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#21 Aug 25, 2009
Paul Pina wrote:
Van is overheating and Radiator fans not turning and the AC is not cold. Replaced thermostat and Coolant Temp Sensor. No Change. Also checked fuse for fans. Are there relays for fans? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
yes it has fan relay

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#22 Aug 25, 2009
yes it has relays

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#23 Apr 19, 2010
i am having same trouble with my 98 caravan fans wont come on and ac will blow cool one sec and hot the next.Also the airbag light stays on. if i replace this fan relay will this straightin out the ac problem ? any help?
please email jaimegunter@aol.com thanks for help.

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#24 Apr 19, 2010
also what would cause the lights to flash on ac heater contol panel? email jaimegunter@aol.com thanks
going to by a FORD

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#25 May 17, 2010
Frustrated as well, thought I had a good deel when I bought my 98 caravan in 2003 for $5000.00 with only 30,000 miles, boy was I wrong. Head gasket first and while your there uyou might as well do the tthe timing chain, then transmission twice the seconed time I didnt half to pay, Ac condensor AC evaporator and while your there replace the heater core and yes the damm relay for the fan. So here I am 90,0000 miles and an easy $12,000.00 dollars including original purchase price and a headace from hell. I will never buy a dodge again in less its from the 60's. Good luck to all I will half to drive mine for another 30 years to get the money back out.

Atlanta, GA

#26 Jun 15, 2010
hey i have a 98 caravan 3.0L and does same thing no a/c temp goes up and fans not coming on after replacing 3 fan modules i checked the connector and pins were burnt.replaced connector and van was good for 2 years now starting to do same thing again will repeat process wish me luck
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#27 Jul 19, 2010
TBone8n69 wrote:
I have a 98 dodge grand caravan SE and I replaced the radiator fan relay myself about 2 months ago! The check engine soon light came on and van started to overheat today, so I took it up to auto zone to hook it up to there computer, found out it was the same thing again. The rad/fan relay is 60 dollars for this van and don't want to have to keep replacing it, does anyone out there know what could cause this? By the way, I already checked the MAXI Fuse to it and it's fine.
The pliug that the relay plugs into is probably burned. Replace the end of the plug. About 30.00 for plug end . Good luck!!!!

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#28 Jul 30, 2010
I'm very concerned right now... 98 G/C sport, 120k, same symptoms, replaced the thermostat, then the relay WITH pigtail, Worked fine the first night, but ran hot the next day and the fans don't seem to go on again. WTH? Did i miss something?

Philadelphia, PA

#29 Jul 30, 2010
Oh yeah, Rock auto has the relay and Plug for about $31 + shipping
Original 96 caravan owner

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#30 Aug 6, 2010
We still have it..almost met lemon law requirement in 96...Recently radiator fans not working. After reading several forums, and also obtaining car codes by turn car key on-off 3 times and counting the flashes code was 12-35-55. The 35 is for the fan relay. Fan relay is on left side of car (driver side). It is best repalced by removing the air intact and the air filter. 3 bolts only plus loosing the 2 clamps. It is flat and attached to the car body with two screws. I ordered my on-line for $35. I spliced in the new fan relay and the kit came with all I needed to splice it in. Steps 1) Disconnect Battey 2) remove air filter and intake, 3) Replace fan relay and splice in new plug (this is recommended). Reassembly connect battery. When I did this, and reocnnected the battery I found a buzzing, clicking noise coming from inside and the car would not turn over and not lights and thought oh S*** what did I do, It turns out that my battery was bad and it could not provide enough power (load) to the system although it read 12V. Once I replaced the battery, the car started up and after a bit of driving the fans came back on. Whew!$35 buck and a few hours labor. Now if I could just get the horn and cruise working. Fortunately the air bag light is not on so I don;t think it is a safety issue.

Salisbury, MD

#31 Aug 8, 2010
I replaced my fan motor contol relay and our families van worked for about an hour and stopped working again. After looking closely at the connector and the old relay, noticed that the relay overheated so bad that the connector melted. Buying my second relay on line not at the autopart store, a new connector was sold with the relay(and was cheaper). But there was a note with the relay stateing that when the relay is changed that a factory wire harness should be installed with new relay. Well my second relay is still working but now the fans won't shut off. Anyone else have this problem? I am going to check all my splices on the new connector, but if I can't find the problem I am thinking about adding a toggle on the inside of the van instead of opening the hood each time and disconnecting the battery.

