spare tire question
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Chas T

Nottingham, MD

#65 Jul 20, 2012
Hold it, I am uncertain after talking to the mechanic who free it.

He said the clicking should not make a difference. He said that they lubricated some of the mechanism, I believe, the top area of the little lock wire that goes up from the latch part to the part turned by the jack handle. I believe that the problem often lies in that wire not properly releasing.

This does not make sense to me as yet but the mechanic showed a fix - drop the tire down and pull on that lock wire. However, if I could drop the tire down far enough to reach that wire I'm sure it would lower anyway.?

Now that the tire lowers OK because of the clicking or the lubrication from the mechanic
I am going to put a coat hanger pull wire on the lock wire.

Still not sure if the clicking or the mechanics lubrication has it working. I'll test lowering the spare every 6 months.

If I learn more with some certainty I'll let you know.

Since: Oct 11

Ansted, WV

#66 Aug 20, 2012
I have a 1999 Plymouth Voyager with same problems and had more problems than just the spare. I'm getting rid of the POS model and buying a Chevy, Plane and simple fix...
Mr Morden

Lima, OH

#67 Sep 30, 2012
Same problem as others, night time, raining, late at night.
I will NEVER buy another Chrysler product again, ever, finito, end of story.
Lousy engineering by a worthless company.
chy sirs

Euclid, OH

#68 Nov 13, 2012
unbelieveable!!!the stupidity of this spare tire to release, my van had the same trouble and having a full spare i thought was better!!!! it is if you can get it down!!!!had to get a doughnut tire so i could drive my car to a shop to get the tires down.Now i know my dad didn't like cry sirs!!!!

Huntington Beach, CA

#69 Mar 27, 2013
Thank you Anthony! Was able to get my tire years after advice posted. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!
Anthony wrote:
Open your Back Tail gate, Look on the floor on the right side and there should be a little peice of carpet that looks like its ripped, fold it up and you will see what looks almost like a lug nut, Lossen it , and you will notice your tire slowly dropping down to the ground. when it hit the ground pull the bracket out from side the rim, and just reverse the steps to put it back...hope this helps
Kevin M

Waterloo, Canada

#70 Apr 1, 2013
Chrysler! You should be ashamed of yourselves for inventing such an absurd mechanism, then not recalling it! Do you have any idea how many people you have left stranded because of this. Is this how you get customer confidence and repeat sales? I don't think so! Goodbye chrysler, never again. Shame, Shame, Shame!
Zeke Fizz

Hartland, WI

#71 May 27, 2013
Can't get my spare tire down because the release is rusted shut to the cable shaft. I sprayed it with WD 40 let it sit for a couple of hours and it simply will not move--its like it became one with the cable shaft. Hard to understand how a large company cannot acknowledge a severe design flaw and offer to fix it, but you have to remember--it was designed by the "old" Chrysler/Dodge ownership. Looks like the "new" ownership does not consider it their problem. By the way, how do I get the release to free 'up?

Geneva, IL

#72 Jul 23, 2013
I have the same problem and tried everything as mentioned. The threads must have seized so there is not way it is coming free. I put my sunglasses on to whack the wheel and the tire after kicking it. Steel on steel contact put a permanent ring in my right ear and gave me a headache.

I HATE Chrysler and will never own its products again. I will influence my children not to buy a Chrysler product as well as friends and enemies.

American ingenuity is not alive and well at Chrysler. This after owning 5 Chrysler vehicles over the years.
Annoyed mother

Philadelphia, PA

#73 Jul 31, 2013
Ugh! So lucky I made it home. I have a screw stuck in my tire. Thank god it was a slow leak. I have a 2000 Plymouth Voyager and I have the same problem. I know I'm a female but changing a tire is such a simple task for me ( I do have 7 brothers). Unfortunately I am having the same issue. The spare tire is hanging in the air and I can't see a thing. I tried for 2 hours already and still can't get it down. I tried lifting the van and still can't see a thing. The latch still won't release just the wire is hanging though. I'm so frustrated I tried braking the plastic that's holding it. Of course that didn't work haha. Just my luck! I'm about to go try kicking it off wish me luck! Who in the world came up with this dumb idea to put a spare under the van.I'D LIKE TO KICK HIM A FEW TIMES!! I can only imagine the trouble if there was snow on the ground! I will be keeping a spare in my trunk instead. Never again!!!
Frustrated caravan owner

Milton, Canada

#74 Sep 28, 2013

Ottawa, Canada

#75 Dec 11, 2013
Last tire I change was on a 68 Chevy van on a curve downhill with a bugger of a loose gravel shoulder and at night and everything done in 1/2 hr. Well glad I made it home to my underground this winter night. Knew I had a flat and that it would be real flat by morning so once home I try to see if I could find the leak w/ soapy water as I would have plugged it but didn't find leak so try the lugs and tey gave oj so jack ed it a little and then tried getting the spare but leave it now I guess just the cable coming down and that why I am here so thank You folks for the tips.

