1999 Durango stalling
Pete Lawson

Sevierville, TN

#42 Jul 22, 2011
It is the ECM.... I had the same issue with mine and replaced it with a reman ECM with lifetime warranty
Jill E

Boston, MA

#43 Jul 27, 2011
My check engine light has come on and off twice in the last two weeks. Took my 2002 Durango to Auto Zone and they ran a dianostic. It said "ECM internal fault, ECM unable to communicate on the SPI line, Probable cause 1. shorted input sensor, 2. shorted electrical circuit, 3. failed ECM"

Could the wires be loose?

Can I replace the ECM if it needs to be done? My level of car repair is non existent but I'm willing to try to save $$$.

Chesapeake, VA

#44 Jul 28, 2011
Jared Lay wrote:
I am the owner of a 1999 Dodge Durango with the same problems as discussed by everyone else. After spending over $2,000 to fix everything I could think of including the pcm, we found that the THROTTLE IDLE AIR MOTOR OR SOLENOID was the problem it is also called the "STEPPER MOTOR". It is located under the air breather and requires a T20 Torque head screw driver. What happens is that the old motor is drawing too much power because of its age and is in turn causing the PCM to overheat. We replaced the PCM 2 times before finding out. The "stepper motor" costs anywhere from $64--$94 <quoted text>
I have search high and low to buy this idle air motor and it does not come up on any search I do on google. some things with different names pop up. where can I get this?

Buena Park, CA

#45 Aug 6, 2011
I have a 1999 Dodge Durango SLT 4x2 5.9L v8, and i have been over 30 stalls situations and found out how to start up the car after it being stalled for two hours. First i got no bus on odometer, low fuel gauge light came on, fuel gauge reads empty when actually full, and other things that i noticed was wrong. What you do is locate the PCM (Powertrain Control Module), which is under the hood, to the left of your air filter housing, and it has three connectors on it. First have the key on engine not running. Turn the key twice just before the next turn to crank the engine, and locate the three connectors on the PCM and grab all three connectors with both your hands and push them against the PCM hard and you hear or feel something in the engine and check your fuel gauge and it should go back to normal, so you can drive off. That's how i find out and knows it works because after being stalled for two hours i did that and it worked, but it stalled again four minutes later and pushed on the connectors again and it worked!! So basically the connectors get loose when driving or something, so find a way to get the connectors tight with zip tights or something. I want to stall my Durango again so i can press on the connectors to verify that is the problem. For other people, the reason you lose power steering and your brakes get hard after the second or third pump is because the engine turns the serpentine belt which turns your power steering pump which helps you steer. And the Durango’s have a vacuum booster which uses engine vacuum to help you stop the car easier. So your engine stalls so you lose power steering and you only have enough vacuum in the booster for one or two pumps after the engine stalls.

Vilonia, AR

#46 Sep 1, 2011
So, I have 99 Dodge Durango and am the single mother of 3 children. Needless to say, this issue scares the life outta me. It stalls anywhere. On the interstate, intersections, just driving down the road. Thank God I get some warning before it completely shuts down and can maneuver it out of the way fast enough. I can't afford to just go buy another vehicle (although I want to). Checking prices on the PCM-the cheapest?$361.00!!! Where do I get the rebuilt ones for cheaper? And what are my other options?

Spring Hill, FL

#47 Sep 1, 2011
I have a 2001 durango slt. It was stalling and they told me it was the clutch sensor. Had it replaced for $135.00. Just got it back today and drove all over with no stall. Hope this helps.
darren long island

Katonah, NY

#48 Sep 7, 2011
having the same stalling and not starting problems...if it is the pcm, would it show on a scan, got it scanned and nothing showed up

Vancouver, WA

#49 Sep 7, 2011
Just read through all the issues here and most of them are similar to mine.car stalls(99 Durango 5.2l) started a year ago,then this summer really got noticeable.Sometime i can't even make it to the corner.Someone said Dodge should have this figured out by now-...YUP I agree.Even here there are several suggested fixes-throttle pos. sensor,crank pos. sensor,computer modules.UGH

I'm going for the PCM for my fix-(test this by having someone tap the pcm w/ a hammer while cranking-when it is malfunctioning)It should start if pcm is going out.

One last thing-no one who has taken the time to read through this has any buisiness EVER taking their car to ANY dealership!

