usually more than one breaks at a time). Because if you only replace one, the strain the OTHER broken ones produce will eventually REBREAK the one you fixed!

So, YES motor mounts and fuel pump/injector/filters arwe BIG PROBLEM in all recent Dodge Neons

It sucks that Dodge can't build a Neon that lasts beyond 60,000 miles

Las Vegas, NV

#59 Sep 3, 2010
I also have this weird problem where if i hit the accelerator (gas pedal) and let go real fast, it makes this SQUEAKING noise that can be heard inside and outside the car... any clues what THAT is?

And before you say brakes, I just got BRAND NEW brake pads and rotors and that's NOT it

Erie, PA

#60 Sep 4, 2010
Replaced camnshaft sensor and the natorious gas cap code crap went away and no more starting problems. Also had to replace heater tube that runs underneath the air intake. Forget paying dodge 200+ for the pipe just used 5/8ths heater tube and made sure thy are tight against air intake and not touching block which should last years. Makes no sense why they designed it this way. Perhaps for easier assembly at the plant. Did a flush too and new upper lower radiator hoses.

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