2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Headlights

San Francisco, CA

#122 Jan 18, 2008
I had about the same problem, but found the seal on my 2001 Grand Caravan Needed a new headlight the seal was busted and taking in moisture. I got a headlight from National Auto Part for $86.85 and this seamed to fix the problem. Here is a link to them and they shipped the headlight to me on the same day.


Alameda, CA

#123 Jan 19, 2008
Alright, so I have a 2003 Dodge Caravan. Then, I parked the car and turned on the emergency lights because I was waiting for my friend. Then when I got back into the car, still with the emergency lights turned on, I started the car. I then turned off the emergency lights, but all of a sudden, my headlights, brake lights, and signal lights all started to flicker on and off constantly. I think they're flickering on and off right now as I type. Any suggestions or answers?

Folsom, CA

#124 Jan 26, 2008
Well our 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan is having the same problem (alternating lights working at different times). My husband will trying the FCM cleaning. We'll let you know how it goes.

We have two children. If those lights go out as we're driving over our snowy, 8,000 foot mountain pass, we're dead. THAT is a safety issue and I'll be contacting whomever I need to to get this fixed...

Folsom, CA

#125 Jan 27, 2008
It worked. Last night my husband cleaned the flat metal contacts off (they were completely white), slightly twisted each one, replaced the FCM and we now have lights!

What can I say, you guys saved us 100s of dollars! You're awesome! Thanks so much.:)

I'll be posting if our lights go out, again. I also called the NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236 to report the problem. I suggest everyone do the same.

Oh and there's a few recalls on the 2002 people should be aware of. Check out Dodgeforum.com ...

Pekin, IL

#126 Jan 28, 2008
Cleaned the module, twisted the large prongs a tad, reattached the battery, turned the van on and i have had two lights ever since. THANKS!!!!

Mitchell, SD

#127 Jan 29, 2008
Colleen Wogen wrote:
I have a 2001 Ddg. Grand Caravan that has had headlight troubles for nearly two years. When you turn the van on, the right headlight lights. When you turn the headlights on, the left headlight lights. When you turn the brights on, the right headlight lights. Always, only one light. We have replaced about three different switches (info available if it will help) and we still can't seem to find the trouble.(No, it isn't the bulb). Has anyone else had trouble like this or do you have any ideas that could help us? This has gone on long enough. Even the dealer can't seem to find the trouble.
Thanks for anyone who can shed some light.
I just started having that trouble with my 2003 grand caravan. when I have them on dim the right one works, when I put the brights on the right one works and the left one goes out. How screwed up is that? I am getting ready to call the dealer. Good to know others have the problem. by the way, how about the back door, does yours always work, mine does when it wants to.

Mitchell, SD

#128 Jan 31, 2008
Thanks to every one on this forum I was able to fix our 2003 Dodge Caravan of the goofy head light problem and didn't spend a dime. I did have to pull the FCM 4 or 5 times before I got it to work. I sanded the prongs, I used contact cleaner, I filed inside the female part, I twisted the lugs slightly but had no luck at this point. I just knew this had to be the problem so I kept at it. I finally bent the tips of the prongs up just a bit and that did it.
Thank You

Burbank, CA

#129 Feb 5, 2008
Help. My heater and defrost only works on high setting but blows cold air only. The air will get warm only if you are driving at a high speed, once you take your foot off the pedal, the air goes cold.
Katie S

United States

#130 Feb 11, 2008
This is BS!!!!!!
I have an 06, lights turning off at night, driving down the road with four children in the car!
They investigated this for the 01 and they are STILL building them the same friggen way!!!
Please see my poll posted today. My attorney is at work for this.
Katie S.
Karen S

United States

#131 Feb 22, 2008
who="Katie S"]This is BS!!!!!!
I have an 06, lights turning off at night, driving down the road with four children in the car!
They investigated this for the 01 and they are STILL building them the same friggen way!!!
Please see my poll posted today. My attorney is at work for this.
Katie S.
[my car is an 01 dodge stratus and when i turn the lights on my heat goes to defrost on cold air, why is that. Did u find out what's wrong and why?/QUOTE]

United States

#132 Feb 23, 2008
When I turned on our 2002 Dodge Caravan, the headlights and taillights started flashing on and off. The flasher button doesn't affect it, the headlight switch doesn't affect it, and turning the car off doesn't affect it. There is no fuse where the relay is for the headlamps, but no one touched the engine from when the car was previously used until this time (20 minutes). How do we stop the lights from flashing?

Naples, FL

#133 Mar 3, 2008
having the same problem with the headlights (01 T&C) everyone else is having. I am going to salvage yard for the parts.

Naples, FL

#134 Mar 4, 2008
got power box and fcm from a 06 caravan and put in 01 T&C. Everything is working now. Dealer said this would not work...but it did.

Santa Paula, CA

#135 Mar 8, 2008
The fuse blew for the radio in my 2003 dodge grand caravan so I thought I would replace the fuse only problem I can't find the fuse panel anywhere in the vehicle. I found the engine compartment fuse and relay box, but none of the fuses or relays relate to the radio,I'm sure there should be another fuse panel in the passenger compartment somewhere. Does anyone know where this fuse panel is.

Barrie, Canada

#136 Mar 9, 2008
Thanx people for your help, hope i can return the good advice sometime. Did exactly as you instructed and guess what? Local Dodge Dealer of Barrie, Ont. is out of a $700.00 repair job. Although I have to admit I'd probably have driven around with one headlight for the next couple of years!

United States

#137 Mar 15, 2008
Yup- me too...We ALL need to make sure Daimler-Chrysler knows the issue as it is obviously a manufacture defect! I will get in touch with my dealer today. Thanks for being so helpful. I had no idea it was a such a widespread problem until this posting.

United States

#138 Mar 15, 2008
File a Complaint with the NHTSA online-


AND- call Daimler-Chrystler at 800-853-1413
NHTSA- 888-327-4236

This should be a recall

Etobicoke, Canada

#139 Apr 1, 2008
Thank you very much everyone!!!!!!!!
1st time in about a year that I have 2 headlights working on the Caravan.Don't listen to the idiots at the dealership,all they want to is to replace parts and screw you out of your money!!!!
Followed everybody great advice and cleaned,filed and bent the pins on the FCM and both healights are working now!!
Don Duhacek

Bluffton, Canada

#140 May 24, 2008
Thank you all very much we have been living with no headlights for a year now in our 2004 grand caravan. with what you posted here I pulled of the FCM and had headlights working in 5 min !!!

Chicago, IL

#141 Jun 1, 2008
thank you for the advice. im not a mechanic but i was able to do the fix. my hubby was surprised that i even able fixed it. so i get a new dishwasher from the $$ we saved!!

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