Salt Lake City, UT

#50 Nov 8, 2011
So I have a 99 durango 5.2 and when i go to start my car it struggles then goes to completely die then starts up but wont idle tell i start driving then runs fine for awhile. Im not sure what it is but need some help. and sometimes my O/D turns off for some reason during the start

Westlake, LA

#51 Oct 4, 2012
Thanks, friend- good help!

Dalton, GA

#52 May 29, 2013
I am currently having the no bus code when it stalls after i have been driving it. To test the heat break down theory, i am going to take a hair dryer to it while it is running. It seems like that might be the cause. I will say that introducing cool air is not a bad plan i will try that and post my results tomorrow after work. just sharing ideas. (i may also wire up a fan to the key switch)

United States

#53 Jun 1, 2013
I bought an 01 Durango that needed a timing chain and tensioner (typical). Replaced chain, tensioner, and guides. No bent valves, etc. Engine now runs smooth, with no noise EXCEPT it stalls when throttle is released and the CEL is on. Code P0123 (TPS high voltage) is present. Scan tool shows constant 5 volts (approx). I performed the diagnostic procedure from AllData. It has 5 volt ref on ref volt wire, all wires have almost no resistance between PCM plug and TPS plug, and no short to power or ground when unplugged. The diagnostic flow chart led me to a faulty PCM.
My question is: WHY did the PCM fail. Is there a common problem with the PCM's on these? Is there an underlying cause to the PCM failure? If I replace the PCM, is the new (or reman) one going to fail right away? I am an ASE Certified Master Tech with 20 yrs experience, but never seen this problem before. I rarely EVER condemn PCM's, so it makes me nervous just to put one in without knowing if this is common or hearing from a Chrysler expert.

Wilmington, DE

#54 Jun 8, 2013
I am having this problem. Can you tell me how he replaced this?
Kris wrote:
<quoted text>
Just to let you know, my husband replaced the TCM
some computer module, and it works awesome, We already replaced the fuel pump, didnt need it and some sensors that probably didnt need it either. Nothing showed up on scopes either. But it does not kill anymore, and it was stopping while driving and sometimes wouldnt start up. and sometimes was killing at the stoplight......
so I would have the computer module put in,$1,000 at the dealership, but we did it for $245.00 ourselves.

Lakeland, FL

#55 Jun 13, 2013
Im also having this issue. 01 durango 4.7, pepboys says its the ecm and wants $500 in labor to install it which dowsnt include rhe flash.

Waynesboro, VA

#56 Aug 21, 2013
I have a 99 Durango 5.9. The hotter the weather the more it stalls. After many tests I found a bad plug on the pcm. Talked to the local dealer and he said they used to have a replacement plug/harness but it is no longer available for my 99. Apparantly my car is too old to get parts for. So far no luck finding them on the internet either.
tyler t

Arvada, CO

#57 Oct 14, 2013
brian wrote:
my 99 durangos gauges go out and odometer flashes no bus until i beep horn then all comes back on also my abs and parking brake lights are on along with my check engine light pads and rotors are decent and truck was jus inspected no probs anybody got a clue?
Did you get it fixed? Im having the same problem I would like to know if you found a solution.

United States

#58 Oct 16, 2013
I have the same problem with the 99 durango, 5.9 . I changed the cam sensor,that wasn't it. I changed the crank sensor, that wasn't it. When I changed ecu or ecm, the computer that is, it works fine since one year, until now it shut off on me for no reason. Now the diagnostic reads (P0320) ignition / distributor engine speed input cucuit. INSANE!

Los Angeles, CA

#59 Nov 9, 2013
mark wrote:
<quoted text>
I have search high and low to buy this idle air motor and it does not come up on any search I do on google. some things with different names pop up. where can I get this?
ithe motor is also called an idle control solenoid on Chryslers

Oxnard, CA

#60 Jun 23, 2014
To rick" had the same problem with my1999 dodge Durango! Solved problem myself. It was the crank sensor! Change it!!!
Bennie VB

Seattle, WA

#61 Jun 24, 2014
map or mav sensor. I had similer problems and i replacedvthe sensor for about 60.00 from als or O'Reillys and it fixed the problem.
rick wrote:
I have a 1999 Dodge Durango SLT 4x4 that stalls out at starting, started happening about 1 year ago will start up then die don't happen all the time about every month or so then will go away. Was driving it the other day and happened on me driving it down the road only when coming to a stop. Any one have the same problem and if so how to fix??????

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