Don't have warm air in my heating sys...

Newcomb, NM

#102 Jan 15, 2011
Parts Speclst Naugatuck wrote:
We have brought the 98 Durango to the Shops over 7 times for no heat. The Car dealership out of good faith brought the Durango to an Actual Dodge Dealership and had thrown more than 2 grand into the Durango. So far, All the Next mentioned things have been replaced: Heater Core, Blend Doors, Vacuum Lines, Thermostat, Radiator, Waterpump and all Heater Hoses. The only things not replaces have been the Dials in which the heat is controlled. STILL NO HEAT. The dealership Technicians are now looking into seeing if the Engine itself has an obstruction in the channels that move Antifreeze through the engine called "water jackets" but to this point... No heat and each and every 'technician' is stumped. Its a losing battle.-Paul
i think the problem is the design of the water pump, i went to the dodge dealership and looked at the pump itself and searched the net. the pump is a reverse rotation to the engine which is clockwise, the pump is counterclock wise. its like turning a water bucket upside down and trying to pickup water. the propellers are just shedding water and not pushing no heat in the winter and overheating in the summer.

Ludlow, MA

#103 Jan 17, 2011
I have a 2000 dodge ram 1500 4x4 with the same problem. I have had a new thermostat put in, no luck still barley warm air. I am going to try and do a heater core flush to see what happens.

Edmonton, Canada

#104 Jan 17, 2011
maybe the pulley on the water pumps on these machines are undersized and not putting enough water volume through the not sure if they have bigger pulleys for these motors but wouldnt hurt to ask for a bigger after market pulley if one is available..I live in northern alberta and have experienced all types of heating problems.....hope this leads to a solution for all

Denver, CO

#105 Jan 27, 2011
I had the same problem with my heater, I replaced everything and very little difference. I found a posting from Joel that said to backflush the heater core and how to do it, I tried it this weekend and that fixed it!!! the posting is # 82 I believe. i just wanted to let everyone know that this really works and to say THANK YOU TO JOEL!! This is my wife,s truck and she was VERY happy if you know what I mean, thanks again Joel!

Hawesville, KY

#106 Jan 31, 2011
I have a 99 Durango with no heat! I have put in a new thermostat, heater core, water pump, radiator, and even new switches....still no heat! I have also had the antifreezed flushed out and put new in. Mechanics are calling it a defect from the dealer! This is great! It is winter time and my kids have to ride in a cold vehicle!

United States

#107 Feb 1, 2011
ronald what are you talkin about the bypass hose

Indianapolis, IN

#108 Feb 1, 2011
Vicente wrote:
I am having problems with my heater, the blower motor since to be working fine, but I am not getting warm air.
Any ideads well be fully appreciated!
The model is 1999 Dodge Durango SLT.
Thanks in advance!
there is a blocker in line so that in the summer it blocks the heatercore so hot water does not flo,its 12 volt so it gets gummed up and does not open right,you can find it in line with the heater core hoses.looks like a small 3 way switch,unhook the power and switch it by hand so water will flow through the heatercore, hope it works for all too dam cold Dan

United States

#109 Feb 2, 2011
Ronald wrote:
Found that by reducing the bypass hose to about 5/8 inch inside opening, enabling more water flow through the heater core. Now I have much better heating at all RPMs as well as idle. Cost about $12 for gasket and bypass hose. I may reduce opening more if heat not enough at 0 degrees outside but is now OK at 20 degrees outside.
Where is the bypass hose and what is the Gasket for

United States

#110 Feb 4, 2011
I have a 1998 durango had the same problem no heat back flushed heater core no result I realized my durango was not gettin warm enough to produce heat so I put cardboard infront of the radiator between the ac condenser and now HEAT it warms up to 210 now if you do it you gotta watch the temp gauge to make sure it don't over heat adjust it by making holes in the cardboard

Louisville, KY

#111 Feb 10, 2011
Most of the time with no heat in Dodge or Chryster products is there is an air pocket in your coolant system. this also causes overheating. I own a 97 Concorde and a 2002 Durango. I ran accross this post. My concorde is nortorious for water pumps going bad. around every 36-50k I have replaced it. I have it down to around 1.5 hours. start to finish. The part is cheap under $20. I have found once u finish adding coolant in the radiador, before it gets hot disconnect the top hose and u can add about 1 gal of antifreeze to the system before using the bleed screw. This will save about 1 hour of time for you. As far as the Durango, I have not had the overheating issues but now my bak heat quit working. I have read some posts and see the damper might be broke I will be looking at it on Saturday.

Wichita, KS

#112 Feb 19, 2011
I have the same problem with my 2000 Durango, but I have also had to replace my water pump at least 4 times this year so it is leading me to believe that it may be an issue with water circulating thrugh the block.

Genoa City, WI

#113 Mar 24, 2011
ok all just got done with my dodge durango and have fixed the heat problems its is do to a build of junk in the heater core that wont let enough fluid threw with a simple garden house flush the core in both directions this will make a huge mess in your drive way but only took me 30 mins and now have a very happy and warm wife after doing this i also flushed the whole system and change the fluid but like i said had to flush the core by its self cant believe what came out napa also carries a burping funel for about 40 bucks this is a must for any dodge owner will save you a ton of time bleeding air out
rudy in fort smith

Fort Smith, AR

#114 Apr 24, 2011
I have the same prob as you guys. No heat in winter. lukewarm at best. if it ever gets below 30 degree you freeze your butt off!! Also, the A/c only works in the back. doesn't in the front. thats odd! i had my brother flush the core. it worked really well for a few days then it quit. ive changed out thermostat. belt tensioner. ac/heater controls , recharged the system. it still gives no heat at all. a/c in rear only. sounds like a pretty common problem with the 99 durango. that's just weird that no one has solution for this problem.

Seattle, WA

#115 May 17, 2011
I started with a simple no heat issue in the cab like the rest of you. I replaced the thermostat, then the water pump, then the tensioner, then the radiator. In amongst these replacements, I flushed the heater core forward and backwards, hot and cold, high and low pressure. I pressure tested the cap and the radiator, and all tested fine. Nothing got me warm air though. As a was driving the vehicle during all these tests, it overheated (no prior overheating issues), and I ended up cracking both heads. Not sure which problem came first. I then got a replacement engine from a wrecking yard with 94k, and 190 compression across all 8 cylinders. Put it in, it runs great, but still no heat in the cab and the engine temp keeps creeping up, but I shut it down before the temp gets hot enough to crack anything. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY OTHER IDEAS?? I know Dodge is not going to stand up and admit they have flaws despite the zillions of posts of these problems - all the dealers see no problem either- but they'll be happy to let you throw money at it if your willing to spend it. I'M STUMPED - help?
Jerry - Burlington WA

Seattle, WA

#116 May 17, 2011
my last post - forgot to say the orig engine had 148k, and was in a 98 Durango with a 5.2 (318)

Danville, IN

#117 Oct 22, 2011
1999 durango 5.2 new water pump,new temastat,new heater core,new clutch fan,new by pass line still no heat. tried the hill thing did not blead all air out of system, any help out there??????

Danville, IN

#118 Oct 22, 2011
i think i will try a bigger hill!!!!!!

Dallas, TX

#119 Oct 29, 2011
Dodge Man

United States

#120 Oct 29, 2011
You probably don't have heat because the diverter doors are failing to open. These are controlled by the VCM. It my need to be reset. Take it to a dealer for a checkout. Not something you can do yourself.

Washington, DC

#121 Oct 29, 2011
my 99 durango has the same problem going on with no heat help please

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