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#33 Nov 11, 2010
I have a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3, my temp gauge will go from cold just starting engine to straight up hot in a matter of minutes the engine has not even had time to warm up at this point.??

Sometimes there are no issues, some days the gauge will go straight up, the red water light comes on, sometimes this happens and the bell dings indicating the engine is overheated?? When it is not??

I am terrified of cracking the block or blowing a head gasket??

We have replaced the radiator with a new one, changed the thermostat?? I have had issues in the past, i know when the water is low because the heat does not get warm?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Deb:}

1998 dodge grand caravan

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#34 Jan 4, 2011
i had the same problem there is a fan relay under the driverside headlight you need to remove the headlight and you will see it.

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#35 Jun 1, 2011
I have a 98 dodge gr caravan when idleing for a little whilest after driving the coolant overflow tank overflows with boiling coolant and some pressure is releasing thru the radiator cap. Upper hose is hard lower is soft.temp guage stays in normal range when this starts to boil. Takes about 15 min with motor off for coolant take goes back down.does this sound like a cloged radiator. Any ideas

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#36 Jun 14, 2011
My two cents on this after several go-rounds with the relay: when the relay starts burning/melting, it's probably time to replace the fans. As they age, the fan motors draw more and more amperage, especially at the 100% power setting. It's not enough to blow the fuse, but more than enough to melt the connector. Replace the fans, and no more relay trouble. For a while, anyway. They seem to last about 6 to 8 years before going bad again.
Sam Getchell

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#37 Jul 8, 2011
My 98 Dodge Grand Caravan has a consistent snapping of the AC serpentine belt...about every 6 months though this last one only went 1. The AC also wasn't cold so I replaced the compressor. Works for a while. Then the cooling fan temp sensor shat the bed. I had to replace the relay that everyones talking about. I'm currently replacing the AC idler hoping it will all keep working. Replaced thermostat twice w/ rad cap both times. I've spoken to a few owners that said when they converted their tensioners to a double sided belt system it solved their problems but It seems it couldn't affect my problems. Oh and literally 1 minute ago I discovered a crack newly formed in the radiator. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! !!! I changed the ac control panel too. I know all the work done on it was good b/c a good friend and I did all the work (Except for a PCM change and 10 relays which the dealership gladly charged up) Hope this post is helpful to someone or at least makes someone feel better about their car troubles =)

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#38 Aug 6, 2011
I have a '98 Dodge Grand Caravan that started overheating in heavy traffic on I5. Mine is a 3.3L and the AC continued to work, but the fans didn't come on. I turned on the heat in 100F weather to cool the engine down.

Thanks for all your posts, I replaced the radiator fan relay and the problem was fixed ($42 at the parts' store and 30 min). I also noticed a cracked PVC hose and replaced it. Now the service engine light is on, but I am hoping that the computer adjusted the engine based on bad signals and it will correct itself soon. More to follow...

As a general rule, stay away from dealerships for repairs. I have had some unbelievable experiences. Ask friends and colleagues for a referral to find a local mechanic who is honest. Drop the name of who referred you to the shop people and they will take care of you or risk alienating their other customer.

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#39 Sep 4, 2011
I have a 1998 Grand Caravan 3.3L and my ac is hot as well as my car, after about 15min of driving and even quicker if the AC is on. I am working on my 2nd wk of trying to look up info to help me fix this problem. I have blown 2 radiators, replaced the thermostat, the fan relay and the fan assembly (used by the way) because one of the fans had frozen up but at least one of the fans was working NOW neither of the fans is working and the service engine light is on and to make it worst we got locked out of the hood the hood latch cable came lose and it took us 1 1/2hrs to get back in. Im wore out, all I can think about is to double check the wiring on the fan relay because the adaptors were not exact. Any other ideas please share!!!!!

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#40 Oct 27, 2011
my van keeps over heating been to two shops spent alot they say its fixed i drive almost home then itsover heating the water in reserve tank seems to boil somtimes dont know if they fixed what they say or not.Any suggestions

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#41 Feb 1, 2012
I have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3
I have changed the fans(dual fan) put the fans both sides directly to the battery they work. test the lines to the fan with a (not sure what hubby calls it wire with light to see if line is good) they work fine. So hubby thought it was the relay again. bought brand new at autozone 56.00 bucks. hubby had to work late so I put it on for him. still no fans are working. what else could it be. fyi it does overheat if i leave it running.(not using it till we can figure it out just had new baby don't want to get stranded)

thanks Linda

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