United States

#76 Apr 24, 2014
Will a plomoth vogager spare fit a infinity

London, Canada

#77 Apr 26, 2014
Dodge should be shot and pissed on for such a.pathetic design. If the time does come and will eventually the last thing anyone should have to put up with is a joke of a design just to get at the spare tire. This is all before you even attempt to put the spare on. Pissed poor design dodge!!!!!
Frank Bartlett wrote:
I have owned a 2000 Dodge Caravan and now a 2003. Both had the spare tire problem. The cable will come down but the tire will not. There is a safety mechanism that will not release because of rust. Where I live the rust would be created after about two weeks from the new car lot. Bad design Dodge! Shame on you engineers for being so stupid!! Something so simple as a spare tire change is made complicated with the flawed design. I wonder how many people have been stranded on the road cursing the jerk who thought of that design. I eliminated the mechanism by cutting it out. There is so much friction when the tire is in the up position that it will never come down by itself. I have had no issue after that. You should send out a memo to all dodge dealers to ask their clients who own these vans to check the spare tire release. I checked my 2003 before I needed the spare. good thing I did. It would have never come down. without a flashlight one would never even be able to see what is holding it up. Once again I must stress the point that this design sucks!!!!!!!

Charleston, WV

#78 Jul 9, 2014
Let me add my name to this list of all the others who have experienced this problem. Last night, in the rain, 310 miles from home I get a flat on my 2002 Grand Caravan. I try to lower the spare, it comes down about 2 inches and stops. The cable drops down to the ground. After struggling with this myself for 15 minutes, I called roadside assistance. At first, he also couldn't lower the tire. He made a phone call, and came back with a big hammer and pry bar. He finally got the spare free and changed the tire.
After reading ALL of the comments in this thread, going back to 2008, Chrysler should be taken to court over this. POOR design. Should have been recalled. What's the point of having a spare tire if it's not accessable when you need it. I could get the mechanism serviced, but, it's only going to happen again. Seriously considering carrying the spare inside the car.

Dayton, OH

#79 Aug 13, 2014
Same issue - I spent a couple hours trying to figure it out, then the wife found this and after spending 2 minutes finding a working flashlight I was able to see and release the catch. THANK YOU! Loaded it up with high temp bearing grease so I should be good from now on. BTW - only had 16 pounds of pressure in the spare. Great advice!

Marysville, WA

#80 Sep 6, 2014
Frank Bartlett wrote:
I wonder how many people have been stranded on the road cursing the jerk who thought of that design.
I was stranded in my driveway with a flat and had to call AAA to come and show me how to get the tire off after about an hour of my husband and I trying to figure it out. I was late to class because of it!

Edmonton, Canada

#81 Jun 6, 2015
I am from kingsway towing group so I have come across this issue on multiple dodge vehicles including the caravans now I have found this issue relatively easy to deal with and dodge has accounted for the failure of the safety latch the little pry bar on the end of the tire iron on all dodges is all you need drop the tire just drop it on to the latch with a about half an inch of slack on the cable so the spare doesn't break ur nose put the bar up on the safety latch and pry it lose and the tire will drop just be careful doing so but it's poorly designed but dodge did know this and made sure there was a fail safe in the case the latch fails hope this helps every one with a dodge having this issue
Tiffany miller

United States

#82 Jan 1, 2017
I have a Chrysler Town n country I had a flat tire took tire down now the I can't get the cable to go back up the cable comes all the way in but is still stuck on the ground why won't the cable go back up to put the spare away

Duncan, Canada

#83 Mar 27, 2017
with regards to the winch sticking on the caravan 2004,I have the same problem, some goon at Chrysler came up with the idea,
I have been trying to get my spare down for over 5 hrs,still no luck.
I suggest that any Chrysler dealer should be able to give customers who are having this problem
a sketch (scamatic) to help them .
Most idiotic design .
if I can manage to get spare down,I will keep it in storage.

United States

#84 May 21, 2017
Can a Doenut Spare be hubg under the frount seat on a 2017 PACIFICA?

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